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[Game] [Clothing] List of clothing requests

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Maybe a Poncho for male & female? But not sure how it would turn out ingame.


For sure fun to see people run around in a ''blanket''.





*Example Picture

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On 5/25/2018 at 7:31 PM, Swibby said:

I think it's fair to say that most players would like to see more clothing added to the game. While we know there are priorities, and this is probably not one of them, it's still an idea for the back burner.
Feel free to post suggestions and I'll add them to the list.

ALSO, please make sure to include the name of the item (instead of describing it) and take a look at the list so the item you're going to request isn't already in there, thanks! (Tip: Use CTRL + F)

Serious requests only please!


A snapback that points forward (For Males)
Bucket hat
5-Panel Caps Requested by TheFreelancer

Oversized/baggier wizard/witch hat Requested by  :^)

"Tactical" Headset Requested by MurkTheMerc

Straw Hat Requested by RocketDude

Night Vision Goggles (Up and Down) Requested by Fumiku

Full Visor Gas Mask Requested by Fumiku

Pilot's Helmet Requested by Xnetexe

Riot helmet Requested by Xnetexe
Dunce Hat Requested by Fortune Runner Please make this happen lol

Drinking Hat Requested by Fortune Runner
Party Hat Requested by Fortune Runner Apparently there's one in-game already.

Baseball Cap (Back) (For Females) Requested by MethLab

Horse mask Requested by Fumiku
Campaign Hat Requested by Niedosik
Boonie Hat Requested by PonuryZniwiarz
Bowler Hat Requested by Fortune Runner

Tiara Requested by Lily Rain

Cat Ear Headphones Requested by SabrinaAcosta

Police Visor Helmet Requested by PonuryZniwiarz

Karate Headband Requested by Fortune Runner

Sailors Hat Requested by Fortune Runner

Astronaut helmet Requested by Fortune Runner

Ushanka Requested by olo

Sheep Horns Requested by Fortune Runner

Welder's Mask Requested by BrandonBranderson

VR Glasses (that covers the eyes) Requested by Nagletz

Pleague Doctor Mask Requested by Blackacerd

Circle Framed Sunglasses Requested by Rehtaelle

Visor Cap Requested by Rehtaelle

Surgical Mask Requested by deadliest


Parka (Down) (For Female & Male)
Hoodie w/zipper (For Males)
Hoodie Without zipper (For Females)
Sleeveless Hoodie down Requested by Chabbo
Sleeveless Hoodie up Requested by Chabbo
Leather Jacket from the Rocker Bundle but without the studs Requested by tizzie
Longer hoodies Requested by nilvalen

Anorak Jacket Requested by TheFreelancer

Puffer Jacket Requested by TheFreelancer

Regular V-neck Long-Sleeved Shirt Requested by Xnetexe
Turtleneck (For Males) Requested by JohnNighthawk
V Neck for males Requested by JohnNighthawk
Rolled sleeve shirts Requested by Winter Shyvana
Oversized T-Shirts Requested by fastach
Sweater Cape Requested by fastach

Front open shirts Requested by Drollin

Overall shorts Requested by Sivebrady

Hoodie (Hood Down) (For Male) Requested by Yeedman

Fully Zipped Leather Jacket Requested by _chain

Puffer Vest Requested by olo

Strapless Top Requested by Gaiz

Long Sleeved Crop Top Requested by GeneralMcFatass

Fatigue Jacket Requested by Acornie

Poncho Requested by Kijuuki

Denim Overall
Slim Fit Suits Requested by JohnNighthawk
Waistcoat Requested by JohnNighthawk
Nun Outfit Requested by SelttikS

Bathrobe Requested by RocketDude

Swimsuit Requested by Ahegao

Trenchcoat Requested by Qevo

Sofias coat Requested by Shiemy

Karate Gi Requested by Fortune Runner


Safari Shorts (For males) Requested by JohnNighthawk

Torn Skinny Jeans Requested by fastach
Formal suit trousers (For Females) Requested by fastach
Skater Skirts Requested by Sivebrady

Fishnets Requested by Sivebrady


Low Top Converse

Knee Highs
Short Socks

Clown shoes Requested by Yood

Timberlands Requested by WaifuHunter


Clout Goggles
A normal backpack (basically the skateboard backpack without the skateboard/the halloween backpack without the skull)
Half Moon Earrings
Lip Piercing
Straw (mouth accessory)
Secretary Glasses "Square Frameless Sunglasses"
Hoop earrings

Fanny pack
More police badges Requested by tizzie

Full Finger Combat Tactical gloves Requested by MurkTheMerc
Mantles Requested by nilvalen
Guitar backpack Requested by nilvalen

Katana backpack Requested by nilvalen (Has now officially been added to the game).

Suspenders Requested by RocketDude

More gear for the vest (Knives, grenades, etc) Requested by Fumiku

Long Sleeve Gloves/Elbow Gloves Requested by Fortune Runner

"Gun"/Crossbow backpack Requested by Fumiku

Ties for Females Requested by Fumiku

Arm gear (Gps device, ammo clips etc) Requested by Fumiku

Back Mounted Ballistic Shield Requested by VickyFox

Back Mounted Duffle Bags Requested by VickyFox

Bow Ties Requested by Fortune Runner
Snowboard Goggles Requested by JohnNighthawk
Tobacco Pipe Requested by Fortune Runner
Armored motorcycle-style gauntlet Requested by Zolerox
Fingerless Gauntlet Requested by Zolerox
Webbing Vest (The same one as Ty Durrant wears)  Requested by Zolerox
Webbing Vest (The same one as Darryl Kent wears) Requested by Zolerox
Safety Goggles (Neck) Requested by Zolerox
Police Badge Necklace Requested by Zolerox
Prentiss Tigers Badge Necklace Requested by Zolerox

Doctor Plague Mask Requested by Skerza

Wayfarer glasses/Sunglasses Requested by SunnyMonroe

Leg Bandages Requested by FranktheFuzz

Arm Bandages Requested by FranktheFuzz

Handcuffs (belt accessory) Requested by Miikann

Shin Guards Requested by Rehtaelle

Demon/succubus tail Requested by R3ACT3M

Bandoliers like in RDR ?

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Im a concept artist, started working with clothes now. Made 8 concepts in less than 12h, not bragging, but these are very easy to make. I understand that these are old requests, but i will embark on making some of them, i will post everything in the forum once i make enough ^^

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neck gaiter mask

just cut the top off the tactical ski mask thing


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On 5/25/2018 at 7:31 PM, Swibby said:


Could you help me a bit? Can you add like a dot or some symbol in from of a clothing i've already made? I always get lost in this long list, maybe i would be able to make all of them ^^

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many items from GTA Online, such as cowboy shirts, or scout items of clothing for both sexes (men's short shorts, women's sleeveless uniform shirt), i.e. at least items from the wardrobe of the opposite sex, which in real life refers to unisex


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