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  1. I've been away on vacation so I haven't been able to check anything, that's the GM positions already been selected?
  2. MethLab

    Male vs Female

    very much so, i am
  3. Now I've been told so many guns are just reskins or hybrids of others but some guns i seem to do so much better with its reskin or its base vs its reskin or base. For example, i have such trouble with the N-tec, but as been told its reskin is the CR-5 which i do so much better with. Another example is the Whisper vs the OCA and i do so much better with the OCA. Color me crazy, or maybe its just instance by instance, but I think the sound of the gun and imagination of my character using that gun makes me better.
  4. I do have to agree that it is indeed a gray area. But when it really comes down to it is it pay to win? Taking a look at how just because you purchase a weapon doesn't mean it makes you better or will make you automatically win. Black-market weapons bring an ID for new tactics to be brought to the table but as a person that uses the paid weapons, I find myself being beaten size of standard weapons more often than not. The benefit that one would get by having a paid weapon is severely outweighed by someone who has better skill. There's so many factors in what gets the win that saying the game is pay to win it's quite ignorant. These factors include but definitely aren't limited to lag, scale by itself, teammates, location, and spawn location.
  5. Generally speaking when I go against people such as yourself I like to take it easy and give the enemy team a chance...you know until someone taunts me...
  6. Granted, everything goes backwards into the big bang where all was one. I wish for girls to have beards.
  7. Yes, my dream has been realized! I have become a goat. *spends 20-60 dollars for new goat version of Meth Lab*
  8. Granted, but your wish will be corrupted. I wish grass
  9. Yay for communication! You guys dont know how appreciative we are about this. Sure everything is up in the air but it feels so good to know about the progress going on up in those offices. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Of course it would be nice to have more fixes such as weapon switch perma lag.
  10. Well i know all about that when i dont know how to read kanji but friends want me to play Phantasy Star Online 2. Such a wonderful and beautiful looking game but I can't read any form of Japanese.
  11. This is the most wholesome of posts/requests. China deserves to enjoy the wonderful world of APB too :). 这是最有用的发布请求。中国也值得享受APB的美好世界
  12. Granted, your mind is flooded with inspiration of the fines ways to cook thinks with high in ammonia urine. I wish I could control the power of probability high and low.
  13. MethLab

    Male vs Female

    and then if you try to be actually try to make them slim they look malnourished XD
  14. MethLab

    Male vs Female

    Its okay i appreciate the effort
  15. MethLab

    Male vs Female

    That's a kilt, not a skirt. As mentioned before in Original post i want to design a character like that so the fully covered look wouldn't work. LO just has to make tbe female model be able to be flat chested i would be in love.
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