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Forum Rules

Hello and welcome to the GamersFirst Forums!
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these basic rules of our GamersFirst Community Forums. They have been implemented to make sure that the forums promote a healthy, happy, and safe community.

  • No Hate Speech Discriminatory language or comments towards certain groups (sexist, racist, or homophobic in nature) is not allowed.
  • No Flaming Refrain from using language that is abusive, aggressive, confrontational, slanderous, or provocative.         
  • No Harassment Acts of intimidation towards a community member in public or in private, sexual or otherwise, are not allowed.
  • No Explicit Material Posting or linking to any explicit or offensive media (nudity or gore) is not permitted, even in signatures and avatars.
  • No Spam Refrain from posting nonsensical, one word or non-contributory posts, and double posting.  Additionally, animated pictures (.gifs) are only allowed in replies if pertinent to the thread you’re replying to. Using them in your signature, banner, or avatar is not allowed.
  • No Warez Discussing illegally obtained media; such as games, software or others is not allowed.
  • No Advertising Refrain from promoting your website, Twitch/Youtube channel or other services in forum threads. Promote your work in your signature instead.
  • No Multiple Accounts A new account should only be made if there is a legitimate reason. Users that fail to comply to evade bans will be taken care of accordingly.        
  • No Naming/Shaming Avoid starting unnecessary witch hunts. If you believe someone is cheating, please reach out to our support or to our GMs.
  • No Sharing PMs/DMs and/or Bans Posting the content of private messages is not permitted, as those should remain private (unless given approval - for PMs/DMs).
  • No Sharing Support tickets The conversation you had with the supporter agent should remain private. If you have a complaint regarding your ticket, contact Selali.
  • No Backseat Modding Help is always welcome, but do not attempt to influence a moderator’s decision by suggesting punishments or starting witch hunts on your own. Our team is already capable of dealing with any and all issues that might arise.
  • Ban Discussion While you are allowed to discuss the events that lead to your ban (or somebody else’s), refrain from sharing private details and conversation between any part involved and our support system.


What happens if I break the rules?
Breaking these rules will result in the following:

  • Warning Mistakes happen. A mod will contact you and give you a warning explaining what happened. In some cases, your account will be put into moderation (meaning a Staff member will have to approve your threads and posts before they can be read by other users).
  • Temporary Ban 72hrs, 1 week, and 1-month bans. The length of the ban is dependent on the nature of the incident and the frequency in which the violations take place. Temporary bans will only restrict you from posting/PMing other members,  but you will still be able to access the forums.         
  • Permanent Ban Your forum account is permanently blocked from accessing the G1 forums.         

We retain records detailing each offense and the actions taken in response. Actions taken are at the Moderator's discretion but is based on the severity of the offense(s) and their frequency.

Can I petition to remove a Temporary or Permanent Ban? 
Temporary bans are used to help players “calm down” after several offenses or a specific, more severe case. Users may ask for a Permanent ban to be lifted after 6 months. With careful consideration, the user will be allowed back on the forums. We reserve the right to decline the request based on the severity of the offense, the player’s behavior, and the outlook of the user’s ability to reintegrate into the community.
Flagging Posts 
We rely on our community to flag posts, topics or members that break the rules using the Report system. Note that this system is not an “advanced dislike button”, and using it as such will count as harassment.
Use common sense - In conclusion, behave as you normally would in any other social setting. Please be aware that engaging in activities deemed illegal in the real world is also not allowed on our platform.

These forums are rated PG-13.

Please keep in mind that the rules above are susceptible to change. We will, however, notify you whenever we update them.
Again, welcome to the Forums and happy posting!
- Your G1 Team



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