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  2. Identity theft is not a joke Shui! Millions of families suffer every year!
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    No one saw this coming!
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    with sad sounds i have to say that this event has been canceled - we don't have enough players to start this event off. wil be posponed if the game gets new blood. or has engine update.
  5. Hello, I am a newcomer and hope to gain experience!
  6. This thread has been moved to the Off-Topic section of our forums. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. ~@mayii
  7. That's a lot of satellites doing a Giant Orbit.
  8. Either I missed something or someone stole the Little Orbit Logo: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/orbit-satellite-tracking/id1141694548
  9. Yesterday
  10. Why? The thing with the SPCT is true. Or have they changed the SPCT Members? I dont think so
  11. my guy i think you need to step outside for a minute and get some fresh air
  12. Will it be interesting for you to fight with an easy opponent? A game in which you are like Neo, tossing Smith's agents like empty cardboard boxes? Veterans today have more reasons to leave the game. I am a veteran, and I am not interested in fighting bronze without straining my strength. Also, I'm not interested in fights with stupid jumpers who fire a pistol faster than Clint Eastwood.
  13. why don't we just implement an ELO system or the RTW system already?
  14. FC is there for a reason tho, also most guns are reskins you don't have to buy them all. If you buy JT they're pretty cheap tho. People used to grind and buy firebombs and even crowns, i don't see my 10k JT for a permanent 3 slotted gun (you can buy them account bound on armas a lot cheaper)
  15. who tf brags about KDA against silvers
  16. quick fix: don't expose yourself in the open and use snipers as well
  17. lmao stop using 123456 as passwords and downloading keyloggers
  18. This might make VIP Missions a bit more habitable (if the system works right), but the better options are to either have 1 VIP exist on either team (like in that Asylum mission) or outright scrap VIP Last Stages off the game.
  19. The purpose of the system is to make the game interesting. Gold players will not be harmed. They will receive opponents whose skills are artificially increased, opponents with whom it is interesting to play. At the end of the mission, they will be given an increased reward comparable to the difficulty level. If one gold player wins a battle with four silver players, he receives 10,000 experience points. If he fought one rookie he will receive 100 points. The higher the stakes, the greater the reward.
  20. The threads mentioned are from many years ago, since then the game has had a number of transformations. First from Fallen Earth LLC and co-developer Icarus Studios to Gamersfirst (under Reloaded Productions) in June of 2011 And then in May of 2018 to Gamersfirst (under Little Orbit). With each transfer the forums were 'reset' , which means that unless content is archived somewhere it may be impossible to find those threads. ~@mayii
  21. This thread has been moved to the Game Suggestions section of our forums. ~@mayii
  22. Honestly F@*# APB missions, they're all terrible. There are just one too many areas in this game where all it takes is 1 (either really good player, or cheater) to camp a defend objective locking everyone on the loosing side in a 5 minute farming session for the person who is dominating. Then they let you get the objective so they can farm more kills off of you in further objectives. Objective missions should be either scraped entirely, or re-worked to be much shorter (much much shorter). We're talking like 1-2 objectives per mission. Then apply some kind of "cool down" for people you recently fought against. This help push APB back into the fast paced shooter it should be. Alternatively replacing missions with Gun Game-like Team death matches, where when you K up the game puts 5 vs 5 or more against each other in a sectioned off part of the city for a fightclub/gun game style team death match. What about free for all? Come up with some BS "lore" as too why you have to "kill 'em all!". CTF? APB's take the objective and defend it at your base which is 500m+ away from the enemies obj is just a bad idea. Instead some kind of traditional Capture the flag mode where "an outside source" delivers some kind of "package" and Criminals are told it'll help their criminal empire, while enforcers are told it will bust open an investigation. Then have it play out like Capture the flag. (These are all things that are "for the future" and nothing im expecting LO to put in right this second)
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