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  2. Actual steps or just when you do x a bunch ?
  3. I can reproduce this this very very reliably.
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  5. Why do you people even play this game? LO is no different from G1. They are just squeezing out the last dollars of this already dead game.
  6. Thats the point. By allowing custom configs it makes it easier to cheat which in turn means you have to play against cheaters more often
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  8. I actually agree with Zombie. It's a faction identity. Why? it's simple. There would be less reasons to be an enforcer/crim if it's everything the same. Imagine having crims looking like a cop and cops looking like crims. Is like asking why crims are not using no-lethal weapons. But, those are cars... yeah, but they fit their factions specific purposes.
  9. Hi Professional Egghead. hope your well I get that everyone's setup (hardware build plus OS / software) are all different, some of the tips I gave have helped a few already in my community, so simply sharing it out might help more. I did forget to mention, although not as common is Resolution, If people are running res's that where not common back when the game was originally created or to last related patch, for example monitors using ultra wide 3440x1440 ,3840x1200 2560x1080 as examples.. you will notice issues with older Dx9 games, if the support for these resolutions are not included, to my understanding APBR was only launched with support of Vga Dynamic - 640x480 upto 1920x1200 2560x1600 and then later patched to support HD 720 1080. running any game above release req would add system load, and during my own testing I have found running the game fullscreen 4k or fullscreen 1440 does indeed use more system memory and present the "out of memory" error. however for my self running window 1440, the game does not go above 3gb system memory. this could also contribute to the DX error. when I have been able to run the game Fullscreen 4k, 3830x2160 the game struggles although putting the game to window mode above 7k across two screens the game does not struggle. besides all of that.. If you don't mind me asking, what issue was you having if you were? I'm looking forward to Yangeline reply if they have tried. if not meh no biggy. keep safe all.
  10. Seilky

    This game is hopeless

    So this is more an excuse to rage, than a serious topic? I would say "well". Why? It's way easier doing something from 0 than taking something that was done by someone, modified by another one and them applying the modifications yourself. They have a lot to do, yes, they do. They're also being ambitious enough to move the whole game from one engine to other. Now, blaming the toxivity of the community on the company... Well, you better quit online games all together, the "anonymity" gives people the impression of impunity or minimal loss. Also, good they're doing their duty, I don't remember G1 doing it better than LO. It means they're giving attetion to the game or atleast faking it, instead of milking it till it is impossible to milk it (literally, killing the golden goose instead of nurturing it). But, well. Is all a point of view. Some people will always choose to see the bad, cause that's what they want to see... (proof is, you did diminish what they did, even though is their obligation).
  11. This means that the out of bound system didnt worked?
  12. Yeah, but, in BF it´s used as a mocking the oponnents ability. You wouldn't charge someone for melee in a gunfight. Not against it, finishers look cool, but, I don't see it fitting the game now. In the end is more content, I guess. I just think, this create issues like finishers include immunity timers, which might result in a table turning move cause, a fight that could go to 4v4 is a 5v4, cause you couldn't kill him while he was finishing your ally. But, the other is also, true. You will be able to save an ally, but, the finisher will be let vulnerable. It fits a vanity purpose than anything else. Well, these are my pointers about it.
  13. Great idea apb mobile What's funny is that that has a better matchmaking I actually played it and enjoyed it Better yet you can hit blitzkrieg way faster with the LMG
  14. well in the sense of there is some that are still certainly factioned it will still be sensible to have at least 2 vehicles that are cross faction than having clothing bundles that are crossed
  15. True but... u can't deny that RP /old G1 did everything they could to kill APB
  16. that happens regardless hen games becomes old as APB is
  17. lots of bias assumptions and opinions there ..... not accurate how Little Orbit feels at all are you? .................. whyyyyy do you actually know this ?
  18. Welcome to our world my friend, we can only wait, you might see the bug randomly dissapear, it does that sometimes for some people, in my case it always happens I tried all the possible tweaks you might remotely think about, trust me as much as i understand you want to help, there is no fix for it.
  19. LO's heart is in the right place, but they fundamentally do not understand APB nor it's balancing and gunplay. They also seem to think Balance = fun, which really isn't the case, especially since APB is such an RNG based game to begin with. Which is a bit funny considering APB has one of the lowest and highest skill ceilings of any game i've played, as the difference between a 3k hour player and a 100 hour player is massive, but 2 3k hour players against eachother and it becomes clear how how much RNG places the win in ethier person's perspective. Here's a good example, the removal of jumpshooting from all but 1 AR that is actually viable, namely the misery. What did this really accomplish? Do we see les AR's or are they less effective? Not really, sure they're a bit worse in cqc, however even with jumpshooting you would do better in 8/10 situations with just using your secondary, there's a reason why the 45 and fbw was so favored with the ntec / far. People said jumpshooting was to strong cqc, but this logic is so flawed for the simple reason that if you jump, your trajectory is completely predictable, you're putting yourself in a situation where you are a far easier target, then if you were to just dodge with a secondary. And for anyone that had a cqc gun and lost to someone with a 100% predictable and easily trackable jump, should just stop playing the game, especially since you could jumpshot during the PMG's prime days, and tbf, if you lost with any meta CQC gun against a jumping ntec or far, you shouldn't even be allowed to complain about said balance in the first place. People used to make the claim that it made them too strong in cqc, yet I just don't see it, personally it was never an issue for me to beat, and it was very predictable when people would do it and that leaves us at fun vs balance. Is there an argument to be made that it was a bit unbalanced as AR's wasn't intended to be used that way? Sure, atleast in the sense that it wasn't intentional, however the point still stands that in no circumstance, if you are skilled, should you get beaten over and over by jumping AR's, especially when you have a CQC based gun. And to that argument, there are many guns that are used in ways they aren't supposed to, yet they are still not OP. The SHAW can jumpshot better then an ntec, yet I don't hear people cry about it when you jump around corners despite the fact that it's technically not intended to be that way. So what happened when every AR lost their ability to jump? They are so much more boring to use, and tbh not even that much worse, they're just streamlined in their roles more, but gameplay wise they are just simply more boring. APB is a game about mobility, that's why so many stationary guns are usually pretty bad in comparison with mobile ones, and since the game is about mobility, we should treat it as such. Also I find it ironic that everyone bitched about the NTEC, especially with its jumping, but now since every AR other then the misery has gotten that treatment we're basically in a situation where the ntec is yet again, king over all AR's, as now none can jumpshot except one, and even before that was the case the ntec was still king. Hell even the vobra got a jumpshot nerf, the cobra... one of the worst guns in the game, a fun gun sure, but really? its ability to jump was op? ok then... But this is sadly what happens when idiots get to vote on how the game should be balanced, This is why the game should be balanced around the top players, not the other way around, as with most of our suggestions, it keeps balance and fun in mind. Also if you're really that alien against jumpshooting, just go thru with one of the suggestions I heard once, make so that in order to jump with AR's, Rifles etc while adsing, must use HS3 otherwise they won't get a jump modifier while adsing. I would be fine with this as HS3 is the mainstray anyway.
  20. Well, keep thumbs up for Unsung Story and APB success. But APB meets much of competion from GTA Online today which grew over these years. While be myself in world of CP2077 and being exciting about Badlands and roaming deserted areas, you also come to conclusion how many things FE offered 10 years ago already. Shame.
  21. I mean battlefield has them when it's mostly about alot of epic destruction
  22. Let's do less cross faction, not more. Actually maintain some sense of what faction identity is left.
  23. it really depends on the change, its not like every nerf can be performed in a perfect vacuum either - even something like the ntec that many people thought was too op getting nerfed ended up with several other ARs getting caught up in the rebalancing
  24. Never. RTW removed them from the game because it didn't work or fit with the game.
  25. As always here is a collection of screenshots from yesterday's "Chipp's Car Club" (screenshots were made by official CCC press photographer Xenise/xKurokax): To see more screenshots from the event visit the CCC discord page linked in Steven's posting above.
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