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  2. it was never gone if you've already used all of yours, then it's on you tbh - trials are intended for people interested in making a purchase, not just as free "premium" weapon leases
  3. the old threat system with this few people? you've got to be joking. The only thing that would make that even have a semblance of worth is leaderboards. Noone has cared about threat for years. Bringing back threat level symbols and colors litterally means nothing at this point.
  4. Can the team bring back that please, it was fun trying out new weapons , its important. Thank you
  5. Y'all do realized that the game population is so low, that's the reason why things like this happen. Mostly on NA, because on EU servers you don't see that nonsense as much, Gold and silver districts are pretty much always fill up. The New company should release the old threat system from the pass and hurry up with the graphic engine if they want the NA servers and servers to have more players. I keep telling them this and i told the old team this, but clearly they are not listening. I wish they bought back the old threat system, it made the game more fun, worth while to play, felt like i was playing to win something to achieve something, now its just bored after a few rounds with no real rewards, even worse if you don't have premium. In fact the game is pointless to play without premium, because the payout is so damn low. I would spend 500 dollars right no arams/premium if they bought back the old threat system.
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  7. this is already known to my knowledge by the SPCT and so the game mods. It'll probably be fixed sooner or later.
  8. Making this post separate as it's a different idea I had come up with. Consider this my attempt to compromise. We can take your tutorial district and tweak it a bit. Turn it into a PvE/Co-Op district. Players vs AI. Maybe even allow both Crims and Enfs to team up with eachother in this district. Of course, we wouldn't limit it to just new players. Another shooter I use to play a lot of, S4 League, did something similar with their Arcade Mode and that was pretty fun and a nice break from the main PvP aspect of the game. This will also allow new players to team up with veterans without being shot at or killed by higher ranking players on the other team. If you want to keep the target practice thing, maybe make a weapons test area with mobile or stationary targets that will allow players to test all of the weapons in the game. Basically, a shooting range so you can test weapons before deciding if you want to buy them or not. This could be useful for all players, not just new ones.
  9. Ill have to look into that next time theres a major one. I never really looked into it on the windows side.
  10. The main updates that trigger it are the large feature updates where you go from 1803 to 1809 or 1903 (or similar). Since those are basically just a full different version of windows, at least for how it's installed/configured.
  11. @darok70 First, I apologize for the length of some of my posts. I suffer from several mental disabilities and mental disorders, including Asperger's Syndrome, so sometimes it's hard for me to stop when I'm explaining things and I wind up going and going and often over-explain and my original meaning gets lost somewhere as my mind goes into an entirely different tangent. Secondly, Dropping the discussion about a tutorial district because it's obvious that's going nowhere, as we're clearly both too stubborn with our own views and want really listen to what the other is trying to say on the matter. In regards to the 'shooters aren't your thing' comment, I played a lot of shooters. Planetside 1 and 2, the Battlefield Franchise (my favorite shooter franchise and I'm still active in Battlefield 3 for PC) and Medal of Honor. In RPG Shooters, I enjoy a lot of Fallout 3, NV and 4 as well as all of the Borderlands games. My issue is I'm use to the more fast pace shooters that I played a crap ton of when I was growing up. Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, Unreal Tournament and so on. Now for the main portion of this post, the Mentor System I suggested. There aren't any games that do it exactly how I described it. City of Heroes had a Mentor System. It didn't reward veterans for taking in new players. Instead it allowed veteran players to team up with new players. This would increase the new player's stats (but not their level) so they could do higher level content with the veteran, gaining boosted xp while doing so. Since City of Heroes and APB: Reloaded aren't in the same genre of MMO and leveling works differently in APB: Reloaded, the way CoH handled it would be piss poor in APB. World of Warcraft has the Recruit A Friend system. Give someone your referral code and when they sign up then you both get boosted XP when teaming together. This could kinda work in APB, but remove the referral code maybe. Make it so when a veteran player created a premade team/group with one or more new players, all players get a boost to the cash and contact points. However, I can see this being exploited by someone making a bunch of fake accounts for a friend to help boost their friend or some shit. Then again, systems like these can always be exploited. The City of Heroes one was used to level alts instead of leveling players brand new to the game. Apparently Destiny 2 rewards veteran players for helping new players, but I haven't given a try. Maybe we can wait and see what Monster Hunter World: Iceborne does? As, according to an article I found, apparently they're going to implement incentives for helping new players catch up to the newest content. Article link here: https://www.pcgamer.com/monster-hunter-world-iceborne-will-reward-players-who-help-others-catch-up/ Like I said though, often times people will look for ways to take advantage or exploit such systems.
  12. Ive had updates but its never triggered the system before for me. I had an update just the other day, not tradelock currently.
  13. Are you sure nothing was changed? No windows updates or driver installs/updates? Those are both known to be likely reasons for triggering that system
  14. So again, never traded, never sold anything, same exact PC with no changes to it. Why did I get a tradelock?
  15. Not sure where you are then cause im only on the main dist once a month if that and everytime I see a dethreater. Dethreating nowadays isnt just feeding the other team its also just not taking part in the mission. Ive seen some dethreaters not play missions and stay 600+ m away from an obj. No demerit means they cant be removed. There are those who dont play cause they give up yes but theres also what I just described. Didnt know I could change my threat in fight club. Must be something new they added today or something. Engine upgrade is the goods and reputation, community etc etc is the horse. The upgrade is no magic cure all and all these problems will still exist after its released so new players will still encounter the issues plaguing the game now. How will that retain players exactly? Edit: disappearing for surgery have a nice day.
  16. That really is a fun fact O<o Everyone tries to win, the difference is how much sweat they drop when trying to win.
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  18. 2 years? To early, sorry. maybe another 6/7 years, if this game will ever survive after jan 2020.
  19. Big no from me. You think to make the community happy? 2/3 new rewards for halloween? K. - No any bug/glitch fixes; - No any issues fixed like RTX ones etc; - No any interest regarding support tickets; - No any interest in catching cheaters or improve the "Anti-Cheat" feature (if it is really active, but i don't think); - Crashes and disconnects regarding servers. More, of course The Only thing could make me happy is if (IF) you guys are going to put the LCR back into the ARMAS, or should i be happy for the Same Halloween "Event" with glitchers going on rooftops or brake the rules without being punished? NO, THANKS LO. Yeah, because remember, i can't know how many of us have opened a ticket regarding that, but i can swear and promise, you didn't fixed any single 1 of them, and that's your interested in bringing something back every year. Just This was my point of view about that Halloween 2019, if you like it fine, if you don't like it, fine anyway. Alisha PS I will give it 1 match, not more, if i see Anything out of the ordinary, like.. Glitchers for example, or other shit, im OUT.
  20. I'd love to just die... with my 2080 it's like > hey play on lowest settings or run out of memory crash Somehow soooo frustrating that i was able to run APB on max since 2011 till i bought my overpriced RTX card
  21. Thank your for creating a thread in Off-topic. Your effort to keep the scene alive is much appreciated!
  22. As long as you dethreat organically and healthily, your high-rank silver premades on bronze district are the salt of the earth.
  23. Fun fact, the difference between the current and old NFAS min ttk is 1 pellet.
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