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  2. cars feel like they are sliding on glass. it would be nice if that was reworked
  3. "10 or less" lol i mean less than 10 reasonable to use, sure, but there's a bunch more. not comparable to gta - but same goes for their budget plus, i don't even think that's necessarily a good thing, i mean choices are cool but i couldn't keep track of all of my vehicles etc. plus, having 40 sports cars that basically perform the same and look similar... i'd rather have them focus on other stuff.
  4. Like...more cars? It's 2020 and this game still has like 10 or less cars...GTA:O used to get more per year
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  6. We all are, sadly i fear the worst i love apb its such a good game. with so many things youll never get in anyother game. i just feel like they havent had a company that has the same love for the game as us players.
  7. Please add pantyhose, thank you.
  8. Super cool hope to see people get on here
  9. Yea matchmaking is a joke but it is what it is.
  10. I'm well aware of your point and I understand what you mean. If a mission is unbalanced, its not the players' fault or the bounty system's fault. It's quite clearly the matchmaking that needs rework too. All of this is a work in progress. They didnt mention any matchmaking balancing in the 2020 roadmap, but I think everyone can agree on that matchmaking needs a rework.
  11. Please just focus on the optimization of the game performance and the engine update before doing all sorts of projects, which nobody is really waiting for. This prevents any delay as things tend to go wrong if something is touched.
  12. Why you always such a debby downer my guy? Like constructive criticism is always welcomed but whenever you post on something its just you shooting an idea down or just disagreeing with the majority of things in forum... What you bring to a topic is the same stuff as every single other one... A black and white look to it.
  13. ive reported a few people and to this day, they still play, so i beleave that little orbit does not ban as if you ban someone they will lose a customer , and loseing a customer is bad for them cuz they then lost money that the customer would of spent on the game, thats why they dont ban anyone sadly, they allow cheaters and pretend they have a anticheat and on top of that the report system is only there to shut us up, it doesnt aceaully go anywhere at all, it just prints out a "bla bla bla was reported, now shut up and play" message
  14. The non-deployable ammo box, its an orange mod that you unlock from doing the tutorial. You only keep it out for like 30 seconds I think, and it has a 2 minute cooldown. The deployable one pretty much made the old orange one useless, but the nerf to the deployable version makes the old one viable again.
  15. bounty system is not useless, its apart of the game, if u not like it then its not our problem, if 1 person think its useless it doesent means it should be removed. you are not the angel on earth and also nothing special, just see the bounty system belongs to the game and basta.
  16. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. And trust me, there's a ton of stuff I always want to change and add after the upload. It's a shame. There's always next time at least.
  17. But you cant throw matches as its against the TOS so by all rights you have to keep trying till the end. I personally rather hand the hacker a loss as they are losers irl anyway for needing to cheat.
  18. I really feel for you, it really seems that you've landed with the worst provider in Europe. You've seemingly got the most incapable provider in all of Europe. In any situation that impacts customers, if I "misunderstood" and took your services down, I would be fired. Perhaps because of the higher stakes, but their track record is pathetic. In the past two months they've: Failed to provide hardware on time Failed to file necessary paperwork for hardware to clear customs Failed to install the proper software/operating systems Failed to schedule a proper downtime and took your services down a day early. I'm sure you're re-evaluating your business with them, but it's such a bad look for APB when the European provider is so wildly incompetent.
  19. If you guys can't see the vision check out this gaming video. The game is called 187 ride or die and its basically a gangster sytle racing game. Watch "187 Ride or Die - PS2 Gameplay UHD 4k 2160p (PCSX2)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/HASUqk24fII Kinda the idea twords it.
  20. this has been happening since overtime was created by g1
  21. i mean if the teams are mismatched that badly, why would you want a lucky n5/p5 kill to allow you to finish an objective and have to play another whole stage? wouldnt it just be better for everyone in a blatantly mismatched teams scenario for the mission to end asap?
  22. TCRisky

    Legendary Gun Ideas

    Not sure about that. Gotta do some thinking on that haha. Seeing the default CR-5 is used correctly, is already an insane weapon. That'd just make it broken. Yes. That would be awesome. Oof. Unlockable legendaries would remove the purpose of joker boxes. Useless boxes = no more LO moneyz
  23. There's always one bruh... Yeah if you guys wanna think of it like that, thats basically what im saying. But the point is its something new, something fresh man. It adds to the the game play a tad bit. Its not some new crazy innovated gaming mechanic thats gon fix the game but its something... Its just an idea.
  24. The time that it takes for support to respond to tickets is tracked on a weekly basis in this forum thread. Please head to the last post for the most up to date information about the wait times for support tickets. Thank you, Selali
  25. overtime is needed i hope it gets changed back to what it should be. as for bountys , its a survival mission type but it does interfere in missions and would be nice if it did not.
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