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  2. Well, I do not speak English fluently, some of us had to get stuck with 14 years and we did not have that opportunity! but I think that it was understood quickly and this was the account that I was suspended. now dramas not one, I from today until I arteis of my I will be playing where I play is a silver to any gold that insults or discriminates me for being silver and I'm telling you that I'm going to go through the lining .. .. what this has to do with those who use traps, not read, you create new account only to spend agusto what in your account only half good, I had only done this to give some pros cheats, which are gold, and now I am too, unfortunately! (I do not see any benefit) especially because of the big difference of TRAMPOSOS ahem, do you want or need something else!?
  3. Can't check my tickets or click on some things, are you guys updating it?
  4. Today
  5. This is what happens when you drill a hole in your own head and pour hydrochloric acid into it.
  6. It wouldn't work. It would attract RWT who would take advantage at the fact people are trading items that costs real money. Joker boxes are an exception
  7. This is different. Its a policy specific to previously banned players. You technically aren't allowed to reroll once banned.
  8. orbit reserves the right to ban any account at any time lol
  9. I meant the FF bans that they reversed, they would have been putting a lot of people who they were giving accounts back to into a different kind of trouble
  10. For the record, LO does reserve the right to ban the reroll accounts of banned players at any time.
  11. I doubt there are people that generous
  12. yea i get it but think release both same time is gonna be confusin..but we will see hope 4 da best anyway
  13. I have the same problem (empty/white screen), why can't I buy G1C using card? Why does it automatically link me to paymentwall? I don't want to use paymentwall.
  14. I was thinking if this would hurt the game, like little orbits income, but it shouldn't i think (read the ending how it can). I would love for this to be in the game i have extra weapons i don't use but i know some who used them and love it. Makes me think if people are out there can love a gun that i hate and couldn't give it to them due to the restriction of it being a ARMAS Weapon. It could hurt the income due to the fact if you give someone a gun they can just keep using instead of them spending money trying to see what weapon is right for them. anime is wonderful
  15. I'm confused, did you not read anything? Because so many people believe in segregation that they have committed to making separate places for different castes of people to play. It's self-explanatory, the fallacy within this logic that is. I don't know why people want to believe that they are less than other players, that is so psychologically damaging it's not even funny.
  16. I too like to type in different colors to make what I say seem important I suppose you may not be fluent in English but I still have to ask, what does this have to do with piracy? I'm pretty sure alternate accounts are indeed allowed, otherwise they would have explicitly told everyone who was *going to be unbanned from the FF days that they need to close their reroll accounts asap, right? That wouldn't be very fair to the people who poured money into their rerolls
  17. I don't see any real benefit of having multiple accounts, unless you have never paid anything on any account, so you use them for design purposes etc, or abuse new or other low threat players.
  18. wouldn't necessarely have to hire him , but havve LO pay him to make a song just for apb could be a thing im not sure farletched would love to be in the team at this point , or at least not with the state of apb right now.
  19. this thread's going nowhere fast
  20. i am lol ill behave now i promise we were kidding dont do it let him live in peace please
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