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  2. Damage scale based on accuracy is extremely dumb, especially since headshots don't exist in APB
  3. Alot of these changes are interesting, mainly love the HVR and the perc nerfs as they were needed. The scout really didnt need to be changed though as its a 3 shot weapon. As it was having CA on + damage dropoff meant you recovered enough hp to where the 3rd shot was required 100% of the time at range. Add to this that there is no comparison to an HVR at range since it doesnt have a dropoff the scout is UP more then anything else. I would have left the scout alone as is given the HVR nerf.
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  5. This is something most of us can agree, i would think. Damage based on accuracy was/is one of the worst/illogical nerfs so far.
  6. It was fixed by g1 long time ago to nerf qs a bit.
  7. I feel like some weapon categories need to be addressed regarding consistency and specializations. 1. Shotguns - While some shotguns feel extremely underpowered and underwhelming, some are just plain bonkers in terms of low risk high reward. For instance, heres the JG's stats : 0.65 TTK 12 pellets = 756 damage Minimum of 8 pellets per shell to secure a 2 shot kill at 504 damage. 1.5 meters pellet spread at 10m This means a JG player only needs to connect with roughly 66% of his pellets to secure a 2 shot kill. This also permits a gross combination where a missed shot with only 4/12 pellets hitting is still 2 shot kill territory granted the next shot is a 12/12 pellet hit. Comparably , CSG sits at 80% pellet hit for a 2 shot kill (17/21) Showstopper Thunder sits at 88% for a 3 shot kill (8/9) Thumper at 83% for a 3 shot kill (10/12) Shredder at 88% for a 3 shot kill (8/9) Nfas at 83% for a 3 shot kill (10/12) Heres my suggestion to fix this issue with shotguns : -Pellet damage should be based on a POSITIVE Per Ray Damage Multiplier to achieve a desired minimum accuracy requirement per shell in order to secure min TTK and reduce the reward potential on partially missed shots. (First pellets deal LESS damage while next ones deal increasingly more damage forcing accuracy over luck). -Shotgun effective ranges should be tweaked with spread rather than max range. For example, converting the JG's 1.5m spread to 2.5m 2. Explosives - Explosives lack specializations and/or require minimal aiming ability. 2.1 Grenades - Frags : damage = 750 Vehicle damage = 567 (1134 damage combined; enough to 2 shot most cars and disable the normal vegas and Pioneer/espacio) Radius = 4m Max , 7m Min (if we assume 30% min damage, it will still do 225 HP damage and 170 Vehicle damage at 7 meters) The Frag is an extremely versatile grenade especially when compared to other types of grenades , fact that has been made more apparent with the semi-recent car HP nerf. It effectively requires a serious tweak to its hard damage in order to specialize the Frag to the Anti player role to justify picking Concussions over it in this current vehicle meta + satchel charge existence. Low Yield Frags could also be tweaked to fill the versatile grenade role with a minor buff to its radius and hard damage. (Say, hard damage 376 -> 490 , radius 2m -> 3m) 2.2 Launchers OPGL - needs sound cues and visibility. Not only does the OPGL not have a very visible grenade model (it looking like a very thin kitkat bar) it also makes no sound regarding its existence. - Enlarge the grenade model and give it a grenade fuse sound cue. AAEPD Volcano - Like the literal description implies, the Volcano is effectively an "Anti Armour Explosive Projectile Device" however, recent tweaks to it specialized it in anti personnel which is just purely incorrect. Here's my suggestion to tweak the volcano in the right direction: Max Health damage : 1000 -> 800 Max hard damage : 800 -> 1100 Max Damage radius : 2m (No change) Radius : 7.5m -> 5m This should effectively specialize the volcano in Anti Armour like it should be and cut back on the abusiveness that is 100m airbusting
  8. When tracer mechanics are reintroduced with the engine upgrade, silencers will gain a purpose (hiding tracers that can give away positions), albeit situational. I do agree that it is pointless to assign them a downside in the current game, them occupying a slot/color is already enough of a penalty. As for the changes, I like most of them, especially the Scoped N-Tec and Tommygun. I'm not a big fan of the Misery's changes since it feels like a nerf to me, the weapon has issues more severe than its recoil, such as its effective range and extremely slow marksmanship movement speed, and its jumpshooting gimmick has now been taken away. I'm not sure about the OCA changes since SMGs are difficult to justify over shotguns without a range advantage. I do agree with the general idea (of OCAs needing a nerf) but perhaps 17.5 is going too far, especially for the Whisper which will be heavily penalized by this. Its extra accuracy will be near useless with such a low range and the inability to equip Improved Rifling 3.
  9. Before the nerfs, when you switched to the HVR, it would not start out with max bloom, it would have the base accuracy. As long as you stopped moving before you switched to the HVR, there was no RNG involved in landing the shot. It's hypocritical to claim they didn't want RNG weapons in cqc when they neutered shotguns to the point that they are literally RNG cannons in cqc.
  10. Hvr is rng because it’s ads based weapon, jg works different
  11. just remove all guns, turn the rating to a AO game and give us sex shops and appartments that we can invite out friends in so we can have some ERPvP
  12. You can miss all of your pellets due to the RNG pellet spread, and with a damage dropoff of 7M, the damage output is extremely inconsistent in cqc combat. The HVR would always deal the damage, and before the nerfs, it's base accuracy was tight enough to land hits in cqc 100% of the time.
  13. It does seem a bit silly that now we are seeing the HVR having its damage reduced after a number of previous blog posts (Not just from LO) stating that the HVR needed its damage etc. It went through so many different nerfs before they finally got to the one that was the crux of the issue. My main issue with the cross hair scaling is that I don't think it's particularly well explained to new players - it along with the DMR has a hidden(ish) mechanic. Might have been better for the HVR to have some form of reverse damage drop off instead of the cross hair to make the heavy snipers (Excluding IRS I guess?) more consistent.
  14. Waiting about 8 years for something like this.Still wonder dou how Shini was able to maintain dat recoil back then.. p.s. sry for making another post i told im editin the other one P
  15. IBM Model M. I still use it, but the 2-key rollover is getting annoying. Unicomp still make this keyboard, but didn't fixed the n-key rollover.
  16. Jg has nothing to do with rng based on bloom size as hvr or any other ads weapons
  17. Who the hell thinked that SNIPER rifle's silencer have to decrease effective range is a good idea... it have to be changed a while ago. Silencers are useless btw, maybe radar invisibility would help..
  18. This thread has been closed as per OP's request. ~@mayii
  19. This thread has been moved to the Game Suggestions section of our forums. ~@mayii
  20. Unpopular opinion, NTEC, FAR, & S1 are still effective in experienced hands. Still against bloom changes, being able to skillfully cut down pointmen with an AR in close ranges was one of the most satisfying things ever.
  21. Because you're not able to reach the server it's looking for, duh Try logging in again, then if that doesn't work restart your router
  22. how is possible that game shows me "the game may be down for manteinance" ?? how do I fix this?
  23. Yep, getting the same exact error, yesterday it worked fine for me but today the same problem appears again and it kicks me out of any district with the same error.
  24. I just got in, so I very much doubt that
  25. can't join the server and it isn't my internet connection.. am I the only one?
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