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  2. it's been like 5 years and your offering a market no one can get too. don't you think we should change it up? you know something that says reboot or "this is what the game looks like now" something better then deadfall because it's the ugliest sector aside from s1
  3. i got an easy fix. now read real close stop playing and unistall. there no more unfair matchs 100%
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  5. Es un lanzacohetes que dispara una granada propulsada por cohete de 90 mm. Se dispara desde el hombro y es transportable por una sola persona. El contenedor-lanzador está fabricado en resina reforzada que mantiene al proyectil y a todos los elementos del sistema que están unidos a él. El mecanismo de disparo es totalmente autónomo y carece de componentes eléctricos excepto un sonido de emergencia que alerta a los aliados el inminente disparo, en la parte posterior del proyectil se encuentra el motor cohete con su encendedor y el estabilizador. La combustión del propulsante termina antes de que el proyectil salga del lanzador. La ausencia de retroceso permite el disparo en cualquier posición y con una puntería estable en el momento del disparo. Su municion ha sido diseñada para ser empleada en el uso de artilleria contra blindaje de tanques que emplea el mismo sistema de arranque y propulsión del cohete original de alto explosivo, tiene un alcance de 145 metros y al caer emite luz, humo y sonido, existiendo la opción de emplear un marcador por parte de los aliados y resaltando a donde desean enviar el disparo.
  6. The reason why you don't see as many cheaters in arma 3 is because its pop is small and the ppl who do cheat on arma 3 often do things that will get them a manual ban very quickly (nuking entire servers). All mainstream kernal anti-cheats(EAC, Battleye, and Vanguard) work in very similar ways and they all can be circumvented. The only way to stop cheating is to make anti-cheats more intrusive and or actually hire people who know how cheats work and what they look like(machine learning/ai isn't a good option either look at csgo with vacnet which literally doesn't function properly and will only flag the most blatant stuff which overwatch already would get/catch).
  7. Apologies - fixed them. You'll need to click on the most recent registered accounts.
  8. There are a lot of people ITT saying 'no', or my favourite: Who plainly haven't a clue what they're talking about - the truth is that a reasonable chunk of LO's financial information is freely available online. Little Orbit (Europe) Ltd - b/s £155,280 in the red on 31 March 2020 Reloaded Productions Ltd - b/s £174,615 in the green on 31 December 2020 These numbers don't tell the whole story and are subject to interpretation. For instance, RP Ltd was owed an intra-group loan £223,142 as of 31 December 2020 by a related company which may be any of: a) Little Orbit (Europe) Ltd; b) Reloaded Productions Inc (its parent company, registered in California); c) Little Orbit Europe LLC (its ultimate parent company, also allegedly registered in the US but I couldn't find any record of it); or d) Muse Investments Inc (a holding company owned by Matt Scott became a PSC of LO (Europe) Ltd in 2019, also registered in California). Without this loan on its books, it would be £48K in the red as well, though I hasten to add that it would then be subtracted from the liabilities of one of the other group companies which would even things out, but would also raise the question of how that particular company raised the money to lend it to RP Ltd. Maybe it's ultimately part of an outside investment (in which case the creditor liability just passes up the chain), or was raised by selling the IP rights a few years ago but that is pure speculation. I'm not an accountant, but I am a (non-US) lawyer so I am presenting the information with only a basic level of interpretation. Corrections are therefore welcome. There's also a further Delaware corporation that was converted out of California in November 2020 (Little Orbit Inc, previously Little Orbit LLC). If you want more detailed information about that company including the annual report you can pay the $20 fee, but given how recently it was registered I can't guarantee that there will even be one or that it will contain anything useful. Some information can also be gleaned from the filings relating to ongoing court case between LO and Descendent, where (from a brief skim of a few of the filings), it looks as though a settlement was reached over a year ago which required LO to make a number of phased payments which the Descendent devs claim have been missed in part. On the other hand, it appears (per one of the e-mails filed) that LO considers that it has demonstrated that it has $1 million in funds available. All of the actual numbers and financial statements are redacted or unavailable, though. I'm also going to pre-emptively respond to those who might say "see, it's impossible to see LO's financial status because of the US' opaque filing requirements" by saying that although we don't have the complete and comprehensive picture, the game would not be able to continue to operate without disruption if its UK portion became insolvent. You can certainly get a flavour of its financial position (analagous to a canary in a coal mine) if not the complete picture.
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  10. So sweet and generous of you. I am glad to see San Paro can be still a kind, giving place.
  11. Seems that is the case, i found this thread, and there are some interesting posts, that lead ya to wonder if they had it active on all instances, and is it still active in our 'Desegregation.
  12. It is Wednesday, and so the weekly installment of the "LAPD Squad Meet Up" is being held! As always, it takes place in combination with the "Chipp's Car Club" (CCC) player event, which is scheduled after. The starting time for the "LAPD Squad Meet Up" is around 19:00 GMT*. We usually meet up at least an hour or two before CCC starts and do regular patrols together as well as custom high speed chases (depending on whether or not open world crime is going on). If you want to participate - on the cop or the criminal side - just let us know. The CCC player event does start at 21:00 GMT* and the location for this week should be in one of the Waterfront districts. Please use either the CCC Discord LINK or the CCC APB Forum LINK for more details about the CCC event and the specifics about the district's event location. Members of LAPD Squad will again take care of traffic control during the street races after the CCC car show (where participants present their newest customisations). Any other enforcer or criminal interested in helping out - and thus doing something entirely different in game for a change - is welcomed to keep the traffic at bay with us. If you have time to attend, we'll see you on the streets. In any case: Please stay safe out there and use all necessary precautions to stay healthy! ---------------------------------------------------------------- BEWARE: Due to the recent removal of threat levels (September 2021), and thus threat districts, there could be serious issues with finding a moderately empty server to run events. At the moment only very few servers are available when logging in, so it remains to be seen if player events can take place in specified districts. It is also impossible to say if there are going to be enough free slots for all who want to participate (if the district is not empty). Whether or not those random players present will grief and interfere with the race and traffic control on purpose is also a hit and miss thing at the present. The same issues exist regarding open world crime activities, and it amounts to pure luck if units on patrol in available districts come across any of those. --------- * Links to a time zone converter, showing your corresponding local time, have been inserted for your convenience.
  13. I kinda agree. Medspray bypasses the downside of not running clotting agent, so that one needs to go. Ammo box should probably be an orange mod, since currently you can stack it with the other deployable, Satchel wouldn't be used much if mobile spawner didn't exist. You can occasionally kill players driving, but that's like a once a month thing. Most players spot them and turn out of the way, even if you placed it when out of line of sight. Maybe if it didn't beep it would actually be useful.
  14. Still around, just a busy busy bee. Ritual will be taking over the regular maintenance posts for a while to give me some breathing room.
  15. They DO publish information if you care to learn and understand it, and what you will learn from there will probably tell you that BattlEye is running on the lowest possible setting in APB. If you look on the starting page ironically they open up with PUBG which is one of the most cheated games in recent history followed by Rainbow Six Siege and ARK which are also in the list. But then there's also ArmA which has probably the lowest cheater population because it's just on a much sharper setting with BattlEye than the previous games (it's also less competitive and therefore not as tempting presumably). Either way BattlEye CAN do a whole lot more and be a lot more efficient than it currently is in APB.
  16. Well I'm no authority on anti cheats, just going by what I've heard 3rd hand, but I do know this, Whatever it does, they have ways around it. either they disable the program or the 3rd partys have written around it
  17. ohh the noob threads again.. the removal of threats was simply necessary. How some of you are so d*mb to understand it..
  18. Change consumables to mods with a cooldown, like they should've been in the first place.
  19. I swear Derek Smart had 500 kids and they are all in this forum 24/7.
  20. The information you were actually looking for: No, LO won't be publishing the Engine Upgrade. And without the EU APB is dead. APB is dead. Playing with corpses is called necrophilia. You are a necrophile. Happy? Just play the game. Or do something better. Bruh, for sure you also believe that McDonald's is healthy because they said so in their commercials.
  21. That would be the most inappropriate use for BattlEye ever. It is supposed to monitor and compare even heuristically running processes on your machine for possible cheats.
  22. I'm giving away 10 Han Veo 4 slot Crim Cabs edition this week, or trying to, I'm expanding my taxi business. I tried trading one a couple of days ago but lost connection before I could. Last night the weather was bad so the internet was too slow to even log into steam so I couldn't play. Hopefully I'll have better luck later. Request one here and I'll put one in the auction reserved for you, I keep trying to give them to new players I end up doing missions with but nearly all the time they can't trade yet. Pictures coming soon, I'm taking a USB stick with me tonight.
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