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  2. The people who desperately deny the obvious cheats are worthless to the new company. It's sad to see the old cheater fanbois circle around MattScott and LO and giving them a load of bad advice.
  3. i also excel at 3 pointers
  4. Yesterday
  5. I distinctly remember unbinding the key because of how I kept killing clan members with it. I know better than to call people liars so I went to check So I hopped on APB and rebound the key and it did not work so I came to apologize to everyone. I'm an honest person so I came asap to clear this up. How did I do it before? I don't know for sure other than a bug that allowed it somehow. I'll admit when I know I'm wrong and I am. My apologies. just so you can find it don't want you missing this cake day too
  6. Oh that clan name is gone? Good. Only a thousand more to go.
  7. NotZombieBiscuit

    Dear Matt, make QQ social again.

    Is dunking the only thing you're good at.
  8. neophobia

    alien invasion car

    alienware does have a load of promos https://de.alienwarearena.com/ucf/Giveaway really everything from good to bad, big to small. and they did this for quite some years.
  9. ChellyBean

    alien invasion car

    Posted in a Discord: I'm not a huge Alienware fan. They're overpriced imo, but they DO have an established name in gaming. So a promotion with them is good news, since it implies that LO has enough faith in the game to show it to potential advertisers/promotion dealmakers, and that those potential advertisers are willing to play ball with them. The car is meh, but the implications that a promotion has are awesome. Tbh the only other one that comes to mind in the last half decade was that little MechWarrior game, like with the police Mech/MechWarrior car we could get in game. (Was that even the name of the game?)
  10. dont fuckin talk to me kid ill dunk on u ingame
  11. Regenance

    alien invasion car

    Give me few moments I will copy that design in no time. What's that bullshoot?
  12. Regenance


    HINT: Next time, please watch out using CAPS LOCK. I think I got a little headache.
  13. Oook... i give up, you won, lol... you won even before i started this stupid clone of a thread. The point here is that the troll has been served, so thank you all and good night/day. Truth is, i know quite well that whatever i make up on this forums never stands a chance... its just the hate... that needs feeding... i'm kinda sorry tho... The owner does the laws as he pleases regardless... and the current laws are because of low population. And with that, the thread should be closed and forgotten. And perhaps a perma-mute(forums and ingame) for me would be awesome, thank you! Hate forums anyway... but there seems to be no way to get yourself ended in here atm. Also always remember to use /abandonmission ingame whenever you see me in your round, i just love when that happens, proves that i'm very efficient scaring(annoying) ppl ingame, as i am outgame. Thank you.
  14. Regenance


    You may need administrators in the game in addition to these GMs in live, so these Administrators will be LO employees and will have the ability to perm ban cheaters on live. Other than that you need to make the game more secure for the game-play and the environment itself, it contains using stronger anti-cheats which made other games cleaner, So at the bottom of the line what I'm talking about is having the game not afraid to lose cheaters, but to let them know they've done wrong things. Internationally.
  15. MiraMagi

    Baylan not showing up PS4

    Everything seems to run normal now, thanks.
  16. No adults currently left in the game, due to that reason I left the game (most of em using cheats as low levels, and half of them triggering people with toxic shit in Private Messages).
  17. this is why europe is still behind the US 10 years culturally at a minimum, 5 years socially. perfect reference is you already forgetting what you said prompting my response
  18. 2013 apb players Ask them what? how much of an ape u were? ok
  19. oh yeah I forgot to say I did wrestling and boxing too.
  20. swft

    alien invasion car

    This. It's actually unbelievable that they couldn't afford to give out better vehicle, after all this is probably a limited time only thing. They could've given out a car like the Han Veo or the Mikro with all the slots unlocked. The Cisco was actually a pretty good reward back then, I'd say that the mod choice wasn't, but yeah...
  21. GhosT

    alien invasion car

    If LO doesn't fix the car balance issue, they can give them literally every car that isn't a pioneer, 4x4 vegas or even the espacio. People WILL upgrade to those if you give them a cisco, bishada, jericho or whatever.
  22. i was ask strauu/dogfish/shini/karyl/hornster/dunder/harry/BLAZEY/mauri or whoever (basically played with the 8bit and bitfenix guys because well, i was in 8bit and bitfenix). i played both EU servers.
  23. Trivirium

    alien invasion car

    I miss the Urban Warfare pack and the likes, it's like they sorta had a Steam exclusive promo even though you had to pay for it. Idk if you could get that pack anywhere else or even right from Armas at the time. One would have to assume the goal is to get as many new players in, and buying better cars down the road. Regardless. A Cisco or RWD Vegas wouldn't hurt anyone if it was done up nice with a mix of kits and paint so long as it isn't slotted. But maybe that's where they get us. The car does have that open slot if it is just the starter car.
  24. I'm sorry, what? Since when can you shoot when you press the "Look behind" key bind? The only thing you can do with that is throw a grenade backwards.
  25. Fuck, so that's what's up. Noooow i get it Wait! What the *actual* fricking frick guys! Why is the f-word not bxnnxd?
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