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  2. Alr, I'll try to help you with this one, Even when unistalling programs, there could be hidden files, or registry entries in your system, these could be getting picked up from your previous installation of Razer drivers by BE. You essentially have 2 options here for trouble shooting : 1 : Full system formatting 2 : Using Revo uninstaller to scrub every single file related to the problematic software. (I heavily recommend revo unistaller pro , the "Yarr-Yarr fideli-di" version if you catch my drift). If you go with Revo make sure to ALSO scrub for autoIT files as well as Razer files. You can try booting up the game after you ran Revo and confirm if it worked. I heavily suspect you have AutoIT registry entries from a previous installation that you forgot about and this should clean it up. This is taking in consideration that you're the only person with such a specific problem when multiple people have confirmed using the same software and don't have issues.
  3. Indeed. But I would highly recommend reading this in its entirety. Here is the complete list of all 57 files (PDF): https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/16700654/little-orbit-llc-v-descendent-studios-inc/
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  5. Interesting read for sure, lol. Seems like LO hired a dev team to make a game last year(?) and they didn't deliver and talked trash so LO sued them for not finishing the project and casting shade on them in public. Anyway, I cleaned up the formatting on some spice to share.
  6. 3. Plaintiff Little Orbit LLC (“Little Orbit”) is a limited liability company organized under the laws of the State of California, with its principal place of business in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. The Members of Little Orbit are (a) Matthew Paul Scott, who is a resident of Laguna Beach, California; and (b) Wilbur Quon, who is a resident of Tustin, California. Little Orbit is engaged in the business of creating, developing, publishing, advertising, marketing and selling of electronic games. And who is Wilbur Quon? https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/16700654/26/1/little-orbit-llc-v-descendent-studios-inc/
  7. Here is a collection of screenshots from yesterday's "Chipp's Car Club" (screenshots were made by official CCC press photographer Xenise/xKurokax): To see more screenshots from the event visit the CCC discord page linked in Steven's posting above.
  8. innova had several guns with stats unique to that build of the game (off the top of my head, the duck and csg did higher damage per shot), considering innova would have had to specifically ask for this i think its fair to blame them for it but yes g1 also had issues with predatory balancing, going all the way back to the initial addition of armas iirc
  9. P2W existed on ARMAS long, long before Innova was even a concept in someone's head. Innova might have had its own problems, but let's not blame them for something they didn't do.
  10. everyone asks "where is matt?" but no one ever asks "how is matt?"
  11. a bit ironic considering which one of us is actually writing walls of text i've been here since the beginning, a majority of that "new content" was just stuff that rtw never managed to get around to adding because the company went under g1 hiring some rtw devs just means it was even easier to work with said content, nothing more nothing less apb had "dramatically better" population under g1, and that's only because g1 didn't have to deal with the prior company doing its very best to exploit that population for the better part of 8 years how long did g1 promise the engine upgrade while occasionally adding another predatory lootbox gun for the hopeful population to buy? a whole lot longer than orbit has even owned apb you can just look at steam stats to see the truth, g1 took a game that was nearing 6k peak players and by the time they sold it to orbit that same peak was barely over 1k, that's why we have virtually no population g1 did come up against the same problem but instead of trying to fix it, they decided to just go after the quick bucks and slammed as much profit oriented code on top until the game could barely handle any more, and then they sold it g1 dumped punkbuster, but of course they waited until it got to the point (iirc it was around the time punkbuster started banning everyone that attempted to log in) that even they couldn't deny it was worthless i have no idea where you pulled 4k from but steam charts says apb pop was in a long decline to nearly 1k at the time of sale - that's something like 80% population loss under g1 these are both servers that little orbit didnt even have, colby died and was merged with joker long before little orbit showed up i'll agree that frost seemed a decent anticheat, but with straight up p2w armas items and massive player GM scandals i don't think innova is really worthy as a role model that was g1 innova pulled the plug in early 2017 iirc and g1 waited so long to migrate accounts that most innova players just rerolled fresh to citadel, so when g1 finally got around to migration they basically just created a russian version of han because not many people cared about their innova accounts by then pretty sure innova decided apb wasn't profitable enough and that's why they didnt renew their licensing, probably not interested in buying the entire game
  12. Probably somewhere on the Bahamas, sipping a coconut and thinking about how many devs he can hire with all that Gamestock money.
  13. Don't worry im still here, Just lurking , Edit ohh matt scott gotcha :^)
  14. He is APB dev now... so maybe he is crunching on the Engine to deliver it soon™
  15. Server merge will come eventually, until then we will have to wait to play together.
  16. is on his way to Mars gonna be the first man there..stay tuned for more news coming soon
  17. it would be nice to have 3 even 4 grenades and to have a more beautiful graphics
  18. also forgot to mention is easier to strafe with the nano unless you have always sprint enabled since even glancing at your shift key will cause your character to not shoot.
  19. last post feb 6, last visited feb 12. he's still here.
  20. I can play Valorant with it's anticheat without any issues, no problem in beta, no problem last week aswell. Even faceit anticheat which is in Ring 0 access level isn't having any issues. But here I am, without the ability to play the game.
  21. I would like when lo let all play the game but do every month doing a Ban wave And when they found a cheat let them play and feel save. To ban so many they can. But in real i see not same punish the cheaters how g1 did.
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