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  4. I would consider this fun 100% within the "spirit of the game" and in no way "disruptive behaviour".
  5. look this https://steamcharts.com/app/113420 65 peak players? yes, is real, i entered in game and i have to say 10-15 were level 1 players afking Reallity is your post is sheeeee tttt, your idea leads to " crash" to a big Wall. BIG WALL of nobody play this shit. Maybe, maybe doing "something diferent can change thigns" maybe right? i said maybe? yes i said maybe. I dude you played " pre gore game" i not remeber you in any pvp event that time, so maybe your opinion have not value at all, just saying
  6. Here is the example of a brick head (cowhorse whatever).... omg Always making the same mistake always leads to the same error. The community in any game is formed from the so-called "start of the game" and is maintained over time with the so-called fans. I think that up to here brick head can understand. At this point of intelligence, comes the second part, the most difficult to understand for brickheads. Currently the game has no population and has too large a map, the player is an ant in a world made for elephants. The fans are nonexistent or they are climbers wanting to be gms of a dead game. that is reality. The current mechanics of the game are crap because since the "gore" update was made the game has been brutally destabilized, turning out to be a great garbage. More updates have been made, a last recycled map that gives the best weapons and armor in an easy and simple way, losing all the excitement that the game was "before the gore patch" Summary, the game is a great insufferable garbage, with its lag, with its shitty graphics, it gives players an advantage, even having a free trapcheat (8x6), this in the year 2023, that people should use Pentium 2 processors apparently to play. It's not little orbit's fault, they just bought this shit, and re-released it as shit. Not making any changes by putting the name "classic fallen earth". Well, the classic fallen earth really was the one before the gore patch. My idea was that the mechanics of the game put a simple deadly radiation stripe to the limits of s1 and s2 for example so that people would group together and form a stable population and over time expand the already made maps. So the new players that come in see people, talk, make relationships, fall in love with the game to a certain extent and with its people, they create fans. It was an idea "different from the shit that you are posting and that leads to the same place, to crash into the wall of" nobody plays this shit. I hope they don't relaunch the game with the current state and with better graphics, it's going to be a waste of time. a few months very played and then it will drift like this. What has been said with 3 or 4 easy modifications could "enormously improve its gameplay" it's all a test, no difficult resources are needed. 2 maps surrounded by radiation and change the graphics to one or two eligible for all. With only that you already have 500-750 stable population. according to my calculations. and this goes for the gms, think more about how the outside players think and not about the brick-headed players, please let your intelligence guide you.
  7. Yup. groups ruin this game. If there were more players and bigger team sizes it wouldn't matter but now it is guaranteed to have at least 2 golds vs a silver and a bronze.
  8. It is not the name but the substance that needs changing. Fix the game, add bunch of good new content and advertise the heck out of it.
  9. how many times have you brought up removing content, and how many times have people told you it's a bad idea? you never listen you just want shit your way. we need to make an increase add more content make the level cap higher so older vets will stay and come back and will want there friends to come along. which in turn will draw random lowbies into clans and groups. (lets not forget removing poltices from global would help alot. i dont need to explain that one) People want encourgement. you really think all of those who have gt suits have gore have ap have builts set around this content and way want to fully restart a 3rd time so you can play for 2-3 months again then quit becuase A you got bullied or B you got bored now i can amit that past TW is just straight trash you can not do the missions in OP without a team and good luck as the reward is null, and alpha even r10 dome tanks struggle to solo bosses We need to start there and rework alpha and outpost then add in theta and south deadfall with a higher level cap at 70 or 75 giving alot more content to the game and giving factions a reason again will any of this happen? fuck no LO didn't want this game up and there to busy sucking off APB. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY REALLY NEED TO DO AROA? DO YOU? Thats right sell this fucking game off seprate from apb, to some devs as there project and there time. we been fucked for over ten god dam years as a step child to apb they need to let this game go to someone else only then can we honestly get somewere, and maybe then we will see changes A-Z 1-9 bitty bobity boo But seriously LO sell fallen earth to someone else, or make a single team for this game. i know you are not working on shit and i know dam well why you brought this game back online but you won't becuase you have money and think your smarter
  10. Can you elaborate on this, cause im not noticing anything.
  11. My personal experience it's amazing... As well jarring that I can pretty much hit 100+ FPS all times unless it's very crowed... Then it can drop into 90s. As for issues probably same as everyone. Obnoxiously loud joker vending machines and performance degrade over time. At the same time... Kinda hard to stress it besides gun game... Which helps but 20v20 asylum would work better to really see a stress on performance but everyone just wanna do missions. Otherwise... Its far smoother then live so far for me.
  12. Yesterday
  13. best beta so far i hope to see it improve so we dont have to keep reinstalling the game alot to play
  14. Some quick first impression since didn't have time to play much: The game seems to run slightly better and maybe load faster which I really didn't expect. However, i get something like consistent frame skipping when moving the camera around (as if the game holds on a frame for longer than it should and then skips ahead. Similar to playing a streamed game on a weak connection) which is not present on live. I also get this file blocked by battleye which is also not happening on live: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Program Files\Avira\Endpoint Protection SDK\amsi\x64\avamsi.dll"
  15. Somewhere in middle pages of mail, looks untypical, there's should be 9m in attachment.
  16. may god bless her, and take her pain away. I regret that i cant save her life. i could have....
  17. anyone know what's the subject of the mail stuff for apb cash? I made a new char and i dont have any cash.
  18. I bet they get rated on number of cases closed. Looking at a 30s video clip is 30s longer to click the close button. I also doubt the support staff have any experience in playing video games so they don't even know what is and isn't possible. GTA Online is an absolute mess. 99% of game state is client sided. At least with APB the server has the last say.
  19. Progress has been made- Now I just can't login through steam as it says my password expired. Buuuut I don't know wtf to do about that given I haven't played in five years (or so) iirc.
  20. It’s just a latency difference, nothing more. Probably one of reasons they made it NA exclusively is because majority of americans have high end PC’s, so they can run APB without installing low end configs. I played couple of missions having 200ms and still enjoyed it. Kinda sucks I can’t hit my shots at most, but i feel the NA guys on EU now
  21. Nice, you cant create on EU Test Servers a new Character, rly beautiful after some years that the game has 0 Adverts to get new Players, and none links to check the servers if they are crashed or have high latency and need to wait to make an character. GG i am now on NA Servers as a EU Player.
  22. In APB case, they probably didn’t have any time or they just don’t get paid for it. For bigger companies... well recent GTA modders incident says it all, they just don’t care, money is top priority. Also in APB is a bit harder to recognize a cheater since we don’t have total chaos these guys can cause in other games.
  23. i'm kind of glad there's no vivox because at least players have to type out their grievances
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