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  2. I wonder if we can get the Eu involved into the joker box "loot boxes scheme, and get it bannable.
  3. Can you add 2 rounds to the cap-40 while you're at it? , it won't do anything and isn't noticeable but sure helps people with OCD (like me :|).
  4. Yatish

    Dismantling kids since 2k10

    HAN---HAN ----HAMburger-----
  5. Dragonborn1587

    Hello o(^_^o) Is me i back

    Glad to have you back
  6. WitchQueen

    The USC (Citadel) Sign up for next Fight Night (18th)

    Six Fighters have signed up for tonight's USC Fight Night! The Match ups will be as follows: Fight one: Zakrio Vs ShiinoBuu (Best of 3) Fight two: Speedy Cat Vs Yeedman (Best of 3) Main Event: xxSaggittisxx VS Don Black (Best of 5) xxSaggittisxx and Don Black is a re-match from the tournament. And the winner will get a title shot for their next fight. I'm going to make this one a best of 5 rounds so first to 3 kills wins. Do you guys want to wager any money to make it more interesting? Also, ShiinoBuu, I just noticed you actually signed up for the first tournament, I'm so sorry I missed that Some more fights would be cool, so if other people want to sign up please do!!! Starting tonight at 23:00 uk time. If you sign up leave these details here: In THIS THREAD, give us: 1. Your in game name 2. Your Faction 3. Your Clan 4. Your country (give your character's country if you like) 5. Character Gender (Male or Female) Here is our event calendar. The USC time for your time zone is here: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj I would like all fighters to join me in discord voice chat before their bouts so I can ask them a few questions at the start and end of each fight. And also to direct them of needed. This is not a requirement (right now - I might make it so in future) but would be greatly appreciated: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb
  7. There's some type of trenchcoats in-game already that was never released to players. I've seen civilians using it, if you give me am hour or so I can post a screenshot *boop* ok so I drove around in 15 minutes and couldn't find it.. I'm not sure if it's super rare or if they got rid of the civilian completely. ANYWAY I found a picture of it on google
  8. U need to upgrade atleast to 8gb ram.
  9. BingoBookBG

    APB Roadmap

    So i want to apologize if i annoyed people with my constantly "focus on important things like 3.5,matchmaking etc and stop doing secondary by importance things" I just forgot that theres different teams working on this stuff..because im fkn smart.Still i think u couldve made some summer event like 50 vs 50 instead of open conflict and we actually have something to do in the game.Anyway gl wish u all da best
  10. foolish ninja

    OTW 8/17 Balance changes

    Good changes overall, but i would add something else: -The Strife could need a slight fire rate buff -Ntec having less accuracy while in non-marksman-mode could put him back to its supposed range (crouch and standing) -IR sounds a bit weird now. The IR in live version is pretty balanced imo. Maybe a slight buff to the fire rate reduction would be appreciated, but overall its great. My suggestion would be 3m-5m-7m range and 5%-8%-12% fire rate reduction. Great work LO, keep it up!
  11. ItzEnderYT

    BattlEye kicks me for client not responding

    i can't play on any district because the fuckin BattlEye is kicking me from the server "client not responding" when is loading >:C
  12. Today
  13. btw this is no hate, I spent $ 100 for the JMB 21 and I love all the jock boxes, I love it when you win something, or not :'D
  14. TTK is pretty fast already. a lot of the times there's no fighting anymore. it's just about who can jump who fast bam dead in 0.00000001nanosecond a lot of the gun of this game is dodging and learning to dodge and fighting and tactics seems to be losing that. if ttk got any lower we'd just spawn automatically dead also turning shotguns into sniper rifles.. please was that just a practical joke @MattScott is playing on us? why are we getting two shotted from 10million light years away? the JG is practically a DMR-AV at this
  15. Lixil

    Hello o(^_^o) Is me i back

    Thread has been moved to the off topic. Also, welcome back
  16. Seraphie

    Hello o(^_^o) Is me i back

    is bad eternet now is no yet finish fix street is too much happen i no school 1 month now house go down water go up high i lucky i live up hill building my apartment but we can no go out for month flood water high but now is okay no more flood only bad is power on off day still they fix asahi net only back eternet yesteday but stil slow weeks ago we get food from helicopiter we can no go out
  17. Sure that if LO is trying to cancel all the mistakes of G1, continuing the JMBs doesn't sound that great...
  18. Tobii, get away with everything he does. He is "IN" good with the staff. Why doesn't LO have there own discord again? Isn't 8-bit still in charge of the discord.....
  19. TheJellyGoo

    OTW 8/17 Balance changes

    Why should any of you get praise for leaking information that they themselves didn't deem fit for release? You're misunderstanding Matts tone and are lucky to not have your rights on the board revoked. I like the general sound of those changes, especially the range and ttk nerfs towards ntec sound promising. Only thing that looks over the top is the CSG ttk increase. Also that part about OCA... who wrote that? Doesn't sound like someone from LO who just recently "joined the game". Feel like those are someone else words.
  20. You wanna fight? I got 34k
  21. You can achieve the legendary using in-game money as it is, pretty much no other game lets you do this without first spending real money (whether it be just buying it outright at an insanely stupid cost, or having to spend IRL money just to get a chance to get said item), I hope they don't change it because it's fine as it is. You can spend hundreds of dollars and not attain the item you want out of the box in other games too, it's not like APB is the exception in this scenario. It'd be nice to not get eye gouged, having APB set its own standard to show the greedy AAA companies that you don't need loot boxes in your game to survive, but if LO doesn't, it's still far better as it is right now than the majority of other games are.
  22. We are all in discord Join us there Seraphie
  23. We need more options about a sound. Like Sound effect , music , VoiP , more.
  24. I'm thinking something like -200-245 health damage -automatic, but very slow -30-45m range -high hard damage-around same as hp damage -very small AOE -Mobility like coroner -low recoil, but high spread unless in ADS -8 (?) magazine size and 32 reserves -NOT a JMB weapon
  25. YES i have been saying it in game and confronting people about it.Same with those DJs in fight club that blast music and even if i ignore them they keep on playing it somehow.What wee need is a global mute and a selective mute for mics and themes in the score tab please. he means those that blast music and triggering sounds really loud scaring you and hurting your ears.People with sensitive hearing need to avoid these idiotic actions...
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