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  2. ftfy But in all seriousness it's usually the non regional players who cheat. Exception being China. Cheating is worst on those servers no matter what game you play.
  3. 16 series has issues running APB i some times have had issues due to the card. the game isn't made to handle new hardware, also if you use the adv loader make sure particles isn't set to zero that will crash the game as for a fix? beats me i stopped playing a year or two ago
  4. hehe, i feel yeh, but it's not naming anyone specifically. Half the Americans cheat in APB, and West Coast Colby players are the worst offenders. :trollface: I'll never forgive LO for removing the :trollface: emote D:<
  5. Ive submitted a ticket, but I have NO idea how long that will take to get a response from so I thought Id try here too. Ive played this game for over a decade and have never had any issues. No lag, no crashing, nothing. I recently upgraded my Graphics card, and My 2nd monitor. Since then every time I log in to play I crash at LEAST once and its always in the middle of a mission This is what the error box says when I crash: m_VertexBuffer->Lock(m_nNextVertexData, Size, &pData, VertexLockFlags) failed at Src\D3D9DrawPrimitiveUPWrapper.cpp:293 with error D3DERR_DEVICELOST History: 01:48:39 - Log: Log file closed, 27/06/22 21:48:39 All drivers are up to date, I tried limiting the framerate on the game in the nvidia control panel - Still crash tried turning off the second monitor - Still crash ive messed with every graphics setting in game - still crash Tonight Ive crashed 4 times in a row in less than an hour and im losing my mind here. Anyone have any insight into what that error is? here are my specs: Intel i7-6700K 8 CPUs at 4.0 GHz 32 gig ddr 2400 ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 1TB ssd help?
  6. make a melee alt for this. need bullets? que them up go to melee alt and do what ever till more bullets, or if you have a high end crafter always have there que full of what ever your current alt is
  7. they handle it. if you contact support theres a 90% chance they will tell you to go fuck yourself/we can't do anything lol
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  9. When crafting an item, we have the option to pause it. However, we cannot click on another craftable item and prioritize crafting it instead. We can only choose to cancel. Please let us stop what we are making so that we can begin another project that we need more. Example, we were making food items but run low on bullets. We shouldn't have to individually cancel each item in order to make bullets (and lose mats on something that was already started). We should be able to stop making food then make some bullets and go back to making food or whatever.
  10. VerreckDuSau

    Sex change

    I love apb reloaded
  11. plz Tell me, does the report in the game itself work at all, or what would be the result, you need to directly contact the support service? if the report from the game works, then where can I find out the results, can the community here tell me or still contact support or the results are not disclosed?
  12. discord:paccolin#1500 wir suchen aktive member https://discord.gg/heaven-rp
  13. https://discord.gg/heaven-rp
  14. Hallo Liebe APB Community nach gefühlt 8 Jahren nicht mehr aktiv habe ich mal wieder in apb Rein geschaut und habe dort einen Clan gegründet Heaven Germany Wir suchen member meldet euch ingame bei mir Bambusbombe Oder Join Discord https://discord.gg/heaven-rp
  15. you must remember a simple and understandable thing for a normal (not a moron) person - not all Russians who speak Russian especially swear. So, if you remember the "innova" server - the majority of the population there are Ukrainians. yesh first they destroyed rus server.
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  17. She lives in a Heavy Battlecruiser ,with nuclear warheads, full of special assault unit and officers, is normal that expression is always lively and curious. In theory she never been on land.
  18. Stop whinning and play, no matters, also think about creativity, apb is also about shtylish stuff and it might change a bit your mindset. WESH
  19. once you fuck something you can't go and unfuck it
  20. Okay, big plans here. Join me on the journey. Almost got a game setup like APB
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