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  2. Biggest irony is that GTA:O gets new free DLC two times per year, with the last one released two weeks ago, bringing back a lot of its player base.
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  4. as long as games are making money without it, i doubt most devs want to bother adding another complex and potentially resource hogging system to their game it certainly doesn't help that the only example is a twice failed f2p game where the increased customization capability has negatively affected the pvp experience
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  6. I still have the forum bookmarked. Hoping one day it will be complete.
  7. you should all just move along!. FE is dead and gone and if no official announcements have been made after all this time you can get your shovels out and pat the soil down on top of its grave. I lived in hope though, hence my revisit. But alas the old horse has been flogged.
  8. But there is no other game that has even equaled it or even got close to it in my opinion. It always annoys me when you go on youtube and they give the top ten character creation in games and APB doesnt even get mentioned...
  9. the even bigger irony is that gta online is actually alive
  10. Well, thats not a big challenge. GTA:O feels extremely crap and p2w...
  11. Update with a temporary fix from Kyouki on the official Discord: Please fix it permanently.
  12. So as most of us I have authenticator enabled and whenever I log in/change characters I'm being asked to ENTER THE VERIFICATION CODE AGAIN AND AGAIN. Even if I press "Remember me" it keeps asking me endlessly. I didn't update Windows, I didn't just reinstall the game, I didn't change anything on my PC. Game was installed since months ago and I was logged in since then, but now whenever I log in I get this issue and it's driving me insane. Thus, I have a permanent trade ban because I am always seen as logging in from a "new place". What is going on and how do I fix it? Things I have checked/tried: - My IP is the same, I have a static IP and I don't have this issue in any other game/website. I never had IP issues where I was detected from multiple IPs either. - I have tried repairing the game, didn't work. - Game is already perfectly allowed to go through firewall.
  13. theres a plugin available for unreal 4 that essentially replicates how apb does custom clothing iirc cant remember the name but it had some ex-apb devs involved with it afaik
  14. There is another game with customization like APB?
  15. I've had to remove a substantial amount of posts in this thread. Please remember to keep discussions on topic, civil, and to refrain from personal attacks. If a user is bothering you, please use the ignore function that can be accessed from the user profile. -Spuzva
  16. I won't be so sure abut that. Considering the update hasn't changed visually since G1 times, it is actually questionable how much work has been done.
  17. What wasn't conspiracy theory was G1 milking game out of cash and letting it die. LO just tries to gather scraps and build something out of it.
  18. 100million game doesnt mean that it was managed well, as you can see from the state it came out as. Also the key feature that was unique (customazition) is not really unique anymore. And probably can be reproduced way cheaper.
  19. A simple opening of a slot on the starting star 556 or giving lease for 7 days of the one slot ver.....could be really beneficial to the newbies in understanding mods....i think perhaps is the mods that create the existing disparity. Maybe add in a free trial on the mods in jt store.
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  21. People always try to come up with radical ideas for this. Here is a simple idea and its the only one that will work properly. Active moderation. You dont even have to moderate every player, just the usual suspects. We all know them. If they are throwing the mission, let them know they are being watched. If they constantly do it. Lock them to the Silver server for a month.
  22. realy? :3 oh sorry my english not so good only slowli and liddle bit.
  23. Thanks for that info, its really interesting and if it had have been achieved, would have been amazing. Always though Social District is under utilized. There is a spot for people to DJ and many people dont even know about it. Too much standing around in a small area. Weirdly its done quite well in second life.
  24. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/16700654/little-orbit-llc-v-descendent-studios-inc/
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