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  2. Part of why I'm rarely playing these days. APB's just not appealing to the casual player anymore, my sweaty days are long gone. Sooner or later we'll have a content update and advertising that's gonna bring back players, and that's when it's time to come back and try to relive some of those glorious times of APB.
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  4. engine update is done, go look at 2023 roadmap. iirc they should be in progress of updating their backend to allow for their game to be hosted on Epic Games Store. And if not that then the first part of phasing
  5. I answered all security questions. I just can't access my steam information. so I couldn't answer just one question. That's why they banned me. this is nonsense. I say that I want to connect a new steam account, but they do not help.
  6. With the amount of G1C you claim to of had / purchased I would imagine you have tons and tons of transaction IDs to give to them, which in most cases APB support ask for to verify ownership of accounts. Have you done this already? I can't imagine them banning you for the reason you stated. It doesn't even seem like a logical reason for a ban, even if it wasn't your account you're telling me they just banned someone elses account lol?
  7. You do not login with "google". G1 did not delete the account if you can open a ticket from it. This is a fresh forum account. The user AMolinaLamatta created their account the same day, and immediately replies to this thread. No offense, but this thread looks sus.
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  9. Can you send me the discord links? yes, we should reach out to Matt en masse on Twitter or elsewhere.
  10. you could try joining the apb discord or the little orbit discord. Message stichly maybe he can give you more information. theres no guarantee he will reply or tell you anything, but it beats waiting 8 days for those lazy fucks to give you a copy pasted reply. I honestly wish we could all join together and pressure Matt Scott to hear us. LO support fucking sucks and offers awful customer service.
  11. It's been a while since there was activity in this topoc, but as if it wasn't obvious enough, this issue has been fixed with the recent 64 bit update, you can now play APB without constant crashes!
  12. I answered all the questions they asked. only steam is missing. I do not have this information. How can I provide information that is not available? I am strong in understanding. Why are they so far from helping? wouldn't that make them lose more players?
  13. support refuses to help anyone for any reason. as i tried to reclaim an account i lost the password to. even after proof names etc and so on they claimed i was trying to steal and threaten to ban my other accounts if i contunied to push it. i do not understand this i'm well aware that if they wanted to they could check ip adress log in history and several other factors to prove ownership. it simplely boils down to LO support being lazy and unfit to perform there job.
  14. thank you for your answers. I was able to login to my account for years without any problems until a month ago. I wanted to link my steam account for security. but I realized that years ago I linked a steam account. but I can't access my old steam account in any way. because I don't remember your information. I asked them to unlink my old steam account. they chose to ban me. I spent more than 40k g1. I've played this game for years. I was upset that the support team behaved like this. this will do them nothing but lose players. Merged. customer support is not helping me reset my old steam account. not understanding at all. If they delete the link of my old steam account, I will connect my current steam account. customer support does not show the necessary attention. Merged. I can still access the armas market via google. They deleted my g1s in the account. I can still open a ticket from that account. but I can't access the game. They don't let me play.
  15. I'm so confused are you able to login your old account to contact customer support? do you have access to the original email for that account? if not your out of luck
  16. Damn that sucks guys. I have the same experience with support staff. I provide them with mountains of evidence but they choose to keep me permanently trade locked because they're too lazy to look into it.
  17. Yes good afternoon, I have been playing since 2011 and also attempted to seek help through customer support but I learned that they would rather not help because that's the easy way out for them. Honestly worst customer support ever for a long time dying game. Good luck brother!
  18. Hello, I have moved this topic to the Social District (General Discussion) section of our APB Reloaded forums. Unfortunately, our Customer Support are the only ones able to assist you in resolving this issue. - Azukii
  19. Assuming.. you have good ping and pc: - play with a team of friends (you are already doing it, fine then tell them about and join all togheter the challenge below, it will be a fun experience and fun experience have to be shared ) - record your battles sometimes and watch your mistakes, you will surpraised how much you are worse than you think, learn from your mistakes. - Sometimes Train and play yourself with solo secondaries, do it until you feel confident, secondaries are generally worse than primary but they are important and share an important part of the character equipment aka covering what the primary lacks and balacing the character loadout... get gud with secondaries and if you want to win constitently you are pressured to play with better coverage and missing no shots possible and especially footworking during your cqc battles. - improve in cqc and overall in game by learning to "auto-positioning" aka aim and killing without that mind input of waiting your crosshair is front of your opponent, it shall be more automatic/ muscle memory possible (sort of...) Do more and less what the guy has done above with the same loadout and mod (you can also use PMG, OCA, shotguns with HMS) until a consequent series of at least 3 matches and eachone at least 15+ kills. Repeat that until When you feel confident making the series above mentioned.. a pair of weeks playing like that you will be that ""legendary level"" too Let me know if I am wrong
  20. Yea nope. We don't even have enough ppl for 2 financials. facepalm.jpg
  21. Fine for it and better services with premium, but a game without/less cheaters it should be a standart, not a optional... OFC, with better service at least I excepct also better punishment for who decide to cheat using premium, at least a kernal/hardware and atm card whatever ban for whoever decide to get premium. And well done.. not something crap halfdone ban where a cheater may continue cheating using bullshoot selfmade programs where they just changing the hard disk serial number or just installing new drivers/bios or installing a new Windows/ operating system.
  22. hello gentlemen and ladies. I have a character that I created in 2012. Years ago, I connected a steam account to ensure the security of the account. but this steam account was empty and unnecessary. so it was a trivial account. I can't connect at all right now. I asked apb support to reset their steam account, so I said I wanted to connect a new steam account. they said they wanted the steamid64 code. I was not able to provide this information in any way. because I don't remember anything about the account. apb support team banned me for not providing steamid64 code. I spent more than 40k g1. I have a lot of work on the account. I am one of the oldest players. My only request now is how can I solve this problem? Is there anyone to help me?
  23. Such a system won't do anything anyways, as proven by every other game in history that has tried it. Cheaters will just buy premium, granting them access to the "cheater free" matchmaking. But hey, it's good PR optics that the brainless masses will gobble right up and heap praise on LO for.
  24. you mean demo man spammers and people who run you over in there cars?
  25. Braindead vs average gamer. Sounds like a zombie survival game.
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  27. The two sides of APB's player base, Honestly though, people who cry cheater and those who don't make for more interesting factions than criminals vs enforcers ammirite?
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