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  2. The in game stats are wrong. They have the same range. https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_RFP9 https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_RFP9-SD_PR1_Armas
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  4. I still remember when we were anticipating the release of that game oh so many years ago, and oh how I reminisce the atmosphere I felt playing it, I don't believe I've missed having it in my life all that much. While you say it'll be heard to bring people back, I think as LO has planned, and prepared for marketing & advertising, let alone word of mouth once the Engine update rolls out, that attracting a population won't be difficult. Retaining said population after the engine is upgraded is different- especially depending upon the quality of release. If Little Orbit was in dire straights and monetarily lacking, the continued free premium for over a year wouldn't have continued. Not sure if it's just you, but I haven't had any issues with driving in the current game. The cars feel the same as they have in the past to me, and my preferences for car choice are still the same.
  5. Without you we wouldn't have pushed our #supportLO mentality so far. You're our rolemodel please don't stop now!
  6. 2 yrs ago when LO took over. I was the one telling everyone to give em a chance. Well its been 2 yrs and they blew it.
  7. You can tell it's the real alisha when i see all my apb friends get a follow

  8. kind of yeah, especially with the nvidia driver overhead at very high framerates for competitive games, anyway, this thread probably isn't the place to chat about it
  9. You deserve more subs honestly. Good job there buddy.
  10. yea and it's literally been the other way around for over 5 years now lol
  11. For me this is like one of these clips where people throw ping pong balls into cups after bouncing off pans and stuff several times. I guess for one of these brick/8ball kills I'd have to try like 300 times, so you got my respect, dear Sir.
  12. Here is a collection of screenshots from yesterday's "Chipp's Car Club" (screenshots were made by official CCC press photographer Xenise/xKurokax): To see more screenshots from the event visit the CCC discord page linked in Steven's posting above.
  13. It was need time for make a Ban. its Ok. was so good Feel :]
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTjTYklQV6U Featuring: Silly music, lame sound effects, low quality editing skills and some bricks from 2019. Enjoy!
  15. My dude you should stop living in 2010, you know things changed right.
  16. Blackxtar


    The best cheat is macro. You can't proof that. Deathcam isn't a solve for it.
  17. I was going to write this reply to you in a message on discord but actually... I think I want other people to know how I feel even if they don't care. There's trying to be quietly optimistic, supportive and patient... And then there's waiting for over 7 years for something that became meme, It's been so long that the Q1 2014 and Soon™ memes stopped being funny and actually feels insulting! As much as I love APB and want the very best for it, It's beyond the point of considering what is best for it. I'm not going to be wasting my time, energy, emotion and money on what is a metaphorical black hole. It'll be the closest thing to a miracle I've seen if/when the engine upgrade is complete. I admit... I give up... I'm not waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ here! After 10 years, I've lost hope for APB, I'm not having fun anymore. I can only hope someone at Little Orbit reads this and realises just how deeply I feel. Que sera, sera.
  18. not to be rude or anything but... when was the last time you didn't complain about something ? I swear everytime I see you in a post it's about something to complain about XD
  19. At the end of the day its just yet another balance fuck up by Matt that needs to be reverted
  20. voice chat in apb was the coolest thing. I remember i run with a high pitch voice through the Asylum fight club and had a lot of fun. many wrote to me and thought it was funny. but at some point the voice chat no longer worked
  21. You need to retain enough old payers while getting new players to make the money being spent to keep the game running viable. With nothing being done to retain the current playerbase and the new engine more then likely a year or 2 away the money being spent isn't worth it. Everyone can complain all they want that doing anything to the old engine is pointless but at the end of the day they NEED to do just enough until release to make all this time and money spent on the new engine worth it. All those ppl who stopped playing 2, 3, 4, 5 yrs ago to wait on the new engine, do you honestly think they will come back after all this time has passed? The longer you stay away and the more ppl leave the more likely it is that they will never return. The further delayed this engine is the more likely it is that ppl with give up entirely on the game.
  22. Can Vivox be stripped from the game install now? Since it's confirmed no longer supported, it would make sense. One less thing the game would launch and run in the background...
  23. it looks to me like ca3+med spray doesn't proc the double base regen, which could either be 250hp/s from no ca base regen or 62.5hp/s from ca3 "base" regen i'm honestly not sure what the beep signifies tbh, altho i assumed it was a static value of some kind for these tests, in hindsight that might have been dumb
  24. So the description saying: "Doubles base health regeneration for 5 seconds" is actually not applied on medspray? It's only removing the delay? Receiving 2 obir burst is a easy way to test. If I recall, the sound effect triggers when regen delay is reached? Or when full HP is reached?
  25. @xiphos @MonkaS I was part of those xmas 2016 false Punkbuster bans. FairFight did not advertise my ban. It was a silo PunkBuster error. I remember digging and seeing how the PB package for APB was never properly configured in the game files. I really doubt PunkBuster would do any kind of ESP tracking. It monitors the memory for interfering processes, not player inputs according to context.
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