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  2. Split server. Population dies further due to less people on both of the new servers. "Oh no the population declined, it didn't work, we need to combine them again." Combine servers together. Less population than before the split. Nice job.
  3. I don't disagree that some quality standard needs to be set at certain points, but it's the first time I'm seeing something crop up from LO like this and it doesn't seem to be the last time it's going to happen. I just keep noticing them trying different things for community interaction. You seem to understand that you can do better or that someone else can do better, but half the playerbase may not even be approachable. I understood this as a start to something, like CET and their streams. The streams looked like they could be improved visually, but for the beginning I really just appreciate the effort. Quality or standard can come over time as more people are familiar with the costume theme integration and can come up with their own for the next time. I just feel that the community hasn't really changed perspective from the old ownership, by continuing to be toxic or just have this 'reasonable doubt'. I could understand why the dislike reaction was removed, but makes me feel that it should come back a time later... when the brainded get bored and can't exploit the red button.
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  5. Make it so /ignore makes the people you put on your blocklist invisible when they're out of mission. Living city still living and griefermen get thanos snapped by a single command.
  6. 111M1kA111

    Bring back Nekrova

    I think soon there will be a connection with the server "jericho" .. And you are asking for a separation)))
  7. Can we try to see if citadel population increase with a complementary Russian server for them?
  8. Bethesda logic. Why do it themselves when the players can do it for them?
  9. to be fair, a lot of people run potato configs without needing them at all. A lot of streamers with good computers seem to only use em to see through smoke and explosions.
  10. There's also that equally super effective Compare option when sorting through your Weapons Locker...
  11. They removed them, LOL. Cuz ye, no negative emotes, no negativity. LO brain PS Because negative/funny emotes get used only for downvote, yes LO? Yes, as you think, as you want to think.
  12. Mostly unless in silver, but correct Correct, dethreating is already bannable, the reasons for it "aside", so there wasn't any focus on it. As that was more or less part of the "CoC rule 2 discussion" ^^^ Something we agree on for once. I don't ask players to lose if i've gotten a team of newbies. I have once in a while asked enemies to take it slightly easier on them but feel free to take me out as normal. I don't expect people to lose for newbies to win, nor do i expect them to "take it easy" on them either, though it is nice sometimes to know that people do take it a little easier for the sake of trying to keep a population going. I simply find extending missions to farm them rather... scrubby. ^
  13. Maybe if the community had a way to dislike posts so that the community and others would be able to see what the community dislikes. You could maybe make it a thumbs down emote or something?
  14. Well, correct, it sure seems that way. My point was moreso that most of those scenarios for facing new players like that would involve dethreating, in terms of "farming" specifically. If a new player is thrown into my district and I can tell its a newbie (at least I have in the past), generally I've gone a lot easier on them. I'm not sure I want to get too deep into the whole ordeal, I personally don't like the idea of farming newbies and prefer real competition around my level, I've also been in fights where I felt like the newbie vs the others because of how disorganized/tilted I was in comparison or how blatant the enemy was at cheating lol. I don't think "winning" vs newbies is bad, but I also don't think extending matches vs them or intentionally throwing the whole thing is good either. They don't learn from you giving them free handouts, and they don't get enjoyment from a dragged out fight against players they can't beat. Whole thing is a 2 way street on that note, and it's just unfortunate. Also people like to winstreak so asking them to quit the game just for that? Seems dumb. This is in regards to the newbies being in a higher up district, where they fight the better players. Tryharding is not beating your enemy simply, or farming newbies though. It's how you do it.
  15. Not at all what i'm claiming, i probably was mid gold at the time, but the system back then counted roughly the past 25-30 matches for threat. I didn't go negative, i only stopped at "100" when i tried (probably also a huge factor other than the next part), though i had a few wins and decent matches in between some of them, so it didn't want to dethreat me. To be fair, i also had like... sub 30 fps, and was for some reason still going 15+ kills a match against golds.... wasn't fun
  16. I had less input lag from what i could tell than i do on live. i was able to shoot the FBW at its fastest fire rate with ease, my windows 10 is updated to the most recent build.
  17. Yesterday
  18. gatekeeping isn't necessarily bad, but in this case it's not even a matter of gatekeeping. it's a matter of having any amount of standards for what's being released. if we're going by "community created" outfits then go by the ones that the community actually voted for. even in a vacuum of naming it "community created" it doesn't make any sense how some of these outfits were added since it's pretty obvious that the community do not agree with these choices.
  19. Guess what, if you group with a friend that makes you a pre made wether its 1 friend or 3.
  20. 2014: 1st Headless Horseman. Glitch spots found and abused. 2015: Glitch spots found and abused 2016: Glitch spots found and abused 2017: Glitch spots found and abused 2018: Glitch spots found and abused 2019: Glitch spots found and abused 2020: Glitch spots found and abused Im seeing a pattern here. Are we really sure its the game and not the toxic community trying to find anyway they can to git gud? 2014 shame on G1, 15 shame on g1 and alittle on the community, 16 more shame on the community for continuing to find new ways to glitch despite patches to fix glitches. 17-20 is all community. Ppl only care about being gud and will do anything they can to be that way thats how this community plays and its a reason why pop is so low.
  21. Im horrible when it comes to customizing clothes but im pretty sure even ive done better on an outfit or 2 over the yrs compared to these
  22. It's alot more fun than it was before, But "op and meta" it is not. Like getting kills with a firework launcher.
  23. Hmm that gives me an idea, gonna go edit something together.
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