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  3. agree, some dont just get enough with premium
  4. Would love to see the two sawed off double barrel shotguns that you can wear be converted into a secondary
  5. everyone has free premium (and thus a discount) already, ur getting a little greedy
  6. thats amazing. thanks for taking care of your players Little Orbit!
  7. Any good armas sales that will get us extra percent off on purchases or more G1C when we buy for Easter?
  8. yup, ntec is powerful in that it is a great medium to longish range weapon and decent in CQC. ATAC loses on range but gains more in CQC to medium ranges. The reason people use the ntec a lot is the diversity in range, CQC-medium/longish ranges. You won't be stuck completely under powered unless you are in long to sniper ranges.
  9. i haven’t logged in for a bit so i can’t really comment on any potential “accidental” changes, but the atac being able to out ttk a tapfiring ntec or star is nothing new
  10. I made a dumb decision and got rid of my last one. Regretting it deeply. Thereby, looking to overpay (BY ALOT) You: FFA R&D III Me: ursus corsair medusa cap40 bullshark $300k and a 3 slot cisco with the Armas body kit on it (chimera i think it is called.) Literally every gun I have, every dollar I have to my name, and the only car in my possession that's tradeable. I'm willing to CLEAN MYSELF OUT here. PM me, or respond in this thread.
  11. Its definitely strong and easy to use but not broken or OP; it takes 8 shots to kill and doesn't out range any other AR, it also lacks the accuracy one can achieve with a NTEC even if you tapfire the weapon and i'd even argue the STAR is more accurate at range then it. As for Golds going 20-5, chances are, they would of likely went 20-5 with a NTEC as well. Even if the ATAC is easy to use, Player skill still greatly affects how well it will ultimately do.
  12. This is the intent and what we attempted to do previously. After the first day we corrected the amount of mini games run to last about 30 minutes or slightly more. Edit: Let us know if there's anything we can improve. We'll make corrections within our capabilities along the way.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hey guys! In this video i will show you my personal experience with this new gun called "Corsair". In the video there are some info about the range and stuff like that. So if you are interested, check it on this link:
  15. It was always a strong weapon lmao and easy to use.
  16. I see both used by people but no one has answered much of which they prefer. thank you for the research notes. I have been seeing an atac lose to a joker cr5 at times so I do not believe ATAC is broken either.
  17. Play against one a few matches and you will feel the BS power from it.
  18. I don't have an ATAC and it's not broken. Play for your advantage and that is not standing in an open spot against an ATAC
  19. i own it, but i dont like it so i useually man the ursas more nowadays
  20. I do not own an atac wanna gift me one for research purposes?
  21. most people that say guns arnt broken are just abusers of that type of gun and are afraid if that so called gun gets nurfed as for golds doing 25 - 5 , thats normal, ive seen them do that even with out the atac
  22. So you guys don't notice it then? All the other guns I go up against everything is normal and consistent but it's different when I'm up against ATACs. Maybe I'm just crazy.
  23. I dont think ATAC is broken... Also you should see how things are on console APB with all the ATACs that are going on over there lol.
  24. This thread has been moved to the PC Bug and Tech Issues section of our forums. ~@mayii
  25. Hello I have the famous bug problem " You have been disconnected from the server unexpectedly. The server may have gone offline, or you may be experiencing network connectivity issues. Please Note: A common problem is that your character has been locked in a district server - it takes a maximum of 15 minutes for them to be unlocked. " If there is anything you can do for me and those of you who have this problem it would be nice thank you.
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