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  2. i appreciate the energy but i really feel like its wasted on apb
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  4. I play a ton of video games that are difficult. I play disc golf competitively. I can play a wide variety of sports. I understand sports and body mechanics very well. I can basically tell you how to effectively play any sport at the highest level. I know how to beat people with movement. I learned that skill in a video game called APB:Reloaded. It involves faking people out with movement while attacking their position. That's essentially basketball. I put Basketball into APB, and for that, my ability became only beatable by people with perfect aim (cheaters) I'm the Tim Duncan of APB. You guys all suck and are jealous of my ability. Thanks for cheating against me my whole streaming career. I'm going to dunk every single one of your heads in the lake of fire. I'm not naming names. You know who you are. Enjoy a torturous death. You will be burned alive your whole life in the abyss. https://imgur.com/a/gy0fO8a 17 people attacked me. 17 connections established. 17 people burning in the lake of fire. You hate on me, I'll end your spirit. Try playing legit next time. You ever though of actually getting good at APB? You all cheat because I decimate your ability with my oscar. That's the hardest gun to use in the game. It takes everything APB has to offer, and it puts it in one gun. No wonder y'all can't beat me 1v1 with it. You literally send triggerbots and aimbots after me. So stupid. Eat my poop. I'll be taking massive dumps in your throat everyday in the after life. I'm gonna smear it all over you. Disgusting. The time to repent is now. This is righteous anger. I'm gonna name some people who helped me. Reverse: the best ntec player on NA with the longest standing record for playing APB. This guy is crazy good and y'all stream snipe him every fucking day. Fuck you. Clutch: the best shotgun user on NA. No cheats. All he had to learn was flak jacket medspray to defeat the little shitters that try and kill him. I told him how to move, and now he wins every fight. Asylith: The original spotter of APB who waved at a cheater before you could see spotter. That cheater thought he was walling, and my boy fucking waved at his patootie. hahahahahahahahaha. Fuck y'all. ElDrillPresso: The greatest APB knowledge base and outstanding player. This guy is crazy good with so many dumb setups. He will dominate you in battle. he knows how to play very well. Ervont: This guy literally goes crazy with energy to make sure his foes are beheaded. He is a constant morale booster and amazing player. He calls out so often, and tried to make his buddies play better. These are some of your last remaining lights. There are more, but these players are all Grandmaster Status. Grandmaster Status is hard to achieve in APB. It's essentially Gold 10. Europe has had such a bad cheating problem that nearly every top streamer has cheated. It's so bad over there, but that's the shit hole that they want. NA:West will live forever. We didn't cheat. Y'all fuck heads did. EU, Joker, Innova, Brazil. . . . Ever played against Overon? You'll understand why NA:West plays the way they do. Overon is the Japanese Clan. They and Sov are 2 of the greatest Clans to ever exist in APB. They always had their backs covered. They had crazy strong defense. Nobody can beat Overon. Good fucking luck. Only few have. They played NA:West. And they are the best clan ever to exist. Y'all are lucky they don't play these days. Andy James out.
  5. imV

    New weapons [Updated]

    COMMANDO 'Megalodon' Perfect for masses of enemies or their vehicles. Rockets fly a bit slower than OSMAW rockets. Unlike other rockets, these, are heavier and start dropping down after further distance. In marksmanship mode you can shoot 4 rockets at once, but the charging is very slow. But the recoil is so powerful, it makes you look 90° up instantly, and hurts you by taking 15% of your health. Mod: Thermal Rockets Rockets with hydrogen charge, creating heat and bigger blast radius than regular rockets. Best for enemies on foot, heat is not very effective against cars, especially armored ones. -------------------- COMMANDO 'Stingray' This model has an installed adapter for small rockets. In marksmanship mode you can shoot 4 small rockets one after another if you hold LMB. These armor piercing rockets are not very effective against people, they fly faster than any other rockets, but they are small, making it hard to hit a person. These are best for stopping vehicles, especially heavy ones. The frame is made from carbon and alluminium, allowing you to walk faster than with any other rocket launcher. Mod: Xtreme Penetrator Micro - Rockets. (Xtreme Penetrator is a real life name for some armor piercing ammo) Very fast and small rocket projectiles can go through 2 vehicles. -50% damage after going first one. Dual Pistols In the normal mode, shoots pistols one by one. In marksmanship mode, shoots both pistols at once, but firerate with both pistols is twice slower than with normal single pistol. Minimum rank 195. -1 grenade capacity -25% primary ammo capacity Should only be available in armas, joker store or a reward from a contact's daily activity. Dual SMG Mod Character modification that allows you to dual wield SMG's for a short time. Minimum rank is 195. Effects: -2 grenades capacity -50% secondary ammo capacity Mod deactivates when your magazines are empty or when you press "deactivate". For this mod to work, you need 2 identical weapons, like for example two OCA-EW 626-SD NFCP3 or Colby PMG 28: TROJAN X-IV or CBMP-45 'Dart'... etc. If your weapons have open slots, they must have same mods placed in the same spots, or no mods at all. Selecting this mod, adds a new function to your inventory, new slot where you can select the second identical SMG. Recommended to use when the magazine is full. Im also trying to introduce a new Ultimate class of weapons, stronger than legendary. They give a great rewards for great risks. Fist example.
  6. I know how that feels, I LITERALLY just did that
  7. i want to sleep without waking up every two hours
  8. Thanks to Little Orbit for bringing this back! I am so enjoying returning and playing Fallen Earth once again. Of all the games (Big name ones too) that are available today, I find it is hard to beat Fallen Earth in the depth of game play. the crafting chain is second to none and the play area is expansive. The community as a whole is helpful, Funny and passionate unlike a few other games were the mood is salty and toxic. Even though I lost all my previous characters and loot, it is totally fun building them back from scratch and I can see long hours and a winter spent with and old friend/game. Thanks again for Bringing back Fallen Earth Cheers
  9. The man above spoke with great wisdom, giant tortoise attacks can be lethal, his knowledge could save your life one day.
  10. idk what im doing there, but feels like winning man
  11. Like many others, I do want this game to succeed because it holds a special place in our hearts. But to be very very fair, I do not feel like LittleOrbit is capable of saving this game. Everyone seems to assume that once the engine releases everything is back to normal, but that's not the case. There is clearly some form of either mismanagement or a complete lack of skills involved which will either way result in the end of it all. We're almost what? 4 years further since the announcement of the engine upgrade and they're still working on getting the game on UE 2.5 whilst UE 5 has already been released. The game will still be on a incredibly outdated engine. This game of itself is very old and it's going to take so much to get players to leave all the new and popular AAA+ games out there, an argument people have for that is (Yeah but we have Summit1G who really wants to play this game and that's going to bring in people) Yeah, perhaps.. but he's one of many and let's not act as if every single moment he played the game he was grieved to shit causing him to quit playing the game and I can guarantee you that the same will happen. Or do you think that the engine upgrade will keep him playing through it all? nah.. Besides that, the game is incredibly unbalanced, wonky, ages old content, incredibly anti new player and so on.. If it takes them 4 years to get this game on UE 2.5, it's gonna take them years on years to just get the core gameplay of the game towards an acceptable phase.
  12. Change consumables to mods with a cooldown, like they should've been in the first place.
  13. Last week
  14. Same here. no premium status. No fix from support regarding my ticket. This is an existing account from before the restart of Fallen Earth classic.
  15. I can't find any information regarding contact rewards for the last contacts, I need to look something up regarding what I unlocked last, I don't have access to the game right now. I think his name is birth, I found a graph showing the contacts and remember the mask one is in financial where I'd rather be but I liked the rewards better with the waterfront contact, I'm stuck there for at least a couple more weeks now as he goes up to level 20. Every guide I find showing contact rewards is out of date and stops way before these newer contacts. A couple of days ago I unlocked +1 extra outfit capacity and made some daft new christmas clothes, last night I thought I'd unlocked +2 outfit capacity but when I went social I still had 6 outfit slots and no new ones despite accepting the rewards from the mail. Maybe it was just extra clothes capacity and I mistook it for outfits but I can't find a list of rewards anywhere for these last contacts.
  16. Any news on when it's coming back to Steam? 2) Steam doesn't work right now We are waiting on Valve to restore the old game. As soon as that happens, then we'll post an update here.
  17. Now a sudden crash of the client (dropped back to desktop with a crash reporter popup), and can't log in: "Invalid username or password". My guess is someone just unplugged the database server to plug in the coffee maker...
  18. The weekly installment of the "LAPD Squad Meet Up" is being held in its usual time slot on Wednesday, taking place in combination with the "Chipp's Car Club" (CCC) player event. The starting time for the "LAPD Squad Meet Up" is around 19:00 GMT*. We usually meet up at least an hour or two before CCC starts and do regular patrols together as well as custom high speed chases (depending on whether or not open world crime is going on). If you want to participate - on the cop or the criminal side - just let us know. The CCC player event does start at 21:00 GMT* and the location for this week should be in one of the Financial districts (see the disclaimer below). Please use either the CCC Discord LINK or the CCC APB Forum LINK for more details about the CCC event and the specifics about the district's event location. Members of LAPD Squad will again take care of traffic control during the street races after the CCC car show (where participants present their newest customisations). Any other enforcer or criminal interested in helping out - and thus doing something entirely different in game for a change - is welcomed to keep the traffic at bay with us. If you have time to attend, we'll see you on the streets. In any case: Please stay safe out there and use all necessary precautions to stay healthy! ---------------------------------------------------------------- BEWARE: Due to the recent removal of threat levels (September 2021), and thus threat districts, there could be serious issues with finding a moderately empty server to run events. At the moment only very few servers are available when logging in, so it remains to be seen if player events can take place in specified districts. It is also impossible to say if there are going to be enough free slots for all who want to participate (if the district is not empty). Whether or not those random players present will grief and interfere with the race and traffic control on purpose is also a hit and miss thing at the present. The same issues exist regarding open world crime activities, and it amounts to pure luck if units on patrol in available districts come across any of those. --------- * Links to a time zone converter, showing your corresponding local time, have been inserted for your convenience.
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