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  2. what did you just say?
  3. HighSociety

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    Maybe actuall IR is not broken for Obeya and Obir if ppl choose to use it but for N-tec and other guns it didn't solved the problem. however the pre modded Shotguns went straight to the trashcan. and u think the decreased RoF is a good thing?
  4. @MurkTheMerc Melee confirmed?
  5. HighSociety

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    Remove all guns, give us wooden sticks! Remove all nades, we got bricks!
  6. wait theyre are keeping the percentage base on IR3 still? WHAT THE FUCK I was excited that they were reverting IR3, but now I am not. That sounds like a bunch of guns are going to be TOO good now. As VSB said, LO learned nothing from last time
  7. Etiquette

    LMNTRIX Criminal

    Hello , i’d be intresteed in joining ! Played since rtw , main Character : Etiquette 255r , shining gold . Characters : Etiquette , Antiquette , Owe , Enthie . Looking forward to own em all together Omegalul! ^_*
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  9. Kewlin

    Matchmaking and Threat

    I wasn't being passive aggressive, but okay. Maybe I was rude, but I honestly don't give a fuck about being rude on here 90% of the time: I just told you why your ideas are bad in my opinion in the most precise and concise way I easily and naturally could. You're referring to "rank," not "threat." I can only go off of what you say, and as it is you accidentally used the wrong term, so there was an understandable misunderstanding. If you remove the color from a player's icon, it's no longer a "threat" icon in any way as it only shows a player's approximate "rank." They were RAF accounts, I was only making new accounts because G1 basically asked us to. (Before anyone potentially says that wasn't the intended purpose, they stated that they were fine with people cheating the system as it was a test.) I get what you're saying, and I get your intent, but the fact stands that what you're suggesting promotes smurfing, as it gives smurfs an easy way to face primarily newbies. It would be far more productive IMO to simply match them with players of similar skills, regardless of rank or playtime (as rank ultimately, as you yourself admitted, means nothing, even on new accounts.) Don't forget, similarly, that new players can be anywhere from Bronze to Gold easily. As I said earlier, you entirely misunderstood what they were saying. Threat is your color, I.E. Green, Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Keep on making suggestions, but I'm not going to stop telling people when I think they're wrong or how they could be more correct.
  10. Vi4ik Citadel https://ibb.co/jjzu0f https://ibb.co/bGgk6L https://ibb.co/n68XmL https://ibb.co/m5B7Lf
  11. Dahel

    APB keeps freezing

    had this issue with other games with decent pc, but Ive used old type hard "Winchester", right now chasing on HDD performance, iobit smart defrag (this choose as have GAME optimisation, no need wait until whole hard to defrag), no results yet, at some games do those freezes all time at several stages (csgo when enemy kill me 99%) this make sense on defrag as can slow file readings. APB currently on SSD no issue
  12. AxeTurboAgresor

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    @HighSociety agree. This was a brain fart of mine
  13. If threat is restricted to a value between 1 and 40 that isn't dynamically changing, then this is the only situation I can think of where adding new threats above Gold10 might help: https://imgur.com/k9hb6pq You could also just "stretch out" existing threats. But then some people's might go down. If matchmaking actually uses an even deeper value than this, and if it isn't clamped/restricted, this wouldn't help.
  14. any shade of purple, orange, or yellow is allowed
  15. I had a question regarding the colors. The color code for yellow seemed extremely green to me and so I swapped it to a more noticeably yellow color. My question being should I revert it to being the exact color code mentioned or am I fine with it being the yellow I swapped it to? IMO I think the greener looking yellow looked better but I changed it because I was afraid the other tones I used would be seen as green instead of yellow.
  16. gold

    Headset suggestions

    Can second this, if you've got the budget to get yourself a Sennheiser Game Zero for example, go for it.
  17. It's weird how if someone disagrees with someone else they're automatically bad, Silver, or don't play.
  18. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    Restart Jericho

    For a moment I thought it would be to switch to the other district. Guess I was wrong
  19. is that not the whole point? you're gaining 15% range so you (might) lose some cqc ability its the same principle hunting sight (and reflex sight, in the reverse) works on, why is it suddenly not ok? i assume we're talking specifically about the ntec? in which case i would think the old downside of ir3 (increased maximum bloom) would be even less to your taste than increased bloom per shot if not ntec specific i'd argue that raw ttk is more important than consistency in cqc, especially given that most guns that use ir3 start out far more accurate in marksmanship than dedicated cqc guns
  20. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    @Tenginima I wanna run 2/3 questions by you real quick. In layman terms, could you describe what you think bloom (bloom per shot/per shot modifier) and recoil do on a gun in apb I'll ask my third question after you answer these two (or I might not depending your answer for recoil)
  21. Yeah, reduced rate of fire was great, that's why the people who proposed it in the first place decided it was a bad idea.
  22. Remove all guns. There, perfect balance.
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