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  2. Lol dead game can't die. Psst i heard rumour that on October 28, 2024 will be launch of APB2. Trust me bro i has insiders
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  4. bro saw someone lying for attention in district chat and sold all his apb stock
  5. semi-automatic weapons are balanced with their maximum performance in mind, it doesn't matter if a player uses the scroll wheel or not
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  7. Hello everyone! Get ready to join us on OTW this Monday, 05/27/2024, at 6 PM UTC for an hour-long matchmaking test. We need your help to put our new matchmaking code through its paces and iron out any kinks. The more of you who join, the better we can fine-tune our system. Your input is invaluable, so please log in and lend us a hand during this crucial phase. Remember to create a character on the "NA Test" World of OTW for this test! Your involvement truly counts! Let's work together to make this test a resounding success! Check out the notes for Matchmaking Improvement below: With this build, we have deployed new code based on the existing matchmaking functionality on Live. Matchmaking has been moved from the World server to operate on its own dedicated Matchmaking server. Matchmaking will only function in the same district - at least for now. Backup is once again offered in cases in which the Matchmaker has to create an uneven Match and will add one player to each team trying to increase the overall Match quality to make it more even. In evenly matched missions both Team Leaders are now offered the option to “Escalate” the mission. If both Team leaders put in a request to escalate players will be added to both teams up to a maximum of 20 players per side. Team leaders will need to agree to Escalate the mission further each time new players are added to the mission. Fixed an issue related to Backup/Escalation calls that caused the matchmaker to be bottlenecked during the playtest on Sun. May 19. Fixed the crash issue related to playtest that happened on Thur. May 23. If you haven't yet! Make sure to grab the OTW client and download it ahead of time so that you can participate.
  8. I got banned for being out of bounds permanently. Lmao, just take it with a grain of salt, the game will die either way if they keep banning 2000$+ accounts for simple things.
  9. So would I, and even though now since the AMA, hacking is Way out of control now, thats not why I won't spend. I'm not buying anything that comes Half-patootie. Put cop lights on the Mirage. I would buy at least 3 more and any kits made available, but I won't buy patootie until that happens. As far as hackers go, My way of Coping is Attacking said hackers in game. If I think they're hacking I wont try for the objective, I'll find them and try to kill them. So I'm not changing anything by attacking, I'm still gonna lose and they will still get kills which have no value as stat's. But I'm going to inhibit there Flo. If they crash me, I'll crash them, if they tk me ill tk them. write their name down so I know who to tk next time. I'll make them change their name
  10. Good to know, thank you, i hope dont miss next event.
  11. Well I guess ( ? ) you desperately needed a preacher cicerone saying that . . . WelComE to that mentioned " APB 2 Braincells Club" of yours pal You're welcome
  12. This page : https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2024/5/8/2024-LO-DAY And info posted on LO discord, mostly in the APB section there....
  13. Sure I'd love to spend some more money on your game so I can just go into a 16-14 Asylum that has 6 cheaters between the two teams hacking me down for DAYS and DAYS. r30's, r160's, r255's. Weeks on weeks with no ban, not even a GM around to kick them. Matt, I'm not paying your bills anymore until we see action.
  14. Comparing APB to cannibals, seems fitting. If meat wasn't suppose to be ate they would have made us poisonous. :^( If LO/G1/RTW didn't want us using those keys they would have made it impossible to bind them. You're over your head over a video game my dude, lol. You're still unwell, it's not my fault you can't seem to press any keys other than wasd and LMB/RMB. Do you play with your feet? Is that the issue? It's a reply to your reply, but since we're responding in memes, this is you. Figure out the rest of the meme.
  15. For godsake... add a godamn OPGL 3 slot in armas or joker store, or bare least make a quick or little scouting in game suggestion section before selling something . . . Probabily almost nobody will buy the weapons exclusive on limited time, we've already them in game or armas better versions Or just finish balancing the weapons. there're tons of scam weapons in armas need just that little improve for finally becoming competitive and finally worth for being used and purchased from players in game.
  16. How did you noticed about this 3 items? I dont see any info about that on this forum.
  17. Unlikely for them to give up so soon. The engine was made to function in 64-bit not too long ago. Sure, money is money. Life is harsh and misfortunes can happen in a flash but it isn't like hosting APB is expensive. Can literally host it in thy home. I call BS but I wouldn't be surprised if it shuts down.
  18. I expect at least to see some evidence of rumours and not just such "rumours I heard in my head while cooking dinner" stuff. OP get your stuff together.
  19. Why do you call my criticism idiocy? Most gold players use the vulnerabilities of the game to gain benefits. This is a fact. You consider such behavior normal for the same reason that cannibals in the wild tribes of the Amazon consider it normal to devour their grandfather for dinner. You think - everyone does it and I do it, it's okay, the administration doesn't criticize me, so it's okay. But this is not normal. The Bagoyuz is the basis of excellence in the APB. Tell me, which one of us is an idiot?
  20. Last week
  21. Scrollwheel is an input, LO could disable it but you can get around it lmao. If someone using scrollwheel is your kryptonite ... I got something to tell ya. LOL Nah, calling him idiotic is due to everything that he has posted on these boards over time, but that post in particular was EXTRA dumb. Not my fault majority of APB players are running around with 2 braincells fighting for 3rd place.
  22. I wouldn't be surprised, if I was Matt I'd just close the game down and let everyone have a fun Summer. Some of the players need their Vitamin D tbh.
  23. I bought just about everything in the armas market when LO took over. I would be sad if they shut the game down. Can't be expensive to host servers for 300 players in 2024
  24. Possibly an employee but more likely a disgruntled player, specifically a former player. Who saw the sale earlier in the month, and wanted to stir the pot to dissuade people from spending. Of course I am speculating but without any evidence of this Rumor that I've not heard, nor any source, We are left to speculation and stirring the pot ourselves to see what comes up. I call BS on this post. First off if it was true the Mods would have taken it down or buried it in off topic. Secondly I did listen to the Pod cast by Matt, I don't think he would have said all he said, if a shut down was coming. I don't think Staff would be doing MM testing on otw. If the game was bankrupt to the point of knowing they would shut down on a specific date. You wouldn't see Matt he'd be long gone, this site would go down. That would mean the Bank owned the company and would be looking to dissolve it. Armas would be inaccessible. And it wouldn't be some 5 months into the future, it'd be less than 30 days
  25. October 27th, 2024 . . . Bet the "source" are something accurate such as the bullsh*t posted in reddit and massivelyop like below -_______- Don't worry, it's very hardly it may happen in short period, at bare least LO has release STFU and see what happen, as publishers APB it's their most played games
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