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  2. Hey all, There is a lot to unpack in this thread but I wanted to directly address the issue with death themes. This is one of those things that is hard to police from our side so in the interest of trying to help combat this type of griefing we are going to be looking into adding an option in the game to just globally mute them all. Hopefully this will help out with that specific issue. Thanks, Selali
  3. little orbit is a front for the cartels :^)
  4. What if I don't want IR3 on my csg?
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  6. It's a money launder front for Matt Scott. Prove me wrong. You can't.
  7. Alright so too much stuff to read. lol I did wanna chime in though. Up until a few months ago I had terrible fps drops after 20 mins and static in apb for couple years. I had to actually close game and restart it to keep playing. It was like I had an AM radio in each ear tuned to static and loud. People didn't like playing with me in group. I tried all kinds of things to figure it out and thought it was cause I had shorted my mobo with a standoff years ago cause it was right next to sound chip. What it really was couple things. First I made my gpu fans 100 percent but that wasn't even main culprit. On windows there is some kind of bug with ahcl driver? That will make your disk run at 100 percent usage for no reason. I had actually put a ssd in my rig in last few months too. Which the ssd made everything fast but that 100 percent disk usage killed me. I'm gonna link the microsoft support page about it. I'm fairly confident that it was same issue before ssd I just couldn't find it. Oh and the other problem was even at rest my cpu usage was running 30% or so and when you add a game on top of that maxes out real quick. That was stupid windows caching and file search stuff. oh yeah its the indexing files that triggers randomly. They also changed the name of it a time or two. So you would disable it and then boom nother update hit and it running again under another name. Putting this out there for all. Cause it not always the game that is causing problems with the game. ctrl-shift-esc is hot key for opening task manager immediately. Check processes tab and right click somewhere and turn on the different usage columns. Also look at the performance tab while the game is running, but first while it not and see what your machine is doing. If you notice something amiss then go to processes tab and sort by whatever you looking for. Say high disk usage and see if you can find the offending process. If you need to dig deeper on the performance tab I believe there is open resource monitor link that will give you more info right away on everything running. for ahcl driver bug info https://support.microsoft.com/en-ie/help/3083595/task-manager-might-show-100-disk-utilization-on-windows-10-devices-wit Yo caring buddy john. We all in this together. p.s. sorry bout run ons. Momma says I dontch worry 'bout no gramarr
  8. I have reinstalled APB completely now, and i still have the same issue of post Beta hitching. I LOVE THAT IMAGE!! :3 its so cute. I'll get this sorted and do it a little later, thank you for the PR regarding my issues. I can say with confidence your issue is heavily streaming from storage devices not fast enough to stream from, you say you're using a 1st gen Threadripper? and did you know RTX cards are severely buggy with APB in general? I remember it wasn't that long ago you would outright CTD with no warnings in WF if you had an RTX card. It could be your GTX1650 that is saving you, however, i would look into your drivers for your storage, i was able to bring up 20fps by switching from the Standard SATA Driver to AMD SATA Driver, but the issue of hitching feels at random. I've had an issue much like yours for other games in the past and its always a bottleneck of storage, also, what is your RAM? first gens weren't very good at anything over DDR4-2666 and hopefully you haven't overclocked your Threadripper, 1st Gens are notorious for underperforming with being OC'd as stupid as it sounds, i've seen it first hand.
  9. Heh im sure you have all the reasons to blame me, problem is u just did o, so im done with you, so if they hate you, its their problem not mine, lmao, do you really think that they will suck ur banana to the end?but hey the basic shit bout it none the lesss so its over you either lke ti or thrwow it making it seem like a piece of shit no deal? ok then death will occur why? its ur problem i don't care so its by far any point cuz its actually dead end for m e u don't care/ ok then u die yeah seen that before but death is by far nonsense sop its over by now no? well go firuge, cuz im not going to kill you but im going to end ytou none the less and that';s because of you which means your lies are basically the same result of my end im goiung to end you efficiently, regardess of your impression you want o play badass,m you will die a poor patootie se how Its pett much game ofwver, you will never admit your failure, and i ill never give a fuck about it either, so its game over for both of us, if u think we can hahahahaha nnvm, then u need to go to hell.... i nev er gave a hit avbout it, but seems like ute too smart for me, so that's how being too smart ends up being too ead.... but hey who am i to that extenct, talk to you in the next lie tactic... u ppl seem to be too dumb to realize you are assholes, and buy then, i am forced to deal with u... go figure
  10. maybe move outside its range and use any assault rifle or move closer and use a oca/csg/jg. pmg isn't consistent enough for a nerf. one match you can drop kill after kill with the thing next match it'll ghost almost half the mag.
  11. Nut hey, who am i gonna say that? Death is by fun. Whiuch is why, u need o go to hell/ lmao, yu have no mind of your own, but you do have priviledges, so iuts ok to be a fuzzy bunny Nobody can deny truth you know?, so stfu and enjoy it lmao, besides, so far all haters enjoy lies about it, so just never blame them haters, only be a victim of it,
  12. No worry, no panic indeed... so im glad you are doing well cunts. meanwhile, its all about ingame. They sofisticatedly let you play this game as a fantasy endless point, give me a reason to respect the pizza making ppl, if you can't make a pizza without threath, tyhen you died long before u even started, and pizza there is expensive as a fuck, so its dead long before it started, but hey, you love idiots, that;s your problem. Dead end, and forever ENDING cuz we know ure scum!!! But not the government, cuz government loves pedofiles, and cunts in general. Funny pat is u all agree, and its ok... im long done about it, and will never EVER agree on any fucking garbage you tend to enjoy, cuz ure a natural pedophile. NO? Go ask them corporations, not us...
  13. burp! As if being an idiot was so promoted, no fucking hell, i rather suffer the absolute idiocracy than accept being a victim of some random retards of today, death is but nothin compared to what actual ppl deal with.... lmao Own death sentence expected today, dead whatever :)))) see you on the next chapter smartasses.
  14. reming me top never report on myself.... :)))) Cuz i been banned, and reported again, lmao to the eurape commision of whatever go figure Sadly you can't enjoy life without paying taxes, simple as that, in this case its extra taxes, something around 70% taxes extra, if you don't pay, they come after you, which i like, cuz most of you are scum anyweay So the question is, will u pay your taxes, or should them taxes ministry take care of it? U do know that no matter how much u want to evade that it will never happen,. which makes you more of a fun experience, cuz ure a basically poor cuck, that can't pay a fucking 15 dollars penality, not to mention the next 1000 dollars, which basically ends your deal Learn to live relirty, u dicks, cuz we live in a world of fantasy already, don't need u too to make it worst than it already is.
  15. This, this is all I want. Make it kind of like a 4-door Fresno, but less boaty, LO pls
  16. uh you misinterpreted what i said. I said "under fire" meaning being fired at or damaged. Not "on fire". ^ Though i was thinking more of Battlefields in combat spawn prevention.
  17. Wow, you got me all excited that they actually did something with the IP, instead of looking like some very odd front of some sort.
  18. you can cope to he at bestll!!! And that;s that. I will report you on a fucking shooting rnge lie any time, so i rather not ever talk about it, cuz its obvious cheat from the start... You are those special kind, that nobody can talk about, other than ur special kind, so automatically ure all in the same fucking hole. See how tyhe next hole will hold up tho lmao. Unless of course u all enjoy relaxing on a politicall corectness, which is the common issue in here, and which as in reality nobody gives a fuck. I still have lots of money investedi n fuck gives or ho u like to call them lol, thing is not for long. Disclaimer whatever: something that never existed sadly. Enjoy motivated lies on a plate as corp standards. Keep in mind nobody will ever give a fuck about ur existence to begin with, yet you will pretend for anyone to do so, so yeah, its badly bad, and you won't get any helop anytime soon, but if u do however, u need to understand thatr it has limitations, at least in eurape, cuz so far colored ppl has all they need to have.,
  19. Yes. All these things, there's no reason the PMG and Whisper get the crouch modifier; they should make the PMG and OCA (plus all variants) consistent
  20. Something like this, Or at least a kit for the kurai!
  21. Problem is i on;ly got the share option as a post, so i can;'t correct myself, so basically i need to cope ith u as a basic cocnept. Thing is its final, too bad you can't see it final till another year lte. Enjoy the hate folks, indirectly,m but that's basically it :)))) Last post as it, but without no regard, as next post will include this one. and any one next to be. Thank god for Phone bullshiut, but cuz ure special, u will never matter about it of course. Whenever ure so special, u never matter as long as ure not recorder, that's why phone is a life saver, cuz it makes good ppl lives actually worth playing, rather than just enjoying being the tryhard so far Don't worry, i treat u all the same, as i know u all re garbage humanoids, so i just wait for a mission, and if i see u fail, i go afk.
  22. i been very carefull on the latest changes in this game, and i can't say that gun was ever a point in all my experience here, you are the first one ever complaining about it in my personal experience, as i never took any too serious, so whatever. Don;t go for the basics, cuz basics are always enjoyed by corporations, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it EVER Perhaps not now, but soon enough :))) U better learn how to enjoy being a victim, or just leave, simple as that. been very carefull on the latest changes in this game, and i can't say that gun was ever a point in all my experience here, you are the first one ever complaining about it in my personal experience, as i never took any too serious, so whatever. Don;t go for the basics, cuz basics are always enjoyed by corporations, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it EVER Perhaps not now, but soon enough :))) U better learn how to enjoy being a victim, or just leave, simple as that. Lol never trust apb in any way, just go for the nothing ever existed system, wtf is wrong with u idiots?
  23. Public oppinion makes kme puke, cuz they don't know what's coming.
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