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  2. It very much is, considering stock-PMG is faster & more braindead, let alone a modified one. And now OCA triumphs over both with its buff. I am sorry, but being ignorant to stats doesn't put you in the "sane" group.
  3. pig/perc or a shot from a ccg and then pig is "respectable" ? give me and all the sane players here a break.. its even worse than quickswitching..
  4. Hello, As this issue has been resolved, I have locked and moved this topic to the PC Resolved Bugs section of our forums. Thank you. - Azukii
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  6. Yet cj3 OCA/Euryale is fine? At least LTL+PIG required skill and effort yet still falls short to these. Might wanna actually play the game with something respectable before trying to state concluding remarks.
  7. they only wanted to nerf JG / snub switching.... no one played with me anyway, so this change didn't really affect anyone I just hope next patch I'll get some love...
  8. I'm so glad we have SPCT sitting down together with the devs to do weapon balancing... some of yalls suggestions are strange AF. don't get me wrong, providing feedback is exactly what LO wants... but I'm just happy that in the end it all has to go through a logical thinking process from people that actually know a bit about balancing in general.
  9. iirc inventory items are listed in the order of their creation but if you delete an item, it creates an "empty slot" that will be filled by the next new item, ignoring its creation date so with things like clothing or symbols that get swapped out a lot the inventory quickly becomes a jumbled mess - id love some alternate sort by options but thats probably something for after the engine upgrade since its a ui change
  10. It was really OP to do 1 hit + Pig to stun. Get over it.
  11. Im gonna reveal a huge secret, shh... As enf main i can confirm that people use Non-Leather weapons with only one reason...a way to detheat and avoid bans for it. THATS IT. Try to play with stabba, 7 of 10 of the times you will get immediate DM about " Stop trolling, take a real weapon ".
  12. vip missions go like this 1 your vip is stupid runs the whole match and dies forcing a loss then he spends the time after the match saying how useless his team was 2 your vip has no idea he is vip 3 your vip is really good and it's a fun final match 4 the opp lasers your vip and targets him the whole time and makes the fight a hard one or 5the vip doesnt want to do the mission kills himselfs/refuses to play rarely fun mostly in low rank matchs 2v2s 3v3s etc. vip needs to be more of a 5v5
  13. Silvers stop arguing already and put some effort while shooting/fighting. Please
  14. Very true, they are thinking things would get balanced with minimal-changes. No balance works without counter-balances placed nearby
  15. small, shy touches will never balance the game in whole. we need a big overhaul where weapons are defined by 4-5 archetypes in each role. those archetypes will be created for weapons based on their stats such as rate of fire, range, stability, magazine size in a scale from 1 to 10 for each stat with the total of 20 stat points distributed into each stat. in my example, we have 4 stats in total so 5 points for each stat will give you 20 stats to be distributed. this will make sure you don't have overpowered or underpowered weapons. Rifleman: 1st archetype: Assault Rifles. (Ntec-5, Atac, STAR 556, FAR, S1-FA Frenzy etc.) RoF: 5 Range: 5 Stability: 5 Mag Size: 5 2nd archetype: Burst Rifles (Oscar, Obir etc.) RoF: 6 Range: 4 Stability: 5 Mag Size: 6 3rd archetype: Semi-Auto Single Fire Rifles (Sr15 Carbine, Ar97 Misery etc.) RoF: 5 Range: 4 Stability: 6 Mag Size: 5 4th archetype: Short Barrel Low Caliber Assault Rifles (Agrotech ACES Rifle, Raptor etc.) RoF: 8 Range: 3 Stability: 3 Mag Size: 6 5th archetype: Long Range Rifles (STAR LCR, ISSR, N-ISSR etc.) RoF: 3 Range: 8 Stability: 6 Mag Size 5 i meantioned some weapons that kinda fit in each archetype and while this will kill the variety of weapon styles, it will make balancing the gun play easier. some weapons will have to be changed so they can fit in a certain archetype because now sometimes some submachine guns do some assault rifles' jobs better. JMB weapons can have unique mods that bend said archetypes in unique ways. i got this idea from Destiny, a game where you can utilize hundreds of different weapons that are categorized in a few archetypes in each role. for example in assault rifle role there are 360 RPM, 450 RPM, 600 RPM, 720 RPM archetypes and each category differ in terms of range, mag size, stability and zoom magnification. higher RPM archetypes have less range and less stability with deeper magazines. lower RPM archetypes have higher range, higher stability and less bullets in the magazine. and with this system, you don't balance gun play weapon by weapon but archetype by archetype. less work and more balance. jm2c.
  16. games a decade old, a lot of people who are bronze have thousands of hours in the game. people hated pig/perc combo, it's one of the fastest ways to stun someone in the game, so what do they do? they nerf the pig so that it combos even worse with the other LTL weapons, while the same pig/perc combo that everyone hates is still in the game. idk how closed-minded you'd have to be to disregard questionable balance changes just because "they did it for a reason." remember the ir3 changes? remember the shredder minttking you from 50 meters? how about that one time they rolled out an oca nerf but completely forgot about the whisper for months? funny thing is, they could just butcher the percs stam damage and touch up the CCG and keep this pig change in the game, and it would work out fine
  17. That is a big claim. Kindly elaborate as to why reducing stamina damage on Percussion Grenades is not viable. Will the CCG get a buff down the line with the upcoming Weapon Balance changes? If yes, please let us all rest easy. If not, kindly elaborate as to how the PIG can still be a game changer when skillfully paired with the CCG.
  18. LMFAO everything makes sense, and those nerfs was looked at by people with thousands and thousands of gameplay hours as everything has purpose to it LMFAO
  19. AMG needs a harder nerf the recent scout changes should be reverted entirely CSG shouldnt be nerfed because the JG is just better/easier to use, even after your proposed changes to the JG/CSG. I feel like the strife just shouldnt be touched, it's not a bad weapon, just fills a niche ig. I agree the harbinger needs to be changed but I hate how we're choosing to balance everything around clotting 3. clotting 3 meta is what needed to be addressed the most, an entire games weapon balance shouldn't be heavily influenced on a single mod that almost everyone uses. it's time for a change, whether it's a nerf/rework or whether it's buffing the default regen rate to match clotting 3
  20. The PIG on its own wasn't a huge deal. The problem was how well it performed switching to and from it. With no other reasonable change viable, the stun damage reduction allows the pig to be a great finisher and game changer, but requires more skill and initial effort in order to set it up. You can still PIG + perc, but the perc can't just clip the target. It has to do full damage to stun, practically.
  21. apparently discussing a nonsensical nerf on a forum where nonsensical nerfs are typically talked about is something you don't like to see so, why are you here lmfao
  22. Yeah if only the majority of downvoters had more than 50 IQ and THINK on their own...
  23. You literally said same thing as other 999 people, why lol
  24. I Object to the changes to the .44, n I think they nerfed the .45 as well
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