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  2. And we use it as well and said no It's been the same regardless. Not that you'd believe anyone anyways.
  3. I have tested it and it is definitely so and you can test it too and then come back here and talk about it
  4. If it would help APB then I wouldn't mind the cross hair colors not changing anymore...... I'd still hate not knowing who I'm shooting at , but It's a price worth paying in the end.
  5. but its not defective so ..... .... ...... ????????
  6. Yes i don't care who its technically working I pointed on are defect in the CarSpawner but if that means for you this is are trolls thread then I'm feel sorry for you. I do not necessarily know how something works I just know that it is not right or has some errors.
  7. The issue with this however is the game was developed in the mid 2000s and released in 2010. The technology behind APB has not changed. At one time his potato PC was able to run the game. The game hasn't advanced, just the poor coding and optimization.
  8. What makes you think they're ignoring it? Because they're not responding? I know it's similar to what Reloaded Productions used to do, but given the already abundant evidence suggesting that the team does respond rather quickly to complaints and even own up to their mistakes, I doubt they're ignoring this issue. Like literally any other multiplayer PvP game out there, a small % of it will be cheaters. Combating cheats is an on-going battle with no visible end. It's not a one fix and your done solution. I'm pretty confident that they're working on implementing a better configuration for BE as well as whatever they plan to do with the remainder of fairfight to improve behavioral detection and combat these individuals quicker. On the subject of a trigger bot, that's... where it gets harder. They would have to remove the crosshair changing colour the moment a player is aimed at. It sounds simple enough, but I think it wouldn't be so straightforward, I'm not sure.
  9. no one can shoot a gun faster than it’s programmed rof
  10. Maybe you can help us to answer your own question......................... . Why u thing this is are troll thread?
  11. Why are we giving this troll thread any attention?
  12. I have an urge to bring other toes to the table, but I’m afraid that the mods will get a hump or two.
  13. Today
  14. Key part: "I came across the Yukon bug~" Now one of the definitions of bug: "an error in a computer program or system" And that final extra mile, the definition of error: "a mistake" dunno about you, buuuuuut...
  15. Honestly, I'll take whatever I can get.
  16. According to all if the forum trolls you can shoot the FBW just as fast. I don't buy it, but they shoot it waay faster than what it is supposed to be.
  17. On that we can agree. aimbot targeting nearest target + SHAW guy just spins around getting kills
  18. Ketog

    Metropolitan Police

    Hello officer , good luck for your recruiting , your rivals will be West Midlands Police Clan 8D
  19. What the hell is a ShawCopter. If its exactly what it sounds like I have never seen one in all my years playing. But, have seen every other kind of cheat. Mistly Carbine of course or Oscar.
  20. Welp, different fixes for different guns. Logic when balancing should not all just be black and white, the Ogre just needed the description changed, Yukon needed its RoF fixed. There was a different severity to each each gun's imbalance. In the Yukon's case, the gun needed to be corrected because of how it played out in game. If I recall correctly though, back before G1's last big rebalance with the test districts, didn't the Ogre have a slower fire rate? I remember the increased fire rate was something I wasn't a huge fan of at the time because it didn't give the sound of each shot any time at all to ring out which made it sound less scary and it made me feel scummy using it because it would just melt anyone in its path. Remembering things as I go here, so I may only be remembering convenient things.
  21. neophobia

    Blue Screen of Death caused by BEDaisy.sys

    if not done yet, maybe create a new thread if it's a different issue supported by whom? ms is providing updates for only one more year. intel and amd stopped supporting it already. my argument stands. this does not appear like an engine issue either. true, there has been no solution provided officially. but there has been help by the community - and it is the most obvious and reasonable solution - update to w10. if you can't - well, people with a mac or linux can't play either if they stay on those OS.
  22. Um....what are you saying then? You made it sound like you're talking about today so.....guess I'm lost
  23. Why would Matt release info on profits for a company he didn't own? What are you even saying?
  24. MattScott never released any info on profits or lack of so who could really know. i know I bought some stuff though and enjoying it
  25. Sometimes I forget how ill informed players like you are. APB hadn't made a profit for over two years prior to acquisition. We have less than half as many players now as we did then. I'll let you figure out the math.
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