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  2. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/07/04/kanye-west-independence-day-tweet-running-president-2020/5378807002/
  3. grats my dude, what u playin on it?
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  5. cringe and groyp-pilled, the only thing that made G1 more american than LO was their passion to milk every cent out of their dying game before gambling MTX would inevitably become regulated, and move to two completely different platforms (pretty much abandoning their PC playerbase) just to earn more money from the console whales. release a new weapon, make it stupid OP, let people run wild with it for a couple of months, then nerf the fuck out of it once you've earned max profits idk how LO expressing support towards a group of people who are constantly oppressed and suppressed, makes them "unamerican." if you gave a shit about ur country, you'd care about building it up and moving forward, and if peaceful protests weren't making a change, then no shit some businesses and statues are gonna be lit the fuck on fire, it's because people like you didn't listen back then, and you clearly refuse to listen now.
  6. Correct. The golden JMBs from loyalty rewards are not purchasable, and thus should not considerable for the various gambling laws. They are a bonus/gift you get as appreciation for your actual purchases. Same logic applies to the legendaries you can get from the bonus rolls on ARMAS Joker Ticket bundle purchases (the 1% roll for each 500 JT purchased thing). You aren't buying the 1% rolls, you're buying the JT bundles. The 1% rolls are just a bonus/extra.
  7. hahahahahahahahahahahaha i was like "wait a minute" as well.
  8. Direct link: https://checkout.gamersfirst.com/subscriptions/apb How to get there: Open https://gamersfirst.com Log in Click ACCOUNT Click Accounts Click APB Reloaded Click Manage My Subscription
  9. This game isn't fun anymore, and I don't feel like supporting it. But I can't find where to cancel and I can't find any info on it online.
  10. I join east and hope more people join. Not worth it playing on west. The routing to west is unstable. I get false hit markers and other players shoot faster on my client. Can't win fights when you die from 1 shot while behind cover.
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  12. Hello, As this issue has been resolved, I am locking and moving this topic to the Resolved Bugs section of our forums. Thank you. - Azukii
  13. As far as I know, any legendary, any armas gun for 15 days, few possible 1 slot weapons for permanent, and skins... in a perfect way. On my way: Only skin I won is Money (for two fking characters twice lol), 3 low-tier legendaries, N-Tec, OCA, HVR (all 1 slot, which is useless for me, since I have all of them 3-slotted, account bounded), and mentioned armas weapons... mostly ATAC variations (I don't even use ATAC whatdefok). Not want to complain, but this so called "list" is kinda poor, well, it is for me IMO there is should be some kind of system which gonna prevent giving player weapons which he own already. I know it's too idealistic and also easy way to taking legendaries only, but still...
  14. In that case having rewards selector would be more fair than random reward.
  15. I think it was in, most of the armas weapons are. There is just no way to know which one you'll get.
  16. Mind your eyes and fingers, listen to the CDC, read your constitution, bbq something mouth-watering, be excellent to eachother, stop calling American Football ‘football’. Happy Independence Day!
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