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  2. lol its LO shitty servers to blame but if u want to reduce input lag u can uncap the framerate
  3. two-factor server side clock is again out of sync... to log in i have to type the same code 3 to 5 times
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  5. So I've been playing for a long time and have been having this issue, I have a pretty beefy setup so I tend to play every game on maxed out graphics, APB included, however the issue I'm having is with ghost shots and hitreg, I get these problems quite frequently tbh. I ran some tests with a friend to check it out, even when someone is standing still at a reasonable range, 9/10 times I cant drop them in the weapons ttk and I get some shots that dont even register, it gets worse when someone is moving and trying to dodge, so I did a bit of research and came to find out that input lag might have to do something with it. I was wondering if there are things I can do on my end to get rid of this problem.
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  7. Remember, some active players are at least several accounts from rerolling over and over.
  8. Hello everyone, Our standard weekly maintenance will be held this Wednesday (07/24) starting at 9 AM UTC. The game should be back up and running in 6 to 8 hours. Thank you for your patience during this period.
  9. Hello everyone, Our standard weekly maintenance will be held this Wednesday (07/24) starting at 9 AM UTC. The game should be back up and running in 6 to 8 hours. Thank you for your patience during this period.
  10. in fact when they play against him everyone closes the game, by doing so you will lose player sorry for my vulgarity
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  13. there is big difference between 'total active players and total player accounts
  14. there is a big difference between average players and total players
  15. ayy lmao wtf is going on? still waiting 8 weeks for a ticket response, surely u cant be overwhelmed with tickets on this "dead game" with 350 max pop
  16. Voip has been gone for Years, since before LO, Social has never been Social, its for people selling (outside of the peps using the designers). It is all WTT/WTS/WTB spam. Nor is the Social area of this forum for Socializing, Mod's will delete any sort of friendly thread. So it's not like I could open a thread regarding the price of eggs, or I might write about the good time I had at Red Robbers beings it was so loud I couldn't hear myself think, but the food was "Yummm". Then ya gotta cross the "Mall Baby" line to get back to the car. So the Mall wont let U young sweatys in, so theres no less than 50 14 yr olds, dressed in jackets and other winter wear, sitting in a large group outside the Mall doors. And it's 113 degrees out. I Freeze in my tracks, hold out my arm to stop my wife and in-laws from taking another step. I point at the sweatys and hollar out, "Golds" LO figures that Hate generates numbers and revenue, must be why they're letting all these haters run Amok in district. They are not fond of Happiness or friendly banter. NA in general will end up being closed soon as the LO and the sweatys are done removing or dissuading Legits from playing. Welp, fine my me, Let it Burn. Really is too bad, but it is what it is.
  17. there's no shame in letting go, but it's certainly unhealthy to think this game can shine again
  18. A natural consequence of voip no longer being in use. Social Districts will go out with it, especially on NA.
  19. looks like the botnet subscription LO was using to increase to steam numbers finally expired
  20. surely you can spend an hour of your time in district and maybe get one mission... :X
  21. Nah I just work a lot and it's been kinda hard to actually... *do* anything in APB for years now. Pretty much no other multiplayer game managed to fill the void in the same way, so I just play singleplayer games for the most part anymore lol
  22. It's Too Late. The Ship has Sank. The Crew Abandoned Ship. It is Over.
  23. Why not burn some money and atleast be warm in the cold than supporting a a game that is in a state beyond being a zombie. A more than perfect example what happens when you buy a sunken ship and try to milk some addicted players giving them false hopes of revival but you yourself is sinking from all the lies and Incompetency.
  24. Here's a picture from our patrol tonight.
  25. I am sure that money is not the main issue here, it is the lack of responsibility and honesty from Little Orbit. It would be a dumb move to buy shares from such a company that until today proved they can not be trusted. This project has no future, not even when the engine update comes due to how the game generally feels, which screams outdated game ideas and mechanisms. I do hope to be wrong about everything said, but unfortunately it seems to be the truth and always be and our only hope to think at least about a revive, would be for a decent and motivated company to decide to buy this franchise.
  26. Naw, thats common everyday everyone thing. LO won't ban any cheaters or toxics, only legit types. Thats like 99% of NA pop right now is. If there is a GM watching from the 'Tower' they are letting all this go on day after day. Half of the toxic cheaters don't want you to even make it to a mission, they have their friends in a constant all day Troll. Crashing up players cars so they can't even try to K up. n Ya know these are real hacks cuz even the people I would consider or suspect are calling em hackers, but ya can't get to a mission to get hacked because of all the trolls. And they refuse to ban anyone right now. Unless its Me, because I won't just Lay down and uninstall. Its come down to actually needing the big truck just to keep trolls from crashing you. N if ya get into a mission the Golds stick together, if golds on your team he will tk you while standing near the point and not capping it, basically exploiting for the other team. They haven't banned anyone since the unbanning, they tried to ban me. Game is a dead carcass in the road being picked at by Birds, Ravens. I gotta add that U people using cheats and or just being Gud, it is kinda counter productive to have your buddies crashing everyone so they can't k up. Why reduce your kill count by preventing opp from coming to the mission with your troll friends. Ya know the ones in the Vegas'. So I guess I'll give the gm's what they want, which is a chance to ban me. Nobody else has had to put up with the amount of hatred from LO than Me. I no longer have anything to lose, there is no longer a game to play. There is no communication from LO as to when this tribulation will end, when staff will come back to the game, when an anticheat will come, and this pipe dream of more contacts and content. They have abandoned the game.
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