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  2. It's not illegal if you make it for yourself and not for commercial purpose. And good luck with cease and desist letter in China lol.
  3. The truth behind troll is that there are many cheaters in APB now days. Its sad that after so many years there is no way to reduce this problem.
  4. At least you get to play.... Ive been trying to get on for a week now on ps4 and haven’t been able to play at all because of an error code -1 I’m getting on log in... Despite posting about it and talking to a moderator a few days ago there’s still no solution and the game is still down for me. I was told it’s an open house issue and there was no eta on when it would be back... seems like they need to just get rid of this game and start over
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  6. You are constantly twisting my words and trying to make me look incompetent, but you are not answering the important questions. Why are we forced to use the same tactics as our opponent to be more competitive? Why are there so many different weapons, vehicles, modifications but we are forced to use the same thing over and over again? APB players constantly use the things that gives them greater advantage, that's how it always was and always will be. But when somebody complains about the broken stuff you get an answer from them: you are bad, get gud.. I can't talk about other people in this thread, but i want stuff in games to be balanced. In APB a lot of things should be changed, the previous company clearly rushed with most things they added to the game withouth proper testing!
  7. Looks like you took an image from google and pasted it onto a shirt / hoodie, just like all the chinese companies on amazon that will be 15 dollars and horribly shit quality when delivered. Perfect for representing APB, I approve.
  8. ooooh shit you called his patootie out xdddd Thats preatty much what weve had this entire past couple of months tho??? What in the absolute god damn fuck is this whoreshit? You need help. -happy uwu noises Thank you, this is what I strive for
  9. This thread has been closed as per OP's request and due to the issue being resolved. ~@mayii
  10. First - yes my own problem which NEVER HAPPEND before, i always ran the game maxed out No issues and on good frames, Second- it stopped doing that later, Which means it is an apb fault since it stopped doing this shit later ON ITS OWN, Third- i did not mess with anything that could fk up my memory in the config file, APB CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad or equivalent AMD X4 RAM: 4 GB OS: Windows Vista 64-Bit / Windows 7 64-Bit VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB or AMD equivalent PC CPU Intel CORE 7 quad 4770 Ram : 32GB OS : win10 Video card : GTX 1070 8gb Vram Even if my pc is bad i allways ran this game at 80-100 fps even in heavy fights, and still am, this memory issue started out of nowhere, and now it gone without a trace, i searched for malware and shit, even checked my drivers just incase, and no issues what so ever Edit : im not trying to be offenseive or anything btw, im just pissed lol , but its gone now so i guess thats all that it matters
  11. are you drinking and smoking again? its the only time i recall you acting weird like this , which is usual for you
  12. Correct me if i'm wrong , but wasn't the last time Jericho was having insanely large macro problems around the time when G1 shut down anti cheats for a while? the only thing I recall after that is large amounts of hackusations for the dumbest of reasons. Since then there's been a few cheaters but no where near as infested as Citadel has been. A lot of us have sympathy for Citadel because of it. can you prove it is not a gaming mouse? If it is truly a cheater then of course they deserve to be punished . But if not ,I'd rather not punish someone simply from a hackusation for dying.
  13. Most ARs don't really have a real drawback to IR, pretty sure any non cqc guns doesn't have a drawback for IR. I guess I didn't take into account the dmg dropoff which isn't on APB db. Could also compare Ursus to the Obeya. Obeya doesn't really have an adv against Ursud right ? Anyway, I was just pointing out the non reverted nerf. My in-game name is Metalski/Metalsky. I can't remember going against a huntress today tho.
  14. Hi all, Lots of good progress on tickets, but we're hopping around working both ends of the queue depending on the issue. That means we closed a lot of tickets, but we have some older straggler tickets. As of today we have: 400 unanswered tickets (-115 from last week) 605 total tickets (-112 from last week) A few tickets from 11/20 but mostly we are answering tickets from 11/21. Thanks, Matt
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  16. just running a mission lagging like hell and then just kicked out to login
  17. Yeah, I had a feeling that might be the case.
  18. Hey, i have been testing the Shotguns and Ntec changes in the prototype districts since they were released and have a few comments -Shotguns feels great. The only thing i could point out is that there could have been alitlle more damage on the CSG shotguns. Nfas could have had alitlle less damage and less spread. Else than that i have no complaints what so ever. -The Ntec i have mixed feelings about i think it would feel alot more balanced if the bloom modifier was set to alitlle more. And the shot modifier cap to be alitlle less. Else than that it feels better and the CQC abilities has been decreased a bit and the gun overall feels alot more balanced. Which is what was needed from the start. -The next gun i would like to be looked at is the misery. That gun is alot of fun to use but it just dosn't compete with the guns of it's class and should have had an improved TTK. Everything else on the gun is fine could have lowered the bloom modifier a bit to be able to keep alitlle more up with a faster TTK aswell. Thanks for taking the time, SarRzer
  19. You find this Hoodie Top in Market ~ Search Tatt0o
  20. GMs did not punish you - Customer Support did. GMs are there to help in the game but also to make sure you are following rules. I am locking this thread as you need to continue talking to our Customer support team - they are only ones who can help you out with your case. Thank you, Lixil
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