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  1. Dear LO! i wanted to ask - r we going to have 5x5 6x6 7x7 8x8 and so on - matches like before the new match maker update? b coz it was real fun and its a part of apb nature. and after update we play 1x1 2x2 3x3 only.
  2. servers r fixed and ready .
  3. my account is very old - i think i created it in 2011. for the first time today i cant log in - Account in use on another client. for last year i didnt change my detales or logged from another pc. how can that be? and what can i do about it?
  4. Dear LO. after last update at weekend - matchmaker stoped work properly! - solo players now have only 1x1 2x2 missions - with no backup options. even if u lucky to have 1x2 or 2x3- no back up! even when u play as silver vs gold or even t player + silver vs 2 golds - still no backup option. i playd whole time since the update and i didnt have any 3x3 or 4x4 matches - NONE .same happen to every single player in the district. we dont have proper games(only 1x1 2x2) and dont have backup options like we had before patch.
  5. after this update my gpu usage jumped to a 99-100% of usage by apb only - before that it was like 30 or smthg. what i should i check to solve this problem?
  6. the servers are merged - my everything is gone along with my mailed symbols but - i dont see any compensation - guys who merged like i did - do u have any G1 ?
  7. i like that i can pick ur GOLD gun and kill u wile i was with the star. but i think it not fair since u payd real money for it.....just that. let them drop any in game bought weapons from the contacts and keep theyr GOLD or whatever for real money bought guns
  8. i like in the mission district - i took a NHVR from 1 guy and started camp like he does and won the game. but there is a several issues in this fun feature - we have the winner - the guy who picked up the gun - and the victim - the guy that payd 100000 g1c to have that gun. he actually payd for using this gun - will that guy be disappointed? is that fair? i love the feature, but i dont think its fair for those who payed to use this gun, - but again LO - that victim guy that dropped the weapon for which he payd 1000000 g1c - is ur COSTUMER - the guy that bring money in game - you need think about his need first of all - is he want that winner guy use his gun that he payd for?.............i cant say actually - no one used my gun vs me probably u right but i love that thing - mb bcoz no one wanted to use my osmaw or volcano lol
  9. dear LO the shrinking thing could be realized through the putting barriers/police line/big bulletproof cars or the big containers that helicopter put down or barricades - or the tear gas (in that case u dont need a hazard costume just a gas mask)
  10. - dear LO - green gas thing is very disconnected from the APB police and criminals "thematic" ideology, hazard suit - the same thing - no need. lets change it to like tear gas or shrinking barricades - yeah mb more like anarchy mode. mb
  11. that was very hard since im not native english speaker.....booom my brain is very hot
  12. amazing design дизайн просто аху енен!!! ди лысый просто супер - но проверять я конечно это не буду. сильное заявление. надеюсь твой дизайн весь переедет.
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