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  1. im not the biggest secrets fan, but there's no way you actually think he's the one that decides when stuff gets pushed out the door
  2. very excited to hear more executive-speak, there's nothing more soothing than listening to words only to realize later that nothing of substance was actually said i wonder what barely salvaged asset will be paraded on stream this time, perhaps a new clothing item that you can't apply symbols to?
  3. its curtains bro this company has higher staff turnover than a mcdonalds
  4. im pretty sure every anticheat runs at kernel level these days brother, because i know for sure that cheats have run at kernel level for years
  5. i'd rather not farm silvers for an hour as they terminator lock on the objective
  6. right away sir, anything for such a polite post
  7. i don’t get it, if you don’t trust orbit to ban silently then why would you trust any numbers they show you either lol
  8. there’s always another sucker
  9. please explain how that would help with OPs problem
  10. its like you didn't even read my post
  11. i would prefer if little orbit had a functioning 2fa system that prevented trade locks like they said they would 5 years ago
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