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  1. you're the reason "events" like this exist
  2. jesus christ i cant tell what’s more cringe, trying to use nostalgia bait for a sale, the shitty fan fiction lore drop, or selling a 1slot gun for 3slot prices how much money are you even going to make off this sale lol, are you sure it’s worth a middle finger to the small playerbase you’ve got left? edit: and little orbit didn’t even make this game so what is this “honoring your creation” garbage???
  3. battleye was the anticheat that kicked players for afterburner iirc, don’t remember having any issues with eac
  4. there’s no staff but reporting summons staff ???
  5. Fine. What does this balance change solve? The N-TEC will still be better than the STAR. New players will have a harder time with a more complex starting weapon. Chances are the STAR will actually end up performing worse as a burst fire assault rifle than it does now. The STAR plays differently enough from the N-TEC to justify its existence and it also has a specific gameplay purpose. Meanwhile the Ursus, Scoped N-TEC, and even the FAR are all way closer to redundant overlap with the base N-TEC, so why not mangle one of them instead? Or why not revive a truly dead gun, and rework the ISSR-A?
  6. Rerolling after a ban was something G1 (inconsistently) enforced, i don’t think orbit cares as long as you aren’t continuing the original banned behavior
  7. vegas, coywolf, and pioneer/espacio are pretty interchangeable at this point, with the exception of cargo space jericho, bishada, kurai, moirai, t-25, mikro/vaquero, and the fresno are now useable, although they all have various issues that need fixing everything else is still useless
  8. Arlon Benjamin, and by extension the G-Kings, are the “revolutionaries” looking to overturn the status quo - even if not all the gangbangers are aware of it there’s a decent irl parallel of the G-Kings being the cultural tastemakers of San Paro even as the city relegates them to the bottom rung of society
  9. favorite - OPGL, most fun to play least favorite - SBSR ‘IRS’, why does this even exist? honorable mentions to ATAC ‘Mercenary’ and NSSW ‘Kraken’ for being the coolest looking guns in apb imo
  10. osmaw rockets are projectiles, so theoretically they have no range limit i guess - the fuse timer makes them explode at 142m bullets are hitscan so i assume they require an enemy hitbox to be rendered on your client in order to generate a hit, that’s still limited to ~101m or so
  11. the contacts have been teased as ready for years now, what gives?
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