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  1. The cycle repeats. This game has become a cheaters learning platform for online cheating and LO supports it. What more they need ?
  2. wait streamer sheeps allowed to whine ? move on no more closet cheats safe for u all
  3. Few players like yourself are the only active ones but they refuse to even address this officially should give a clear message, " they want to milk what they can out of the trash before they dip and dump this garbage". If hackers are happy to get their ego boosted on a garbage dead game - let them be lol. After all like you said LO only cares for their feedback so why bother being their trigger victims over and over.
  4. you all need to stop playing this hot piece of garbage unless you are so weak that this garbage still makes you play.
  5. G1 was very partial. No disagreement there and cheaters couldnt cheat streaming the game without getting banned but now they can. Nothing is fixed except they made the engine to 64bit to support some extend of newer VCs which is an outdated update ( took them 5 years ) , other than that no new content at all . its dead and but servers are still getting maintained ( weekly restart ) lol.
  6. LO just asked these hypocrites opinion on these things rather than actual players lol. There were false bans(minority/ unfortunates) but majority were not false. Right now only bans LO hands out are not for cheating. LO dont care if you are cheating as long as you stream the game. It has come to that.
  7. well put. Game is dead and delusional people need to know that LO is just milking the pennies they can get with the dead game. LO sold the actual game and this is just a dead shell of APB Reloaded or LO's Cow
  8. Wait. spend more time and money in this dead game with no real development. I think you need to play minecraft or touch grass.
  9. 25 balant , another 100 toggles on last stage of the mission so about ~125 ( 25%) give or take but this ratio is for Jericho. Given how broken the match making at the moment the probability of getting the same opps is about ~80 %. Hence the span of playing for 1- 2 hrs guarenteed you will get the same ops every other mission unless u r willing to sacrifice being ready for next mission for at least 20 min lol
  10. This could be a slogan for cheaters to justify their toggling or a weak attempt to nullfy the hyprocracy, either way AI cheats are being released and tested. LO just implemented a free EAC anticheat and this is just another placebo and another poor scam. Keep playing the dead game and make yourself the " regular player" or insert the usual "git gud" to deny reality lol.
  11. This sale and the new pack is one of the top most LO scams besides the anti-cheat failure. Dig deeper into the trash LOL
  12. Most likely they use hardware macros but then again it can never be flagged other than getting manual suspicion which LO refuses to act on. Like I said about a community of cheaters being the backbone of currrent population in this dead game.
  13. Stop playing the game , LO supports cheaters who stream and half of the pop is back to being only cheaters. Numberous public cheat websites started making AI cheats for APB Reloaded ( impossible to detect with scrub anti-cheat) . Public cheat sites reactivated cheats for APB after the bad Anti-Cheat update. Stop playing this trash game which supports cheaters as priority. Hope LO would go broke supporting the wrong crowd and this game shutdowns for good.
  14. You are/were even part of a toxic clan and the hipocracy. But the cheat flaunting streamers should be set free. Great start to stay deeper in the pit lol
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