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  1. I never pressured but thank you for adding me in that category. I was showing my criticism to the rushed beta as clearly it was unfinished, yes It was meant to be harsh, sorry I hate polish talks when it comes to garbage presentation. "Porting to 3.5 to 4 is gonna be easier" just a theory at the moment , based on history its gonna be like this EU. I do have alternative suggestions but based on current LO budget , I doubt they can even do that. Addition to my 2nd point , if LO thinks its gonna grab enough revenue for the next engine transition from this EU , it is definitely a wrong prediction. New players (majority) never gonna stick for long time as matchmaking is broken , all I heard/ read was players will be matched with players with same or similar latency. Better than EU V3 is the only Pro with this EU in a core perspective , there are other factors in Pro but It do not seems relevant to the game mechanism. Not even close to war with the world, just tired of the end loop of EU that is not gonna bring any significant change to even present it to others. With this I am concluding my replies and APB Reloaded:
  2. Again who are you calling silvers LOL , is that suppose to be an insult or is it so that , you representing that you are that part of toxicity that seems to think broken threat recognition defines something ? As long as we do not address the toxic attitude of players like you ,looking down on threats , this game is not gonna magically grab new players. "Tracking the Engine Update"is good to read but yet to experience to see if it fits with the notes LOL . So do you prefer reading notes of EU development or actually experiencing it first hand basis? 64-bit transition is necessary but that wont cover the new EU becoming outdated as 3.5 version is gonna be primitive soon enough, for the time being it will be a upscale to the current dead engine but its not gonna be enough very soon . "Early Access" mostly are Alpha/pre-Alpha.
  3. ok new territory. Except DayZ SA, point out some examples with a beta being this awful ? I do play many games which has less budget than APB and some which had 10 -100 times bigger budget than APB lol . Most of those games have at least 200% of Apb player base. So comparing them is like comparing an elephant and a peanut. I do though but It is nice that we have smart guys like you who are still waiting for "a soon to be Outdated EU".
  4. This was an alpha test at most. Its an insult to call this unfinished pile of crap Beta. Beta is something close to be released in full.
  5. Yes of course. You seems to be still biting on the "stress test " but today's failure seems like it sliced the remaining pop who had hope on EU expectation to half or even less. I was not expecting much to begin with. The fact that they decided to copy current database to the beta was a huge step and expected to fail from there itself (Usually that is the last step).At least LO can count you in the remaining pop cause I am officially done. By the time they release a decent EU , the Unreal Engine will be Outdated so that it will be essential for another EU.
  6. oh I do , but in fact I am done accepting bs reasoning , not gonna swallow it anymore. Yes both are different , but this was not a stress test, if it was they have done a worst job in history of stress testing not anticipating the pop count max limit from current APB. And never in the announcement it was said "stress test". But we can make bs for every failure .
  7. This would make sense if you implying a performance issue. Its not more bs, keep them coming
  8. Right. If that was the case current APB would face the same issue , but its not. You cannot tell me that they did not anticipate it from current APB build LOL. Please I like to hear more bs.
  9. its not like they could not predict the stress(POP) from current apb population LOL . You keep saying "expecting a finished product" , this is not even a beta. This was just beating the bushes. STOP CALLING THIS STRESS TEST
  10. all I saw was less than 150 ppl who actually got in , guess there was a cap for the open beta which you guys failed to mention. The uninstall worked perfect though , there was no cap there
  11. open beta servers trying to join :
  12. almost 1 hr past in and its just waste of time Open Beta
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