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  1. You are/were even part of a toxic clan and the hipocracy. But the cheat flaunting streamers should be set free. Great start to stay deeper in the pit lol
  2. The placebo effect in place. "GIT GUD" gang gonna prosper.
  3. Hilarious to see ppl still play this garbage and cheaters that live stream are not bored of this dead game. May this garbage game force be with you always
  4. https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/descendent-studios-scores-big-win-in-descent-lawsuit "weird year" @MattScott
  5. Engine upgrade is a bait to get ppl to spend money in this dead game , sad that this is not a crime.
  6. i mean isnt it a scam to sell the "hope for Engine upgrade" as a bait to spend on this game ? and I believe that should be a crime, along people encouraging this bait are like accessory to this crime.
  7. what has LO brought into the table in terms of taking over from Gamersfirst that has not broken the game ? Riot mode - flop new Anti- cheat - flop Threat removal - flop weapon balance - controversial Engine Upgrade - at this point difficult to swallow that they are making any progress at all Sorry to pop your bubble, not really, seems like googling helps to clear that misunderstanding.
  8. LO is at loss and already moving to making other new games while ignoring ones they can even hardly chew lmfao. If you think they give a crap about APB, other than bare minimum server maintenances to bait naive lads into spending more money , then you are clearly delusional.
  9. and closet cheaters But they never fixed matchmaking so still a dumb decision. it's like buying a car where its engines are removed, sure you brought a car but can you drive it ? lol
  10. we have cheaters, cannot deny that, but a few these days. Ofc we all play for fun, otherwise what is the point of playing this outdated junk in the first place. If the matchmaking got fixed , this would lower the chances of getting these "few cheaters" over and over on every match or the 2nd one.
  11. Wait are you saying you posses the muscle memory to tackle macro ? can you prove that you can constantly click at the same pace to atleast match the macro ( not talking about speed)? if not, reserve your comment "git gud" somewhere else papi Merged. Yes, then again hit reg is an issue. It is super easy to call out that some kind of macro is in place if there is not even a slight variation in a span of clicks. Good defense for macro users though
  12. Usual farmers are macro users , besides the dethreaters , you can tell by the style they play. Besides shooting with guns that is makes it OP with macro , they are useless in other areas in terms of mission in APB. those are the ones most of them use too.
  13. Using a macro is cheating , but then we have the games that allows it like most MOBAs vs APB , which the actual anti-cheat is flawed to detect any macros overall. Anyways this is my share of this brilliant idea for removing threat restrictions on all mission districts in order to save JERICHO , but this is more likely gonna kill the pop even further . Unless LO is trying to top the RIOT BR mode decision with this, then it is awesome.
  14. Same logical question, what would aimbot do ? what do you think ? lol and what is the point of playing if you are not versing a human at that point , why not make this game a pve, where it is just human vs npc where npc will be aimbotting against you. At least you can avoid the " trash talk" afterwards and actually get good since you are not facing the different version of cheaters out there I mean the active times in Jericho when threat restrictions on districts were there , at most 2 districts were active , one being the silver and one being bronze. Sure can imagine
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