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  1. Hello there , So with that logic , if cheaters who are bad at cheating can be tackled by YOU then it's not a priority I guess. But thanks for the suggestion on what weapons I should use. I believe english is not your primary language but you have tried. Appreciate that you are still an active player in this game. Take care. EAC+ BE blocks two brands only and it's not even the common ones.
  2. My point was hardware macros are NOT detected nor there was any case where someone got banned because of using it LOL , so yeah it's definitely defending the actual hardware macro users if he is placing a statement like that to nullify the criticism . Hey but you do you , find typos. After All this a dead game with cheaters, maybe its less now considering the pop is going down or the pop is left with them. Either way this game is dead. Again LO
  3. Thanks for catching on my typo , I am fine mate glad to see that you see typos rather than points which pretty much sums up where you stand.
  4. Hardware Macros exist and they are not even detected, so FALSE ? SPCT being banned previously defends of no cheaters using macro exist , thanks LO , your SPCT seems to be good at defending closeters.
  5. oh I see u missed the 'ifs' .I never claimed you said it or not. But you are free to assume I do make conclusions about a random guy in forums.
  6. If they remove them, it will even stir the pot further so disliking is the best way to go and @Sakebee has proved it like a pro
  7. Dead game needs to stay dead. So LO do your best to dislike every post your remaining player base post as criticism and make this game exclusive Cheaters reloaded arena with a broken anti-cheat and custom configs.
  8. again we are coming to the original argument as the loop ends here , LO is not prioritizing this violation. How many times you report the same people , these reports do not matter cause as of today LO has no way of checking this . LO do not bat an eye nor the current anti-cheat system can detect these custom configs . Many of the streamers have [ removed effects_ particle , explosions effect ( the explosions effect cannot be seen on the client UI) , disable muzzle-flash etc.] So either you are just closing ur eyes or u must be using these as well , which are against allowed config limits. Some even have custom cross-hair from the shader config edit lol Sakebee disliking this wont hide the truth. Next time come dislike this being anonymous LOL
  9. there is no penalties, if there was, half or more than half of the apb streamer would be penalized for it and would only exist few "skilled players" in apb. Why kill the remaining population right ?
  10. Yes this is exactly what I was bringing up , LO should make it clear on those edits if not this is so unbalanced.
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