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  1. My 3rd release this year ''You Are My Everything'' out now on Swisted Selections.
  2. Not bad, very experimental. It`s not for me, but I know couple of people who listen to this type of stuff so it`s definitely for someone out there.
  3. My 2nd release this year is out now.
  4. My first release this year ''Up'' is out now on TrapWolves label.
  5. Hello there, forum people. (Potentially bad English ahead). I`m going by the pseudonym of Edgar Willow. Been making music for 4 years now. Now that I`m feeling a bit more confident in my abilities, recently started to release some music. So I have decided to make a topic containing only music I have made what I`ll continue to post here when something new comes out. My main genres are Trap and Future Bass. About themes: As it happens I make some themes too, but only on Citadel. Search Pekausis on marketplace if you are interested. Recently quite a lot of people have asked for custom themes. Contact me through in-game mail and maybe we can make a deal. Back to music: If you are interested in hearing more of my music feel free to check out my: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/edgarwillow Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPimY9WoHvWvVOwh1FagHLQ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0aSSG3PZeLcmBgFyQI5RXL I`ll appreciate positive/negative feedback. Feel free to post your thoughts. Thank you for listening. P.S. Made this topic again, cause I deleted a lot of my old music from youtube and it got very messy there. This will be much more organized.
  6. What about bricks? I play only with bricks and running around with only one brick would not do me any good. Just for the sake of conversation.
  7. Why would you think that I`m angry? I`m perfectly calm. Now, what I`m curious about is why you changed your answer from insulting me to a mere defensive line of: it was just a tease? Did you felt bad about insulting completely unknown person on internet? I won`t write anything further on this matter as it`s not contributing anything to the main topic.
  8. I don`t quite capture the meaning of 'humblebragging', as I`m just stating the facts, what I`ve seen, and what people have told me. Everyone already knows that anyone who creates something in this game are filthy rich, but it doesn`t matter, cause again, APB money is useless in this game. I know everyone can write their opinions here, but if you have nothing relevant to say to this matter, then maybe consider not writing anything at all.
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