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  1. Why would you think that I`m angry? I`m perfectly calm. Now, what I`m curious about is why you changed your answer from insulting me to a mere defensive line of: it was just a tease? Did you felt bad about insulting completely unknown person on internet? I won`t write anything further on this matter as it`s not contributing anything to the main topic.
  2. I don`t quite capture the meaning of 'humblebragging', as I`m just stating the facts, what I`ve seen, and what people have told me. Everyone already knows that anyone who creates something in this game are filthy rich, but it doesn`t matter, cause again, APB money is useless in this game. I know everyone can write their opinions here, but if you have nothing relevant to say to this matter, then maybe consider not writing anything at all.
  3. As a theme maker myself, I don`t see a problem in this option. There really are some crap themes out there. But a lot of people are missing the main potential source of this problem. The big problem is the pricing of so called "good themes". Sure, there are people who just want to annoy everyone with his ugly theme and it`s done on purpose, but there are a lot of those people who can`t afford to pay hundreds of thousands of APB money for a theme. I sell mine for 60k, and a lot of people ask me to raise my price cause it feels to them like stealing, while there are similar themes in terms of quality and length that sells for 10 times more. Themes are too damn overrated. Greedy theme makers, please, lower your prices, so more people can enjoy them and less people will be frustrated by the "ugly" themes. APB dollars are literally useless, as I`m swimming in them and have nowhere to spend it on. This is not an attack, it`s just a suggestion.
  4. Sorry, we do not need more bullets, we need much less recoil.
  5. Really like these changes. but: 1. JG will still hit like a truck. 2. CSG is too inconsistent. 3. Carbine was completely fine, was it not? 4. Where is my tommy gun buff..
  6. Please, Sir, don`t torture yourself and other members of community with your nonsense. Heavily consider playing on bronze district to better learn usage of in-game weapons.
  7. It`s APB so, I`d say that it`s a feature.
  8. Oh, Sorry, I did not know. I thought it`ll only disable that specific car making it unable to drive. Then it`s ok i suppose.
  9. Changes are really nice. Don`t know if that`s been mentioned yet, but I`d like to see a change that removes ability to heal when fighting someone and jumping into a car in a middle of a fight. Would definitely help against car gameplay a bit. Make it like 20 seconds or something till you start to heal again. I dunno. Thank you Little Orbit for your hard work.
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