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  1. It`s APB so, I`d say that it`s a feature.
  2. Oh, Sorry, I did not know. I thought it`ll only disable that specific car making it unable to drive. Then it`s ok i suppose.
  3. Changes are really nice. Don`t know if that`s been mentioned yet, but I`d like to see a change that removes ability to heal when fighting someone and jumping into a car in a middle of a fight. Would definitely help against car gameplay a bit. Make it like 20 seconds or something till you start to heal again. I dunno. Thank you Little Orbit for your hard work.
  4. It kills in two shots. One bullet does 550 health damage in effective range. It has no damage reduction while not fully aimed.
  5. Pekausis_

    Nerf the .45 Pistol

    If you think that .45 is not a skill-based weapon then I am really curious to hear from you which weapons do you think are skill-based?
  6. Next song posted here might be May 22.
  7. After I finished High School I learned music production for 9 months. My mentor teached me the basics, but I`ve learned a lot more than that just from practice and all the different tutorials all over the internet. With knowledge I got now, I can easily say you can learn anything you need yourself, you don`t need a mentor to teach you. I didn`t know anything about it back then, that`s why i took some classes.
  8. Thank you, Sir. I still have a lot to learn and my music quality is not up there yet, but it is improving.
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