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  1. Hi bud. Can you add some more details. 1. Are you running the game vanilla 2. Have you got your OS version updated to the latest? 3. What APB servers are you connecting to? EU US 4. How are you connecting? Normal or via vpn? 5. Have you made sure the anticheat has been installed and is running? 6. Have you checking your av/am and defender/firewall for any restrictions, some can stop APB components from running correctly, allowing you into the game for brief time.
  2. This episode has both my criminal and enforcer characters 🥸..
  3. Hope your all having a good Friday.. this dropped to night enjoy! Give it a like at the end thank you and much love.
  4. I have to apologies , this went out on Friday night and im only just posting it now. there will also be Another episode tonight as its Monday. It might not be posted here for a bit, (the actual job is keeping me busy) so head over to my Channel get sub'd and notifications active so you dont miss it. Peace!
  5. Episode 92... nearing 100.. .. Maybe.. haha Season 5 was meant to be a short series of "Uncut" with full length gameplay at 2k res high quality footage/videos.. this episode takes us to 950 APB Reloaded Videos (not including Streams)..
  6. Well.. S**** this one is Episode 90.. This year.. 18minutes 22 seconds of JUST CHAOS !
  7. MEGA Mission -> this was an epic fight from the beginning to the end ! #fighttothened #ramdo #bettyboo
  8. Apologies this is getting posted here late. Completely forgot to do it busy week. This was published Monday. There is one scheduled for tonight aswel
  9. And the High Quality version on my YouTube Channel.
  10. yeh exactly that, unfortunately with freedoms come twats. who like many things think they can take free speech and acts further then just being free. they hold the power to do what they will.. APB is built on this "freedom" to create, play, do and progress" obviously rules are there.. the only way you can combat this issue is by using the report tool, thats been stated by LO and G1 over the years, if its that bad and one player specifically then just keep reporting them .. Otherwise like everything else in life that's despicable and wrong we turn a blind eye to add them to that list.
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