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    Not enough fps

    This is false. the game can run on a lot of "Varied" specs providing your willing to spend some time configuring. but as a hole the game can run out the box on most (of the thousands of different configurations) systems. otherwise You could by all means say that my own system doesn't meet the "exact specs" as the games compatibility list is so old and my system is 2022-23 parts. just unfortunately depending were you live (location) and tech you have can have issues. even down to your OS not having a specific update due to "location" can cause issues with games. APB is such a diverse multi country game , and i mean many many many connections from different countries even using vpns to play.. ADV launcher is an option. some swear by it. some say its a way to get banned. APB "apparently" support it. its at your own risk. the colour text part doesn't really make sense. but this could be a language breakdown so.. to ACTUALLY be helpful. lets have a look. you haven't stated your motherboard, memory or psu, or OS type/version ., these are all factors to good or bad performance. but to break down what you have stated. your CPU Amd Radeon 5 2600: is a 6 core 12 thread., base 3.5ghz . pci ex 16 v3. Supports ddr4. and looks to have all the required specs in terms of "low to moderated gaming specs of current day." . GPU the rx590 : is a so so card of its time in 2018., its equal to the GTX970 closer to GTX 1060 .. SO.. the card should be able to play APB at 720 / 1080 res with the graphics medium with out any issues. but your probably looking now with all the updates a test to get 60 fps depending on number of players, area within game etc. factor in connection speed, type of storage your game is installed on can all make the game run low fps, stutters etc. if you were to upgrade your gpu to a modern gpu within the last 3 years (2020,21,22 card) be it a second hand gpu, similar to the 2021 AMD RX 6600 XT which is equal to the RTX3060 then your system would see a really good upgrade and it would be supported by your cpu. (again you haven't stated your motherboard, memory or psu, these are all factors to good or bad performance. for the upgrade to the rx6600 you could be requiring a psu upgrade if your psu is below 550watt but depending on total system draw. ) Note that your system for apb alone should have a minimum of 8gb ramm,. most "modern" gaming systems are built around 16 as a best case. Hope that helps.
  2. interesting read. So , some things im sure you have already tried. but to cover base il run through a check list. first of all, check your account allows you to install programs on your system. sounds stupid but there has been a known ms update that changes your account setup, So 1) Uninstall the game via "control panel / Add remove programs" 2)a) go to your install directory and make sure their is no direct folder titled apb Reloaded, some times some files can get left behind ,., 2)b) If you installed via steam,, go to your steam storage / default directory, (steamapps) you should see "appmanifest_113400.acf" delete this file,. additionally go into "shadercache" and if you have a folder with the same app id "113400" delete this as well. 2)c) if you installed the game from the stand alone launcher you will need to locate the directory you selected and double check it is clear, additionally go to C:\Users\"your account name"\AppData\Local - Look for anything folder related to gamersfirst of apbreloaded. and delete them. Within this same directory you should have "battlEye" Delete this folder and contents. also C:\Users\"your account name"\AppData\Roaming - check for gamers first / APB folder and delete them. You do not need to go diving into each folder or delete anything from temp files. 3) Restart your system, this is vital when uninstalling / reinstalling games / programs as the system has to finalise files/process. 4) download the latest Direct X (link for the lates DX Via Microsoft site) and NetFramework (link for the latest 4.8 via microsoft site) for your os. also look to check your system drivers are up to date. 5) antivirus, if you are running 3rd party antivirus, check it is not restricting installations, you should also be able to see a history log, if all looks clear continue., 6) download a fresh installer from the game site or steam library. try installing the game via the launcher, I would recommend not changings its default installation directories, unless you want it on a secondary device if you know what your doing, 3 DO NOT do anything whilst it is downloading., once it has complete the download and install, do not run the game and close the launcher, you can now check your antivirus again to see if it has detected anything or isolated any files. if it looks clear, then try to load the game. if you got an error whilst downloading the game, then normally i would look at a program, like your antivirus or anti-malware, defender or something is monitoring and restricting your traffic , for a good reason but it could be a false flag. Note that if you are on a business class router or behind a business server this can be a problem. Copying files.. As a rule copying the game from one Device to another providing both are yours and your accounts its not an issue, as this is how you can backup your games. so if it is working on your laptop simply copying the game directory contents (files with in the apb directory folder) and placing them in the directory folder on the other system should be fine., So for example pc1\c:\programfiles\gamersfirst\APB Reloaded\ "contents to pc2\e:\steam\common\APBReloaded\ "contents" - you can then load the launcher go to options and Verify files. BUT they must be your files linking to your gamersfirst account. if the issue persists then yes you have a deeper problem.
  3. Update to my lack of content .. it is savage but true . I couldn't think of a thumbnail for this so blank is best, Much love to all of you guys/girls that follow my content uploads..
  4. Yoo, so been busy the past week unable to jump in the game much. This video was hard to make. People and their macros & bs. But non the less it's still good fun jumping in, teaming with randoms. So ENJOY!
  5. If I remember right you can do this through you're steam library .. But you need to access it. Steam support wont really help you gain access back into your account with out security QA and 2fa this is to do with acc hijacking. Especially if setup 2fa and you don't have it, then support wont help and you've lost that account. Steam's normal Account Verification is to your email associated with. if you don't have access to that email then you're stuck . You can request help to recover your account but the requirements is very long and most importantly you would have to prove owner ship ie, digital purchase by card or virtual, with receipt/invoice or bank statements. To answer your question on Steam unlink . If you do get back into your account its via Locate APB Reloaded in library. -> Right click -¬ Sub menu -> "Manage" ¬ Sub menu -> "Remove from account" This acts as two functions,, Removes the "free licence title" from your account and Removes the steam link login to that game. I cant confirm if this still works as intended.
  6. For those going into solo match's teaming with randoms.. this game has.epic all over it.. starts rough but sheeeeeeeeesh This street fight is intense to the last point As always show your support for APB and the APB videos hit the like. Let me know in the comments what keeps you coming back to APB
  7. Crim's cant take our streets. We must Enforce the streets . Give it a like if your still fighting the grind ! ! bo0m
  8. Some battles we lose, So Winning more is key.
  9. The computers were the key to breaking the enforcers.. but we had to get them out of the residential areas.. and the trouble maker was in close quarters.. As always, give the video a like , Subscribe if your not.
  10. "Taking the Criminal fight behind the streets. we go deep into residential space to claim back what's ours." As always, give the video a like , Subscribe if your not.
  11. Whilst I'm working on the next batch of videos.. I stumbled on these old things .. I was learning how to manually make Gif's. Oh and updated my Topic landing page (page 1)
  12. Hi @PingOVER9000 . Cheers for the feedback. I think if have come across Enigma before Although good music, not what I want for my content. Ah the opgl so maaany moons ago I did a video just on opgl. I commented on it in a past video. I super over edited it and sound effects every thing.. but it was seriously funny. I used to be good with it and at the game. slacking these days though. APBR Just another day OpGL Short Monti (Youtube Link) APBR 37 Ways to Die OpGL Special (YouTube Link) < The Over edited one .... ALSO THIS WAS 8 YEARS AGO .. and I was signed with TGN lol.. I rent that opgl at like what 20 or 40k a time.. the 1 slot is an extra 10k,... I don't want to break into my 1mil for that Taking a small break from the videos for a week or two. had a crappy run of hackers the other day. ( 7 straight games..) but i will be back with some new videos. cheers for watching bud
  13. its difficult to say what your issue is directly or what the resolve could be. I definitely wouldn't right now say its only RTX based. You could by all means get another "non" rtx card go through the whole process of unistall reinstall etc to see if your game runs. yes this would prove there is an issue related to the "Graphics" hardware software bla. I know JayTwoCents did a video this year showing GPUs to be half dead out the box. but you would be seeing similar issues in other titles. Which would mean its not an APB issue. IF you can.. Do all the steps you do to recreate the issue. So load apb , play it or what ever you do. the moment you get the game crash or what ever you get. do two things.. oh and take note of the system time when your back on desktop or if your watch/phone is around the same minute. Go to start type "Event viewer" and open it, wait for it to load, it can take some time. once it has, left hand panel, open "custom views" then Click once on "administrative Events" and find the "time zone" your game stopped, if shown locate APB.exe Or any Red X events relating to the game or Graphics. You can Also do this with Side tab Windows Logs / Applications. for the game or EAC issues and / System for drivers or hardware issues. If you see anything relateing take a screen shot.. and upload to your thread. Also, run the game, the ALt Tab out, go to start Type "dxdiag" and run it. on the main window you will see 3 options on the bottom, second being "save information" do this and uploaded it to a secure cloud, like google drive or other. then paste a "read only" link to the same thread (or if your concerned about who can read it, send the link direct to my profile). Do not copy and past the file to your thread. it will be very long.,
  14. Sgt Drayke

    excess bloom

    Well it's hard to say really. Depending on monitor setup and os/GPU settings. Also with out being Infront of the game I couldn't tell you how many units. Me personally. If I use bloom my brightness bar is set to low 1/3rd 1/4 . But if bloom is off then it's up in the 2/3rds maybe high 3/4 of the bar.
  15. I would guess it's not directly an issue with rtx 2080. There has to be something else going on. But with out being in your shoes it could be anything. The only thing you havnt done in your list is a fresh os install. But if it's only one game your having issues with it prob isn't worth it. Say that I always do a fresh os install to the latest OS version approx every 12 months. So if it's been awhile . Back up your files and go for it.
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