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  1. @Infinate Dm me Il try to help. currently got alot going on in personal life. but when i can il ping a message back with some pointers. @Naphta1ene GTX family should be good with no real issues. other then 1650 is not a gaming/strong contender., This issue youv stated happens to me randomly too. its not graphics related, I think its either a server handshake issue, or worse. with apb you shouldnt switch launchers or computers to much, you can lock trades etc from re-intalls and switching. its another counter measure in place. this "may" also cause the lock out. but 3 types of this issue, 1) kick out from log in 2) kick out when selecting a character from within an account (this can just be an issue with handshake between server and client or even getting data from source) 3) kick out once selecting district as load splash screen appears (this i believe is server handshake which is why you get kicked right out to log in screen) in some instances you can just hit ok, go back out to log in screen (if loaded through steam) just hit the steam log in and it will put you straight into character select and you can join a game. what i do when it happens. The kick out and not being able to get back in is a bit more tricky,. if it physically blocks you from logging in, then i would suspect the entire account has been blocked, why ?? dont know. how to fix.. via support, will it be fixed.. duno / probably not any time soon. (due to staff not in the office etc.)
  2. If you get this from the Launcher its normally a firewall/defender or AV blocking something,. standalone you should be ok, but worth a check anyway so your not kicked mid game.
  3. Hello @Ketog Hmm didn't need to quote the entire thing, but ay .. cheers for the note. yes "most" are now "supported". But originally they weren't, and thats where confusion starts for non tech players. So to my understanding some freesync monitors are still not compatible to Gsync (Nvidia) . There is a huge difference to "supported" and "compatible" this is due to the market monopoly between manufacturers and licenses. As well as actual tech (chips) there is a vast list of freesync monitors that are "ment to be" compatible depending on "build versions" etc. Just like my own Samsung freesync monitors are ment to be but are not compatible direct from manufacturers and to nvidia specifics yes I could force them to work. How ever doing so can cause other issues with os and other applications if you do not do it app specific however app specific is still a pain. Iv spent many hours researching and testing. Example of this setting NvC to Gsync full screen or windowed application would cause my editing applications to produce visual errors in all available options. So that's why I have worded my piece how I have to not incorrectly claim a fact. More info check this article Besides that good job drayke trying to help others.
  4. Hello, so I just wanted to update this to my current tweaks which have been really stable. this also includes the recent windows update that caused some fps stutters. As always this is all based on my setup, which is unique, but focuses on a few key factors surround an RTX 3k Graphics card. again usual legal "at your own risk" and this is not for the green fingered pc users. So recap Intel 8 Core 16 Thread @3.2 , DDR4 2333mhz (amount doesn't matter but its more then required and above 10gb.) Graphics Card is an EVGA XC3 Ultra RTX3070 running latest Nvidia drivers. Also Running latest version of Precision X1, with Boost lock off and OSD Disabled. also running OS on SSD, game is installed to a SATA III (3)6gb 3tb HDD. Extra bits of info, Monitors are connected by display port, at 60hz (max for my monitors) OS Version 20h2 (from a fresh iso install not Updated to) build 19042.928, This also includes latest Netframework, VC_distru x86 + x64 , also includes Dx update package to include DX12U from os install. <<< This is very important with RTX 3k, Fresh OS install is best with 3k cards do not install into an old environment. Running the game away from an active OS drive is still key, especially hdd, this being a secondary storage device with out OS or other continuous w/r applications on it. for some reason when i run the game on ssd it just doesn't like it . im not going to dig into this issue. * added note The game is in a completely Vanilla state, no code tweaks or use of AdvL. Iv made a change to the Nvidia Profile for APB Reloaded, (remember this only works if you tell NVC to use Advanced 3d settings) Copy these , you will see iv set a "background fps limit" as my monitors only go to 60hz, so iv set an over head of 10. (remember global settings is what my default is, refer to what is in the ( ) Brackets) but i have kept the game / application fps to unlimited max in game settings are as follows. You can see here i have disabled Vsync, this is because i run the game in "window mode" which the os does not actively support, however within NVC profiles you can enable the profile to try and actively "vertical sync" the application . which in my personal mind does a better job then the game does in full screen. This is how it looks for me, fair enough I run 4k 28" monitors, I run the game in "2k" 2560x1440. (the best res forget 4k even in fullscreen) and yes this res is still overkill for apb in its current state. another pic from game play In game screen grab whilst in action, haze had his head shot , fps on the side, not a massively active scene, but never drops below 61.2 max 62 fps. (vysnc max is 60) Last thing. Nvidia Gsync. This I found out has a habit of been on as default, and for me my monitors although "freesync" do not support Gsync or cross compatibility. you can Enable this feature but really it was causing more issues for my work flow then worth the time. so i disabled the feature out right. Its worth checking if you do not have compatible monitors to turn this off. Hope this helps those who wish to play and are willing to learn/tweak. Oh and if this helps you get into the game and play then give this a ♥ or in the corner so I know we are making progress. thanks
  5. So 9PM happened,, Another Episode hits the screens, amazing that we are hitting Episode 61 of uncut.. and this makes 922 Published APB Reloaded Videos to date. (not including live)
  6. ppfff.... yeah. @Ketog haha I just dont bother trying.. @Azukii think its fair to just zap this topic into a dark wormhole before it implodes. . a "fix/solution" has been posted which is pinned.
  7. Sgt Drayke


    @DigiMax this can happen a lot, normally every time I log on and try connecting to a server. click ok and go back out to Main menu lobby (character/ account select) then log back in if you have to and connect in, should work. If you are having further issues not being able to connect then more information is required. you will need do the "normal" checks, 1) make sure your os is up to date, check your AV/AM security applications including OS firewall/defender is not blocking or limiting the game. 2) worth checking your internet connection is stable, consistent speeds/ping. especially over wireless. Dont try to play over VPN, and if trying to connect to EU from non eu countries will cause connection issues.
  8. HI @rodrig0rm1 sorry to hear your having this issue.. Firstly sorry if this comes across as me picking holes in your message, I am just simply trying to understand and narrow possibilities. so here are some questions, but also some pointers to think about checking 1) so You downloaded APB, is this recently? or an older copy that you have opened and updated to current version? if this was an old version (more then a year or so) but has updated then i would think about the possibility of re-installing the game with the latest install file through steam. ¬> additionally remember to check for updates with Dx & Netframework4.8+ the latter should update through your os updates but some times gets missed. 2) Blue Screens of Death BSOD - these are tricky and yes this could be caused by applications and not system hardware but mostly result in hardware failure but not Faulty hardware, (in a nutshell = BSOD is an os safety trigger in the event of an application causing harm to hardware or hardware malfunction that can cause further damage, even a bad memory chip on ram can cause this in random intervals) so i would get my phone ready, and try to trace my steps to make this happen again and with the phone ready record your screen or take a pic, why? the BSOD will display a code, or if like you state you have the most recent OS it will present a QR code for you to scan with your phone camera. This will then present you with some sort of "idea" reference to the MS site regarding to what your BSOD is. (sometimes its a "very vague" description but points you in the direction you need to investigate. 3) abit more technical and you will need administrative rights to your OS, iv advised before in other threads is to view your "event viewer log (EVL) " , if you know the exact time and date this BSOD happened, you can load the EVL on the left side under Custom logs > Administrative logs = scroll to the time and date of your BSOD and look through for any "critical" events and anything that stands out as an issue, note that some events stem from a series or domino effect that can be up to 10/20 minutes prior. take your time to read through. also do not be alarmed if you see a lot of "caution" events some (most) you can ignore. 4) you stated that you monitored task manger and your ram never when above 5.5Gb , this i would imagen you mean as a total system usage? as the game its self in current state will never go above 3.0/3.2gb due to its build limits. BUT if you do have an issue like memory leak anything above will cause the game to crash out, so i would be very concerned if your game was going to 5.5gb. ¬> I would also take into account that your gpu is only a 2gb, which means it is having to share/divide load with your system ram, this is dependant on your motherboard configuration if this is set to do so. ¬> additionally , 1050 are not regarded as "medium/high end" gaming graphics cards, they are actually the low end, & can play some games but i would not expect to push any serious games, this would include trying apb at 1920x1080 60fps, i would advise trying the game at 1280x720 res in window mode with everything to low settings and then slowly up the detail, AA and Advanced settings may have to be off, Besides that i think from your update post you have a found a stable point work from so good luck.
  9. @OhJosh Dinput8 within the SysWow is an essential system file, this is why you will be blocked from deleting it, how ever this could of become corrupt. another theory is that depending on your setup you might not have the required updates/support/access for the game 1. Ref => Microsoft OS Repair Scan 2. run Os updates, 3. Check for driver updates. 4. make sure your AV applications are not blocking game access to these files.
  10. @adamegb this is an ongoing issue that has been side-lined due to the incoming engine update. however like so many of us, you wish to play the game now, there is options to try and find the optimal/stable state. Id imagen if you've spent that much on the game over the years then you are playing on a powerful up to date gaming rig, Unfortunately the games current state is not so stable with the very latest OS and Hardware, this is because the game is old. its 10+ years now. so I would advise you check the forum topic "RTX support", even if you are running an AMD/ATI rig there are some pointers in there that can help .
  11. Hi @badass1234 , Hope your good. kick this off with a small bit of dribble. ,, iv been thinking and researching this issue and I have been meaning to jump on and try to help. so firstly I just want to help clarify AutoIt and the issues around it, with Battleeye and the global use of Autoit. its always easy to compare "anticheat" software/applications to others. each have there own strengths and weakness, some have a prime time and some fade. I could happily compare Ring0 and Battleeye against the Warzone one and Laugh A Lot! plus everyone has there own preferred opinion on which to use. from a business view Little Orbit may have (I am not speaking for them) chosen to stay with BE because of contract, cost, difficulty of changing or even simply they found it the best fit for the game which is normally the main decider. When it comes to detecting Applications there is a real grey area in how they operate, the amount of access and information that is gathered etc. some AC simply don't do enough. AutoIt although being a great application for those who wish to use it correctly or efficiently for projects, workflow. this application can also be abused for cheating, and more importantly Malware. if used for malware even the most "common" AM packages will not detect it. to my understanding Companies like Razor have moved away from using it but only in their most recent "application packages". Some data mining companies or companies that monitor your activities to use for marketing do also use "auto it/Runs" to do this. Now, even if you say open "task manger" and disable an application from starting on boot, or you even go into "processes" and close an application, you will never actually close the application or stop it from running, most malware or "safe" applications that require to autorun will have a safety trigger to detect when being stopped and "auto Run" . List of known "applications" that use Auto runs abusively is huge, Browser plugins can be infected , browser toolbars, download packages from unsecure websites where you think your downloading a wallpaper but you have to download it as a "zip" file. or even downloading a "download manager" to get that application off a dodgy site. these can all hold hidden autoruns. and I am sure non of that applies to you. Actions for you to try/take. This is at your own risk how ever ( I have to state that) 1. Download AVG + Malwarebytes, Run and update these, then power off the system unplug/disable your "connection" to your internet. power up and let your system stabilise with out being used, then load avg and run full scan , do the same for Malwarebytes afterwards. Not at the same time. once you have your results back either - or + and you have cleaned or happy with the results. reconnect your connection and run the scans again. What this is doing is creating a "safe" zone with in AVG and Malwarebytes, then once your connection is active any "application" that becomes active based on the connection will be check under a "live scan". Some "Malware" can be missed, and like iv referenced to, a lot of applications that autorun will auto re-start/run so the next step is to look into what is actually running in the background. 2. AutoRuns - by Microsoft (link here ) This sounds crazy to download an "autorun" application to combat "autoit". I would personally download the "run only" version of this application (run only versions do not install to your system like .exe versions) , again i would once downloaded disconnect your self from the net and load "autoruns", then scan your system. I STRONGLY advise you read up on there wicky. With in this application it will list all "automated applications". it is not for the faint hearted, before you begin disabling anything, i would take screen grabs of the list or applications you are not sure off. then like the scans, re-connect your self to the net and run "autoruns" again, to compare your scan, if you have any "auto runs" based on an active connection. Now, this is not to say you have any malware or dodgy applications, using "autoruns" will also allow you to check for razor(like) applications and be able to disable them , but some may cause unwanted effects elsewhere so be careful. once you have tweaked and think youve found the issue give the game a try. this will how ever be very "rinse repeat" good luck.
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