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  1. Gee I dont have any problems with any of my Computer setup or the game., runs a charm,. , think you have the wrong end of the stick or miss understood some of the conversation, discussion of my system / gpu was to try and help with with there Manufactured OC boost features If i remember rightly. and the difficulty's with RTX and 3k Series. Any way. Im glad others have found some help / answers with the thread.
  2. To make my system stable (not just gaming or gpu) , so being = Not over heating, Not Throttling the GPU, but also optimize Power usage for the rest of the system. So not for the game as such, the game would have random moments of needing alot of GPU, thus increase Power Draw. if your gpu says i want 100% power and a small bit more for nv Boost, then your at 102% this very quick request can make your PSU unstable or who system, But just dropping your Gpu down by 5% can help reduce the risk of this happing , in that situation the gpu will only demanding 97% say of its total ability theres no way of the gpu demanding more voltage then available and chocking its self. or causing voltage drops through the system. under volting can actually Aid thermals (lower thermal heat soak) and guarantees a set voltage for the gpu. and thus optimise longevity of performance over long periods of time instead of short bursts. so for what i do i know i can run my gpu under load of 90%+ for hours i think recently for 6/7 hours with out thermal throttling, voltage demand issues, or any performance drop. JaytwoCents did a nice video after admitting he was wrong about hitting everything to max, when he was shown undervolting and the gains you can get in terms of optimised performance over long periods of time. youl have to flick through his channel though as i cant remember what video it was Crunk good luck with W11, I personally wont be going near it but im interested to see how people get on, there will always be bugs in the first year of an os,. some say its great an others have reverted back, Yes Beta stuff is tuchy hents why its beta. . Anisotropy is just crud.
  3. Hey ElectroStingz. (apologies for the very late reply) A "small" amount of testing.. so first question . How I Start all scenarios/testing is to have everything stock be it gpu and os. but "stock" will never be the most efficient/optimised . for me when the card setup is completely stock and the NVc is stock (no profiles) i was having stability issues in game. so yes would play but card was not happy, game would crash. Second question. 2040 is a lot of the time its happy place (ingame, out of game desktop etc card is 210mhz clock so idle) . with a lot of special sauce tweeks. But to be precise if your interested. (but i wont share my secrets) how I have it setup with my system allows it be flexible with the system requirements, instead of just setting the gpu to be at max performance or heat soaking the hole time. so system bios setup, os setup and gpu setup is vital,. so if I'm video editing i have profiles set to get the most performance but stability out of it inline with the system/application demands. same as the profiles i create for games (note that not all games are the same/equal. your avag gamer will just install and play. but if you actually look at what hardware/software the games prefer you can get better performance/optimisation and reliability .) the big one is the gpu doesn't have any bottlenecks in terms of pci lanes, CPU and System Memory all 32gb of it nor its bank of SSD's . Really the only bottleneck is APB Running on a 7200RPM SataIII Hard Disk Drive but that said the game (for me) runs better on HDD rather then SSD. (strange but iv spent ours testing it) additionally like i covered in that video that i "under volt" my card from 100% continues pw to 90% if it was to be at max load. this actually has been proven by many PC builders and also mine, the card is alot happier especially between boost. means extra pwr is on the table if needed, additionally the cards power input "area" on pcb isnt being heat soaked by excess power draw, my system also has very good cooling. most of the time my card never actually cicles its fans even sitting around 50c . but iv put in an aggressive fan curve if it does peak. I think Stock out of EVGA my card is meant to boost clock to 1775 , Iv seen them OC to 2195. Any "pc" user that pays big money for good hardware that just installs a game and begins playing it might aswell get a console. Zero setup requirement,. but if you actually want to call your self a "PC Gamer" you will appreciate some games are made with amd in mind or nvidia, or whether they support cuda. physX or Msaa Hbo etc bla bla bla.. and you will take the time to configure an actualy profile for the game. not just hit the NVC "max performance" key like some Youtuber PC builders say you should do. hope that kinda helps.
  4. So just to clarify .. you original issue is that : (quote) So has this now been Fixed? your in the game and able to load the game and log in? Your new comment (quote) Is a separate issue now your in the game ?
  5. Hey @Gamingplayer2233 Not knowing if you have the game installed prior or not. Easy option is to do a new install. But if... I would try two things to try to problem solve this. 1) go to your installation location and locate the APB.exe (if installed) launch this direct. If the game launches then the launcher is the issue.. 2) if you do not have the game installed or the game loads directly and the launcher is the issue I would check your installation path has not been changed. if you previously had the drive letter changed or folder name retitled then the launcher may break. additionally file corruption can happen. try disconnecting your network connection. Load the launcher. Should load but will present offline. This would test if it's a firewall/av issue. you can completely rename the game installation folder. Reinstall the launcher to the drive location and before downloading installing the game you can copy the game files acros but not the launcher files.. although if a file is corrupt this would replicate the issue.
  6. If you do not genuinely know why ? and it does not state you have been banned. then Ticket via support channels. HERE
  7. So .. a few theories that can cause this issue. but they are not confirmed. Not in any particular order and this is not a guide. Read - Research - Solve 1) Playing on a - Modem/ 3g/4g Sim (cellular/antenna) network . Yes some modern games can play on these connections, APB to my knowledge will not, 2) router - Firewall/Nat configuration APB being old, will still rely on some old manual config to your router for "port forwarding" &/ Nat access. (normally modern routers can auto detect and do this for you, but some modern routers do not even know what APB is any more.. its 10+ years old. NetGear 3) OS firewall/ AM - AV software . - Drivers & supporting applications Including updates required to run the game in its stable state. including memory/drive access and connection. OS . this can become complicated. Makes sure your OS is up to date, you have the most recent copies of : Dxdiag VCredist Ntfw 4.+ AM - AV = Its become more common that some AM - AV will red flag or restrict file or hardware access to files of games. windows 10 defender is very good at doing this, dont disable the applications, just make sure you set them to allow files/access you trust. Drivers & Supporting Applications including updates = Games like other applications require updates, this is also true for EAC and graphics, sound card, and other drivers. 4) 3rd party software and arguments - EasyAnti Cheat or any other application that can cause an argument. 3RD party software is currently the single peace of S**** . Discord with its overlay & Screen hook, even Steam/ea/uplay with there own screen overlay / hooking .. if you run any screen capture software that can DXhook or even just running chrome with extensions.. these can all be seen by "anti cheat" software as a false negative in the drive to stop cheaters. Another example is "razor and its macro mouse drivers" will cause EAC to block it ..... macro mouse . 5) Try deleting a few files and verifying your game files. navigate to (i use steam, if you dont go to your apb game installation) -> \Steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config <- Delete this folder and contents "Config" Then Reloaded the games original Launcher. (not the game directly) use the launcher window to then select "options & Repair" . once complete. close the launcher window. check your Am-AV applications for any issues. reloaded the launcher and play select to play the game..
  8. Sgt Drayke


    @lollllllllllllllllll I had another thought to this? if you haven't found a solution yet, have you looked into your Dx / Netframe work updates. Even if you are running the latest build of Windows 10 you may be missing key backend components , its worth checking the following VCRedist_ 32bit & 64Bit NetFramework 4.0+ (think we are on 4.8) - Depending on your os type. DirectX updater You can simply search google for these and get them freely from the Microsoft site. obviously only get the ones you require for your os 32/64. do not forget you may have to restart your system between updates. and especially before you re-install the game.
  9. Link content unavailable. Are you refereeing to "Social District - Vehicle Customisation hub? " or something else? Best way to get support is to break down your steps to Error as well as steps to temporary fix if one is viable. also in some kind of detail, ie name of "X" options your clicking on etc.
  10. Sgt Drayke

    Weapon Activation

    Different "servers" ie US / EU / Others etc will run differently. I also think the map is different on the US servers. Just how it is.
  11. you don't need ADVL to do full screen window, (full screen borderless) that's two separate things. if anything try the in game vanilla full screen borderless and if no luck then ADVL. But ay .
  12. @FakeBungo Ah so you are refrencing US servers. to my knowledge they are not the most stable, with a lot of factors at play when it comes to "lag" connection stability, this is down to which state/area you are in, type of connection to the "net" and also provider you are with,.. also factor in time of day/night area usage etc. then take into play, applications you are running , like using apb vivox is horrible ( i personally kill this task once in the game) disable ingame music share aswel . running chrome or any browser in the background , or even discord really will all hit your "bandwidth". iv seen people complain about lag and after a lonnnnnngg discussion they are streaming music with spotify or some crap whilst gaming like really. also take into consideration some ISP routers are horrible to game with, especial over wireless. some ISP also proactively limit bandwidth to customers with high usage to gaming IP's during peak times or even just out right if your on a low value package. ( pay a premium you get full access kinda thing) all under "fair usage" In terms of game stability and "Frames" most people do reduce the quality of there game, so turning of AA off, and world details etc. keeping res med to high. this will improve your frames and should reduce the "amount of frames dropped" due to a "spike" so there is no clear cut resolve to server side connection/stability i know Little Orbit have been working hard with data centres who host the servers to upgrade.
  13. @DeNozzo check your os defender or av/am security software could be a false negative on a game update file,. normally files accessing memory or files tied to os dx core files are limited by av/am . updater files can also get blocked/limited access and not correctly update the game. this would also be the case for somone suffering from delayed kick. were the game is loaded but as an asset file is requested it causes the game to crash. @FakeBungo youv listed a tone of mixed issues. im not going to go through each individual one. some can easier be fixed though. also done a big piece on fps and aa how to setup the game up for "ultra mode" with high res. LO didn't necessarily ban custom configs, unfortunately people were abusing the abilities of custom configs to gain an advance with out detection, thus it was a required measure. another example of "sensible people get punished because of D********" but thats life.
  14. Sgt Drayke


    sounds like it could be an os/av block . check your os defender or av/am software to make sure its not a false negative with a game update. happens a lot.
  15. Hi @SkySmashify with a lack of details this would be very difficult to help you with, however.. a simple option is available. Open your games "installation directory" and navigate to the Config folder. For Example : Directory :\Steam\Steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config Then select the following files and delete them, APBEdutirserSettings.ini APBGEngine.ini APBGame.ini APBinput.ini Load the game launcher, and click on options / repair, the game will then scan your installation and replace the above files with "vanilla" files (unmodified default files). this should get you back into the game, were you can then begin changing resolution and graphics options again.
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