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  1. Sgt Drayke

    Error 10008

    Translation to ( It could be wrong) "Good day, many players were banned, including me for error 10008. Some for the software from the Razer keyboard, some for the img program. When will it be unbanned? Support rejects all tickets. EAC support doesn't work at all. What to do??????? " You need to submit a ticket to support, state your issue and chances of it being any time soon? I cant imagen it will be. but you never know. not sure what you mean by "img Program" unless you mean Razor "Synapse" software which is detected for its built in Macro crap. additionally if you've used "advanced launcher" (of which by default it was made safe to use with apb.) if you tweaked the ADVL package out of its safe boundaries then you could be flagged. additionally you can be banned for being using banned for a bunch of stuff against the rules. banned software/ being toxic, abusive , hate speech etc .
  2. @PingOVER9000 Hey bud. I appreciate the long typed out reply. And its great to see you have such passionate knowledge about the game. 8+ years ago I would also be to the same level of checking the gun stats and updates etc. these days many many hours in the game all these years later . I just simply jump in run around or drive. Chill and jump in to some random games. Why it's called "Casual Gameplay". I don't have the drive for being hardcore in this game anymore or at this current time at least. If I get mowed down by a team in a mission then that's what it is. I'm sure if I tried I could. If the game got a serious update which was game changing (engine) then I might come back to it with the matched passion and hardcore mindset I used to have back in the day. When I was pumping out videos for APB daily being competitive. 🫡
  3. So what I'm about to say is not aimed at you directly. But as a whole its reflective of many people. Don't take it personally. To be fair it's not BE or EAC fault. People have become to ignorant (I say this politely) to the fact that "PC's / Computers" are all different. Be it house to house, and even country. They make a game or application to work to a set standard. Os version and hardware. Which is why they publish a "required minimum spec" to play a game, even at this spec there is "**" due to the minimum spec that the game was tested too. . It would be impossible for a games house (Devs) to test a game to every single possible variant of hardware and then again with every variant of os with updates and then all over again with every variant of antivirus and again with every.. . You see we're that's going.. it would be millions of variants to test. This is were if you as a person that doesn't want to bother with trouble shooting fixing etc to your own pc then get a console. That really is the simple answer. By all accounts any game launched on console should work on the console 100% with out failure and thus if it doesn't a refund should be awarded as its faulty. With "pc" this isn't so as you are knowing buying or signing up to a game what is not guaranteed to work for your sole "pc". Pc gaming community is and has always been about: knowing, understanding or learning the computer you built or bought and trouble shooting to correct or fix an issue. Educating your self and getting a sense of pride/achievement. Some people don't want to which is totally fine. Doesn't make it the companies fault. To many people now expect something to work or for someone else to find/make the fix and expect it to be over night. I would 90% of the APB players have no issues relation to what you do. So that says LO BE or EAC has no issues.
  4. Sgt Drayke

    FPS Drops

    Care to expand your message, include in brief your game settings IE res & quality etc. Also included your computers hardware brand+part name . With out that info we can only assume your playing on a potato and that's why some of the responses you get are let's say.. creative.
  5. "Kicked from server: anti cheat: corrupt or invalid backend message". I Imagen this is what you might see. Normally caused by a few basic things. Any AV / AMW / ISp , monitoring firewalls etc. some have active protection that can block or restrict eac from working properly. Note that working properly includes detection of and access to the game. Check that you have the correct rule set for eac and apb with in any firewall or protection software including os basic if you choose to use it. Also , eac do have a tutorial on how to clear the eac cache / database and when you load the game it will reload the database. Just be aware that sometimes when doing this may have the effect of being trade locked in game for the basic time.
  6. So APB Reloaded is starting to see new players. be it from consoles merging across or just new people being interested. So I figured, why not jump in and just have a chill session anything goes and if its half decent il make a simple gameplay of it. So this is a One hour gameplay video with some basic edits and colour grading sauce. Not an excuse just fact.. I have lost/forgotten the skill sets to play this game so I do get a whooping but it's still fun. As always if you've got a half decent or good connection watch it in high quality. Video is 1440 (2k) 60fps 10b colour. Hit the like if you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to get notifications for future content. 🫡
  7. Sgt Drayke

    APB Crash randomly

    Ok well software not responding is better then just freezing and closing.. and more game uptime is a win. there is oddities with the game that unfortunately just cant be answered,. like once I found the game requires a Netframework that isn't available at the time to w10 users in the far east, as soon as it detects the installation region it wont install. thus making the game unstable. haha.. So yeh you are in a better position now. I would say if its entering a "non responsive state" over 2-3 hours of gaming, this could be the "memory leak",. which can ... still happen.. (called memory leak , but its not want it sounds like, your system or game isnt actually leaking memory .) Definitions = Memory leaks are a class of bugs where the application fails to release memory when no longer needed. Over time, memory leaks affect the performance of both the particular application as well as the operating system. A large leak might result in unacceptable response times due to excessive paging. you can if you havnt already try adjusting your page file. an old tactic back in the day but not really used on modern w10/11 os with modern hardware . But if you do it, you can always revert it . just make a note of what size it is before changing it. Windows 11 you can search your start bar " Advanced system settings" go to tab "advanced" option 1 "performance > Settings " opens a new window - Second tab "advanced" option 2 "Virtual Memory" rule of thumb is to adjust in small amounts.,. its equal to just under 9/10% of your total system memory. like i have 32gb so my page is 3075. but really if say you have 1025 then 2050 would be a big jump in paging. do not think that going beyond in masses will be a gain. it can seriously have a negative effect. Note the "unacceptable response times due to excessive paging" the logic behind adding more paging space, is that if your system can handle a little more paging space it might add a little more gaming time. Might being the key word. older w7 /10 i think you can just search "Paging file size" to find it.
  8. So .. its always one of those difficult things people want open transparent conversations, but then way down the road bring back quotes to challenge the "you said" .. APB Reloaded was delivered to consoles be it xbox apox mid 2016, and playstation early 2017 under the "reloaded productions" (k2 Network) . This was announced by then "Deep Silver" part of "plaion" At this point the PC version was old, tired and showing a lot of cracks, Hackers were like the Bed bugs pandemic, This is the same rough period when Reloaded Productions stopped updating/maintaining Punk Buster (punk Buster was beginning lose trust in the gaming world with newer AC competition coming to the market) Little Orbit taking control of the game brought in FairFight in 2018 to work co-inside with Punk Buster and then ultimately replace it for a short period . So at the time , yes the consoles were big news the game did have a lot of fresh players willing to part ways with there pocket money. the consoles in theory couldn't be "hacked" which would allow a cleaner gameplay experience. a pc designed game porting to console after a lot of modifications and limited file access for the devs (my understanding due to encryption and old code) .. big ask. Plus at the time 2015 you had GTA V launch, Witcher 3, League of Legends, 2016 uncharted 4, forza horizon 3, overwatch, and more.. it just wasn't to be with a game looking dated, and old mechanics.. But Money was needed and I'm sure pressure from "external factors" demanded visible changes, tapping into other platforms etc. ( This is not Fact, just a theory ) A third party controlling the servers & access to the game + I imagen a small % that grew over time.. is a huge pain in the A***. seeing the community crying out for support but having your hands tied is just horrible. I feel for the APBR team seeing the game crumble and the community backlash when its out of your hands. I welcome any console players to the PC version and PC community. just take your time to get used to the Games PC mechanics, and using a mouse + Keyboard but have fun. I truly hope the Team (Little Orbit) focus on the next version of the PC game first as a priority. its overdue and really by the point this might come to the community the next generations of consoles due late 2025 will be hitting the shelves. I don't mean that as a dig. Its literal as you can work to release a more compatible version for those consoles in the build up.
  9. Soooo... It's 2024... Ha. Video anyone? Was good to get back in... Memories of the chaos we had.
  10. Sgt Drayke

    APB Crash randomly

    hm,.. So Window Mode "left with the Windows bar below and I end up on it with the mouse," In theory if the window is with in the screen / desktop space your mouse once in the game should lock to the game. I although a few times experienced the mouse leaving the game window to the sides. but never bottom. unless your game window goes below/behind the desktop taskbar. then yes the task bar will take priority over the game window. you can if you alt+tab out of the game., and then resize the game window to your desire. 3rd party software "software except Logitech which I need for my headphones and Razer" Logitech by the looks of the website if using G-Hub has the ability to co-ord with games. (change rgb or device settings based on the game) You should find an option with in the hub to disable game profiles/co-ord. (Google search "logitech g hub how to disable game interaction? ) Razer is known for its issues due to the "synapsis" software being flagged for having macro software (used to be called "autoit") , EVEN if your mouse or device does not have or use macro keys. the software will still be packaged with it. EAC will detect 3rd party macro or hooking programs even if disabled during load but activated mid game. Not to say you are.. but just so you are aware. AUTOIT you can search your start menu "add remove programs" then look for a program called autoit. and remove it. you can also use a utility i use (it is more advanced so if not confident dont use it) called "AutoRuns" that allows you to see hidden process/programs running. disable etc. (Google search Razer how to remove autoit?? ) SSD try it. it is interesting how a lot of old gen games don't like /agree with m.2 . AV. not running any AV or firewall is never a good idea especially games that work p2p. ., but its down to individuals. Not recommending but if your interested I use and have done for 8+ years used Comodo Pro package , people have views (i dont care) full av, hips, sandbox, advanced firewall and more.. Fully compatible with HC competitive Gaming. you will need to learn/understand how to modify detection, add remove access etc . easy once you know it . its brilliant. also makes you realise how much junk is shipped with stuff all wanting internet access to some server in a field on the other side of the world. DDR5 no. wont be an issue. nether speed. i run Nv RTX4080 FE - i7 13700k 16c24t 5.4ghz - Corsair H115Elite - Corsair Ven-XMP 32gb DDR5 6000 DC - Creative AE-5+ - WD 1tb + 2TB PCIeX4.0 M.2 Added note after posting this.. try running the game with admin rights. I run mine in admin.
  11. Sgt Drayke

    APB Crash randomly

    interesting every one is using the "GarbageCollectionMemoryCeilingGb or the TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects " I dont use either and the game is fine. So things you can try , its a trial error life unfortunately -> Run the game in a window ( have use a 2560x1440 as my primary so i run the game in 2310x1190) L> if your worried about screen tearing in game due to window mode, go into NVC / manage 3d / program settings tab/ add APB (do not set these settings to global, create a profile for the game.exe this will set the run environment) - then scroll and find " Monitor Technology" = (if you have a basic monitor leave iit to global auto) or if ( you have a freesync/gsync compatible montor select "gsync compatible") - scroll to the bottom find "vertical sync" = ON . (Vsync will use more gpu but your on a 3080 with an old game, you wont even notice. - Then go to "setup G-sync" / Enable For window And Fullscreen -> ingame turn off Vsync, NVC will now handle all or any vertical Sync for the game . -> Check any and all 3rd party system software (corsair, razor , including screen cap. etc etc ) as they may have macro features or be trying to hook into your game. corsair or river tuner can do this and although ac should detect on load it might only detect it during game play. as people turn hacks etc on once in game . - if you are using screen cap, make sure you are capturing the screen/monitor environment and not attempting to hook to the game.exe . OBS you can just select the monitor and then resize to fit the game window. -> odd one depending on OS type.,. I use W11 64Pro , APB is just better on a secondary storage not OS device, but only sata3 6gb SSD (using samsung evo 870) ,. It doesnt do well on my sn850x pcix4 m.2 .. (This is probably more specific to me for a bunch of of topic reasons on how my gaming system is configured but worth a try if you have the storage) -> always check your av/fw software. I use an advanced av with sandbox features which protects ram insertion etc . sometimes it flags apb or ac , i have to manually clear it once in a while, let me know how you get on 🫡
  12. now that is an interesting issue to have.. almost sounds like a hooking issue. Your "RGB" control software must look to hook to games for pulse or colour co-ord. Abit like corsair - Ubisoft co-ord ingame environments. APB being an old DX 9 game hooking is a sensitive area with 3rd party apps. (macros hacking etc etc) would explain.. (razor mice (mouse) used to do the same thing moons ago as there software would be packaged with a macro program. every game under the sun using ac would detect it haha .. RIP . ) So for future people getting random crashes . explain your resolve? what make is your ram & software ? Did you just uninstall your RGB software? or simply disable an option within your software ?
  13. Sgt Drayke

    Not enough fps

    This is false. the game can run on a lot of "Varied" specs providing your willing to spend some time configuring. but as a hole the game can run out the box on most (of the thousands of different configurations) systems. otherwise You could by all means say that my own system doesn't meet the "exact specs" as the games compatibility list is so old and my system is 2022-23 parts. just unfortunately depending were you live (location) and tech you have can have issues. even down to your OS not having a specific update due to "location" can cause issues with games. APB is such a diverse multi country game , and i mean many many many connections from different countries even using vpns to play.. ADV launcher is an option. some swear by it. some say its a way to get banned. APB "apparently" support it. its at your own risk. the colour text part doesn't really make sense. but this could be a language breakdown so.. to ACTUALLY be helpful. lets have a look. you haven't stated your motherboard, memory or psu, or OS type/version ., these are all factors to good or bad performance. but to break down what you have stated. your CPU Amd Radeon 5 2600: is a 6 core 12 thread., base 3.5ghz . pci ex 16 v3. Supports ddr4. and looks to have all the required specs in terms of "low to moderated gaming specs of current day." . GPU the rx590 : is a so so card of its time in 2018., its equal to the GTX970 closer to GTX 1060 .. SO.. the card should be able to play APB at 720 / 1080 res with the graphics medium with out any issues. but your probably looking now with all the updates a test to get 60 fps depending on number of players, area within game etc. factor in connection speed, type of storage your game is installed on can all make the game run low fps, stutters etc. if you were to upgrade your gpu to a modern gpu within the last 3 years (2020,21,22 card) be it a second hand gpu, similar to the 2021 AMD RX 6600 XT which is equal to the RTX3060 then your system would see a really good upgrade and it would be supported by your cpu. (again you haven't stated your motherboard, memory or psu, these are all factors to good or bad performance. for the upgrade to the rx6600 you could be requiring a psu upgrade if your psu is below 550watt but depending on total system draw. ) Note that your system for apb alone should have a minimum of 8gb ramm,. most "modern" gaming systems are built around 16 as a best case. Hope that helps.
  14. interesting read. So , some things im sure you have already tried. but to cover base il run through a check list. first of all, check your account allows you to install programs on your system. sounds stupid but there has been a known ms update that changes your account setup, So 1) Uninstall the game via "control panel / Add remove programs" 2)a) go to your install directory and make sure their is no direct folder titled apb Reloaded, some times some files can get left behind ,., 2)b) If you installed via steam,, go to your steam storage / default directory, (steamapps) you should see "appmanifest_113400.acf" delete this file,. additionally go into "shadercache" and if you have a folder with the same app id "113400" delete this as well. 2)c) if you installed the game from the stand alone launcher you will need to locate the directory you selected and double check it is clear, additionally go to C:\Users\"your account name"\AppData\Local - Look for anything folder related to gamersfirst of apbreloaded. and delete them. Within this same directory you should have "battlEye" Delete this folder and contents. also C:\Users\"your account name"\AppData\Roaming - check for gamers first / APB folder and delete them. You do not need to go diving into each folder or delete anything from temp files. 3) Restart your system, this is vital when uninstalling / reinstalling games / programs as the system has to finalise files/process. 4) download the latest Direct X (link for the lates DX Via Microsoft site) and NetFramework (link for the latest 4.8 via microsoft site) for your os. also look to check your system drivers are up to date. 5) antivirus, if you are running 3rd party antivirus, check it is not restricting installations, you should also be able to see a history log, if all looks clear continue., 6) download a fresh installer from the game site or steam library. try installing the game via the launcher, I would recommend not changings its default installation directories, unless you want it on a secondary device if you know what your doing, 3 DO NOT do anything whilst it is downloading., once it has complete the download and install, do not run the game and close the launcher, you can now check your antivirus again to see if it has detected anything or isolated any files. if it looks clear, then try to load the game. if you got an error whilst downloading the game, then normally i would look at a program, like your antivirus or anti-malware, defender or something is monitoring and restricting your traffic , for a good reason but it could be a false flag. Note that if you are on a business class router or behind a business server this can be a problem. Copying files.. As a rule copying the game from one Device to another providing both are yours and your accounts its not an issue, as this is how you can backup your games. so if it is working on your laptop simply copying the game directory contents (files with in the apb directory folder) and placing them in the directory folder on the other system should be fine., So for example pc1\c:\programfiles\gamersfirst\APB Reloaded\ "contents to pc2\e:\steam\common\APBReloaded\ "contents" - you can then load the launcher go to options and Verify files. BUT they must be your files linking to your gamersfirst account. if the issue persists then yes you have a deeper problem.
  15. Update to my lack of content .. it is savage but true . I couldn't think of a thumbnail for this so blank is best, Much love to all of you guys/girls that follow my content uploads..
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