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About Me

about me... 36, British Gamer, content creator (gaming and film), editor, PC geek.. a few more I wont bore you with. 

  Been gaming since MS-Dos days  and YouTube content since back mid 2000's. 

 I just play games for fun and record, edit, publish because I find it fun and I can. 


Q: Can you help me with my game issue on pc. ?

A: so if you need help and you cant actually find your issue in the forum (first thing I will do is search the forum for your issue and reply the link),

then fire your issue my way in a PM, Il get back to you as and when I can. 

    Also I'm an NVidia GPU Geek, if it relates to RTX this has been resolved. check the resolved section. 

Q: Can we team up in game ?

A: I am on EU (citadel) servers ,  if you see me in game ping me, Don't expect to be in a video though. 

Q: can you send me a legendary? 

A: No, Earn your hours, APB is all about the grind, get your money go to market. 

Q: What PC parts do you use? 

A: Over Kill system now for APB really.  I Will List it all :


Case Fractal Torrent Black light tint.
Intel I7 13700k 16C24T Base 3.5Ghz - Turbo 5.4Ghz
Corsair iCUE H115i RGB ELITE (Black Edition) 280mm (2x140mm)
Gigabyte Gaming X AX
corsair Vengeance 32GB 2x16GB XMP 6000Mhz DC
O/S WD SN850x 1Tb M.2 PciX 4.0 SSD 7300MB/s Read 6300MB/s Write.
P/G WD SN850x 2Tb M.2 PciX 4.0 SSD 7300MB/s Read 6300MB/s Write.
Additional Game Storage Samsung SSD (SataIII 3GB/s) Evo 870 2TB
Additional Game Storage Samsung SSD (SataIII 3GB/s) Evo 860 1TB
Nvidia RTX4080 SUPER Founders Edition
Creative Sound Blaster AE-5 Plus
LG 27" UltraGear 27GN800-B Gsync 2560x1440 144hz 10bit colour.






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