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  1. Hello all. Hope you are all well. Been awhile since I posted any messages. apologies. Iv had an epic amount of personal chaos. but APB episodes are still rolling out ! Hope your all enjoying the series, Iv been putting in some new vibes with the dark synth music ... hope it adds to the vibes.
  2. Hi Dev's Hope all is well. Appreciate your all working the update stuff. Last few weeks iv been noticing a steady decline in "hitting bullets" almost as if the server/ hit registry is hugely off. Il go back through the footage to find examples. Multiple times iv emptied a 32 bullet clip in a trouble maker at someone clearly visible that 25(ish) bullets have hit the body of the oppo, curser is red but with 3 or 4 hit markers appearing, given the range 1 - 2 meters, at least 25/27 of the bullets hit.. to add to this issue even the "tagger" over head marker is not being triggered when shooting players, Getting the Hit marker but no Yellow tag maker after multiple hits. This has been happening on my Criminal character on Financial District with various guns. I have swapped over to my Enforcer to test if its still happening. can only be server side? or other players bad connections ? Client side is 62fps, 16ms Server 33ms Latency 16 - 20 MS avg 18 Packet loss 0 No noticeable spikes (lag)
  3. Hi @SkyFix Another question, Apologies I missed this off thinking you was solely referring to the game. , Is this an APB Reloaded Error or an Error Posted by BattleEye? I will list 2 sets of "possible" reasons/fixes for you for both situations. APB most common Errors due to Firewall/defender & AV software blocking game files / access to external / Access to memory or storage devices, MS NETFramework needs updating, MS Visual C++ Redistributable for either x86 or x64 (both if on x64) requires update or installation. MS DX package update or installation. Windows requires APB.exe and APBLauncher to me run in "administrative" compatibility . BattleEye common Errors due to Firewall/defender & AV software blocking game files / access to external / Access to memory or storage devices, APB BattleEye Corrupt files -> Fix/solution that has worked in the past, 1) Locate *DRIVE* \Steam\Steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\Binaries\ "Battleye" - Rename this with "BK" on the end,. (this will simply mean youv kept it as a backup. 2) Begin APB Launcher (through your installed choice ie Steam) and if not already verifying missing files click on "verify/repair" at the bottom. IF this does not fix your issue, 1) within DRIVE* \Steam\Steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\Binaries Locate "APB_BE.exe" and Move this into the previously renamed folder "Battleye BK" . 2) Begin APB Launcher (through your installed choice ie Steam) and if not already verifying missing files click on "verify/repair" at the bottom. IF this does not fix your issue , check your AV / AM & MS security applications again to make sure they are not blocking APB or Battleeye. if you have further issues get back to me. Note that even if you are updating your OS you may still require manually updating the extra MS features, if you do only get them from the MS site.
  4. Hi @SkyFix , going to need more information then that. which district? what servers are you connecting too? what loader are you using, standard vanilla or ADV ? , do you load the game via steam or standalone?
  5. Sgt Drayke

    Found this bug

    Hi @TYRANSIS Hope your well. & thanks @Amayii Tyransis first of all.. Can you just go through the following.: Hi .. Appreciate that your having issues. the errors stated can be all related to one cause, or sometimes many, but for us to better help you we need to narrow down some information, so can you add some information regarding your system 1) PC Spec hardware - A) If Prebuild list its Manufacture & model Number + any hardware changes you have made. : Or B) If a custom build the Specs of your machine, as follows, Motherboard (Model): Processor (model): Memory (model + Capacity): Graphics Card (title + Model): Primary OS storage device (Type + model): Secondary if used for storing game files (type + Model) : Any peripherals items = Sound cards, capture cards, Operating system (type and version id) : 2) the run time environment , a) Was you playing the game with any applications recording/capturing or visual overlays for chat clients ? b) have you made or installed any new hardware to your compute since the game was installed ? c) Do you run any 3rd party Antivirus or Malware security applications that have updated since the last known working time the game ran ? d) do you run the game "vanilla" or via a modded launcher like "ADV"? Added Note : I can see your screen resolution and quality is lower then avg from the clip you've provided,. This error is normally associated with a few issues, Low Spec Graphics hardware / out of date Drivers / back end software support DirectX and other key OS features. fill out the above, In the mean time, Check your System drivers for updated versions, once iv reviewed your reply and if you've had any luck with drivers I can assist further.
  6. There is many many reason why this might of happened. Game is being blocked by AV / AM / Windows firewall & defender, OR launcher has corrupted / unlinked. Also run environment (OS updates) Easiest is simply uninstall the game, restart your system, re-install game . If you installed it via steam then open up steam library and right click the game > manage > uninstall. If you installed directly from APB Launcher, then open Windows start menu > Type "add remove programs" and locate "APB Reloaded" > Uninstall . ¬> if you wish to install from Launcher File again, get the latest version from the site , do not use old ones. If you are still having this issue after a clean install of the game from the newest launcher , then I would definitely question your security applications or RE (OS updates,)
  7. Sgt Drayke


    hi @DREEDGUG sorry for the late reply. Comp is good, Having the game installed on a secondary storage device, even if its SataIII HDD 7200 is fine, how i run it, more stable on an old disk than SSD. (my opinion.) So your log , unfortunate you cut it off at the "03:33:38 - Exit Game engine shut down" , the bit before this would be interesting to read, as it would / Should indicate what has caused this,. Rule of thumb when reading through or copying sections include upto 5 minutes prior to end log, as some issues can be a trigger that cascade to the error.
  8. Hi @S1Y4H No, but many things can cause it to happen, Support will be able to view the log and assist.
  9. You need to raise this with Support , Follow the instructions shown.
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