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  1. Ninjaripper works also on fightclub
  2. Queen of Love

    Kelly Custom Shopping

    have a nice day and visit
  3. Queen of Love

    Kelly Custom Shopping

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1622423860 I can do everything.
  4. in fact i got 3 warnings (easytrigger post mostly)
  5. Queen of Love

    Question about forum warning.

    i guess is different get 3 warnings in 2 year or in a day. thats why i guess there should be a rule about this somewhere. plus the warnings should have different weights (warning for direct offense/racism should count more than a multipost/jokepost warning)
  6. Moderators just use the rules set, they just do their duty. And they do it quite well. but there is a issue. A game like apb canT have the same rules of other game forums. there are people here since 2010 and also with new company they are very active in forum. is normal that who post 20 times at day ,everyday, could get 1 warning in easy way, more than who post 1 time at year. using an equation for calculate the good/bad will of an user is like judge a restaurant with just looking the prices outside. is easy dont get a warning if the opinions shared are like fresh water in a glass, is more hard avoid warning when an opinion or a style of forum activity has turbolence like C8H18+NOS inside a V8. just my 3cents. (3 cause i am rich)
  7. When forum warning expires? If i get a warning today for how much time it is valid? for ever?
  8. Queen of Love

    Post update performance

    yesterday again a solid 50/60 fps yay! i guess is related to presence of our lovely goldies district ddosers just in event districts more events please so i can play in action district happy.
  9. Queen of Love

    Post update performance

    i had a solid 50/60 fps on my toaster 1 week ago, immediatly i went to ARMAS for gift the amazing job of new company. strangely ,the day after (until today) my game crashes in 5 minutes or less in action district with a poor 12/15 fps. i really believe is server issues, nothing else. maybe some goldies angry is ddosing our lovely game. solution? = pay2play = less free2ddos = more real players. ps: i am rich.
  10. Queen of Love

    Kelly Custom Shopping

  11. Now works, NR 1.7.1 was not on admin list (U,,u)/ Nice this new social.
  12. start NR with correct settings no splash screen no process of apb anywhere.
  13. doesnT works and now neither starts