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  1. APB open source. Let's see the rest. (1 milion just first week)
  2. Oh, so removing the best unique features, fun and easy to play ,didnT worked? Not surprised. APB in golden age: (2012): P5N5. Unique, in open world games. Ninjaripper allowed for export character. Best artist of game community around. OutOfBound funny more than GTA XVIII. Forum chaos and fun allowed.(the 3rd type action district, but with post and gif). No strange people with strange chat with strange script symbols around mission district. FFbans , best anticheat, best web page. Horses. ok, maybe this not. a bad teamkick system. so people doesnT grief. Now: still promise about Engine update and no new content, neither possible ideas/items ready to go. blatants, and neither nice. dethreaters are the 100% of goldies cause districts are EMPTY (in NA) still segregations, but with the bonus of match a goldies ,legit, but dethreating (in team, rage, as oppo, boring ranging shot) other 3284098 toxic problematic long to list (1 for every "balance " of any stat of any weapon) No old theme intro login. dan,dan dadan , dannn dannn dadannnnn... worst teamkick system of every game i played since 1986.. still no Horses
  3. Old login screen will never come back cause they accidentally deleted..
  4. HeavyCruiser "Queen of Sea" (34°03′08.03″N 118°14′37.25″W) War Command Dock. "Why nobody still suggested an hyppodrome/racing district" ??? "Majestic Queen, maybe tryhards.... doesnT need it...." "Everybody needs an horse! that's absurd!" "Sandokan! Punitive spedition on NA! Now!" "Yes Mylady, special treatment for someone?" "Just carry back some nice symbols, they are still the best."
  5. Game was perfect in 2012. Reroll that patch
  6. Shield Is no more a deployable. Radar is disabled and will never come back P5n5 is no more, is just a free map spot for oppo with no one benefit for the spotted. I see that toxic and illogic provocation in forum is still a must . Goldies...pfff.never played legit neither for a second, but still loves to broke an unique game.
  7. Do You will remove Med Spray? So we will have less and less thing to play? Shield= NO Radar Tower = No P5N5 = No. EVerything fun = NONONONO. and so on.
  8. Segregation, with the ability of toxic to manipulate it, is a no sense since ever. Everywhere. Always. Remove segregation.
  9. /solved. Without any idea of what i did, cause launcher or BE didnT downloaded nothing. But now i have again nice drop to 15 fps from 62. GG.
  10. everytime i try to play, after 10 minutes BE kick me for every absurd reason in its database. in order of appearance: Bad BE ip running (???) istantly, when get a district (social) Query out of time (?????) in middle of my precious ispiration while design clothes. (10 minutes in social) Local response out of time (????????) (choosing character, neither had time to enter district menu) suggestion: remove all anticheat,cause: they are good just in locking me, legit since ever. cheaters are always here. server performance could be best without this garbage coded. every sane mind should donT worry about crash of an useless anticheat. issues: canT play. number of try: 3/3 result except : play this game.
  11. same problem, but i play EVERYDAY since 2011.
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