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  1. Too much toxic downvoters, without the courage to post for show their face. Bye bye useless ☺
  2. If only we could test them in a client version, also offline.....
  3. welcome to club i would love read a nickname near the up/down vote.
  4. I would like a "looking at mirror " emote, but there are no mirror in apb
  5. Yesterday, 2 vs 3, (me silver+silver vs 1gold &2 silvers) win at overtime, recovered 90 point of item hold in waterfront port authority big camping room. This is the apb we love. Where the team counts, where there is always a chance. No toxicity just fun. Nobody used trueogre or dethreating in that match.
  6. Great honor to my Ellix friend for keep it up this project after many years. 1. Do you really think this project is worth working on in general _____________ Every brick added to a new map is new content, and this is positive, always. 2. (If you don't play anymore ) Would you return to the game with a release of a new action district/ new map.___________I would play again like 2011, with old features, a new map with current system could be useless. I play weekly , but with this MM and this P5n5 plus the free2cheat people make me play a lot less, plus i have 2 maxed chars, i dont really need much to play. (play just for Jt weapon is nice but not exential) 3. What would your ideal mode for a new map as big as Financial would be? _____________Financial is like New York, Waterfront like Miami, why donT use an European city as ispiration for New map? I suggest Palermo,Sicily, the Mafia Historic bases, Mountain ,Beach, Metropolitan and Ancient Luxury all togheter ,there is no other one city with that strong gangster/police history background and with a great eclettic variety of ambient,
  7. Engine update will save us. Also if MM keep dethreating active. Also if there is mutilated APB game system. Also with trueogre Overpowered click 2 kill. Also without a decent advertisement campaign. Also with other 23456622 suicide decisions. Engine update, now
  8. Hello designers Design your car with pet or wild animal theme! All cars allowed. All servers. Just Post a screenshot here! Prize: 1st : 150.000 plus a render of your car ,your char and your pet designed. 2nd: 100.000 3rd: a t-shirt with a symbol. Event will end on 30 September.
  9. Call of duty 4. servers still alive.
  10. Strange virus. Could infect so much that we need a lockdown before it even appears.
  11. Open shirt and nectie for female, John Lennon glasses for both.
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