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  1. ok, but i still dont understand the need of remove the P5N5 instance. the game is more boring now.
  2. Like: Customitation Game Mission Open World. p5n5 system Exporting Characters Out of Bound stunts Dislike: Segregations Matchmaking Free2play system - what you want to see in engine update 60fps. - wacky things you think they should add to apb horses,motorbike, housing. rate apb 1-10 based on : - performance 5 - gameplay 8 (with MM working), usually 4 - community 8 (many friends here) - guns 5 (some one is good only at 120 fps) - items 10 (but they are never enough) - how much u love the GM n/a (they are nice in social, but i never played with them)
  3. New content. Rest is useless. Cause: MM with a dethreaters community will never works. Engine will don't help, cause the game is mutilated. Cheaters are the conseguence of f2p system.
  4. I hope this amount of "arguments " are just a sarcastic reply.
  5. I supported the game with 1.000 + euros, I would not support the f2cheat with my precious guns . Sensible?
  6. When a player dies , the weapon drop on ground and can be used by oppo. Worst ingame choose for APB. suicide choose #1 : merge Innova with EU. eutanasia choose #2 : merge Hoplon with NA collective suicide #3 : threating to merge NA and EA.
  7. Problem is not the strongest that beat badly a noob , is the dethreater that play sick ,griefing poor honest players in own team. There is a 10% of chance in apb to win also if there are blatant in oppo, but there is zero if there is 1 dethreater dethreating.
  8. Could be possible see the removing of segregations just for a month in any instance'? Only this without any other miracle patch. I guess there could be a static population first weeks, but then a slow grow up. Cause newbies will stay with more pleasure.
  9. the segregation remove has been done togheter to: -False or total false ban wave of T. (just for a Tshirt sold on ingame market, for example) -absurd rework of any funny weapon. (option A= invincible, option B=toygun) -server merge -useless anticheat. -an OOB system that doesnT help the noob but destroyed a solid community of players specialized in stunt car. -an incredible idiocracy where a gold dethreaters opinion counts like 1000 players. -Riot district good for rage more than usual. -drop system for allow f2p cheaters to have fun with Your gun. (also if it cost 40 $, happens) -more and more and more suicide choose. -teamkick sys for allow griefers to grief more. -use a No segregation district when another Yes Segregation was available. (So the few honest and good left the dethreating district and bronzies were totaly alone ) I hope i didnT forget any of True reason of population drop. PS: Ninjaripper doesnT works. 100 clients players less in one shot. (10-15% of population of 2016 and about 20% of nowaday)
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