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  1. Kelly Hair generator v1 ! it works ! yes ^-^ Works also for hat dresser in simple way!
  2. Is not a pvp. Is a p vs aimbot. Score has no sense to be.
  3. Allow aimbot to every player always as default. Lets see how many goldies cheaters will complain. Cause they need stomp legits.
  4. I have a better idea: Restore p5n5. A cheater will face entire district. Oh sorry, i forgot that the cheating city testers didnT liked it. nvm, keep on with fake anticheat and fake forum news.
  5. No new content means No gamers. Removing old features means removing veterans . Matchmaking basically inexistent, means no new players. Ty for give us something new to read in forum. Is the best periodic update.
  6. For a little mind, there is never nothing than materialism. In 2011 a lot of goldies cheaters claim game dead before December. We are still online are in 2022. Fact. Hope is not a fact until is realized, but Socrates used to define this passage of realization as the end of hope , where humans forget gods until a new need of hope appears. Cause humans have always something new to desire he affirmed that hope never ends until humans existence is on earth. A living without hope is allowed just for animals. Maybe one day I will have finally horses in Apb, but then I will desire something more again. And the battle will begin again, moved by hope. Is strange how sceptics are still around forum. Is like they are few and need to find others for share sceptical thinks. But unlucky,they find more dreamers than inertial bots.
  7. Exactly the opposite. If they are good should not be a problem break for bit and allow poorest to have some kind of fun and some score more. Is interesting how for lower skill player the 5star is a proud, but for the "good goldies " is like some kind of insult . Oh, and while waiting a mission, Apb is maybe the most boring mmo on earth . Hunting p5n5 was something nice to do.
  8. This is exactly the reason company removed P5/N5 (5star). Too many cheaters, griefers,blatants and closet were complaining about their fake mission with fake legit skills """Ruined""" by a mass of legit player with Highest right to compete all vs 1. Restoring justice for any legit player with the bad luck to meet scum cheating in mission was not cheat-friendly, so they removed once for all. No fun allowed.
  9. Would like see your Character as King/Queen of Month in the milky calendar of FreshMilk Holding? Until 15 dEcember 2022 Audition are open! Post here or in FreshMilk channel (Discord in signature) a screenshot, a render, or anything is a portrait of your character. You could be called . Revenue for photo session: 20.000 APB $ at hour, plus free medic assistance. https://discord.com/channels/410089647172222976/1038093085441269770 FreshMilk Holding doesnT warrants payment due to recent international issues.
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