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  1. G1 banned a player for a Tshirt gifted, using a fake FF flag. Please Never again .
  2. Always better than a pumpkin in head. No cookie for you. Nah, i am not so bad, get one.
  3. agree but like jey'n did for 5 years = "we canT do NOTHING before solving engine update " at end we didnt get solved any update and didnt get even nothing really new. (ty for Xmas FC event with 12death of christmas ,that was really nice and new, and for first Easter event, the P5/N5 fiesta plus real hunt around city) who care about major issues? gimme my Ducati 900 !!!!
  4. if the list is done like the shotgun rebalance ofc will dont save nothing. but if is done like the nice Tread system will be a working masterpiece. i guess change is also add something new, my english is like 56k bps but i guess should be similar in dictionary. Also only one player happy more is important. i dont remember if is starfleet combat , but there is a game where 1 single user spent 150.000 US$ for its immaginary spaceship commandos . what we should do? is just one, lets ignore him. <- How community works now. An antimagnet for anything new. (including new players) Hey, let's try. <- How serious community get always more players with just make happy one.
  5. Changing in a blue vs red shooter without cars and with long time of perfect boring is not exactly what new players will like. What could works instead? since 2011 all players (except for some Tryhard/cheater/closet/ pro hater): Clan Wars Racing Housing Pets Motorbikes Content APB oriented (not COD or CSGO oriented ) PVE Tread system done Anticheat works Engine Update ready since 1Q2014
  6. Experience in game is priceless, and Veterans should be listened always. Good experienced choices for the game carry new players, not hazardous choice that need a rework every 2 weeks. since 2012 (after 1y of daily playing): what about new emotes? Never ,Impossible, L2p what about new contacts? 2 for faction (Elforcer/event contact doesnT count) what about new items but not armas-stored? Santa Claus hat and item's events that need Ascetic devotion to APB 24/24h what about new vehicles? 1 (enfoshada is a bishada, enfomicro is a micro, coywolf is a nice hanveo , doesnT count) what about new map? 1=Asylum. (luckyly found for error during a server maintanance in some RP dusty archive. ) what about new forum? destroyed first time with all national sections with all the fun and history of real golden age of apb deleted, for ever. what about new new forum? luckily restored as should be, but is like a candle in front of sun memoryes that it was. what about a trade system? OHHHHHHHHH finally LO . (100% of community asked this ,maybe more than an EU ) what about new kit for low tier cars? Nobody care, except that Ceresco is the most used car by new players (expecialy by crime looting), and could love it more if some kind of customitation could be added. And a cabrio calabria could be the most cute kawaii friendly vehicle in game. (FAQ: ehy driver&passengers should be hitted as in real! A: is a videogame, not a CSI simulator) is 2019 i still play my favourite game, but after looking riot mode i feel that the project is mutilate APB of its originality and create a red vs blue boring shooter. TLDR: Is community listened? Not really. i canT use NinjaRipper
  7. In Warframe forum there is not a limit to emote-vote, and this allow better to autodetect who spam downvotes/upvotes. Daily Limit should be removed . I dont care about vote moderation ,(useless), but the segret vote is like the Internet of 1995 where every user of every single chat room was total anonymus, the heaven of haters. I would see not who constant use their 2 neurons for downvote me as sport, but for see the opposite, who rarely emote-vote (up/down/lol) and care about interesting user opinion vote. Fast example: a suggestion is largely downvoted by veterans = consider suggestion as wrong or bad planed. Supersonic example : upvoted the most stupid thing i ever posted = maybe the idea is not so stupid. Quantic ex: <+n/-n>= { QoL}+ FTL ex: - - Ty </name> TLDR: i upvoted ur analysis
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_windows_theory An old post of a veteran (Sho.) explained it very well. The game has been a bit vandalized (G. Co.) And is hard restore the damage (OOB,N-bug,Threat Locking,Teamkick) Also with all effort possible (ty LO ) it still appears ruined. Solution: Clean and Fresh Air first. Add something funny after restore the good old APB. 1st thing to do : This:
  9. Could be nice see (again) the fans that upvote post
  10. deploy yellow ammobox is the best claymore if used with percs :3 every oppo like free ammo until it explode
  11. No. New players need discover all maps as they prefer and for the time they like. Old players have to relax sometime just for have fun like the APB golden age of 2012 after OOB does will be introduced Out Of Game? again, No. and Social is not funny for RolePlay. before Loitering we should do something about dethreating and team kick.
  12. Love Boat More on discord channel and site Order your uniform today (citadel and jericho)
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