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  1. Holiday No cabriolet in APB cause is not realistic. But surfing a car roof perfectly flat just with feets, at 100 Mph, is ok.
  2. Was working perfectly inside districts until december ,with just renaming correctly EAC after login screen. ( O u o)_ In this way i exported my friends for my birthday party . UPDATE: Now doesnT works (>_ <'')/ why.. WHY!????????? (U _u')/ This is absurd and no sense, i CanT believe do some nice export is a true problem in the daily APB list. Now i'am realy disappointed & i really need go Shopping. (And a better texture for my buildings )
  3. Except that s no correct. The collage is just used by editor. A symbol become a stand alone texture as it is after editor assembly. 4MB for a texture is a joke for a decent server and the load time is less than 2 sec (1 sec in some case). Inside NinjaRipper, with F9, you can force extracting texture and in that case you see everything textured in any LOD saved in the cache, not only the "visible".
  4. Happens. d9 You can ripp Your while Symbols Select Menu is open. (useful cause ripp all togheter visible in selecting page)
  5. the problem is not win or lose, but have fun. and if the score is usually 23/0 there is something wrong and not fun at all. (cheater,closet ) a little rework on MM and the sys with no segregations will works perfect. Gold no dethreatable. Gold vs Silver = 50% health Gold vs Bronze = 10% Health
  6. 2 downvote for an original idea perfectly able to be ingame. this community deserve a NanoOgre with ttk <0,3s .
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