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  1. Queen of Love

    game keeps crashing

    identical problem, game crash after 2 mission. if i click on preview of any vehicles the loading circle appears but dont show item at all. step to reproduce: play join action district 20-30minutes crash and reload game.
  2. Queen of Love

    You're not Excused

    happens, social district is the chill zone. use it
  3. Queen of Love

    ALIG 762 R&D III vs N-SSW 74 Dvah ?

    The sound of nssw is Amazing, but is near to be a n tec with extended magazine 3 , hb3 is a must.
  4. Queen of Love

    Community Discussion Topics

    Neither Space Ninjas was supposed to fishing or manual mining, they donT need this. Could be Useless add this features in an action game. ehy, wait.
  5. Queen of Love

    Community Discussion Topics

    Warframe= community asked for Hoverboard or something similar: 3 months later there are Hoverboard and an entire new map for use it. APB= community asked for motorbike in 2010. Still waiting plus a good amount of toxicity around any new real suggestion and innovative idea. gg.
  6. Queen of Love

    LF> Clothing Designer

    i can do it in 3d render. click my signature.
  7. Queen of Love

    Community Discussion Topics

    what about restore classic weapon sys, old kick team sys and add new true content?
  8. Queen of Love

    Matchmaking and Threat

    4remote detonator vs 4 carsurfers? No thanks. who join bronze would play fair.
  9. quote from news section there will be zombies?? / LO i LOve u.
  10. Queen of Love

    Matchmaking and Threat

    try to ask to bronze how nice is fight against carsurfer or remotedetonator. Plus the experienced players with CA3
  11. Queen of Love

    You can buy the Devil Wings now

    Ribbons please
  12. Queen of Love

    Clarification on nudity 2

    is so hard make APB as "Adult Only" rated? CnntWars is an AO browser game made with less than 40 MB, and without any Steam help is a 100k + players community. If the problem is the Steam rules, maybe the 100k of CWars should means something. A game with customation level of APB should be a unique category without competitor in AO game. (100k in java script of CWars, again, please dont forget our decent 3.5 UE, i guess at least 200k for APB in first 6 month) plus a decrease of toxicity spread ,cause real Adult hardly will miss time in scam ,tryhard or cheating. Plus they have an own wallet. Greetings from Italy Matt!
  13. Queen of Love

    Matchmaking and Threat

    make gold level hard to reach, then put it irreversible (for X amount of time) and lock their MODS (all) on district if is not same threat level. make bronze level hard to reach too. Remove any district segregation. Higher threat simply will NOT get ez opposition until available. (1Gold == 3Silver at least, or 6Bronze at least, until this balance, they just can kill pedestrians or listen music)
  14. Queen of Love

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Hola Sk4lp / could be nice see clan wars