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  1. But the sound of DMR-AV is the coolest of every other ingame weapon I bought just for this (BUMBUM)
  2. every system is perfect in theory, we should find which is perfect for APB.
  3. Gold= aim assist Gold winning = aimbot 100% Gold low rank = blatant. No need anticheat, just ban these, using this nice and sure targeting. a MM should know that a gold and silver have a gap of a lot of variables (skill, pc performance, cheats) MM 1 gold cheater = no back up and an oppo of 5 silver at least.
  4. Hola friend i was talking about toxic dethreters, not suspect closet or cheaters. however usually if i meet 1 cheater i directly quit for play another day. new player directly unistall, if they have dethreaters + cheaters around. (cause 1 is toxic but playable, other is just toxic)
  5. 1 dethreater less = 10 players more every day. Let's see if the disintoxication works... I bet yes. Merged. Only if server is where players are. (EU)
  6. With motorbikes could be so easy avoid some cancer features....
  7. (no dethreating visible) play with fun and nice mixed teams. (still no dethreating visible.)
  8. Restore p5n5, so tryhard stomping can be balanced . /solved.
  9. sometime i neither press K, directly log off. or just 1 mission, with a 0 for all my team (also with gold inside) and oppo is just doing shooting range with insane "luck".
  10. P5n5 . Oob. Export. District 50vs50 no more. Deployable,mod, locked. Not my thanks . Free premium. Thanks.
  11. Who will guess exactly, win a royal vegas 3 slot Some more trace for solution here :
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