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  1. Happy Summer to everybody* *except you, you and you, and expecially You. French Version on My Discord.
  2. maybe restore the report button command directly on score tab? NAH....is too hard. (test before? nahhhhhh! )
  3. U can also go inside district ,same op 4 run NR,then rename eac correct, click it before join district,wait, then u should be able to extract from social. Could need a relogin.
  4. Premium . Rock jacket press. Cowboy hats for all chars. Milk skin.
  5. Consider that the map was planned by real architteture studios, in theory could builded in real with maximal benefit for living people. plus APB was (and still is) an inovattive software with features unique never tested before. edit:150M
  6. Better apply OC everywhere than use this dethreat/griefing festival. MM now is sick cause player's threat is easy exploitable.
  7. After new patch Ninja Ripper works for you? APB in NR doesnT start as usual. NVM_ just need (again) to remind PC to use as admin.
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