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  1. also an assist of 50% could be nice. cheaters are dumbs.
  2. Question : there is at least 1 cheater in my district? Yes,100%. Second question : Why I have to risk an unfair match? No reason.
  3. Why don'T put a feature for allow ALL players to have a nice autoaim? everybody with 100% of hit ratio and no more cheater advantages. Just a click, and aim will be from manual to fully aim assist , also 100%. I think is not fair that some player have a 100% hit landing also while falling down from car and killing up to 3 players without any problem. Could be also a nice lag fixing. Plus nobody could hackuse another one, cause will be a legit feature
  4. How the save APB. (Open the church in Financial district and fix the script entrance )
  5. The loading time after login never ends. Character list Ok. I try to enter in district but server Doesn'T responds. Loading video never ends. PC Ok. Connection Ok. Driver Update Ok. Sometime kick out with message "client not responding"
  6. Restore the free teamkick could be the only option. Was abused when there was district with different threat levels, but now could be useful.
  7. 4 golds vs 2 silver and 3 bronzies. More than one time.
  8. This is a crazy idea !! Is a madness ! __ I like it
  9. P5N5 was a problem for: Tryhards with ego issues. Fake gold cheating. Tryhards with cheats. Goldies that stomp Bronzies on bronze district. Goldies stomping new players. Goldies . Clinic cases of mental disorders. Tryhards with ego issues, and with a Goldie friend carrying him. Goldies.(Did i told this yet?) Coherence: Is ok a score with a team with zero kill and oppo team with 37-46 kills but is not ok give a little chance to the fresh meat with p5n5 working (for the noobs? yes the noobs, cause they are new players or low Pc player, ehy, they are player too, genius..) Ipocrisy: The noobs have to git good. (Sure, after unistalling it, in another game maybe)
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