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  1. This is the nice effect of a free2cheat game. Put a 1$ pass for entry (maybe just social district should be free) And cheater population will be zero in 2 hours. Plus a lot of nice player (with full wallet) will come Note: If donT agree you are a cheater.
  2. ok, i had it too, but was not textured i will invent something for show it more "apb-able"
  3. i can navigate inside it with my little game platform. if you need i can add the function of "climb" and "jumpfence" for full test . for drive i need more time, cause at the moment Kelly recognize just only one car in entire scene, not all.
  4. why not ? everybody loves ponyes and beach.
  5. Launcher is locked to "updating" Ediy: now is working
  6. Wirriam Smith. British citizen with Japanese/French origin, musician that used instrumentals covers for carry any type of weapon available in Joker store. Hired for export SAM AA missiles using his piano concert convoy, in various hostile zone. Used to be a great playboy around San Paro, that usually gifts elegant revolver to nice girls instead of roses.
  7. i prefer 2000 times Todesklinge vision than a closet vision that would game always the same (cause modding cheats is hard if game evolves)
  8. Queen of Love


    Approved by Milk Party Council.
  9. 6 minutes of mission, freeze and client crash. >,,</
  10. i still see EAC activation running. Plus i canT disable it.
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