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  1. the segregation remove has been done togheter to: -False or total false ban wave of T. (just for a Tshirt sold on ingame market, for example) -absurd rework of any funny weapon. (option A= invincible, option B=toygun) -server merge -useless anticheat. -an OOB system that doesnT help the noob but destroyed a solid community of players specialized in stunt car. -an incredible idiocracy where a gold dethreaters opinion counts like 1000 players. -Riot district good for rage more than usual. -drop system for allow f2p cheaters to have fun with Your gun. (also if it cost 40 $, happens) -more and more and more suicide choose. -teamkick sys for allow griefers to grief more. -use a No segregation district when another Yes Segregation was available. (So the few honest and good left the dethreating district and bronzies were totaly alone ) I hope i didnT forget any of True reason of population drop. PS: Ninjaripper doesnT works. 100 clients players less in one shot. (10-15% of population of 2016 and about 20% of nowaday)
  2. I guess have only toxic dethreaters in bronze is much better than have some honest gold more. Is it?
  3. There are 2 factions, so 2 hen and e 2 foxies that fight against. Do you know the game? Is enfo vs crime, a team can have just one label and skill level is never superpro or total noob entire
  4. Dethreaters are a problem cause... There is dethreating! Abort segregation. /solved.
  5. Yesterday has been a real cool race The real apb lifestyle ♥
  6. this kind of medals show how much nobody cares about fun in This game. 4 vs 4 , for get 25 ks means that : _your team didnt get 1 kill _Oppo died 25 or more while 1 is invincible. _Every oppo player died at least 6 time, in a game where there is a gunfight only every 2-3 minutes means 12-25 minutes watching the map floor. _spread toxicity in oppo team.
  7. When a score is like 10-0 match should be stopped. I am not talking about cheat or not, is simply a logic. 10 -0 means that a team is doing shooting range and the other is losing time and fun.
  8. No segregations scenario: Team A: SuperGold not dethreating plus average player and a total noob. Team B Gold, another Gold, not dethreating ,average player, maybe a noob worst than the one in oppo. Result: Team A vs Team B play both for win and do what they can. Segregation scenario: Team A: same superGold dethreat or no, we will never know. average player stomped cause the total noob already left due to facing Gold oppo alone. Team B: both gold dethreat or no, is random, average bored for easy kills, or stomped due to SuperGold is NOT dethreating but own team is, unistalled game after 2 stages, supernoob still trying to understand what is going on. then realizes that community is full of toxic dethreaters or tryhard, depends. Result : Team A and/or Team B will never play again. Which scenario you will prefer? (if you play legit, obvius)
  9. Gold dethreaters . Any kind of segregation is useless. Better Lock threat level for ...always. &Maybe segregation could help a bit. 50 vs 50 district is better, but 60 vs 60 is perfect.
  10. The useless of this thread is over 4000. Neither 1% in 10 years has been added. Me sad.
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