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  1. Pve,absolutely. I am tired of gosthing,griefing and dethreaters. The f2cheat sys is no good in a PvP.
  2. Customization Friends (of mine) Drive Map Exporting Coop Mission PvP 2011-2020 still alive and working and updated. TLDR: Everything, community included.
  3. My lovely queen is ready, could find some free time between her full business and political agenda
  4. Best idea is restore 50 vs 50 district. 20% more of chance to get an human opponent.
  5. I like have more things to do in a game. You not?
  6. the current merge didnT do the opposite.
  7. Do you remember when Easter event was find hidden bunnyes to mug ? Was GENIAL! And great p5n5 fiesta
  8. in apb there is a marvellous bounty hunter system, when a player is too strong earns a prestige 5 or a notoriety 5 level and is interactive in fight with entire district! only us have this and.... oh wait... nvm.
  9. Can we try to see if citadel population increase with a complementary Russian server for them?
  10. There is one also in Waterfront, but pumpkin army won as well. Cause they are strong
  11. i have not 79g1c for every char of mine, but i saved about 1000 Jt for every one. that's why i like this so much. (is preset? I donT care ,cause colors are cool)
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