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  1. How common are Escalation missions and do you think their frequency is going to decrease over time? Is common, and useful most of time, i guess will not decrease. Are Escalation missions common enough to warrant an in-game option that lets you opt out of being called into Escalation missions via their Escalation calls? Sometime teamleader doesnT call neither for backup cause is a tryhard or a blatant cheater. What could we do to help the attacking side as they seem to be at quite a disadvantage in those larger missions? Increase time mission (1-2 minutes, depends of mission, restore VIP) Do you think 10vs10 is a good spot for Escalation or should we lower/increase the cap? Increase, All district fighting fever
  2. Best MM ever. Now there is a lot of fun and there is more chance to defeat the cheaters ! THANK YOU I love APB as usual but now more !
  3. Restore patch 2012. Solved. p5n5 hunt was fun out of borders was fun Ninjaripper extraction was fun Nude mod was really fun. Team kick with no restritions was fun
  4. i agree with post. new Matchmatking gift me only nice match in these days. i found again fun and game balance. no more invincible goldies with group of 4. plus, full golds as opposition doesnT happens anymore.
  5. Why EAC has all this complications? I want just play, dont become a coder. Restore BE could be a lot better.
  6. For some reason Eac crash the game , kick out from district mission ,and send to login screen, with a message like " Corrupt message endgame". Please delete, for ever, EAC and restore BE. or FF.
  7. Add a command for Click and export in .Obj or FBX the customed model in customation window.. Also with a little payment
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