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  1. Today an opponent had speedhack fully working on maxrank gold, faster than a Vegas Maybe the bit Boost increased also the working cheats. Marvellous.
  2. Why donT add Volleyball playground? A lot of players could join it !
  3. Problem is Hitreg of Copacabana Bar Server. Kv3 or Kv9 will never give enough life if the oppo can shot where it wish, and you canT ,cause lag+hitreg+oppocheatgold99%. Social is much better. No weapon, no hitreg issues, no goldixity.
  4. I agree with your entire argumentation. When a game has no new contents is normal that the only thing to achieve (and focus to ) is a decent win-lose average. Unlucky this is not easy for a lot of issues. Low population, Pc performance gap... There was a time when W/L was not really important, cause the game was fun. With more things to do. Now is just a Red vs Blue, with a blue able to stun and the Reds Not.
  5. I got this explaination years ago, neither sure if is true, but could be pretty near. Which is Exactly the Threat System Working?
  6. Who remember when few visionaries told that EngineUpdate was useless, cause APB was an engine for its own. APB, unique, also technically should be developed with its legs, without a frankstein's engineerig without warranty.
  7. How works the threat level system? Score tabs indicate the first 2 highest scores, and they gain +1 threat level (1 to 10, every ten is a threat level more, i donT know if 100% correct but works in this similar way) Then the lowest 2 scores decrease by -1, every -10 in a threat level less. What happens usually in a district? Usually, goldies stomps everything on sight. Score is about 20-1 or 15-0 ,a blatant unfair match, as we see. This means: lowest score will be ALWAYS the silver or bronze threats. DoesnT bother if win or lose. Results confirmed: Silver is going to disappear , and Bronze more, to green, and also the Silver in Bronze will be a green badge. Gold will be always Gold cause hardly will be in lowest 2 scores. Conseguences: A bad matchmaking, not only will carry new players away from APB to a safety distance until unistall, but also experienced and loyal players will see no motive for continue playing in mission districts. Solutions: There is no one, without including decent anticheat or a massive unreversable threats level (Gold= stay gold, for ever, no dethreating allowed), with MM getting insane opposition to goldies. Q: Are you bronze now? A: I will get green too in just 2 hours, with this MM. before unistall. Edit: New Question: Q: What you would do now? Stop Playing? A: Nah, just stay in social for do something like this ->
  8. but ram raiders usually are poor bronze noobs is not fair. my end game is gift clothes to them in social
  9. There was a time when the downtime with no mission was NOT a boring time, cause: 1- P5N5 bounty to hunt 2- No out of bound system, crazy stunt car to test. Plus Ninjaripper full working, who was bored could try to customize and export .
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