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  1. also with premium i dont see a great increase in rank progression, with an average of 2w/4m. premium should boost at least 4x exp .
  2. In this case i want the copyright U,,u/ A reskin for Vaquero ? Could works.
  3. always a remove. first P5n5, now radar tower. next to go away? the cars?
  4. In other games every my capriccious and wish are always developed without ton of forum post. usually in 2-3month. maybe they play and know their own game without listen tryhards than complain about a death more due to a balanced and fair p5n5 system. oh, and the old teamkick was bad ,but this is a real pain. and it's not a secret.
  5. who removed p5n5 never played apb neither for 2 minutes.
  6. i would like something like this:
  7. in my imagination, the problem of engine update is that every item have to be manualy modded 1 by 1. the question is, if is a "routine " and long job, why dont ask to some community volunteers with some poor, basic, ridicolous but useful skill to do this meanqhile real codders could focus in something else than resize hitbox or add LOD instances. ok, maybe sharing the assets is not the top choice, but, we are about 1000-900 players, iF only 1% could do this little help , means 10 pair of arms more, and i guess eventually they could be easy to check cause they are few. No, i am not talking of open source, just open bench. Who never helped the worker in house just simply passing the tool ?
  8. Exactly this, why dont add something nice? They just are able to remove (remove robbery engage, remove p5n5, even their own ideas (RiOT) I really hope chinese will put online the 2012 APB, so i can carry on and see my lovely old login screen, just this.
  9. i am surprised how the category of "clients" defends obsolete "owner" decisions. WASP should be experienced players.
  10. Sorry if didnT read your WASP signature, now something is really clear.. If i have to explain why is better have clients than opinable system of profit, i guess you will never understand. Is not your or my fault. Economy is like a wild horse not a nice pet to caress.
  11. there is always a compromise for donT lose directly the CLIENT.
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