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  1. Kelly's Custom Shopping is official in holyday until confirmed date. Have fun
  2. I love how the army of no.no.no people post for any new innovating idea... Op. Could Be cool , considering the time for waiting opposition
  3. 20 only in silver district, due to amazing ddosing skills of some player 40/50 in bronze.
  4. ehy these are exactly the words of FilmV120 in district chat before his 120th ban! are you filmV ? how are you?
  5. Is normal that 1 single player can destroy an entire 4 players team in less than 10 seconds? Neither in COD4 this statistic was legit. Only in silver district. (the cheat fiesta, on every match, always)
  6. without new content is normal skip the classic daily APB entry. Max rank- done Joker store- complete ARMAS- just for refresh premium. The idea of daily event was nice. Never understood why they removed it. edit: the Out Of Bounds should be removed, NOW. edit2: The kick system is griefers friendly. .... edit2389: The cheaters should dont be a problem if my FPS could be 60 like every other game i play. One of my suggestion is put efforts in create new mini maps for "raid mission district" with new features. Why dont add district like Beacon with a PVE opposition? Civilians are enough AI evolved to fight too. Could be nice a stronghold archittecture where PVE and Players play mixed team for defend /assault their base. reward for the raids? the base itself. like a complex housing system too. editFinal: my english is bad. sorry. dont warning me again.
  7. they could add horses from FE to APB :3 (and the quad too maybe)
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