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  1. There is also a F22 , but we need an airport map for use it
  2. High Quality Preview in My Discord! Special Thanks to: LizzyLiten (gen) Cristy3 (cover, april and november) ZineX (july) Lolmort (oct) Lyinn (may) Carroii (august) L1ndsay (june) KaitoV (as Saul Goodman in febbruary) KittyLanah (december) Karmen (september) FAQ: Where i can get the Karmen teddybear backpack ? just ask me . How to open the shirt like April in game? CTRL+ALT+F There are new JMB in december? yes everyone will give for 1 dollar a trueogre Buffed Why There are no horses ! ? in pubblic version not. Why There are no nude? next time join calendar, at least you can see something in dressing room didnT you told 12 december for deliver! ? time pass fast, i was bored. Can i downvote this? you are special ,you can do everything you need.
  3. lets guess i am a game whale (oh wait, i am ! also with only my 60kg) and guess where i could spend a lot of money ; yes in APB. and you know that a whale have a lot of friends, and what happens if a potential whale meet the F2cheat users in the same district? oh yes, maybe the potential whale unistall after 3 match. let's image something different, whale go in a district without F2cheat users and enjoy the game, the customitation and the tons of stuff bought with real money. Hey, the game is save now! and without F2toxic around! TLDR: 2+2= 4 , but also 2*2 is 4, that's doesnT meant that + is equal to *. (+users =! *money) TLDR2: do you like have so many cheaters around?
  4. Sorry but if u want you can join the "people guest" in some month scenario.
  5. Calendar Auditions closed / Be patient until 1st december .
  6. Just here, or if you prefer, click my signature for join my discord channel. here->
  7. daily online since 2011. after Windows, APB is the second thing installed for first in all my pc. (after Blender) I canT leave this unique game. never.
  8. Urgent: I need a character similar for dress,face body to this. Reward: A copy of calendar autographed.
  9. First: spawn car everywhere. 4p==4cars spawn 2nd: KV3-percs-Pmg 3rd: Fireworklauncher (Note: not only for spot but for directly shot enemy hidden, is like an opgl but shot straight) (doesnT works? 4 OPGL )
  10. As usual, San Paro need something for cover the wall and help player to remember when premium or items expires! FreshMilk Company sponsor for free to made it. With the amazing (real amazing) Kelly Custom Shopping support it will be ready for 1Q2014 december 2019! If you are interested to be the cover girl (or man) of month just send a picture HERE of you char. Audition will be done in my discord channel. FAQ: Oh no, again! This year too??? -yes You bombed San Paro!!! how you dare?? -i was bored Your absurd milk troops will be in calendar too?? -febbruary and april. I want be in picture with my best friend, can we do group photo? -sure. This is systematicly the worst and stupid idea of all time! I guess there will be horses too!!! -yes and yes. Little Orbit support this idiot casting?? -neither for a second. TrueOgre is Op? -always Your english is worst year by year! How is possible? -50% of my friends speak cyryllic and nothing more, we talk with emotes. I want nWd3 !!! -Private calendar is private. Ehy, you will undress my char!!?? -just a bit for art . Are you asking money?? -neither a cent, ugly greedy scrooge. I have male character can i join? -sure. i have futa char. can i join? -sure, nobody will notice. i have chubby char can i join? -sure, but avoid to finish the donuts How to double upvote? -post a +2 Motorbikes? -Only after Engine Upgrade. Merged. Update: Nearly full all auditions, just one month to go ,Be the October Girl .
  11. Who use fragile should know the risk. Strife is my favourite shotgun. Should be buffed. More range .
  12. Just a minimaps set for PVE could be enough
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