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  1. Who remember when few visionaries told that EngineUpdate was useless, cause APB was an engine for its own. APB, unique, also technically should be developed with its legs, without a frankstein's engineerig without warranty.
  2. How works the threat level system? Score tabs indicate the first 2 highest scores, and they gain +1 threat level (1 to 10, every ten is a threat level more, i donT know if 100% correct but works in this similar way) Then the lowest 2 scores decrease by -1, every -10 in a threat level less. What happens usually in a district? Usually, goldies stomps everything on sight. Score is about 20-1 or 15-0 ,a blatant unfair match, as we see. This means: lowest score will be ALWAYS the silver or bronze threats. DoesnT bother if win or lose. Results confirmed: Silver is going to disappear , and Bronze more, to green, and also the Silver in Bronze will be a green badge. Gold will be always Gold cause hardly will be in lowest 2 scores. Conseguences: A bad matchmaking, not only will carry new players away from APB to a safety distance until unistall, but also experienced and loyal players will see no motive for continue playing in mission districts. Solutions: There is no one, without including decent anticheat or a massive unreversable threats level (Gold= stay gold, for ever, no dethreating allowed), with MM getting insane opposition to goldies. Q: Are you bronze now? A: I will get green too in just 2 hours, with this MM. before unistall. Edit: New Question: Q: What you would do now? Stop Playing? A: Nah, just stay in social for do something like this ->
  3. but ram raiders usually are poor bronze noobs is not fair. my end game is gift clothes to them in social
  4. There was a time when the downtime with no mission was NOT a boring time, cause: 1- P5N5 bounty to hunt 2- No out of bound system, crazy stunt car to test. Plus Ninjaripper full working, who was bored could try to customize and export .
  5. She lives in a Heavy Battlecruiser ,with nuclear warheads, full of special assault unit and officers, is normal that expression is always lively and curious. In theory she never been on land.
  6. Trench Coat Not available ? Still waiting it since 2011? No problem ^-^ ask Kelly ! TrenchCoat_hackV3.rus Available Fully rigged and working in any district. PS:Need long hair? Ask Now! sale 55.99% !! (only rubles)
  7. Restore 2012 edition. Golden age of apb. Was perfect,also with a lot of imperfection. A real open world. A real city battle . A real virtual dream. More rules, limitations and "fix" killed apb masterpiece.
  8. Mutilation of every fun function didn't worked... P5n5 Export model Login screen Out of bound And many others.
  9. Yesterday i played apb, and I had fun. Game is ok for me
  10. As base "mannequein" they are still useful, also Caza does a lot of rework for make them more detailed. I agree that the hair's mesh are aged, they are very old and hard to restyle.
  11. Is the only way for keep a generous part of playerbase still active. Plus, is free content outside apb that helps game notoriety with fresh and nice friendly service .
  12. Before Engine Upgrade, i would see new stuff. Especially in game mode. (Also little social activity ,in special maps, like minigames) is 2022. come on.
  13. This is APB related, cause yes. Who could win in a cat fight between Tina and Kelly? Could enforcer stuns tecnique overtake pro wrestling? The wild strength of Kelly or the high acrobatic moves of Tina? The kevlar3 + Valzipram Tablets or the powered devastation hits? Place you bets. get the extact result for: winner: 2x number of round: 3x order of winning round: 5x
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