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  1. Someone mentioned this but I think a weapon balance is long overdue. Some of the weaker weapons need to be buffed and the max player health needs increasing.
  2. APB is only chaotic in mission. I don't understand why you're saying that it has a chaotic social nature and then are disagreeing with PVE. These are all to prevent griefing. Take GTA 5 for example. How many cars and weapons had to be nerfed due to excessive killing of players across the map. This is also mainly to benefit streamers who are here to promote the game. But disabling P5N5 is a good thing? We still have a ram raid and evidence locker system which largely gets unused. They're aiming to expand the out of mission activity. Stupid take. Cross play always benefits PC. This is purely optional and is an incentive to get people to join premium. Many games have VIP only servers. No it won't. With the new anticheat rolling out the problem won't look anything like it does now. lol You were so pessimistic about the engine upgrade and now 64 bit has come around and we're finally going to get a better looking game. It just seems like you're complaining for the sake of it.
  3. I'm manifesting good things for all of you.
  4. Please lower rank requirements from 195. It is still too high. EDIT: Also slice contact renown in half. The grind is unnecessary and long and it only makes sense to get people to max level faster so they can enjoy the full game.
  5. The legendaries are better versions. The gun balancing of these weapons makes them stronger for the current meta.
  6. No, you don't. Ursus. Whisper. Sitting Duck. Volcano. Euryale. Medusa. Cap40. Huntress. Condor. Hitchhiker. To name a few.
  7. In this case , wouldn't a mod that decreases spread be useful? Does Reflex Sight achieve this? It gotta be brought back. 5/10/15% reduction. I'm confused because everyone knows the Tier 3 Mods are the best but the others get left behind sadly.
  8. I see. But does that matter to weapons like the OBIR and NHVR? Weapons which fire with such specific accuracy? I think for SMGs it is a little different because it speeds up the time to kill. You just have to aim a little better. Personally. I think CJ3 should increase fire rate but decrease range and Heavy Barrel should increase accuracy but decrease fire rate.
  9. Yeah, most builds are geared towards DPS which is ridiculous. Why does Heavy Barrel reduce damage but not CJ3? Thank you for the heads up.
  10. I'm glad you're all working on updates, but I just came back from a long break and decided to start a new enforcer and my god is it painful. Without Clotting Agent 3, your gunfights are short as hell. Enemies take a few shots and run behind something, and if they don't have green gas or epinephrine injector they just nade you until the problem stops. You can have an enemy in your crosshair and be tap firing and you'll still get beaten out because they've got a legendary with mods. Even the secondaries are just busted. The new lease system on the JT store seems good but it won't remedy the fact that you have to grind to 60k each time you need a modification and that the unlock ceiling is still way too high. It needs lowering. If I'm experiencing this as someone who has played for a long time, imagine what someone who hasn't played before is going through. Lower the rank ceiling from 195, lower the unlock requirements for each contact and please balance the weapons. The most basic firearm should at least beat out a secondary (which should always be a last resort after your mag is dumped). OBIR, NTEC, Whisper, NHVR are among the worst offenders of this. If adding recoil was supposed to make a good weapon more difficult, the ALIG wouldn't be so broken.
  11. You could always add an area of effect to ensure that bounty players aren't able to engaged with map wide. And even then you can add conditions to make it so the bounty player can only be hunted by those not in mission.
  12. Why can't they just buff the stabba and LTL in general? At this point using it is harder than using pistol only.
  13. Car Surfing should be removed or nerfed.
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