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  1. I see a lot of people arguing over the recent weapon balancing changes so I want to ask you all honestly: What do you think should dictate the weapon meta? Should it be player ranks? Weapon popularity? Accessibility? What do you think?
  2. not sure how asking a question is bitching but okay focus on not double posting lmfao
  3. I feel for the staff on these forums lmao it's like a call center here
  4. are you guys still bitching about the game
  5. shut up you didn't hear it from me! I think it's a firework launcher tbf lucky mee
  6. No I mean one day I logged on and have a permanent flare gun.
  7. I have a permanent one and I have no idea why.
  8. Most of the guns are just reskins and contact ones are based on personal preference. You're overthinking this.
  9. So you can buy legendaries with JTs purchased from the Armas Marketplace, other permanents too but permanents purchased with G1C is somehow a bad idea?
  10. Let us trade our Armas marketplace weapons through an NPC or at least in game. As far as I know legendaries used to be sold on there and now you can only get them with JT or in game cash so why can't we trade the Armas ones?
  11. That's true, I was thinking about this last night. Increasing player health would be a good thing. Gunfights last a little longer but not too long.
  12. It's a good weapon up close. I think a lot of people forget the range on it is terrible and just run in willy nilly
  13. Turning the medspray into a support item that only heals teammates instead of yourself will help improve teamwork instead of people spamming it for personal use. Before: Consumable - Triggers the spray of an advanced compound around you that immediately triggers health regeneration for friends and foes alike. You get the added benefit of doubling your base healt regeneration. Immediately starts health regeneration for all players within 5m Doubles base health regeneration for 5 seconds After Consumable - Triggers the spray of an advanced compound around you that increases health regeneration for allies. Passively increases health regeneration for allies within 5m for 5 seconds This way the player will get a slight health regeneration boost, not enough to restart a gunfight, not enough to be abused or play solo with and players will coordinate their consumables to aid this. A passive heal seems like the best option for an item like this. So it doesn't INSTANTLY heal your teammates, but it heals them a tiny bit faster for a short period of time.
  14. Lowering weapon damage achieves this. Not everyone has access to or uses medspray.
  15. You could fix the medspray like double stat
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