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  1. I didn't mention the name "Matt Scott" once. I briefly pointed out he regularly updates us as the CEO himself which is rare for a company. Please shut up.
  2. Rallying behind isn't the same as blindly supporting everything they do, it's motivating them to make the right choices and supporting them towards better conclusions. If this is what I said then I wouldn't have spent other posts complaining about my own issues with the game. As it stands, there's a good balance of criticism and support for the game which is healthy. There are also just whiners who want to feel satisfaction that something they sunk time into and no longer like has failed.
  3. You can drift by using the spacebar (handbrake) and holding A or D. The cars auto-drift. It takes some getting used to, I like it though.
  4. Little Orbit has taken on the impossible task of keeping this game alive after mismanagement from previous companies. Now when I played periodically GamersFirst were in charge. Things then were relatively smooth (for me gameplay wise) and the game was quite early in its stages. I had some fun in the game. Seeing the issues cropping up over time is disappointing but LO aren't the causes of many of them. They've made some really good changes: -Streamlining the JT system as a secondary form of currency, which can be used to obtain high-level gear with little effort. -Removing the lootbox system, instead allowing you to buy JT at cost and earn rewards for using the Armas Marketplace. -Giving us all free Premium during the pandemic. This makes the game much fairer for the little man as you can buy good modifications from the marketplace and vehicles. It's no longer a slog. -Weapon balances, a bit of a poison chalice in most games. While the NTEC still dominates the in-game meta, other weapons have been given a chance and very few of the stock weapons outperform one another. The few stocks which are useless aren't much worse. -Regular updates from the CEO himself. Name any other game with this level of correspondence on what is going on behind the scenes and the efforts made to upgrade the engine. -Percussion grenades. Nuff said. Yes there are hackers. Yes there are macro users, triggerbots and dethreaters but there's a much better level of camaraderie which I've not seen on many other games I play. Yes, I do complain too about the things I'm upset about but I love this game. We should rally behind LO because chances are we wouldn't have gotten any of this kind of treatment from the previous owners.
  5. That isn't what I said. Reread it. It's a grenade launcher with a rotating cylinder, so having it wind-up between shots with a shorter delay between really doesn't do much harm to the weapon. I keep mentioning the arc but you keep ignoring it so I'm not going to say anything more. The problems with the EOL are completely different. They're not an exact equivalent of the grenades they use as ammo, only one of them is two-slot, they also take longer to arm in the air than other weapons and they have a low ammo pool. Does the NFAS encourage spamming? That has a wind-up also and requires aiming at range. You're inventing problems which don't exist.
  6. Yeah the OPGL is an asshurt on Fight Club. OSMAW is more manageable because you can at least hear the heavy breathing and vapour coming off a player that wishes to announce to the entirety of the map that he cannot be left alone for more than ten minutes. I think they should change the OPGL to the following (xiphos will disagree): Instant explosion/single bounce, or at least a damage increase over distance to encourage safer/long range play. Wind up between shots (similar to True Ogre, but each subsequent shot has a miniature wind-up inbetween, allowing you to hold LMB and keep firing.) Remove the semi automatic firing capability, maybe have it on marksmanship for an alternate more accurate fire. This way, the EOL could be a semi automatic grenade launcher which is used to create close to medium fights, the OPGL would be a fully automatic grenade launcher for medium engagements, the OSMAW would be a sniper and the Volcano would be essentially the HVR of the bunch. The order of CQC to sniper should be: EOL -> OPGL -> OSMAW -> Volcano.
  7. Sorry I was just using the Wi-Fi to watch reruns of Poirot
  8. So are many other weapons? What are you saying here? OSMAW potentially has the biggest chance for damage long-range next to snipers. A wind-up timer between shots would be a audio indicator for the delay between shots. I'd be for increasing the fire-rate if this was the case. Consider that the revolvers have delays between shots but you don't hear the cylinder rotating. On a direct hit, which is difficult to land considering the shot moves. Two AOE shots kills you. I should have been clearer about this, my wording was poor. The delay between shots also means you have to aim it in such a way that hits a moving opponent. Not sure why you're saying this, are you agreeing or disagreeing? The EOLs are more CQC yes, but the mechanic for how they arm themselves renders them useless.
  9. Raptor 45 Vulture supremacy What happens during the maintenance? What do you guys do? Also buff the EOLs
  10. Big disagree. From a long distance it's almost impossible to hear until it hits you. The sound is a good warning considering how powerful the weapon is. Please tell me how you beat two players using LTL OGPLs and bunny hopping to get extra range? OGPL could use a wind-up timer, at least between shots to space it out. It gets ridiculous having to exit a hallway until the blasting stops just to get a kill. Nah. The Volcano has a large blast radius but both shots have to hit you to kill you. It doesn't fly in a straight arc like the OSMAW does. People been saying this for ages. It's time you hand deliver the message to MattScott. Lure him out with some beard oil m'boi. I play on lower graphics so most of the time I can't see where the OGPL projectiles come from, occassionaly I can see where they land. OGPL should suck in close combat, I'm going to be real with you, all explosive weapons should. They're mid to long range tools to intimidate and put pressure on opponents, not get in their face and spam it hoping to get a win.
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