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  1. "A lot of black people (that I just made up) liked the Dukes of Hazzard so the Confederate Flag doesn't matter anymore," Is historical revisionism. Nice touch on the use of the word "woke". Pro-tip, if you're criticising something about black people, calling the people who dislike it "the woke" is probably a good way to unmask yourself.
  2. Every argument of yours is a false equivalence. There are also white people in the A-Team and it isn't a political slogan or symbol rooted in hate, it's a fictional TV show. Inb4 "so is The Dukes of Hazzard" but the confederate symbol has long existed before it and holds a completely different meaning. Your long form whining isn't going to change anything. So you're either wilfully stupid or too ignorant to know any better. Another false equivalence. By that logic the A-Team shouldn't be allowed either because the letter A can represent any historical atrocity. Maybe instead of making absurd arguments and trying to grasp at straws you could just stop talking?
  3. I knew you'd made some stupid fucking remark. Where is the comparison between agreeing to follow the rules and whatever the hell you just said? You're not obligated to be here. This is not as complicated as you're making it. Anything that you own is bound by a contract. That doesn't make what I am saying licking the boot. Like I said, If you don't want to follow the rules you AGREED to when you signed then just leave. What you are describing here and what is actually happening is not a digital extreme. You don't HAVE to put a confederate flag or any symbol for that matter on your in game character or clothing to play this game. Many people do not. That has nothing to do with tricking players or taking things by deception. You're not following your own logic here.
  4. This entire thread: "Can I do X?" "No, it's against the rules." "WHAT ABOUT Y AND Z THIS ISN'T FAIR REEEEEEEEE"
  5. Brain dead fucking take. You're playing on a privately owned game with established rules and guidelines. If they say you can't do something, you just don't do it. They aren't going to make a list for your personal convenience because they don't owe you a thing. Accept the answer you've been given and stop trying to appeal to vagueness and pretend that there must be something unclear or hypocritical about what they're doing. What about XYZ? What about such and such? What about it lmfao The confederate flag isn't allowed and it isn't necessary to play here, so if you don't like it, make your own game or go elsewhere. Also comparing a fear of cars to an established historical atrocity? Come the hell on dude, think clearly. Cringe. Lots of symbols are banned from the game, there was a player who made a German uniform from WW2 and got his patootie handed to him then threw a tantrum like you are expecting the world to bend in his favour. Again, not anyone's problem. This isn't cancel culture, are you kidding? You're not being deplatformed, you're being asked not to use a symbol on SOMEONE ELSE'S GAME. What don't you get about the EULA you agreed to before playing?
  6. All you ever do is complain about the game, the mechanics, the staff, the updates and everything about this game. Why are you even here if you hate it so much?
  7. What do they mean by "little secret"?
  8. Support never tell you the outcome of the players you report. That person in question had a long history of being toxic and confrontational and if you see are now permabanned for telling a user to *self harm*.
  9. ARMAS has weapons for sale where two slots weapons are the same price as three slots. Since they are reskins would it not be better to put them under the list of skins in weapons?
  10. How do I invest anything?
  11. I think they need to adjust the crosshairs to make it clearer when you're on or off target.
  12. It's too expensive to acquire legendaries or even good quality weapons. Put all weapons in the JT Store or weaker variants in contacts. There's no reason why reskins don't belong in the contact store. Joker CR5, Vas, LCR, FAR. All of these weapons could be in contact store without slots and it would make perfect sense. It at least incentivises a player to spend their cash on new weapons until they can afford a permanent one and bulks out the neverending grind. The price of things in ARMAS is pretty high too, some things with two slots cost exactly the same as three slots. Maybe a new premium package is in order?
  13. The FAR is amazing when tap fired. You can also full auto at close range, but it doesn't solve all of your problems, you still need to hit your opponent and watch your bloom. The STAR is amazing at close to medium range. You can tap fire at longer distances but it has weaker damage, and up close you can full auto in marksmanship mode to get a consistent kill provided you follow your target well. However, this is where it starts and stops. When you put mods on a STAR, it becomes ineffective. IR3 makes it bloom to high heaven. HS3 makes it so you have to crouch fire to win battles. I think a revamp where level 1 and 2 mods make a comeback would be welcome.
  14. You're not taking on an NTEC at 40m. You're not taking on a Whisper at 20m You're not taking on a Colby at 10m. Youre not taking on a NHVR at 60m. The second you strafe while aiming, you get full bloom. The second you fire more than two bullets at once, you get full bloom. Your recoil knocks your aim off kilter and the fire rate is too slow to manage. The ALIG is a vehicle killer. There's a reason the SHAW was the hacker favourite for quite some time. It blew up vehicles but it definitely knew how to handle pedestrians. Buff the strafe modifier, decrease the recoil and make it tap fire friendly. It doesn't have to be a magical weapon. Just make it useful at medium to long range and absolutely useless up close, like most of its contemporaries. Also, the Medusa is an amazing weapon. You're a sitting duck but at least the weapon has enough damage output for it not to matter.
  15. It's broken as hell. You just need to give it better accuracy for tap fire and make full auto viable for vehicles at close range. It is very bad at combat.
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