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  1. And I'm not saying they do? You realise that aim training is just to test your weapons, practice getting use to their recoil and improve your muscle memory as well as your aiming habits? Doing it on a large map with experienced players defeats the purpose of that. I don't know why so many of you are just suggesting Fight Club to me because I already play there regularly and I know it exists. All the weapons I get I use there as well as in districts, but that's very much just jumping into the deep end without getting appreciation for the weapon before you use it. You don't get the same amount of patience, time or experimenting in an active match to test modifications/movement/strafing or even positional strategies because you're just there under a tense situation waiting to be shot at. That isn't a solution to what I'm saying nor are you actually addressing the words I've said. This was already discussed upthread. I am already aware of this. "Hey guys we should add a shooting range to practice your weapons in your spare time without risking your rank or getting steamrolled by golds." "Just go to Fight Club." "I already do use fight club but that's not an effective way to practice." "Just use APB:DB"
  2. When there's 20 of them at the same time though it's quite an uphill battle. I'm aware of the database, but I'm not entirely sure how to interpret the data and it would be nice to test weapon damage on an actual dummy instead of a player who would die from any amount of hits. It's a good way to experiment, at least imo.
  3. The skill gap in this game is ridiculous and it seems unfair that the only way to test your weapon is either on a scrub or a high levelled player. There's no harm in adding a shooting range where people can practice their weapons on training damage, including dummies, moving targets and drills. Most dedicated shooting games have these and it's honestly a god send, especially for people to learn the ropes on the game. The tutorial is very lackluster, you're just told to press some buttons and away you go into the wild west. Plus, for Armas weapons it seems counter-productive to give people a 3 hour trial when most weapons take longer to learn, a shooting range would mitigate this issue.
  4. So I own: Raptor 45 Vulture Joker RFP Fang Act 44 Pillager I want something STAR like, which I can blast up close and tap fire for a distance. I'm not NTEC crazy, but I really am feeling the Joker CR5, and the FAR Spearhead looks good. I also want a pistol, I bought the Raptor by mistake believing it was the Colby 45 but the Frog Kokoe looks really good to me too. Tips? Recommendations? Thoughts and prayers?
  5. Yes yes I know don't buy the ARMAS marketplace weapons. But what weapons are functionally similar to it? I really love the gun but I'm not an NTEC fan.
  6. Trust me, it's so rewarding when you kill a gold who would otherwise streamroll you. What weapons do you use?
  7. Wish I could have been there but I'm away. Thank you nonetheless. I'm sure you guys are saving something special for my black 455.
  8. I've picked up the game again and shed a lot of rust so I wanted to talk about the art of invisibility and why it's so fundamental to enjoying APB. Some very basic tips: Movement - 80% of winning a gunfight, ambushing your opponents, landing grenades and basic tactics is movement. If you know how to move when your opponent does the former, you can really get one over even if you're outnumbered. Make sure to hug walls when you're running, hide behind doors facing away from it so your gun doesn't stick through and zigzag. When you're being shot from a distance, run behind objects to obstruct your enemy's line of sight. You can always find something which will force a sniper to adjust himself to try and hit you. Shooting - The other 20% of this game. Knowing your weapon is key. The weapon you get the most kills with should be the one you use innately. For me, the STAR 556 is unmatched. I know the NTEC is a good meta but for me the recoil is clunky and long distance shooting without mods (I don't have the Nol nor fancy buying one) doesn't seem to pique my interest. When up close don't bother aiming (unless the weapon is a sniper) just keep your opponent between the crosshairs and make rain upon them with fire. When you're shooting at someone from behind, make sure you don't get lazy and aim on one position, move your mouse with your opponent, strafe to avoid catching bullets and shift your body. Crouching will almost always confuse your opponent and moving the opposite direction abruptly while strafing will force them to have to actively think of where to go next to hit you. Feel free to jump off ledges, run behind cover and make yourself scarce when things become hectic. Luring your opponent after you then hiding is a good way to turn the tables after almost eating dirt. There's no shame in retreating, it's why there's no stamina bar. Vantage points - know where your enemies are coming from, expect them to jump you and always be willing to have an escape route. Don't wait by doorways for too long, and don't wait in the same place after shooting. If your team knows you killed someone, the enemy does too and they'll be hot on your trail after the fact. Always keep it moving. The best place to go is where you can see everything but remain hidden. That's all, feel free to expand on this and happy hunting!
  9. Reprimand

    Remove OPGL from FC

    Anyway here's my two cents. The OGPL and OSMAW, and for that matter other explosive primaries should be removed from FC. There's several reasons for this: You can't see the projectiles and there's no muzzle flash, making it impossible to learn your opponent's attack patterns or even make the attempt of dodging it. Like I suggested, the projectiles should be bright red. Doesn't make it harder to use, doesn't make it too easy to play against. The team kill potential is ridiculous. You get 2 grenades per life (or more if you're able to restock but the gesture of cooking and throwing a grenade is highly telegraphed. With an OGPL and OSMAW you often don't see it coming, except for the OSMAW beeping which is difficult to discern a location from. We're fighting in very enclosed but vast spaces, meaning that all a person needs to do is camp on a rooftop and hold down the LMB to wipe out several opponents. Unlike other maps (which are open air) you're not risking yourself as much as your teammates firing in a corridor or hallway. I do agree, explosive weapons should weigh the same as the LMG category, because having your own personal rocket launcher with the base run speed doesn't make for a fun experience, even head to head. Not to mention that firing them makes you less visible on the radar than say an assault rifle (even with a silencer which can be heard) by people nearby. You're firing less often but getting twice the reward as someone who has to intently aim at someone and run for cover. How is that fair? Consider the sniper and how while you get a high reward, your fire rate is slow and your opponent instantly knows where you are. Are we really doing a CTP/CTF mode justice by letting people blow up whatever comes towards it?
  10. Reprimand

    Weapon reskins.

    Can we maybe add some variety to the weapon reskins in the Arma Marketplace? The designs look nice but making the weapons actually function differently would be good. It also does seem unfair to sell two weak versions and a more popular one for a similar price. They should all have a special identity I believe.
  11. What a childish response. Putting the medspray into green slot wouldn't remove its efficacy but stacking it with CA3 (which the majority of the playerbase uses) is just overkill. Anyway consumables have had their day in this game. We need to remove them.
  12. Reprimand

    My two cents!

    Thank you for clarifying. So there's no difference between leg and head shots? The only problem I have is how much it zooms in when you sprint. It can be a little bit too close, especially when you want to stop and fire at an opponent. Concussion grenades! I completely forgot about those. I think giving percussion grenades a short fuse or a two bounce to explode would be much better. You're adding a skill ceiling but not really making it unviable. When I say meta weapons, I mean the weapon performs its task with little difficulty. You would be hard pressed to find someone who uses an OBIR over an NVHR, or even CR762 over an NTEC. See what I mean? I've found that OBIR on moving targets is very unprecise especially with the bullet spread.
  13. Reprimand

    My two cents!

    As someone who used to play APB back in 2008 briefly and have come back three times to play this game (I know) here's my two cents on what can be done to improve the general quality of life of the game. Everyone has thrown in their two cents, here is mine. HUD: The HUD is way too large and intrusive. There's a lot of stuff going on and making it smaller and less "flashy" would be a very welcome improvement to APB. Maybe there is a setting for this, but I do think that turning it off is detrimental especially when you need to see what's going on just not all at once. Camera: That over the shoulder camera angle needs a slight adjustment. It's really uncomfortable to aim from and often times you have to aim ever so slightly higher to get headshots. Zooming it out would be a welcome change in my mind so you can at least see on both sides of your shoulder instead of 25% of one and 75% of the other. Grenades: Yes, I know. The grenades are the get out of jail free card for getting flushing out roof sniper, finishing off an enemy or blowing up some poor mook's vehicle. Anyway the grenade model in this game has gotten insane. The frag is the best, let's be honest. We should change the role of the percussion grenade to be for vehicle based combat and not general. If you disagree that it renders the slot useless, we have firework launchers and tasers so no it doesn't. I've used the percussion and even I think it's become ridiculous how easy it is to pump a few shots into someone and then tap G to end the fight. Gunplay should remain key. Guns: The meta is very simple and can remain simple if we stop doing the most about what to do and take away. Our baseline is this: NTEC - Perfect for close to medium high powered shooting. Burst firing for poking targets. Suffers a lot of recoil so awful for spray and pray tactics. OCA - Exceptional at close ranges, pathetic medium to long distance. Impossible to use at long range. PMG - Great at close range, however weaker than the OCA due to the fire rate. Still viable up to a medium range. Useless at long range. Star 556 - An all-rounder. Good at all ranges, but will suffer to a more native weapon designed for a specific range. Obeya FBW - Literally perfect. A close range pistol which harasses a player enough to finish them off. JG 840 - The best shotgun in the game. Little recoil, high reward. Especially good for bullying targets at medium to long ranges for small amounts of chip damage. Perfect in corridors. SHAW 556 - An absolute powerhouse. Great for taking out vehicles, picking off enemies at short to medium range and spraying at people. Forces the person using it to sit still which makes them vulnerable. Stabba PiG - It makes sense. You need to aim it correctly otherwise you won't have a good time but you won't get away with spamming it since it requires other weapons to be effective. Stabba CCG - The perfect LTL weapon. Good range, distance and very rewarding for beginners and pros alike. S-AS PDW - Debatable but it really requires you to use up close on one opponent instead of trying to cheese your way through several kills. These vanilla weapons are the blueprint for what all weapons in APB should be like. However, their counterparts are horrendous. Weapons that need improving: Joker RFP 9 - Good in concept, but for a burst fire pistol this should be highly accurate at medium to long ranges. It should be a mini OBIR, capable of killing at very long distances but hard to use up close. OBIR - Same problem. The damage output is poor and for what should kill in 2-3 bursts this weapon just has too slow of a fire rate or base damage to threaten an opponent at long ranges. DMR SD - The silencer isn't really worth it. This weapon should be a faster, yet weaker version of the NHVR but yet it's just pathetic and the recoil on it is ridiculous. Obeya CR762 - Should be a long range version of the Joker SR15 but it isn't. The recoil is awful and for a long range weapon this really doesn't stand a chance against an assault rifle, good aim or not. Joker SR 15 Carbine - Very inaccurate for a weapon which is supposed to be a semi-automatic close to medium range weapon. Not particularly good at hitting moving targets or even at direct ranges. The damage drop off is also unbearable. ACT 44 - This takes 4 shots to kill. It's supposed to be a Deagle. This should be a stronger version of the FBW, good for sniping at long ranges with weak damage but punishing up close. Stabba NG 8 - Super inaccurate and somehow worse than the PiG. Do we really need a secondary full auto LTL weapon? Make it semi automatic. Colby SNR 850 - Should be discouraged from close range use. I believe this weapon should be used for picking off targets at medium range but it fails to be viable at any. ALIG 762 - While touted as a vehicle killer, this weapon should be a longer range version of the SHAW. Slower, more accurate, still requires you to sit still but better at longer distances. OSMAW and OGPL - Make the projectiles on these weapons red or colourful so you can see them coming. It will prevent friendly fire and be easier to fight against. That is my only complaint. Stabba NL9 - A good shotgun but the range (for a shotgun) is quite poorly. Should be able to go toe to toe with a JG 840 and most other close range weapons but the gun functions more like a rifle than anything. Should be more forgiving and spread out in pellets instead of bean bag rounds. Colby RSA - Should work close to medium range but has wildly inaccurate aim. Some players use this like a sniper but for the fire rate it isn't as beneficial as a FBW would be. NFA 9 - Should be able to pick off one to two damaged opponents close range as a panic button but fails to do either. Please just remove the camera shaking with recoil. I know you guys will crucify me for saying this but the camera shake is non-existent on many of the strong weapons and that's why they have an advantage at closer ranges. This is how we fix APB.
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