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  1. I don't understand what do you mean aim assist?
  2. The second time I was banned the first time I lost my account after 12 years of playing I was banned meaninglessly and this time the same thing happened I don't know what's going on I think this is a lot of incopetence they are killing the game I think I'm going to give up playing I've already spent a lot of money to get banned if only they had a clear answer to what's going on, they gave me 3 DAYS BANNED but I think that date has passed and so far they haven't solved my problem, probably they're doing it on purpose
  3. it's easier to get it by renting it because JT is always needed to get other items
  4. Cara, por que você não tem, mas os eventos de obter essas armas permanentes? Lembro que ganhei o FAR VANGUARD mas esperava pegar o outro ano passado mas não teve esse evento?
  5. hello dear friend i am facing the same problem so i contacted the support and they charged me $75 dollars so i asked for an explanation they told me i stole them asking for the refund in the same amount so i wanted to know why that and i deposited this value in g1c in my account but they say that I need to put it in another account because that was because of another account that is linked to mine I only have two accounts but I use the only one where I put the g1c and I don't know which account it is charging me besides that they say it was in 2021 then they talk with a conversation that was in July last year I was without a computer for 3 years and I came to buy one in August 2022 they are charging me wrong and they don't want to hear me To quote
  6. remove my trade block for the love of god Matt Scott, I'm an old APB player I never did anything to deserve this I even bought a new computer so I could play APB this banishment was made when I was without a computer, exactly no one in this universe has access to my tell and say that I made this joke
  7. 01/01/2023 I came across something annoying... My account was blocked for claiming I made a fraudulent purchase that a refund has been requested and I have all my receipts up to date informing that it was 2022 in May of the same year I did not have a computer someone with an account linked to mine, this is impossible because the only person with access to my account is me... and for me to be able to use the trade or market again, I need to pay 75$ and it wasn't me. In short, I contacted support, they said that this account linked to mine was banned ''THEREFORE'' I have to pay the amount made because they said it was me... My account is no longer useful, sad...
  8. Good morning friends, I came here to find out what's going on with our server, there is no one so the game will devalue having several players with a high cost in cash in the game and the staff is stopping, with the server "citadel" is full I always wanted to know if there will be any migration with the servers stabilizing for all NA players. Good if any GM or Developer of the game would speak out would be grateful. APB JERICHO
  9. Quais dias da semana são para receber meus G1c pago com boleto via MERCADOPAGO/PAGBANK?
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