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  1. Hello everyone, Based on the last information from our team, said login issues should be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience. Regards, Ritual
  2. Hello everyone, Servers are now back on line. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Regards, Ritual
  3. Hello everyone, We've looked into the reported issues with pumpkin spawning during the event and the issue should now be resolved. Additionally, we are still in the process of fixing issue with the reward codes for the Breast Cancer Awareness giveaway winners. Once this has been resolved, we will make sure to contact all of you that won one of these. We apologize for the inconvenience and we truly appreciate your patience. Regards, Ritual
  4. Hello everyone, After getting information that there was a rather significant issue regarding payment in the Marketplace where people were not able to purchase G1Cs in time for trial discounts. The issue has now been fixed, and payment should again function as it should. Now regarding all of you that did your trial runs, and then were unable to purchase the weapon with a discount because of this issue, please submit the ticket to the support with your issue, preferably by Monday! Make sure the ticket has a proper title and that the issue in the ticket is properly and thoroughly explained with screenshots. These tickets will be prioritized due to the specific nature of the issue. We will do our best to assist you, and you will help us a lot by properly filling in said ticket. Regards, Ritual
  5. Hello everyone, Already replied to another similar thread but I was then given heads up you guys made one too so! First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience this issue had caused. We are currently looking into it and hoping to fix it soon! As of now I do not have more information about it, but if we get anything else important in the meantime, we will make sure to let you all know. Thank you for your patience! Regards, Ritual
  6. Hello everyone, We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue had caused to all of you. It is currently being looked into, and we are hoping to fix it soon! Thank you for your patience. Regards, Ritual
  7. Hello everyone, Just a quick heads up! We have made some updates on our current Forum Rules/Forum Guidelines that are being implemented from today (08/06/2019). Please make sure you revisit and reread them in order to familiarize yourself with the updates and avoid potential misunderstandings. Thank you. Regards, Ritual
  8. Hello again everyone, Thank you for your patience, servers are up and running again. Regards, Ritual
  9. Hello everyone, Quick heads up that we will be having an emergency maintenance for APB today (1st of August 2019) at 17:00 UTC (in approximately 15 minutes). Please make sure you have completed your sessions by that time to prevent any progress loss. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, Ritual
  10. Hello everyone, As you may have noticed earlier today, we had certain issues with Fallen Earth that caused it to go offline for a portion of time and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. By now, the issue has been resolved, and the game is back online. In order to make sure the game is up to date, and in order to try and prevent this issue from happening again, we will be having another extended maintenance tomorrow. It is expected to last around 2.5 hours. We thank you for your patience while we work on it. Regards, Ritual
  11. Ritual

    PowerPlay Weekend

    PowerPlay Weekend WEDNESDAY the 3rd at 2pm (pacific) – MONDAY the 9th at 2pm (pacific) Start the extended weekend off with a Bang! Bust out the sparklers because starting on Wednesday the 3rd and running through on Monday the 9th, everyone can enjoy up to 50% off in ARMAS. Have your eye on some sweet gear in the ARMAS Marketplace? Check out the new Search feature to find explosive deals!
  12. Hello everyone, As you are probably aware, the applications were closed on 11th of June at midnight PST. All of the candidates that sent in their applications until then and are yet to receive an official response, no worries! We are getting to you this week and we should respond to you all by the end of it. If your application was opened but you are yet to receive an answer, we did not forget you, and we will respond to you within these few days Regards, Ritual
  13. Hello everyone, A quick update. Please be patient, we are going through your applications and none of you will be overlooked if you sent yours the right way. The applications are opened until the 11th of June which means we are one third in! Make sure you send in yours on time as we will no longer be accepting new applications after 11th of June at midnight PST. Regards, Ritual
  14. Hello everyone, At this moment, we are looking into the issue with the server. No detailed information are available at the moment as it's being worked on. We will inform you of any further development. Once again, we appreciate your patience and your updates, and we will make sure we put it back up as soon as possible. Thank you everyone, Ritual
  15. Alright, I will be reporting on this as well. Thank you for the heads up.
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