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  1. Hello everyone, As @Amayii already said, the issue has been resolved and things are up and running again. We apologize for the longer than usual maintenance time today. The developers were alerted immediately after and made sure everything is back on and in order. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards, Ritual
  2. Hello everyone, Due to some significant network issues, we are executing an unscheduled restart of the game. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will be back up and running in no time! Thank you for your understanding. Ritual
  3. Hello everyone, We are preparing the results of the interview round for the candidates that participated. Considering only a small portion of applied candidates got to this stage, we will be looking into the applications that arrived a day or two late. This however does NOT mean you are to send your applications now. Unless you are in this "Couple of days late" group, your application will not be considered this round and you will have to send it again when the applications are opened. Thank you for your understanding, Ritual
  4. Thank you everyone for submitting your applications! We will now be closing this round of applying and proceed to pick the candidates
  5. Just heads up to all of you interested to apply. We will be accepting your applications for the forum mod position until this weekend, after which we will take a few days to determine who we will contact for the next step Regards, Ritual
  6. Hello a Pair of Socks, Unfortunately no, we were not kidding, and it required some time to fix the issue. The issue should be resolved now and you should be able to resume the game. I will go ahead and lock the thread as the issue is resolved. Regards, Ritual
  7. Hello again everyone, This is supposed to be an application opening and closing announcement thread, and not the discussion thread. Explanations of the process were given, and I believe the wider purpose of this thread has been fulfilled. I am looking to keep it clean rather than having announcements buried within the discussion. It will be unlocked again once the applications are re-opened. Meanwhile, any issues are welcome to be discussed in some other threads. Regards, Ritual
  8. Hello everyone, Not only have this thread turned completely distasteful, but it is also ridiculously derailed. If the user in question is reported properly, the support will get to it. Even though no names were mentioned, this turned into a sensitive and heated discussion over something that holds no grounds in facts, and is too easily used as an excuse to identify a faulty player with something more than themselves. With that in mind, I will go ahead and lock this thread and ask you to please pay attention to these things in the future. Regards, Ritual
  9. Not only the NDA, but also the fact that we unfortunately cannot count on the entire community to be objective of person's ability to keep the position even if privately they are having a beef with said person. We cannot allow any of GMs to suffer their positive or negative image with some people in the community, which would absolutely ruin their own objective approach to their duties. Abuse of powers by treating someone unfairly better because they are a friend, as well as carrying a stigma over something they allegedly did is both counterproductive, and even though we gave it a go, it did not give us the results we looked for. Therefore, unfortunately no. We will not be publishing the identities of the users we've chosen.
  10. Hello everyone, Anyone interested into helping us maintain and clean the forums with our team of moderators, can now apply for the position to Lixil or me. We are looking forward to have more people involved into our forum activities! This is a completely voluntary position, although we do have to be able to rely on you to follow the pace of your position. Simple things to keep in mind before your apply: - We will not accept people that were previously moderated due to one of more serious violations of our forum rules, or those that have too many lesser warnings. - Being a moderator is not an easy task, and if you are quick to judge subjectively or you are temperamental, we advise you not to apply. - You will be expected to follow directions and be in constant communication with the rest of the team. - You are required to have a proficient knowledge of English language. - You are also required to have a certain level of professionalism and a healthy limit of engagement while resolving issues. Application process is fairly simple and straight forward. You will simply send a PM to Lixil or me and include the following: - Reason for application, - Previous experience, - Expectations from the position, - Timezone, - Availability - Any additional details you may find important. Looking forward to hearing from you all! Regards, Ritual
  11. I truly had the best intention to respect the asked question in this thread and letting it remain up, but since even after a fair warning it keeps being a place of random discussion of who should be blocked and who shouldn't, I will be locking it. I will be notifying my colleagues about the blocking issue to hopefully find out what is behind it. Regards, Ritual
  12. Alright well, regarding the choice of GMs for Fallen Earth, we've elected people that we deemed the best from the group we had applying for the position. I am not going to discuss the past issues some of them may have had in the game, since the background of those was as well thoroughly investigated before we decided to give them a go. If you have any direct evidence and information about any of our active GMs abusing their power in any way, feel free to PM me with evidence and complaint, and I will certainly make sure to fix the issue if said issue is present. I also cannot speak of will something happen or not as we do not jump to conclusions regarding such potential scenarios. That being said, we are more than ready to deal with the problem when (and if) it arises. So again, if there are any evidence of foul behavior inside the current team, feel free to present them to me in private. The team of volunteers working with us on Fallen Earth has nothing to do with those working on APB as they are two different team with two different handlers. As I previously stated, GMs are contacted and are reporting through the official channels.
  13. Hello Yood, We are sorry if you got an impression of being treated unfairly through moderator's actions involving your content. As I stated several times before to several users having the same issue, bringing the issue up on the forums is not the best way to handle the problem. If you have any complaints regarding moderators' decisions, you are welcome to contact Lixil or me in order to address the issue directly. The rest of the community knows just as much as you do. I appreciate your understanding regarding this request. Regarding your question about active moderators around here. We have several. That being said, neither of them have a particular number of actions they do per day and some are more active than the others depending on their current availability. Being constantly warned by one moderator is not you being chased around and checked, but the matter of that moderator being first at the scene. Regards, Ritual
  14. Very much aware of the importance Hazmat had for FE and yes, GM are to be around as often as possible, and as we add more people to our team, their presence should be obvious even more often.
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