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  1. Hello everyone, The blog post for the month of March 2020 can be found HERE. We are discussing the new JMB! Please follow the link for all current information and details regarding our new legendary. Regards.
  2. Hello Amberwind, First of, I'd like to thank you for your concern regarding this previously resolved issue. I would also like to say that we do not have any intention discussing this or similar things in any other way but through official posts when (and if) similar issues occur. What the community needs to concern themselves with is usually what we bring up (just like in said case). Please refrain from bringing similar discussions in such way on public forums without them being related to the actual post discussing the issue. It is simply creating unnecessary tensions and miscommunication. Also regarding your post, please keep in mind that maintaining a reasonable level of customization to the post is not only polite, but also a better bet people will actually read it without any issues. That being said, I will be closing this thread for the sake of this message going through. Any further thread of similar content will be removed. Regards, Ritual
  3. Hello, I have locked this thread due to it not contributing to the forum it has been posted on. Regards, Ritual
  4. Shot through the heart! Guns for our new Valentine's Day event are now up on ARMAS. Grab your own and rain down mayhem* on San Paro now also with a hint of Valentine's Day spirit. *10/10 cupids agree, it blows the classic bow and arrow out of the water. See you in San Paro, if you believe romance isn't dead. ...yet.
  5. Hello there! Even though I personally cannot give you more technical details on why exactly is this necessary as I am not an expert, I am just letting you all know that the IT team is aware of this and while the server work is being done, NY servers can be expected to appear and disappear. I do not have any information on when we can expect this to settle down unfortunately, and even though it will be done as soon as it can be, we are sorry that it is currently affecting your gameplay.
  6. Hello everyone! Starting off this year with a BANG, we have a bunch of information for your regarding our goals for APB in 2020! You can find all of the newest updates (including the information on the engine, some balancing work and quality of life changes, as well as our new community manager) at: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2020/1/20/hitting-the-road-map
  7. The 2019 Holiday Bundle is now live! Grab all the event cosmetics from the Holiday Cheer promotion, including elf ears for that Sugar Plum Fairly look! The Holiday Bundle is available in the ARMAS store until Feb 19th, so be sure to stock up on that holiday spirit before it’s gone. Get your cosmetics HERE
  8. Hello semmih, If I understood you correctly, your issue is that your email address expired and now you cannot log into your G1 account? If that is the case, this is a common issue that will be quickly resolved through our Customer Support. As @Salubrious specified, you need to visit our Support site, and create a new ticket specifying your issue in order to get assistance. Regards.
  9. Ritual

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    Hello everyone, We'd like to address the -1 error that is preventing you from logging onto your APB accounts on PS4. Here is how to fix this issue: 1) If you are not already forcibly logged out, log out of your account on your own and then log back in. 2) After logging in, you will be required to agree to Sony's updated agreement. Additionally, make sure you check whether your privacy settings are set up properly in order to play APB. Even though your other PS4 games may be working fine, you need to go through these steps in order to properly synchronize your APB account and eliminate this error!
  10. Hello everyone, Our Ugly Sweater Contest for this year has officially reached its conclusion! Before we announce the winners of this contest, allow me to once again remind you of rewards you were competing for: 1st place: 1000 G1C, 30-days of Premium, all Holiday 2019 items 2nd place: 600 G1C, 15-days of Premium, Holiday 2019 Ugly Sweater bundle, and one clothing item of their choosing from ARMAS Holiday 2019 items 3rd place: 300 G1C, 7-days of Premium, Holiday 2019 Ugly Sweater bundle In addition to these rewards, top 3 places will have their ugly sweater design included in our Ugly sweater bundle that will come to our ARMAS store, AND you'll get the pack free of charge! That being said, we would like to congratulate the winners of this year's contest: 1st place: DogeFish 2nd place: ROXL 3rd place: swibbiz The competition was tough, and there were a lot of other great and creative sweaters that made choosing the winners all the more challenging. That being said, we weren't able to resist additionally choosing 4 runner-ups! We would also like to congratulate the following participants: IAngelDustI Pinkl Vivenka Kissaki The runner-ups shall receive 300 g1c and 7 days of Premium, as well as the Sweater ARMAS pack as soon as it goes live. Thank you all for participating!
  11. Hello everyone, As some of you may have noticed, we are currently facing certain issues regarding in-game delivery of items purchased from ARMAS. IT is currently investigating the cause of this issue. In the meantime, all of you that purchased something from ARMAS and never got it delivered to you, please make sure you create a support ticket detailing your issue in order to get proper assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience while we resolve this. Regards, Ritual
  12. Thank you everyone for updates, I have reported this issue for further investigation.
  13. Hello everyone, After this long wait, we are up and running on PC as well for both NA and EU. Please report any issues you may encounter. Steam logins may still encounter issues/errors. Regards, Ritual
  14. Hello everyone, Quick heads up, we have started emergency Xbox maintenance on all regions. Thank you for your patience while we are doing this. Regards, Ritual
  15. Hello everyone, A quick heads up about the forum maintenance we will be having this Thursday (21st of November). We will be taking the forums down at 2 PM PT (10 PM UTC), and the expected downtime during the maintenance is about 2 hours. We thank you for your patience during this period. Regards, Ritual
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