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  1. Apologies for not locking the thread on time. It's supposed to be automatic but guess not! Even so, the rules still stand. Any submission after the 8th of November will not be taken into consideration. Thank you to all that participated. I will go ahead and submit these for the evaluation, and we should have results in few days! Hope you're having a great day, Ritual
  2. Hello everyone, Our standard weekly maintenance will be held this Wednesday (11/08) at 9 AM UTC. The spooky season has come to an end for 2023. As we prepare to remove the Halloween event, we thank everyone who participated this year. The maintenance is expected to last 6 to 10 hours and will include: A patch that will remove the Halloween event from the game. Note that the side-event (Halloween Screenshot Competition) will be concluded at the same time. Additional bug fixes, updates, and adjustments. Note that said adjustments include the termination of APB: Reloaded support for Windows systems 7, 8, and 8.1. Keep this change in mind should you experience any performance issues. Thank you for your patience during the downtime, and we will work on bringing the game back up as soon as possible!
  3. Hello everyone! Our regular weekly maintenance will be held this Wednesday, the 1st of November, at 9 AM UTC. This time, we are working on some background tests, so we are expecting it to last between 6 and 10 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask you for your patience during this period. Thank you!
  4. What's cookin' gourd lookin'? If you haven't noticed it yet, we're having a bit of a situation in San Paro. Headless fellas are running around, and gangs of Pumpkinheads are terrorizing the honest folk on the streets who just want to look for those special pumpkins in peace. It's a whole thing, honestly. But, if you're already in the middle of all that, how about you share some action with the rest of us? If you have made a cool shot during your Halloween 2023 adventures, share it with us for a chance to win a prize! From the 25th of October (9:00 AM UTC) to the 8th of November (9:00 AM UTC), join the Halloween havoc in the special event districts, participate in games, and screenshot what you think is your best moment. Be it alone or with your crew, we want to see everything, so get creative! We will choose the three best screenshots at the end of the Halloween 2023 event and award them some G1Cs to spend. All you need to do is share them with us in this thread or under the Screenshot Competition posts on our official Facebook and X (Twitter). With that in mind, let's go over a few simple rules to follow while submitting your screenshot: All screenshots must abide by the Terms of Service and cannot contain any NSFW content. We're keeping it to one submission per user to keep things fair. If you have several submissions (multi-screenshot post or multi-post submission), only the first one will be considered, so choose carefully! Keep the accompanying text brief. You're welcome to title your screenshot or briefly comment on it, but we're looking for a picture that's worth a thousand words, and those don't have to be explained. Be respectful of other submissions. Hostility to other participants may lead to disqualification. We're accepting only original screenshots made during the Halloween 2023 event in one of the seasonal districts. Whether an action or a posed shot, it must follow the theme. Submit your screenshot promptly! We will not be considering submissions made after the conclusion of the event in the game. (Note: The thread will unlock at a proper time and then lock again right after the end of the event) Please avoid altering your pictures through photo manipulation software and other means. Keep it real! Checked all the boxes? Then, you're welcome to submit your shot. 1st prize - 2000 G1C 2nd prize - 1500 G1C 3rd prize - 1000 G1C Show us what you got, and good luck!
  5. Hello everyone! Our regular weekly maintenance will be held this Wednesday, 25th of October, at 9 AM UTC. We are expecting it to last between 4 and 6 hours as we are implementing the long-awaited Halloween patch. Thank you for your patience during this period and we're looking forward to seeing you in game! Additionally, we apologize to the console users who have no alternative for limiting access to this event to PC only. The current console issues are still on the table, and conditions for the Halloween event on consoles weren't met. Further information on these issues will be available as soon as we have any.
  6. The season of ghouls brought us a breath of fresh scare! And you all have been a patient lot, so we've decided to finally keep our part of the deal and once again welcome you to the APB Halloween event. From the 25th of October to the 8th of November, all San Paro residents are invited to use their street war knowledge against the ghastly calamity in known and loved seasonal challenges! Choose "Headless Horseman" or "Pumpkin Pickin'" events, or do both for a chance to bank a sweet amount of Joker Tickets and one or more unique seasonal titles. Completing the following objectives will award you with 500 Joker Tickets and one of the seasonal titles (per objective): Become a Headless Horseman by raiding special Halloween districts for pumpkins in the "Headless Horseman" event. You may lose your head over it, but 500 Joker Tickets and the "A Scythe to Behold" title are well worth it! Keep coming back for more, and we will notice! If you play 25 or more games during the event, we will acknowledge your persistence and give you your well-earned 500 Joker Tickets and the title of "Bullet Fiend". Pumpkin heads are back in season! They’re not only gourd looking but also send a strong message... mainly that you have squashed some poor souls along the way. And if you’re counting 25 and over, we have no choice but to award your efforts with 500 Joker Tickets and title you "Hollow". If you're one of the lucky ones who avoided being Jack-o'-Lantern-ized that one wonderful night in October, then you have something to be proud of! Slay 100 vengeful spirits, and we will send you home with 500 Joker Tickets, the "Reaper's Friend" title, and something to tell your future grandkids about. Or maybe you're just happy to be a one-hit horror lead role. Survive Headless Horseman havoc without being converted to the Pumpkin Head, and you'll get yourself some well-deserved respect, 500 Joker Tickets, and the "Trick or Trigger" title! Oh! And remember to visit our two good seasonal friends along the way. Contacts Trick and Treat are back to visit Halloween Waterfront for a limited time. Level them up to access their unique stash of seasonal items only available for the event. So there you have it, and we hope you have one hallow-a-time! ...Just watch your back Still here? Well, we may have one more thing for you. If you like to share screenshots of in-game actions, why not do so and potentially earn a valuable reward? For the duration of the Halloween 2023 in-game event, we will also hold a G1 Forum and Social Media competition for the three best Halloween 2023 event screenshots! Keep an eye for a specialized contest thread around here for more information, rules and a place to submit your best Halloween 2023 APB moments. 1st prize - 2000 G1C 2nd prize - 1500 G1C 3rd prize - 1000 G1C
  7. Hello everyone! Our pre-Halloween weekly maintenance will be held on Wednesday (10/18) at 9 AM UTC. The downtime is expected to last between 4 and 6 hours. Thank you for your patience during this period.
  8. Hello everyone, Our regular weekly maintenance will be held this Wednesday (10/11). It will start at 9 AM UTC and will last between 2 and 4 hours. Thank you for your patience during this period.
  9. Hello everyone, Our regular weekly maintenance will be held this Wednesday (10/04). It will start at 9 AM UTC and will last between 4 and 6 hours. Thank you for your patience during this period.
  10. Hello everyone, Our general weekly maintenance will be held this Wednesday (09/27) at the usual 9 AM UTC. Downtime is expected to last between 4 and 6 hours. We appreciate your patience during this period!
  11. Hello everyone, As the event came to a close, I will be locking this discussion thread. Thank you to everyone that participated. Hope you've found something for yourselves As for everyone else, thank you for your feedback on why you did not wish to be a part of it. We respect your reasons behind such decision and we will take any constructive criticism into consideration moving forward. Kind regards, Ritual P.S: Apologies for the lack of announcement regarding the regular maintenance today. We understand how this might have been confusing after the Monday maintenance last week, so just keep in mind that, from this week on, we are returning to our regular maintenance schedule (Wednesdays, 9 AM UTC).
  12. Maintenance times have been updated with the currently followed downtime schedule (09/20/2023)!
  13. Hello, everyone, I believe most of you have heard of this by now, but in order to keep the information consistent, I will quickly add that the Premium is now officially being extended until the end of 2023! Hope you enjoy the benefits Have a great day! Ritual
  14. Do you remember the experience of trying a video game for the first time: A wave of excitement and happiness as you traversed a pixelated world brought to you by unsung hero developers of your childhood? Go with us down memory lane as we celebrate this September week in honor of all game developers and their creations. From the 11th of September, 9 AM UTC, to the 20th of September, 9 AM UTC, we are hosting a special sale with discounts on select Account Lifetime weapons and Joker Tickets. The sale will also introduce a new variant of a beloved weapon. Musings from the waterfront… The CSA has repossessed a weapons storage garage - rumored to belong to the leader of the Blood Roses… The weapons were held for auction, and the ARMAS Marketplace was the highest bidder. One of the weapons found was that of a Colby CSG-20, which seemed to be altered in a way that allowed for a single modification. Through reverse engineering in coordination with Redhill, the ARMAS Marketplace was able to make a replica of the weapon - though the weapon is expensive to make, and their partnership with Redhill has stipulations on the contract’s length. For a limited time, you can reap the rewards of their efforts, and the “Colby CSG-20 Mk2” is now available for the duration of the sale! Additionally, the ARMAS Marketplace has also discounted select Account Lifetime weapons and purchases of Joker Tickets, so don't miss this amazing limited-time offer.
  15. Hello everyone, Our regular weekly maintenance will be held this Wednesday (09/06) starting at 9 AM UTC. It will be a standard maintenance, that will last up to 6 hours. Thank you for your patience during this period!
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