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  1. Hello everyone, In light of Fallen Earth’s 9th birthday incoming on September 22nd, we are happy to share with you a small sign of gratitude and appreciation for being a valuable part of this game. The Fallen Earth Celebration starts on the 21st of September at 12pm PDT and runs until 12pm PDT on the 1st of October. During the event all of our players will get 30% off in our Fallen Earth store at https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/home.php?gameID=21. Additionally, all of you that log in during the Fallen Earth Celebration will get our Commander Premium for free! That’s 10 days of extra bonuses and fun! Don’t miss out.
  2. (Thread moved to the General Discussion section.)
  3. (Thread moved to the General Discussion) And please keep your discussion civilized. Naming and shaming is against our ToS. if the ticket was sent in, the support will look into the issue as well as the reasons behind the ban.
  4. (Thread moved to the art section. I think it will get more attention here.)
  5. Ritual

    Server related thing

    (Thread moved to the General Discussion)
  6. (Thread moved to the General Discussion) As for your issue @ASVPSips, I do not know whether or not you received support's response yet, but please do not send more than one ticket, because it will only cause more issues. It does nothing to get you across the waiting line faster. If it is really needed, rather bump the ticket you have sent already. I hope your issue is resolved! Regards.
  7. Ritual

    Question about VPN

    Hello there! As you know yourself, VPNs are legitimate to be used working on-line. As always, if it is related to the ban evasion abuse, then certainly not. For everything else, there are certain complications related to their usage, so in case your account gets compromised or anything of sorts resolving the issue will be hard, therefore you would be using it at your own risk. But no, the usage of the VPN itself will not get you banned. Regards.
  8. Ritual

    suggesting shit i know will be ignored

    (Moved topic to 'Feedback and Suggestions' section.)
  9. Ritual

    Special Chars and Text Decorations

    (Moved this thread to the 'Off-Topic' section.)
  10. Ritual

    Character appearance change?

    (Moved this topic to the General Discussion)
  11. Ritual

    Meeting someone from the game irl

    Thread moved to the Off-Topic Section.
  12. Ritual


    Hello there! Please do contact our support with this request, and they will be happy to help you out! You simply need to send in the ticket explaining the issue, and they will get to it as soon as possible. Regards.
  13. Ritual


    An overdue lock of the thread. The proper resolution to it was basically achieved at page one.
  14. Ritual

    Steam Survivalist Package

    Hello there, I am giving you a heads up that your issue is being looked into by our support. Hopefully this problem will be resolved on a positive note. Regards.
  15. Ritual

    New Vehicles for fallen earth

    Thread locked due to the existence of the same one in the suggestion area of the forums. Thank you for your understanding.