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  1. Not only my main character's name (which I have since the first closed beta back in 2011) was changed in favor of a newer and lower ranked character that I also own, which I haven't logged in for months, but the game forces me to rename my main character, before allowing me to join the district, giving me the error 60008. Which makes me wonder... If I change the name as required for the 2.1 will my character's name also change in live? How will world consolidation work with names? Has anybody also encountered the same issue?
  2. To be honest to the main issue with the 2.1 picture is, it seems that the global illumination is not done correctly, mainly indirect lighting. Also the shadows do not add up, compare the shadow on the yellow building at the right side of the character with the shadow close to the gate, looks like lightning was not rebuilt properly in UE.
  3. Not even full 3.0 as zombie said, it started around 2006/2007, its a mixture of UE 2.5 and 3.0. Furthermore, If you even read the classes inside Engine.u, there are some classes that state on the first lines of them "//copied from UT2004" which is a sequel/expansion of UT2003, that started to be produced in 2002... So yea, it has pieces of code much older than people think, that's why engine upgrade at this time is mandatory. And yes, i actually compared those classes with UT2004 ones just to see if that comment was some sort of inner joke between devs, but it wasn't, those classes are pretty much copy and paste to APB
  4. why exactly do you need the roles for weapons? aren’t 3slots all sent to each character? to be able to buy more mods so i can test weapons freely without having to waste tons of time changing or searching for mods in my inventory, for example HVR variants, you wont use reflex sight on it, why dont you just leave hunting sight on it?
  5. Id like to get max ranked + joles as well since its vital to properly test the weapons Characters: "eXezon" "Badluck"
  6. Well i guess i will start, in order to properly test the weapon balance we need to have access to weapon modifications. Characters: eXezon Badluck
  7. if you can run this game at over 144FPS then you have a literal super computer well, i have no idea how much i can achieve since i run the game at 121fps
  8. @MattScott many people would be interested to hear something regarding this
  9. That would end colby’s celebration holyday
  10. Any word regarding crosshair customization? where in the roadmap should that be placed in? Also while we don't have such an option at this time, what is your word on crosshair overlays?(Not talking about shaders)
  11. The original post is in English, he just posted a translated version of it, the only word he added was "por favor" which means "please"
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