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  1. Hey @MattScott, are you guys thinking to come back with free team killing off the missions? I’m refering to the kick if 5 friends killed... Sometimes we want to test a gun or train for a short time, it’s not like we are doing that all day though xD Thanks!
  2. ikr Shini lol, Its kind sad when my fav wep are shotguns D:
  3. I wonder who pays 1 million for a jacket, a moirai and a symbol... I guess symbol must be +18
  4. You can sell your duck and try to catch a cheap condor on the auction... That's what happened to me lel
  5. he wants to know what the new ip address is so he can start ddosing the servers again lmao thats what i thought
  6. Look, I have my opinions about griefing, but lets agree everyone Grief or not, some fun like this is awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6kBQ2SDLfU
  7. Hey IROC, just played a lot yesterday, and a lot of matches had a green/bronze on my team, on silver districts. Like, why are greens on silver districts playing againt golds, when they can't even reach bronze... I added one of them and he left when the mission was ending, and he did not come back yet lol...
  8. Deathreating should change but keep the 255 ranking system, something aside, you know what I mean... I love the leveling up system.
  9. I assume in your version of threat silvers can join silver and gold districts, not bronze? Basically you've just shifted the problem from bronze districts to gold. At least there wont be empty gold districts
  10. Still better than the actual one, where golds deathreat to go to bronze districts :v
  11. In my opinion, the mechanics should work like this: Greens can join in green and bronze districts, Bronzes can join in bronze and silver districts.... Golds can only join in golds districts. DONE.
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