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  1. Hey guys, just wondering. I would like to know which weapons I can delete from my inventory: Loyalty Rewards, Weapon I bought from ARMAS and Legendary Weapons. Not that I want to delete them lol, just want to know.
  2. It's not about beeing agressive, but people are tired of useless posts like this one... Like dude, why did you waste your time? :v
  3. What This is not Official, isn't it?
  4. Aight, I'll try to get it better.
  5. Hey guys, just want to show you the Oca Nano I made in CAD. What do ya think?
  6. This opening is for Green to Bronze players.
  7. Really? Hmm, I'll buy one of them in the first opportunity then, thank you man!
  8. Send me pm on forum for offer, or call me in-game.
  9. Xaix

    Medium Item "Exploit" Removal

    Should remove this "exploit" and increase the carry speed. DONE.
  10. Bought VBR Huntress, Need only CAP 40 now.
  11. In the title, pm here on forum for negotiation. Thank you!