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  1. As shown above (top right corner of the image), my suggestion is to show how many joker tickets we've got on the main UI screen. This suggestion is quite simple, i can't imagine how to elaborate it more than this. If anyone wants to help, feel free to talk about any other improvements to this kind of feature.
  2. I can't believe i got to the point of actually agreeing with a Pair of Socks. Am i sick or something? Someone please, halp!
  3. But according to people on this other threadThings are all nice and dandy, "EZPZ" they say? Let's turn APB into easy mode, that will certainly make things better wow doge
  4. The game now, after the changes made to Shotties and IR3, is similar to when Mandy smiled in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy You changed the Natural Order of things guys (on weapons side only), time to revert back and start again.
  5. I myself, could be grinding them kills since i'm a CSG user on a daily basis (back when i used to play daily), and i still think what's been done to shotties is a disgrace. Shouldn't have been touched any bit to begin with.
  6. That's what happens when Devs listen to useless complaints about nerfing the nerf. Just some weapons were broke, Shotguns were already at the edge of its balanced existence. Not hard to kill, but not that easy to handle. Now, NTECs are more broken than ever, and Shotguns are God like.
  7. I have no problems paying for microtransaction content, as my Euryale attests (I'd also have the following few tiers of loyalty rewards as well, if they existed). I have a problem with releasing gambling features in video games, which is a viewpoint shared by anyone with half a functioning brain cell as it's obvious how damaging such features are to the industry as a whole. As obvious as Matt stating that free versions will be released in due time? Is that weapon all that of a necessity so you can't play the game anymore, if you don't get it? Well, that's my point. Matt stated he will basically attend microtransaction lovers and free to play players. What part of a brain does it take to understand it?
  8. So, you are one of those who just want freebies forever, huh?
  9. Poperon

    Character Name Change

    i don’t think making it free is a solution Pardon my retardness guys, i just realized that i thought about G1C and wrote APB$ there. I meant G1C there, fixed it!!
  10. Poperon

    amazon g1 credits

    Something something tells me someone from Staff will need to drop by at Amazon to say "Hey" Amazon can be a real patootie.
  11. Poperon

    Character Name Change

    While i think there's too much crying going on, seeing that they are looking out to solve 2 problems at once, i still think 1200 for a name change might be a bit too much. 1000 G1C would do its justice.
  12. The negative effect of it would be you drinking bleach at the end of a match, and thinking that it needs a nerf. The mod is already not that great, you want to nerf it? I think you should join this thread Make nerf the nerf great again!!
  13. Poperon

    Rank on OTW

    If possible, can you boost Poperon to Max 255 Thanks!
  14. OTW feeling a lot better than Live Servers Nice to see things to actually do / help, too bad i'm too busy this week
  15. Poperon

    New Emotes !!!

    i want /fart with little yellow smoke coming out of them bums once 4.0 gets released