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  1. Is it just me, or i think we should consider a more simplistic approach? In my opinion, we should just have 2 kinds of districts: 1) A Beginner district (tutorial/prep district), where only players ranged from R1 to R50 or R100 would be able to join, and this would serve as a preparatory district/tutorial district for players. Players higher than R100 (or any feasible number to be considered as a "ready" status for a player, meant that they already had enough time to "learn" about the game) would not be able to join. Here players would have the opportunity to learn about game mechanics, drive around, do their thing "in peace", in a slower pace. Even if rerolls (by rerolls here i mean players that already have other characters, creating a newer character) would not "stomp" players all that much, since their new characters are still "beginners". With this mechanic, the problem with dethreaters would cease, meaning that to join a "beginner district", a player would need to start all over again with a newer "fresh" character (meaning limited equipments), and just for a limited time period. 2) A General district (after tutorial/prep district), where all kinds of players could join. Here, players that achieved R50/R100/whatever chosen Rank/ would be ready to fight against everybody else. And here's the special thing about it: Even newly created characters may join this district. If they are rerolls or, if they know a little more about the game mechanics(returning players) and think they are already "suited" for this district and its challenges, he may join by his own will. This would not force "beginners" or "rerolls" to stay in the beginner district, and that would prevent the case of players suffering with a low pop/empty beginner district. In this scenario, i consider a growing gaming environment/population, where we always get newer players. The threat icons would still remain just as a cosmetic/visual thing, without being considered as a "skill" factor for anything, and wouldn't be removed... Rank would just be used as a value to be considered ONLY while joining one of both districts, and nothing else... If you guys want to develop some other complex algorithm to add inbetween this concept, you feel free to do it. (maybe use K/D for anything whatsoever...) But i'm basically saying what i see in many online games, where they just calculate simple parameters and join people altogether. (Battlefield, COD, PUBG, etc) The more complex a system is, the more the AI will toast its brains, and the mess we already have now will just endure, but in a "newly different way".
  2. May God bless you and your team, and that you may be as huge as EA or Ubisoft some day (but with better attitude than these milking gaming factories heh) Thanks for being upfront Matt!
  3. Looks neat. Now i hope LO actually makes a normal website for APB, with news and other fancy things. We barely have a website for APB, there is nothing useful or "outstanding" there.
  4. Manggggg, this has to be one of the best answers to something I don't know why, i've read it with some irish accent on my mind "rite mate"
  5. This last patch also included a significant BattlEye update. We don’t advertise anti-cheat improvements. And you guys should never make any news on what BE has been improved. If you guys make news about it, cheaters will obviously know what to search to countermeasure the changes done.
  6. I think it should be a thing tbh. Car windows should not be bulletproof unbreakable, but the damage players receive should not be 100% the same. Idea: As players receive damage thru car windows, the damage is decreased by X percentage. Example: Enemy shooting someone who's inside a car with an ATAC, once that target is hit thru the broken car window, that damage falls from 100% to just 25% per each hit done. (or whatever other percentage)
  7. Now i wonder whos gonna be dumb enough to sell legendaries on Marketplace Selling weapons there (marketplace) just got totally useless (to avoid taxes)
  8. Everything working as intended. "Balance"
  9. I guess that's what many of us have been waiting for so long. Good or bad news about 3.5, with screenshots about the progress The so called "Sneak Peek"
  10. Nah, the list we get now is far faster than just some per box Maybe, if we get the "tah-dah" effect first, then the current list shows up right after, idk...
  11. But let's talk about it not in the short term, but in the long term: will districts get remodeled at some point? Is it something that you, as the CEO and responsible for the game, would like to see? Maybe updated buildings? These square boxes with random windows are really outdated. We can get along with it for now, but sooner or later, we're going to need fresh buildings to look at while we go pew pew. (Even buildings where we can get inside, interact with, not just standing there for fancy looks)
  12. I can feel the pain We still have a long road to atone for RTW's sins...
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