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  1. Edited by ComFeyer: the 2022 roadmap can be read here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2022/1/29/apb-2022-roadmap Can't say I'm not disappointed but I understand the development hell that the new Engine has been in for a while now. I'm just gutted that until the RTX crashes get fixed I can't jump into the game for more then half an hour these days without crashing to desktop and while I'm happy that these issues are on the road map for updating the current version of the game does this mean I'm going to have to wait another year before being able to play the game again? Feeling a bit disheartened is all. Will there even be players left playing the game when I finally can get back in to play it? Are LO going to advertise the current version of the game when it's updated instead of the engine upgrade since it's no longer being worked on? I have a few questions but most of all I would just like to be able to play again without crashing every 5 minutes. Hopefully the RTX issues will be fixed sooner rather then later, still holding out hope anyway. CombatMedic02
  2. This is pretty cool; I'll have to give it a go myself. It looks like you'll get something pretty close even if it's not spot on it will probably be passable. Just requires you to play around with it a bit. I've always found making themes tricky, I've made a couple that I think are pretty good but not perfect. People that make really great themes are really talented. If this does work it should be pinned in the guides section. Would be great to see more awesome themes out there. It's annoying when you think how much possibility there is in the customization of this game and most themes are just spammed Wilson LeBoyce audio lines. -.-
  3. Login rewards would be nice, even if it was just a few Joker tickets or APB$. Maybe if you log in all 7 days you'd get 10-20 G1C that you could build up over consecutive weeks to buy something cheap from the shop? Or a day of premium maybe? Would get people logging in at least. Lots of online games have daily login rewards like this to keep players coming back and it seems to work for games like Warframe.
  4. CombatMedic02

    Turf Wars!

    This is a real nice idea. You think that something like this could have gone into the open conflict districts at some point? I mean it could be as simple as a capture point system using the king of the hill style markers we already have. Just seems like something that should have been in from the get go. It's a shame it never made it. That top screenshot looks like it would be fun if ever implemented like that, even if it was its own game mode on separate districts.
  5. Oh man, that would be cool. Just to be able to design your own skin for your weapons I mean. (That screenshot makes me want it lol.) Playing around with visuals like weapon attachments would take a ton more work and probably won't happen, but imagine if it did. That would be something. Hell they could even sell weapon attachment kits to make guns look more sci-fi or more tactical. Little model changes and reworks like what we have for vehicles. Would be interesting and would add more verity to the standard NTEC that you see everywhere at least. It's a nice idea but I just don't see it happening any time soon.
  6. I'd use it more if it didn't make you so ridiculously slow. The extra health doesn't really count for much if you get stuck out in the open with no cover because you haven't got a hope in hell of making it to cover when there is an assault/sniper rifle taking pot shots at you. For me it's a CQC only situational mod for helping to defend points in closed corridors. I would like to see more diversity in green mods though, even new ones would be quite cool just to shake up the gameplay a bit.
  7. I posted this in another topic but I'll say the same thing here too as I'd like to show my support. I too would love to have at least a permanent slotted CCG from Armas so I didn't have to keep renting them. Also it would be great to try out other mods on it. I always seem to run low on ammo, trying bandolier on one would be pretty nice. I feel that most of the preset rentable versions of LTL weaponry are flawed in some way or another due to the mods, I just think being able to pick and choose our own mods would make LTL more fun to use and maybe easier to use solo. An example like stated above would be using bandolier to give the CCG more ammo because I don't know about you guys but after I've arrested 2 to 3 people I am all out of ammo though if you look at a lethal alternative you could be killing 4-5, maybe even 6, players with an NTEC or a STAR without running out of ammo. I don't know, I would just really like to see it. Even for a trial period just to see if it really would cause the end of the world everyone, mostly criminals, say having slotted LTL weapons will.
  8. It only gives your position away if you're practically standing right next to it. In which case, why haven't you thrown a Concussion Grenade or Satchel Charge at it? Also it makes no sense that it would give all player positions away when it's being used by a specific faction. Maybe a frequency scanner or some kind of hacking equipment deployable would reveal all players around enemy radar towers but if this was made a thing maybe the distance would need to be increased to balance it as it's kind of a counter. I mean this won't happen but it's fun to suggest and formulate ideas. But yeah, I'd still say that the Radar Tower mod is kind of fine how it is and doesn't really need changing. I hardly ever get killed by Radar Tower exposure anyway.
  9. I think the STAR is in a decent place. It's a really powerful gun and since it is one of the weapons you start with it needs to be kept in a place where it can effectively compete with Armas weaponry. I think it is doing that pretty well in its current state. I can be using legendary weapons and still get my butt handed to me on occasion and I think that's definitely a good thing as how can the game be P2W when the gun you get at the start of the game is better than anything you could buy on the cash shop. I think it is an unrated weapon, people definitely flock to the NTEC over it but the STAR is awesome in my opinion.
  10. Matchmaking/Threat levels will get reworked eventually, probably going to be waiting a while though. I always thought having a platinum rank for the very top of the gold player base would be a decent idea though, for those getting like 20 kills a match, they should really be playing other players that are that good or at least multiple golds. There is a rather large skill gap between low golds and high golds. To be fair I think organizing the player base into only 3 skill categories is a bit flawed, most games have at least 5 skill colours/ranks. I think most of the problems this game has in some way or another lead back to the matchmaking and threat systems. It will be nice when the time comes where it is actually looked at and reworked.
  11. I too would love to have at least a permanent slotted CCG from Armas so I didn't have to keep renting them. Also it would be great to try out other mods on it. I always seem to run low on ammo, trying bandolier on one would be pretty nice. I don't think this will happen but I can dream at least.
  12. I've been using it recently to run further, quicker in order to arrest my stuns. Ducking in and out of cover is a must but it's a decent mod. Previously I had been using CA3 solidly, it's a real shock when you realize how fast you could have been healed having not used it for a couple of matches. Now days I'm switching between Flak Jacket and Fragile. I really like Flak Jacket too, I think that mod is also a bit underrated. Would be nice to see more green mods to challenge the CA3 culture, shake up the gameplay a little and provide a bit of mod diversity.
  13. Update Bump. It happened to me again yesterday. I got screenshots this time. It's definitely a distance thing. When you have your spray publicly on display somewhere and then you go far enough away and place your banner it goes super low quality like above. I kept the spray on the above location then placed the banner by Ty Durrant. Can anyone else see if this happens for them? Would be interesting to know. I placed the banner below the public display point and it was fine, real weird.
  14. No problem! I really enjoy this game and at the end of the day I just want more people to discover and enjoy it too.
  15. Thanks Matt! Glad I was able to help in some way, thanks for the response! Also, thanks for the continual communication and efforts to make APB better for everyone.
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