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  1. PUBG is a piss poor example. On average I spot 2 cheaters per match when looking at the replay. I get multiple temp ban notifications each time I sign in. Rarely do I see permanent bans. There's also plenty of cases of streamers getting temp banned for mass reports.
  2. In all seriousness, how many people even see other people's customization? I feel like I'm the only one who still plays at native resolution with maximum quality textures.
  3. And then when you get hard opp you'll be the one going afk.
  4. How about they list specifically what is and isn't allowed. I mean an exact list of what they deem offensive. Every flag, every symbol, every word, etc. Without that, no one knows what is and isn't allowed. For me, I'm not offended by anything, so disallowing generic offensive content means nothing to me. If we have to apply that rule to every possible scenario, we'd have to delete cars from the game. I have a friend who freaks out when trying to drive on highways because they nearly died in a car crash as a kid. Cars are the #1 killer of children, at least in the US.
  5. From my perspective, it's mostly cheaters who make the claim that other players are using color based cheats. They get killed 1 time and claim the other player is using a trigger bot. Maybe I'm crazy, but shooting while you're aimed at a player seems like the right way to play a shooter. Battleye allowed virtual machines. That alone made it stupid easy to cheat. I don't have enough info to comment on detecting cheats within the same operating system. Looking through various open source repos, it seems like all the anti-cheats have exploits. But they might have a point. The players other people claim cheat, I tend to not take notice of. I have stupid long names on most characters, and abuse the move+lean mechanic to shoot bursts around corners. Another thing I often hear is APB doesn't use Epic Online Services, and it's using and outdated EAC. The EAC service description in Windows is literally called "Easy Anti Cheat (Epic Online Services)". That was installed when APB dropped Windows 7 support. Maybe they don't have the full feature set, but it's using the latest version from what I can tell. - Back to OP I agree and disagree on weapon balance. I think there's too many weapons with niche roles, and not enough weapons with a wider range of use. Yes, those few weapons you mentioned have the widest niche, but It's hard to give every weapon a wide niche when there's only 100M of range to work with. You'd have to turn APB into a class/hero style game where each weapon does 100% damage within it's niche, and less damage on either side of it. That would not feel right for a shooter that sorta resembles GTA. Even then, a certain combo of XYZ range weapon will always be best. This new matching system will make you face the same 12 players over and over if it works as LO says it will. Currently it matches worse than old system, with looser threat requirements. Backup isn't an option in matches that it should be. Maps and mission designs suck together. Financial as a whole is a decent map, but the forced to spawn on a road mechanic makes it impossible to win offense in many areas, with equal threat teams. Waterfront just sucks. Too much open space. There's a lack of alternative routes on foot. Missions have too many issues to list, but you've covered the main issues. Something I think will help with the customization would be to change it from slot limited, to memory limited. I forget the exact symbol limit in your inventory, and don't know the memory usage. Lets say it's 20, and max complexity is 1000 KB. Currently, you can have 20 symbols with 1000KB each (20000KB total), or you can have 20 symbols with 1KB each (20KB total). Instead of limiting you to 20 symbols, you should be limited to 20000KB. This would keep the current complexity limits, but you would be able to have more symbols if you don't make them as complex. There should also be a detailed view of what is adding to the complexity, so you can optimize your symbols. For example, you may have accidentally rotated a solid circle. It will look the same at any rotation, but rotating it adds complexity. Knowing this, you can then set it to default rotation, and save a few KB. Another trick to save on complexity is to use the same symbol. Experienced players know this, but a new player may not, and no one will tell them unless they ask for specific help.
  6. It requires google authenticator on a mobile phone. Not possible to use for the average player without buying a device. The more tech savvy can setup a android virtual machine.
  7. I'm logging in from the same PC, from the same physical location. There's enough data being sent to the login server to prove it's the same physical device. All this system does is frustrate the user. If anything, it will make a user ignore the temporary trade lock when someone else accesses the account, because they'll think it's yet another false positive. Besides, rumor is you can trade the first time you login to the account from a different location. The trade lock kicks in after switching characters or logging out and in again. I haven't tested it, because who knows when it might decide to permanently trade lock my account. It's happened to other people.
  8. It's because everyone in Little Orbit is incompetent. The trade lock is suppose to temporarily prevent trading on your account when it thinks you are logged in from a different location. Often it gets triggered for stupid reasons. For example, I get trade locked when Windows updates, and when connecting an external hard drive.
  9. People are using it because of the Kevlar trend. Only 6 shots to kill Kevlar 3 users, and you don't have the mobility penalty like with the OBIR.
  10. Gamersfirst banned for the same things. Tiggs banned people over a horse spray.
  11. This is one of those cases where you need to quit being bothered by everything. Idk how you notice this behavior if you're editing your clothes and symbols.
  12. Damn. I didn't realize Nanichi was so sensitive.
  13. And your framerate on those servers is measured in seconds per frame.
  14. It's a weird limit. It makes more sense if symbol storage had a memory limit, rather than a total custom symbol limit. Like how we have the complexity bar on the bottom, add a second bar that shows the total complexity usage for all symbols. Then players can have tons of basic symbols, or few but very complex symbols, instead of a fixed numeric limit. Than again, I've had symbols on clothing randomly get removed because an update made the complexity bar bigger. Would hate to have that happen with my symbol's inventory.
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