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  1. I'm on Windows 7 and it works fine.
  2. I am not having any issues, but where are the patch notes? We get updates every week when nothing changes, but the day there's an actual change we get nothing.
  3. My bad I misread your post. Turn off smooth frame rate and v-sync in the settings, and turn it off or set it to "fast" in the nvidia control panel. The only reason you would need to edit the configs is to limit the framerate to 120fps, to prevent the character sliding bug. Other than that, you don't need to modify the configs. It is the BaseEngine.ini. It's line 164 "MaxSmoothedFrameRate=62". Most likely it got overwritten by the event patch.
  4. The file you need to edit is: 'APB Reloaded\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini' It's been this way for years.
  5. They also broke the in game latency. It rarely shows more than 10ms even on west coast. Meanwhile, the hitreg and shoulder switch delay is about 100ms.
  6. You're probably trade locked temporarily. It prevents you from buying/selling/trading items for 3 days if your IP or computer changed.
  7. It doesn't block your vision like the current hud. Looks way better.
  8. How about you just state everything you want changed instead of back pedaling every time someone points out a flaw?
  9. You're suggesting that we punish players for playing good in a competitive game. If you don't see a problem with that you seriously need psychological help.
  10. Cheaters and skilled players will brag about the new cool higher threat icon on their head. Dethreaters will know to lower their kill count to prevent gaining too much threat. Griefers and kids with severe ADHD will ram into your vehicle because you have shiny icon on your head. The disabled players won't stop calling normal players cheaters. And how does this stop cheaters if they're allowed to continue playing?
  11. They're probably getting just enough bonus score from completing and defending objectives to prevent them for losing threat. There are some missions where they get 0 score, which means it doesn't count against their threat. I don't get the bonus for defending objectives since I'm usually away from the objective spawn camping, I mean tactically watching for spawns.
  12. All I know is there's too much of a skill imbalance because threat doesn't come close to matching your overall skill level. I'm not sure how to fix that without rewriting the threat system. A few of my friends are currently borderline gold threat but often they play like new bronze players. Their callouts are more than 5 seconds behind the action. They'll say 2 players are rushing me, but I've already killed both players and finished reloading with extended mag. I don't get it, how are they not bronze?
  13. The only griefing I've experienced recently are clans having other members, who are not in the mission, block doors with their vehicles and move objectives so you can't finish them.
  14. You can send all the clips you want from the cheater's own twitch and youtube. Nothing ever happens to the cheaters. Support get mad and break character when you update an existing ticket with more evidence from recent streams. It also doesn't help that the in game GMs are old players and not real GMs.
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