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  1. My only complaint is Trainees getting placed in missions against max rank golds. But as Lily pointed out, there's not enough players for the matchmaking system to choose from. You get what you get. If it was possible to bring back the tutorial district that would help new players get started without eating 1000s of bullets their first mission. It would also be nice if the weapon stats displayed in game were correct.
  2. I kinda agree. Medspray bypasses the downside of not running clotting agent, so that one needs to go. Ammo box should probably be an orange mod, since currently you can stack it with the other deployable, Satchel wouldn't be used much if mobile spawner didn't exist. You can occasionally kill players driving, but that's like a once a month thing. Most players spot them and turn out of the way, even if you placed it when out of line of sight. Maybe if it didn't beep it would actually be useful.
  3. First thing I'd do is a password reset, on both APB and your associated Email. If you login with Steam, reset your Steam password too. Someone named "AK" spammed phishing links in one of my Discord servers. Another member clicked it and the next day had to recover their Steam account. If anyone sees someone with a name that starts with or is close to "AK" posting link in Discord, ban them from your Discord server and report them to Discord support.
  4. I'm wondering which comes first, engine upgrade or Little Orbit being bought out by another company. They already sold the APB brand to a Chinese company. It wouldn't surprise me if LO sold all their assets to them by next year.
  5. And here I am wanting to purchase a permanent OPGL instead of extending the lease every week.
  6. 2900? I can build at least 3 PCs that run APB +120fps with that cash. That's even including getting a GTX 1070/1080 off the inflated used GPU market. Might be worth saving future in game purchases for a better PC. Maybe you'll see just how much better you can play when the game's not constantly stuttering.
  7. It's easier to ghost shot since the christmas patch. Double click with an automatic weapon slightly faster than the weapon's max rate of fire, then continue holding down the fire button. The weapon will shoot client sided, but it will not shoot server sided. Your ammo count stays the same.
  8. Just an fyi if you don't know. Usually the backwards running is caused by two bugs. One bug happens when the player exits a moving vehicle and gets stuck to the door. Their character's position will move with the vehicle, and they will moon walk. If the vehicle flips, the player will look like they're flying. The player themselves won't know they are bugged. Another bug is when the player runs out of ammo and keeps shooting. Their character will face the direction they're aiming and moon walk. You need 0 ammo in the weapon you're holding. It can also be triggered by packet loss if the player has a really bad connection. I think those players should be kicked from the server. It's one thing to have high ping, it's another when the server can't track your position.
  9. You've won a mission reward It's a waste of resources having yellow mods be consumable. You have to track how many people have per character, track every mail attachment, track every transaction purchasing them, blah blah blah. Then there's the problem with new players having limited access to these mods since they're mixed in with mission rewards, and new players don't have millions of $APB saved to be able to purchase them If the yellow mods were the same as the other mods, you could cut out most of the overhead. Most players would only have 1 per character. You could even have them unlocked by default and be non tradeable, so no need to even track how many a character has, and new players have full access. BUT, none of this matters if the servers are less stable than G1's overkill servers.
  10. It counts as a loss. I was making fun of OP since I have never seen them play the mission. They're usually afk but recently they've been team killing. Surprised they haven't been banned yet. I guess intentionally throwing the mission isn't considered griefing.
  11. Can't lose if you're afk every mission.
  12. All of US has packet loss. EU is stable but the latency makes it difficult to play.
  13. It sounds like you're describing the one car bug. The player gets stuck to the car door on your screen. They moonwalk and teleport until the bug fixes itself.
  14. BlatMan

    Daily Login Rewards

    On Innova you received 35 Joker tickers a day. It would be nice to have the same rewards here.
  15. The grenade change doesn't stop grenade spam, it just stops you from resupplying your primary/secondary weapon faster, and makes it take longer to swap grenade, type, and takes longer to prep between missions. Two people can hold down an area by trading grenade throws. And you're kinda right about the higher health vehicles being the problem, but another issue is the delivery vehicles are often the lowest HP vehicles available in game. Blowtorch needed to be fast to repair them. Maybe give those fast chassis fix or more HP.
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