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  1. There is a Game Updates subforum. Use this forum instead of Discord. Little Orbit shouldn't require people to create an account and join a 3rd party platform, just to get notifications of game changes.
  2. Which means they can easily add this data in game to the weapon descriptions. Realistically, all they need to do is set the description textbox to use unicode, then they can list all the stats below the description. I'd remove the visual bars, since they don't mean anything.
  3. I just don't bother signing in. Not sure why you keep logging in if you're not going to play. I've been on 2 or 3 times since the new matchmaking was put in. Each time I sat for 30 minutes or more waiting for a mission, only to get the same group again as opposition in a full district. It's boring. I still have the retail boxes. I wouldn't destroy them. I have way more good memories than bad from APB. Met some IRL friends here and went traveling across the country with them.
  4. For me, 4v4 and up are an automatic loss for the attacking team if both sides are equal skill. Limited cover and limited spawns means there's no way to push for the attacking team. 4v5 can be balanced if it's 4 mixed golds vs 5 high silver / low golds, but then the final stage is unbalanced depending on the mission type. Final stage isn't that big of a deal now that we can't have unopposed missions, so scores tend to be in favor of those who can make it through all the stages while contested at each stage.
  5. Explain why every streamer with a crosshair overlay was not banned at some point, which includes Summit1g. Shaders are still in that gray area, where it's technically not allowed, but LO don't enforce it. Maybe a positive thing is NinjaRipper will work again, so we can extract our characters before LO shutdown for good. Some of my characters will fit in with Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Jet Set Radio.
  6. Unbanning accounts that were affected by EAC is understandable, but everyone? Those cheaters have multiple accounts. Most won't care about the unban, but some will get back their rare items, like legendary weapons and themes. This isn't going to bring back legit players. This isn't going to bring in new players. It's going to be a circle-jerk of "I wAs LeGiT!"
  7. Waste of time. Not enough players online to have proper matchmaking. No one wants to play when basic things, like weapon audio, don't work properly. Examples, - Obeya SLR audio crackles. - HVAC roof units have overlapping, fast playing audio at random times. - Customized vehicles randomly load without engine audio. I don't need to sign in to know these issues are not fixed. You post weekly maintenance notices, and none of them contain these fixes.
  8. It's the same. Give a wall a hug and try it.
  9. Your support website is garbage. There's no way to submit a ticket without clicking one of the random questions. I guess this is done deliberately to lower the number of support tickets, since you've restructured your company. Then there's this form. Which server do I pick? "jerichio_" or "jericho"? I'll go with the one that's spelled correctly.
  10. Releasing it for a limited time is probably the only financially sound decision this company made. If it's rare, idiots will burn dollars to get it.
  11. It runs surprisingly well for what it is, at least on Linux. Rarely goes below 120fps. It makes sense. This game was released when X58 was considered the high end platform. Only thing lacking on X58 is AVX, but from early testing, compiling with AVX support didn't improve performance, so Matt decided to not use it so people with old platforms, like those in South America with less access to high end PCs, can still play.
  12. The performance loss is Windows 10. It's garbage at translating DX9. Little Orbit should add the latest version of DXVK to the game, so we can use Vulkan. It works great on Linux, but for some dumb reason it's blocked in Windows by EAC. On Linux with DXVK, the game runs consistently. No loss in performance over time. It still stutters due the garbage collection, but that's unavoidable. On Windows 10, it starts out at 145+ fps, then slowly goes down till it's unplayable. Can't play more than 2 missions before it's too low. Same problem on two drastically different PCs. PC 1 - CPU: Xeon W3680, RAM: 24GB DDR3, GPU: GTX 1080 PC 2 - CPU: AMD X5700X3D, RAM: 32GB DDR4, GPU: RX 6600
  13. If these are tradable outside APB for real cash, it will flood this game with farming bots, like what happened in TF2.
  14. There's so many other issues with the current game. Matchmaking isn't going to magically fix: - Distorted audio - Garbage collection stutter. - In-game trading locked after an OS update, RAM replacement, adding an HDD, IP address change, or logging in on a different PC from the same location. - Framerate lowers overtime due to the way APB and Windows 10 handle memory. - Grenades falling through the ground. - Some vehicles have broken suspension. - Ntiro doesn't work on some vehicles. - Particles heavily tax the GPU. - Netcode or server issues that create packet loss like effects. - Client to Server packloss is not measured in game. - Lag compensation delaying low latency player's shots. - Teleport bug. There's a detailed ticket in your system on how to reproduce it. - Upload packet spikes when using climbing objects, like ladders and fences. - Inaccurate weapon stats displayed in game. - Inability to unlock primitives without intentionally losing missions. Then there's the common community issues that make the game unappealing: - Lack of punishment for blatant cheating, even for cheaters who post clips on Youtube, Twitch, etc. - Inconsistently applied punishment for other potential EULA violations. - The majority of Twitch streams showing modified .upk files, to the point they have less pixels than a Japanese adult film. - Lack of in game voice chat. - In-game moderators claiming their own political bias is LO's rules. - In-game moderators are not employees unaccounted with the players. They are the players. - In-game moderators lacking basic game mechanic knowledge, despite having thousands of logged in-game hours. - Matt, the CEO, going MIA for months at a time. I'll stop here, otherwise my wall of text will block the Mexican border.
  15. Pay me $100 an hour and maybe I'll hop on.
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