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  1. ftfy But in all seriousness it's usually the non regional players who cheat. Exception being China. Cheating is worst on those servers no matter what game you play.
  2. I almost forgot about BungMonkey. I don't think there's an out of bounds area he hasn't been to. Dude is a master of getting onto roofs.
  3. Not really. Client performance was roughly the same without modified configs. Servers were crashing (instability, ddos). Physics would break server sided, causing things such as the ambulance and jeep to do a front flip while driving in reverse. The only obvious difference is the network latency, but that's not the fault of the current game, it's the improperly configured anti-ddos protection. There were less assets (cars, clothing, symbols, etc), so you could get away with a lower end PC. On a higher end PC, ( i7 990X, DDR3 2133Mhz, GTX 780), not much has changed. The GTX 780 stutters when someone hits you with a shotgun. It wasn't until the GTX 900 series that GPUs were able to handle the framerate eating particle effects. Even then enough cars blowing up will drop you into the single digits.
  4. I believe that was an application to the psychiatric hospital, and an insult to the trans community. But what do I know? I left click on pixels for fun.
  5. First place I'd look for issues is with Path.net, your anti-ddos service. From what I can tell while, APB is not utilizing point of presence (PoP). All of the traffic is routed through the same location on Path's network. This means if that location goes down, the servers do too.
  6. Half of them are blown and some are flickering.
  7. I would not take a job there. They're basically saying there's zero documentation, zero organization, and no accountability.
  8. I'd be impressed that they kept a muzzle on Tiggs for that long.
  9. Are there any other games that have the same level of customization? At this point the next best thing is minecraft with high res textures.
  10. It's always been an issue it's just getting worse due to cheaper servers and improperly configured anti-ddos protection. West coast performs the worse within my friends group. I've seen the tagger show up without hitting the player. Also if the blood splatter is delayed it means you hit the player.
  11. If you mean the Colby RSA, yes it's garbage compared to other pistols with similar range. - Too long draw time for close range. - Too low ttk for close and mid range. - Too much bloom for mid range. - Too low minimum damage for long range. - Too low over damage for clotting agent 3. You're better off with the ACT .44 GM or R-2. Both have faster ttk and lower draw time. Heck, using a Cobly .45 as your primary and a NCR 'Anubis' as a secondary would still be better in most cases than any weapon combo with the RSA.
  12. It was fun to use. Now it's just another high bloom, boring weapon. https://apbdb.com/changes/ Sept. 19, 2020 - to JumpModifier: 2.2 > 4.4 OverallShotModifierCap: 0.6 > 0.725 HealthDamage: 115 > 110
  13. He's trying to tap into those billions the US is throwing them. He's desperate. APB doesn't bring in enough cash, and he's got another game to develop.
  14. R3ACT3M how much crack did you smoke to come to that conclusion?
  15. Enforced used to have to witness criminals in the act. After 10s or so criminals could not be witnessed until doing another crime. This was fair. Enforcers had to put in some effort to catch them and take out the one with the cash. Now criminals are permanently able to be witnessed when holding over $1500. It breaks immersion and takes away the little bit of effort the enforcers needed to put in. This is not how the witness system was intended to be played.
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