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  1. The only pattern I've seen is, it only crashes when the district is not experiencing any excessive lag or desync. Could it be a similar to the sliding bug that happens when your client's fps is too stable? Way back in G1 days the vehicle physics would bug out. G1 lowered the tickrate to 25tps to prevent it from happening.
  2. They already tried that with improved rifling. It made it overpowered on mid range weapons, and useless on everything else. I don't get why so many people think the NTEC is OP. It's a little better than the STAR but it's still limited. If anything the STAR needs some tweaks to make it worth renting the slotted versions.
  3. Financial US East just crashed. There was no lag, desync, or any other signs of server issues prior to the crash. Are these actual crashes? DDoS? It doesn't make sense for the servers to spontaneously crash when they're running good, but don't crash when they're running poorly.
  4. BlatMan

    Satchel Charge

    It happens with the Boombox, Ammo box, and Satchels. For me it happens when I die while I still have a timer on the consumable. I've had it happen on the old 32 bit build.
  5. Another client update and no patch notes. Did Ritual get fired?
  6. If he utilized the weapon's mod, he would have killed them in the same amount of time, and due to pellet spread RNG, it still may have been 4+ hits. The CSG would have killed faster, as well as the majority of the weapons in APB. I do think the CSG is more rewarding for players with good aim, but you're still dealing with randomness of the spread. I rather have an SMG for hip firing or an AR for aiming down sight since those will not miss at such close range. Epinephrine is good for getting back to the action after you respawn, and running away from a losing fight. I haven't seen anyone use it effectively to take out other players. From my perspective it results in them taking less hits to kill, not much else. What do you even mean by "its effective range was given Improved Rifling 3 by default due to its mod being red." The Thumper's damage dropoff starts at 15M, same as the default CSG. If it was 20-25M it would actually be viable in some niche scenarios.
  7. Look at the current shotgun spread from a good aim perspective. You never deal 100% damage when shooting beyond 5M, maybe less than that. The current shotguns don't reward good or bad aim. In that second clip, Socks would have killed in 5 shots whether they were aimed center or halfway to the left or right. Add on pellet spread RNG and you get different outcomes while doing the same thing. Nobody above the skill floor wants inconsistency. The JG has the same issues, but it has more overdamage to compensate for partial hits. The CSG has more pellets per shot, which makes it less likely to completely miss at range. Some versions have improved rifling 3, which means less damage drop at range. It also has lower TTK when compared to the thumper's markmans mode.
  8. Make the thumper handle exactly the same way the 'show stopper' did when it was first released. It was the best primary shotgun. You could do 150+ damage at 60M, but it's ttk was still low enough that SMGs and ARs would out perform it when there wasn't enough cover. Or at least something similar to that. The show stopper felt like a proper shotgun, which was strange considering it's a secondary.
  9. So what was today's patch? I had to update my client again.
  10. I play on the max preset with ambient occlusion, distortion, and a few other settings turned off. Most of the settings are designed around graphics cards with only 256MB of VRAM. Little Orbit need to go over these settings and bring them up to today's standard.
  11. That air control. Crazy that it can be controlled through the ini files and not hard coded. I retried part of your configs. I have everything on the top of the post down to the line "m_bWaitForClosestBuildingLODOnly=true". I changed the Improved ping and hitreg settings, but set the interval to 1.0 to prevent the red text from popping up. I also changed "m_bCalculateOnServer=False" The average framerate increased, but it's technically less stable. It randomly varies between 150fps and 300fps. The garbage collection stutter is about the same duration. I wish there was a way to disable it during missions. The "Partial wallhack" makes some objects invisible, like the vehicle spawn machine. This needs to be fixed LO. Players shouldn't be able to remove visible objects. EDIT: It causes a general protection fault crash. Do I still have to modify m_iMaxDeferredRequests=2>0 ? If so that's kinda annoying, but I could probably implement it into my own launcher.
  12. Way back shotguns used to have a penalty when sprint shooting. I had no issues with that mechanic because it made sense. You could take a risk sprinting in cqc, or you could stop sprinting for a few ms and then take the shot. They only changed them because the lowest skill players complained.
  13. You got 1 MVP against players who are so low skilled they have to modify their game to the point of it being unrecognizable just to get every edge they can. Not sure how that's an achievement.
  14. The issue is the system didn't take into consideration that you took a long break and you're playing significantly worse than you used to. The 'Medusa' is not P2W. It's the worst version of the AMG-556. That purple mod makes it have more recoil when you first start firing. You're better off getting the Joker Ticket version.
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