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  1. Pedroxin

    Kudos on the blog post!

    quality shitpost gg
  2. next patch as in the one including the new trade system?
  3. how the fuck does one nerf themes?
  4. Pedroxin

    merge account

    some reason as in banned in the past maybe?
  5. Pedroxin

    Server Location

    Financial reasons definitely
  6. Pedroxin

    Vivox vs UE3.5

    Honestly, I'd rather see them work on the EU than some VoIP service that is barely used.
  7. people have been trading their legendaries on third party sites for a long time, I mean people are doing anyway so having steam market would just provide a safer environment.
  8. just wanna know everyone's standpoint on trading legendaries on the steam market, I think we should be able to trade some items (mainly legendaries) there, like pubg or csgo.
  9. Pedroxin


    almost as annoying as all these "fix shotguns" threads so if it is annoying, why even bother posting a reply? why do you contradict yourself in such manner? have some self-respect, if the case is the lack thereof, I strongly recommend suicide.
  10. srsly it's fuckin annoying
  11. like shitting in the street wasn't enough now they're shitting in the forums
  12. more like a Smith & Wesson Governor
  13. Can you add 2 rounds to the cap-40 while you're at it? , it won't do anything and isn't noticeable but sure helps people with OCD (like me :|).