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  1. Pedroxin

    A Thought Provoking Quote

    alright, let's discuss the game from a new player's point of view. after installing the game and making an account you automatically join a server, there's also a chance that you connect to the silver sever which is an instant game killer for a new player so I'm not even gonna touch it. you have no knowledge of the game and have a very limited arsenal at your disposal. if you'd get matched against other players in your own position I'd say there's no problem but that's not the case. There's a high probability that you get matched against people who are way more competent at the game, have quite an extensive choice in weaponry and most importantly a great deal of map knowledge. sometimes you're matched against dethreaters and the occasional cheaters. well, anyone would uninstall the game and never come back after this experience, considering the outdated graphics and mechanics, toxic community and the general negative stigma surrounding APB. You should also keep in mind that most people have day jobs and other matters to tend to, they play video games to have fun, escape reality and forget the daily frustrations, not to add more to it. not everyone is planning to become a quake champion. I think when someone says the game is unfriendly to new players, they're right. if you shift your perspective from someone who played this game extensively to the perspective someone who just installed the game, you'll see that. In my opinion, the "unbalanced matchmaking" is one the most important reasons for the current state of the population and APB's failure to attract and keep new players.
  2. Pedroxin

    Strife Sales

    sounds like something straight out of dead space
  3. I just can't see how battle royale would benefit apb
  4. sign me up for account bound jt
  5. Pedroxin

    Kudos on the blog post!

    quality shitpost gg
  6. next patch as in the one including the new trade system?
  7. how the fuck does one nerf themes?
  8. Pedroxin

    merge account

    some reason as in banned in the past maybe?
  9. Pedroxin

    Server Location

    Financial reasons definitely
  10. Pedroxin

    Vivox vs UE3.5

    Honestly, I'd rather see them work on the EU than some VoIP service that is barely used.
  11. people have been trading their legendaries on third party sites for a long time, I mean people are doing anyway so having steam market would just provide a safer environment.
  12. just wanna know everyone's standpoint on trading legendaries on the steam market, I think we should be able to trade some items (mainly legendaries) there, like pubg or csgo.
  13. Pedroxin


    almost as annoying as all these "fix shotguns" threads so if it is annoying, why even bother posting a reply? why do you contradict yourself in such manner? have some self-respect, if the case is the lack thereof, I strongly recommend suicide.