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  1. کس ننه همتون کونیا
  2. Good job. Weapon drops showed how fragile the game balance is and how slight changes can totally affect it. I hope you learned a lesson from this and the weapon balance changes that you had to rollback.
  3. If that happens you can sue the guy for assault and he'll end up in jail.
  4. Freedom of speech is a basic human right and is not exclusive to the U.S. Limiting it would be a human rights violation.
  5. awwww you're a speshul snowflake aren't ya? there's a little thing called freedom of speech and expression. People have the right to say whatever they want. Nobody's forcing you to read the chat.
  6. I'd clap for you but sadly everyone's asleep here. Really feels good to be respected tbh, thanks, Matt.
  7. u should create a ticket and contact support, posting in forums won't help you.
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