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  1. Hey guys - for clarification, spaces are also allowed in forum usernames. I will update the OP to reflect this.
  2. Hey everyone, This is a quick announcement regarding forum names. It has come to my attention that we have some names that were imported from the previous forums which have characters not supported by the current forum's naming conventions. This causes some problems on the back end, so I am making a public announcement that we will be giving everyone a week (7/7/20) to change names with non-compatible characters on their own before we will begin changing them ourselves. Allowed characters are: a-Z 0-9 - and _ Spaces Thank you for your understanding, Sakebee
  3. Hey everyone, Here is the VOD of the Anniversary Stream with Matt Scott in case you missed it the first time around. In this stream, Matt plays some gun games with the community, does a little Q&A, and announces the winners of the Joker Employee Design Contest. Enjoy! Sakebee
  4. Hello everyone, We have some server maintenance this week on Wednesday 7/1/2020. The maintenance is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 4 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well. This post is cross-referenced under Game Updates for your convenience. Sakebee
  5. Hello everyone, We have some server maintenance this week on Wednesday 7/1/2020. The maintenance is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 4 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well. Sakebee
  6. Hello everyone, We are calling the beta test at this time. We are currently having severe problems getting player connections to our world server. For everyone who tried to join us today, we know how frustrating it is to not be able to get in, but we want to thank you all for this effort. The build we deployed today is based off of the one we use for our smaller internal testing, so even if you couldn't get in today you have helped us uncover critical issues we can address. As soon as we can resolve these issues, we will do another call for a beta test. Please stay tuned for the next test window. Sakebee
  7. Hey guys - we are doing a 5 minute reset to try and address some of these connection issues. This reset will kick some of you out who have managed to get in so far. Thank you for your understanding. Update - We are calling the beta at this time:
  8. Hello everyone - Here is the latest for those with issues getting into the server: The team is working on it as hard as they can right now, and Matt is extending the Beta window by an hour. Please stay tuned for more information as we have it.
  9. Known Issues list has been posted - 6/26/2020
  10. We will be reposting the stream for those who missed it, don't worry. We just need to review the footage first.
  11. Hey everyone, With Covid still a concern, we want to continue to do our part and encourage you all to say indoors when possible. We are continuing free premium for everyone through the end of July. Stay safe, practice social distancing, and use a mask if you need to venture out doors. We continue to get support tickets regarding this free grant. Before you submit a ticket, please read the following: For those of you who didn't have premium already - yay! You should be all set. For those of you who had premium before, there is currently a display issue where it looks like your premium is counting down. Please don't worry! We are aware of the issue, and there is no need for you to submit a support ticket. Your premium will be automatically extended for the length of the free premium period. You are not losing any time or missing out. If you have a reoccurring subscription and find yourself needing to tighten your belts as we remain on lock down, we understand. You will need to end your subscription manually. As above, you will get the automatic premium extension equal to the duration of this event and you will not lose any of your paid time. We hope this answers any questions you might have. Bee safe! Sakebee
  12. Hey guys! I wanted to jump in and make sure there wasn't any confusion regarding our stance on the advanced launcher. Using the advanced launcher that we have hosted (and/or is available from https://kevkof.be/advancedlauncher ) is okay. We have verified the code in this version and it is the only accepted version of the advanced launcher. You use any other versions at your own risk, as we can't guarantee that something which is against our TOS hasn't been added. That said, if you are using the accepted version of the launcher, all settings within that launcher are okay. Eventually we want to phase out the need for the launcher by providing better options within the client itself, but until that point we want you guys to have the best play experience possible.
  13. This is some good information, Mitne. Thanks for posting! And pinned~
  14. The ARMAS marketplace will be updated. We are working through some stuff on this end which has delayed things slightly. I don't have an exact time for you at this moment, but our target is for the change to go live today.
  15. If anyone experiences installer issues, please DM me your installer log so we can take a look. Here are instructions on how to find that log: Open Temp folder (Press Win+R, type "%temp%" and press enter) Search the folder for files that start with APBInstall. It's these we need. The OP has been updated to include this info as well.
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