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  1. want somewhere to talk and chill with the spsto clan or become an officer ? well your in luck we have a gaming discord server which is the home of my youtube channel as well, we have each channels that goes with diff games to play https://discord.gg/NE3aF4t press the link to join my discord server and to get your role to become a spsto officer in apb reloaded and meet me in social to get your outfit and be recruited into my clan i do not allowe scammers to join my clan to steal my outfits & cop cars it is very annoying and unfair for others that wants things in my clan and cannot get it
  2. Welcome To the San Paro State Trooper Office We Are A Law Enforcement Office That represents san paro in apb reloaded our main focus is to make sure players that are new on the xbox one become a state officer and help other vigilante enforcers complete their missions as much as possible we are not a rping police clan we are a heavy pvp enforcement police group we do not scam others we help protect others we also will be using real life police tactics when in our patrol cruisers to help take down the criminal as fast as possible before he or she gets to their destination
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