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  1. This clan's main goal is To Protect & Serve. Currently we portray the following law enforcement agencies In San Paro FIB Agency Is A Unknown Unit Trying To Stop The Criminals In The City. What do we do? 80% of the time our officers patrol the streets (just like their real life counterparts), looking for open world crime taking place. Our officers are asked to always carry at least two Lethal weapon, (deadly force is Authorized). It should also be noted that our official clan vehicles do not have any vehicle mods installed. How to join The FIB Agency: To join us, you can do one of the following things: - post in this thread to let us know your intention to join and we will get back to you - send a forum message to DejonPlay. Try-out phase & issued member assets: New members are issued an official clan uniform, as well as a clan police car, but only after having successfully completed a "try-out phase" and having been with us for a while. At the same time we get to see them in action and judge whether they are a good fit for this clan. When on duty and patrolling the streets together, clan members are expected to always wear a FIB uniform (either the issued one or a self made/bought one) and drive a police vehicle (either the issued one or a self made/bought one). In any case when and whether or not any asset is issued is always decided on a case by case basis. Important: When a player leaves the clan, for whatever reason, he/she is of course expected to return all issued assets. Clan rules and regulations: This list of mandatory rules and official clan regulations has to be followed at all times by our members: - have a trainee (new), green, bronze or silver threat level enforcer character (most of our members are bronze) - be at least 18+ years old and display a mature, respectful behavior towards members and other players - have at least a basic understanding of the English language (as this is the main language we use to communicate with one another) - be friendly to all clan members as well as all other players and clans (even if you loose badly) - follow clan regulations and directions given by lead officers while playing grouped with members, especially in RP situations - have to abide by the TOS of APB at all times, San Paro FIB Agency Discord Channel For those of you who prefer discord over using the APB forum we also have an official San Paro FIB Agency Discord Channel: SP FIB Center Additional information Having a microphone is definitely NOT needed to play with us, since we prefer good old text messages. Xbox One Clan if you also have an xbox one & Is tired of not being in a clan the San Paro FIB Agency Is Recruiting We Also Have An Official Xbox One Club For The San Paro FIB Agency Where Everyone can Vibe Relax & Type In Club Chat.
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