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  1. WaltEffect

    SPPD 1st PCT

    To find the owner walteffect join Jericho North America
  2. Welcome to San Paro Bail Bonds Office want to join a clan? We are looking for individuals who want to be part of A active & structured organization that utilizes team work, To join the San Paro Bail Bonds Enforcement Office you must: Be professional. have discord app to join Official Server.. Be able & willing to follow clan rules & guidelines. Have a clean community reputation. & also unlock the bounty hunter rank title in game. our team will be using non lethal guns & lethal weapons to take suspects down. There is no level or skill requirement. if you do not want to be recruited into the clan please do not waste time joining it, we are looking for trustful members who wants to stay inside a clan for ever, & those who wont plan on joining others. stay frosty!
  3. WaltEffect

    SPPD 1st PCT

    SAN PARO POLICE DEPARTMENT 1st PCT SPPD 1st Clan was founded on August 24th 2023 by Walt Effect. We are looking for individuals who want to be part of an active & structured organization that: utilizes communication, To join the SPPD 1st PCT you must: Be mature. Be respectful. Be professional. Be able and willing to follow clan rules & guidelines. Be of age 19 or older. Speak fluent English. must have a discord account to join the clan. Have a clean community reputation. There is no level or skill requirement.
  4. WaltEffect

    SPPD 1st PCT

    we are now recruiting on pc Jericho NA server if you are interested in joining us we are always around social recruiting new members who are dedicated to enforcing the streets of San Paro we also have a official clan you will be invited in by the chief of police officer walt we are looking for well trusted officers who will engage with the community an make the environment more friendly for other players if you would like to join the official discord of the SPPD 1st PCT always be active for patrols if your busy in real time you can make a patrol shift of when your busy here is the discord link for the SPPD 1st PCT SPPD 1st PCT HQ
  5. best beta so far i hope to see it improve so we dont have to keep reinstalling the game alot to play
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