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  1. WaltEffect

    Bail Bonds

    To join the San Paro Bail Bonds Enforcement Agency, you must: Be mature. Be respectful. Be able & willing to follow clan rules & guidelines Be active. Speak English. have a good community reputation Clan Rules & Guidelines can be found in the Official Discord Click Bail Bonds to continue.
  2. WaltEffect

    Bail Bonds

    The Bail Bonds Enforcement Agency was founded back on Feb 2022 by Walt Effect The Bail Bonds Enforcement is dedicated to improving community quality & reaching out to other patrol members of San Paro our job is to bring justice by arresting Wanted Fugitives & putting them behind bars, We are looking for individuals who want's to be Apart of a bounty hunter organization that utilizes strategy to win, we aims to enjoy the game while trying to make a safer San Paro great again.
  3. best beta so far i hope to see it improve so we dont have to keep reinstalling the game alot to play
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