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  1. My suggestion is for until the new engine will come but, it's not that effective but it's better than nothing.
  2. I don't really like to talk much on the forum because, I feel that no one really care about the Suggestions but sometimes I do but still no one really cares I agree with you but, the main problem with this kind of topic that it's going nowhere. All the time there are arguments on the forum about things that have to be changed But, they are not change at all It's disappointing for me at least that Admins not really want to be involved with the community conversation for listening to the community, to talk with us (not to talk to us) and be our voice to the CEO. as a community, we can also make changes and the question is what will we do? what will be our next step? how can we make changes? how many will be involved, one person or thousands of people? the final question is when will we stop being so negative when someone offers suggestions (there is no need to agree with everything but for that, you need to explain and not be toxic). tl;dr: the community need to stop with toxicity, we need to unite, talk about the problems and try to fix them if admins can't be our voice for the CEO so the community will be the voice for the CEO I recently posted a topic about a suggestion that would help for the new players that we can do it even without GMs ( not perfect but still better) but no one really cares about that. I hope now if someone would care about that.
  3. it doesn't really matter what is inside the pc the point is and I will give an example about me i had a shit pc from 2007 in 2013 I played this game until level 70-80 and i was a bronze player and i quit i start to play again in a new character after a year with a better pc with 60+ fps and I was a silver and i dont remember me was a bronze player with a newer pc Now and again you said things that I never said before I didn't say that veteran should be a mentor for the new players that is what GMs need to be if we starting to talk about that but I said even without the GMs we can bring them all to green district with the join as team ability when you are a leader of the group and you know what is funny most of them new players doesnt know english i just add them to friends and invite them to group and simple join as team to the green district but they gone when on the other side there are no players who ready and the mission can not start
  4. I didn't mention that it will lock threats to their own district. This suggestion will be temporary until the engine arrives, my intention was mainly as I said for the new players. GMs will bring all the bronze, green and T players that they will find from other districts to a green district. I think one GM is enough for switch from district to district and try to bring new players to the green district instead of that I believe most of the time GMs are in social so for what there is a need for GMs? the reason why there are bronze and green players it's only because they got a very bad PC otherwise they will be silvers. the main problem with the bronze district is because many max levels around so they cant practice against their own level. You know we can also do that as community, by creating a new account, invite them to your own group as leader and just join as team to the green district and for then we need one player in each faction at least and I would like to do that for the new players but alone it's impossible. I believe Most of the new players thinks this game is P2W because of the armas guns that they are getting killed by them, but it's because of the mods and weapons with slots. I would say in numbers this game is like P2W 30% and 70% because of the skills of a veteran player. the way I see toxicity is because when someone writes a negative comment and his comment will be unexplained, like you did in your first comment but after that you comment me a nice interesting comment that I can write for you back another comment.
  5. ask the GMs for your questions... the only thing I can say about for what do we need GMs if they are maybe talking too much in social if they are online instead of trying to help new players to enjoy the game how can we keep new players if toxic old players just destroy them? and the rest of the community doesn't care about low population as a community we can help to keep new players for short time and easily but with Little Orbit we can do it in a much better way and for that we will have to wait it looks like that the community doesn't care about to keep new players in the game by the way there is no need for toxic comments its so unnecessary
  6. We all know that matchmaking is terrible in this game for now until the new engine will come but for now due to low population I think it should be good if GMs or someone that will have the abilities to move players Manually to the right district for them also the ability to let players call for a GM that will be in F10 and it will give Notifications for any online GMs in the game The GM could see in the current district that he has joined in player's name rank threat if he is inside a group or not and who is inside the group if they are all silvers they should be on silver district same as the other threat if the group is mixed with different threats the group will be on the district which belong to the highest threat that in the group if the highest threat is gold and the rest of the group are bronze they could be only in gold district the reason why it should be to call a GM could be good idea against cheaters and dethreat users when you call a GM you will need to write on the description the problem
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