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  1. I believe that they should involve the community about every change in the game and post an update in the forum about what is going on every week. because that silence is frustrating and it's weird that LO keeping that way and it seems like they don't care about it quote: "Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence" G1 was the main problem and i am not talking about the engine. the side problem was the players my opinion is instead of listening to one player they can listen to the whole community with vote system for example they open a topic with a list of problems that players post about what they want it to get fixed the higher vote going to be first to take care of and second will be the second
  2. Some players find it as an overpowered weapon and some players find it as a balanced weapon but most of the players even not using this weapon. It is difficult to find OSCAR users that not switch that weapon after one mission. I do believe that OSCAR has to get a little buff because it is a little weak weapon in mid to long range or maybe it will be a better weapon if they will only fix when OSCAR sometimes kill after more than four hits in movement
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  4. after the last updates of the promises maybe will it be a great idea to have the ability to create community servers what do you think about it?
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