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  1. Sorry if this question has been answered before. I've been AFK from APB;R for a while now, and have not been updated on whats going on with it. I'm wondering, since LO became the new owners, what have they added/changed/removed etc? Thanks.
  2. Vante

    Add a queue system

    It's so annoying whenever you need to spam click to join a full district. Would be much easier with a queue system.
  3. should have been posted in game suggestion
  4. Just get rid of "Reloaded" and call it APB. It's too confusing if you gonna change the name totally or add something. Just call it what it is.
  5. Vante

    Bring beacon back

    Sure sure, I mean, Riot is not a total disaster. It needs some honest work. Adding beacon with that Xmas mode, would be amazing.
  6. Vante

    Bring beacon back

    Mhm, good idea. Maybe change the theme to something that works all year around. Would be way better than that Riot thing.
  7. Hello. To be honest, I haven't been updated on this topic for a while, so I'm not 100% sure if these plans have been changed. But back in June 2018, @MattScott announced that Fight Club would eventually be replaced by a new mode called "Riot", and possibly removed. June 29, Matt said: "Spoiler: I am going to get rid of Fight Club and Open Conflict[...] FC will stay in until we fully release the new mode, and we see a significant drop off in FC players." On June 30, he explained a bit more and said that there will be a new mode called "Riot" will be added to the game and eventually maybe replace OC and Fight Club "Internally the new mode is being called "Riot". It will go to OTW long before we add it to production, and we can run it as a replacement to Open Conflict. ". Here he also explained that he was a bit unclear in the post from June 29th. And almost a year later, we got the new mode, Riot. So... what are the plans for Fight Club? For me, Fight Club is one of the reasons I still play APB, and I see no point in removing it entirely. Though I can totally say that Fight Club is far from perfect, and has never been perfect. It needs a lot of changes and fixes, such as those disgusting spawns in Baylan, and boring mission objectives in Asylum. What do the community think about this? And how can they make FC better?
  8. Weapon drop could be interesting on Fight Club, as it isn't the same as action districts. FC feels more crazy and "nobody really cares". Also thank you for the poll. I would want to see more of these here!
  9. APB is a really unique game, there are not many others like it. Sure the game has it bad and good moments, but that is what I think that makes this game so unique. And I've been here since 2011, so I kinda grew up with this game so I give it a special place in my heart. 1, Customization 2. Community and forum 3. Fight club
  10. It's ok. Definitely need some more work and tweaking. I think it was a good try by LO, but it looks like they are still having some trouble to master the game codes and all that stuff.
  11. so the tutorial u got while connecting to the district wasn't enough, huh? i know, it's totally useless
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