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  1. I guess i will wait. Thanks for the replies. Regards
  2. Hi everyone, I haven't touched the game in over 1.5yrs (Stopped playing 3yrs ago but my last login was 1.5yrs ago). I saw the new APB 2.1 posts and some new buffs/nerfs to guns and i was wondering if i should come back to APB:R ? I have a few questions , i hope someone will be kind enough to answer them. 1) What is the state of servers? (Is it still laggy / going down / ddos etc?) 2) How is the population count? Is still cheaters + rerolls or are there actually new players or an increase in population? 3) How is Colby 1922 ? Is it finally viable for an average player? 4) Is VEGAS (the one with high initial acceleration) still the top tier vehicle ? 5) Is there anything new in the game? Regards.
  3. You cant be a girl/women. But you can be a trap though. You can buy a kilt n pretend that its a skirt. There is no such thing as gender or male or female, sex and gender don't exist. It's just a social construct made by wealthy people. Don't believe in it !!!
  4. OH GOOD GOD ! Where is the sauce m8?
  5. I dunno everything seems to have a damn lot of jagged edges, maybe it's just my memory doing "old shits were better". I haven't touched APBR in over 3 years! or maybe it was my MSI laptop making everything supersaturated... and Nvidia doing that extra AA stuff!
  6. Out of curiosity, doesn't anybody use AA? Every screenshot posted has a lot of jagged edges...
  7. Mate, we are already here, it doesnt matter what WE call it. We need a fresh name to show people who ISN'T here yet that, this is something new , something that has a good team and community behind it. Everyone sees APB:Reloaded + G1 as a black mark.
  8. Hi guys, So i was wondering, we will get the riot mode soon and maybe the Engine upgrade in the next 6 months or so ( I really hope so). What if LO actually change APB:Reloaded into something new ? They could just shutdown the APB:Reloaded ip , delete the forums.gamersfirst.com and simply removing anything and everything that shows anything related to G1. APB:Reloaded could be named to APB:Reborn , some other companies has done similar stuff in the past. Simply upgrading the entire game, while keeping the old story location and everything else other than visual stuff and renaming the game to "XX 2" . A perfect example would be Defiance 2. They simply renamed their old game and changed the graphics (although it still looks like a game from 2015). A lot of new players including me, started playing it, people who have never tried Defiance 1 at the first place, all because " A NEW GAME" YAY ! What if APB could have that? Giving the game that engine upgrade + renaming the game to something new + removing everything related to G1 would make a huge difference. A lot of new people would join as something like this happening would give people a hope that, the game is "NEW" / being rebuilt from ground to become something better. What do you guys think about this?
  9. You could try this A lot of people have applied for it, this time maybe a few might get selected and hopefully play the game and help other fellow players ! Lets see if anyone gets selected this time .
  10. Here is a clear answer. No. It doesn't. Not to brag or anything, anybody with basic knowledge can make a trigger-bot in a few mins. Mouse correction on the other hand,takes a bit of time because you need to find and make a macro for each weapon with different attachments. You sir, have you heard of mice with more than 3 keys? I could simply set autofire macro with MouseKey 5, and normal shooting to LMB. Your #1 and #2 are simply bad arguments, think out side of the box. Under 'stress' keeping optimal but high fire rate is kinda hard and takes a lot more effort than simply using a macro. Also scroll wheel firing reduces the precision of your mouse movement/aiming because you have to scroll with a finger and you have to move finger constantly rather than just slamming a single key. Macros are affected by ping,so is everything. That is an invalid argument, everything is affected by ping. "Those who think a macro ISN'T helping anyone other than the lowest bottom feeders are delusional"
  11. Hi , How many lanes do you need in that highway? Also do you require sidewalks as well?
  12. Just learn how to play or wait for the new system matchmaking system lul... Did you just assume that im some crappy bronzey silver who avoids good players? Mate i was talking about cheaters....
  13. - Fixes to Friends system We found several bad problems with this system that allowed players to grief other players. You will now need to accept friend invites before a friend is added to your account. No other players can see your exact location till you accept the invite - including on the player search feature. I use this FRIEND system extensively to avoid certain "personalities" with certain "special abilities". I add them to my friend list and never join an instance if these "special powered" players are there...Pretty sure there are several others in APBR who does the same.... Please dont fix something that doesnt need to be FIX'D Instead of simply making it "accept to be friends" by default, give it some toggle button, if someone doesnt want to be automatically added , then let them have an option which tells them "player X wants to be friends"-Yes or NO...wo
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