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  1. Ooga booga crim strong, smash cop Grog cuff crim , crim bring friend Friend 255R smash Grog Grog cry Grog write post
  2. Give me free cd-keys or i'll tell everyone
  3. Are you the guy who made Green Army mod?
  4. What in the god damn is this Last time I've been on July 4th event I got a joker tickets for few days login and Cr-5 with US skin. What a joke, I hate "events" like this.
  5. Aimbot is not really cheating because it's require enemy being in sight and thus it's more of an aid
  7. - GoD doEs'T exiSt - WhY - beCauSe i havEn't sEeN hiM - have YoU sEeN yoUR brAin? - nO - doEs'T exIst ThEn
  8. I'm not sure about how they made this, but I feel like they used just meshes to implement this and whenever you enter general fog changes to create this illusion of being in toxic cloud. This is why you can't see shіt in fog, but can see through fog being outside of it. As far as I know there's a type of fog in EU3 that looks like a block wich have a lot of options to make it look like a toxic cloud and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have this weird lines and looks much better when you enter\leave it. But let's pretend their version of UDK doesn't have these or something. Lmao, I don't think LO even have level-designer in apb team at all, RIOT-Financial looks like it's been edited by 10 years old me who had only 5 hours to learn UDK and "edit" the district. If I had a month and this as my full time job I could literaly edit every single corner of the map with objects APB has and make it look like it's really a fuсking riot. But seing all these "edits" being just cars without a slice of debries makes me mad! Seriously man, APB is not that poor on meshes, fuсking use them! BTW, jumping on blocks could've been avoided simply by using blocking volumes (it's like a invisible block, that blocks player, obviously). I see people complaining about icon while they just reused same icon for everything. Voicing contracts? Nah bruh we even didn't add any sounds to our map that probably APB already had. But who am I to tell how to do their job.
  9. Dammit, I want the skin! When this all started I redeemed somekinda half code? And it gave me message, anyway, did I win something?
  10. Make a clean reistall without advanced launcher and you won't crash, only disconnects once in a few hours.
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