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  1. roses r red so is my bed i think u r cute tv press mute maybe in seconds not more than 5 our lips meet kinda the most powerful sweet my emotion oozies definitely not a flooseiy but when apart our eyes once more meet in a rare friendli smile so on the worlds upon convolve and greet in so few a moment so could a spare move an entire fleet for hugs maybe to be true alight a fun meet until then may you always be strong when feel weak i write this 2 you sitting at this peak (i added the last line as i was posting this idk why) do you guys think she'll like it or am i weird im so excited to give it to her
  2. Thank you Sora Eerye , I'll be getting this asap , I love the vazurz , this one drives different , I want it moist
  3. The operation is simple , the enhancements much indeed well in order , the entire possible options in overlay opt are completely harmless yet add certain visual aesthetic , good things comes of this if be done correctly. Can there be a proposal be given the chance to request Nvdia directly to add APB Reloaded onto the Nvidia Freestyle viable game list , a simpler effective means of enabling those with Nvdia Drivers , and maybe those without ( idk ) a chance for visual love thank you do your best through days
  4. APB isnt supported on the latest Driver version of Nvdia Experience Freestyle , though there is a driver version easily searched on youtube version that can bypass the limited set of games and enable the change of graphic aesthetic to success with any juego
  5. lest i not forget for all things good in this world
  6. fam, im so hyped one of my favourite artist has a commonality with the name I chose its awesome
  7. if u no like song check out this mix i made remix of is nice
  8. only if you like the genre , i share with you a most valued and prized at heart the sounds of this mix
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