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  1. I made it a little better so that you dont die for trying to read something about the peripherils being too stimulated by the objectivity variations within the confines of a given space and its effect on the current state of psyche my apologies
  2. i dont know i think im smart , but not smart enough to go any longer without getting hype about getting freestyle for nvdia geforce experience to a working stage
  3. If you use Nvdia Geforce Experience Whilst on APB , Please take time to submit a submission requesting APB to be added to the Supported Games List for Nvdia Freestyle , at https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch/ I request the game to get added to the supported games list everyday I feel if there are more people involved in requesting this process , there could be a turnaround to the possibility of the addition to the Geforce Experience Freestyle supported games list happening please help me get more inquiries into the Nvidia Support Chat to make this a dream come true , for the glory of visual aesthetic For those that dont know what the Freestyle Overlay is is a built in to Nvdia Graphics cards that customize the gameplay overlay realtime with custom modifiers , its all visual and can create an amazing ambiance for the game For gods sake please don't move this thread into the Games Suggestion Forum Topic Keep it in Social Discussion , you have done so more times than I can count and this thread always dies with no hope of getting views by the mass public of Social Disccussion , Don't do that. It's just a **** you to the creator of this thread. Please be kind , have fun in APB , and look ahead to the moments that will unite us all even further when the changes occur. With a taste in mind of what could be please assist if you may to the onset of creating this chance to make the game even greater. Thanks everyone I just got informed that Thanks for your comments and request they are noted. However, its up to the game developer to incorporate Freestyle functionality in their game. Please send the game developer feedback on this instead. redeye <3s Lil' Orbi pls lend out a hand to the homies get the game on the Supported Games List for Nvdia Freestyle Experience
  4. nvdia freestyle overlay exists nvdia geforce application doesnt know apb exists ; calls it unsupported game [and this is how it is] is it possible to for official lil'Orbit HQ contact nvidia HQ telephone hotline bling 1 time to propose a request for ;; APB supported game or to get on that list so that every up to date release of Nvdia Geforce Experience can see APB as a Supported game for its visual experimental features ,, I mean it would be ridiculous how intense things could be please get the game on that list so much
  5. its so good my insides just melted and explosions everywhere and Im breathing hard and vibrations everywhere and oh my god literally infinite pineapple away into the edges and beyond the universe
  6. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="2PQROUl"><a href="//imgur.com/2PQROUl">View post on imgur.com</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> [img=https://i.imgur.com/2PQROUl.png] the green shirt says no ntec nerf naturally by the image , you know what i feel like
  7. I dont want it anymore WTS WTT
  8. Attempted this link on WIndows 10 , the primary function button that dictates the enabling of the background image does not work if .GIF , or .Jpeg , so I think it just flat out doesnt work on the Win10 OS , others could try to maybe make it so it works , but not for me , good search otherwise chain , Ive used this program before on an alternate laptop but forgot about it , shame no support for further WIndows OS Release where on earth could i find this answer, sucks to not be involved with the primordial knowledge of knowing in 5 seconds how to process this task in the flick of the wrist , fifi laquoza riri nene fukf
  9. If someone knows how can I can do this pls help ive searched , no programs for gifs , but there are for pictures , i want gifs in my folder backgrounds yo gifs man gifs gifs god damnit fuk
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