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  1. jagermeistergrape

    You're not Excused

    How did you!!! but but but but... you're not excused!
  2. jagermeistergrape

    You're not Excused

    Admit it. you want some of these noodle. Baby if I aint got you.... You wouldn't even bother commenting. As its all goes. Loves win.
  3. jagermeistergrape

    You're not Excused

    Hi all, To ya'll who may concerned or not. including me and who ever doesn't like this thread. You're not excused. Okay... There's been a rumor going around lately that's there a really good player in APB. That's me. So Rumor solved. Anyway. I've run into player who just get put into teams and start acting wildly for excused that we wanted to be remove to join his friend. I want to say. You're not excused. Now. There's are player who just want to run around and play after work. We're not Esport Player. maybe some are, wearing disguise as a trainee with a hitreg of a god. YOU'RE NOT EXCUSED! bronze are for testing and robbing new player off with their motivation and teach them the real reality of what APB really is. Those Advertisement and Trailer get you all hype ups and feel Woozy, its all lied. A little marketer lies. So New player, if you think you will get a petting to school days. you're not excused! now for me making repulsive, provoking insult joke, i'm not making excused. Im simply ranting about how player are right now. I found it pleasant almost some time hideous of how good I am against a certain types of player. my Latency goes around 190 on a late shift with less than 50 players on to 300 latency with full district. Now I play against the same person and found that my skill are equally match, and that's fine. but when you versus some one with tremendously doubtful tactics, you seem to want to go to his or her house and cut his freaking internet off. Like I'm so good and awesome, until you shoot at someone first with a cr5 and he just span around and burst kick your patootie off back to the training district. LIKE THAT'S AN EXCUSED FOR ME TO WRITE MY RANT ONLINE.... There... done... phew... time to go play mario or tertis... pipipipipipipipi I wish apb has 8 bits mode. But thats not an excused to be lazy... about anything. Still love this game and the player community.
  4. That is a really enjoyable process we been through and during that time the community were getting together. The base fans increase and alot of people went really up biggins for this. I sure hope it come back again so we can start forming crew and making new player few more involve. What say you Citizen of San Paro and paradigm realm of 1307