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  1. Help my sweet little nub nub
  2. Sweet little nub nub oh you my shrubbery bush bush i want to have you every morning soup soup it feel so bad with out you in grup grup when I see me and you join games one or more request leader in order to set you for blame it hurt my deepest feeling to call those people out to shame but my sweet little nub nub you won’t give up on us you keep fighting as if dragon were pup pup i will hold your hand through darkness and tricky mens i will assist your decision and taken bullet for your omen my sweet little nub nub you are what I was once before my soul had been devour by demon I saw my self in you my sweet little nub nub
  3. why do I received a down vote! Is this sum sorta conspiracy! AWWW MA GERRDD!! GIVE ME MEDAL AND STUFF PPLZ! any way... Tell me moar! I am craving for more detail! Ragdoll and character seem clayey
  4. Whats the News? The Word? The wind? Tell me! heard theres cars and weapon? More advance Video custom tell me more!
  5. Let this be a warning to all you who love going out and camping Bring lots of marshmallow. Cuz My OPGL is going to blast your bonfire! Have a nice day
  6. APB? what is it? Is it a unicorn? is it a mythical being? So majestic, so blatant, too perverted. How can I ever be so amused. This game is... pathetically...comedic-pact action entertain. I just had to share my experienced after halve a year off on work. Now I was back at it yesterday playing a fairly competitive game. After I beat a well matched opponent and we exchange bloat and gloat. A car drove pass with a song full blasting... "PHUCK YOU" in a heavy metal manner and disappear around the corner. How can I ever have enough of APB? Is there an antidote? is there any body out there to give me shelter from the cold green bitter soup being serve by the computer game industry today? RDR2 may have share the sense of humor. APB is only fun when you enjoy it with others. I remember my college night. Having log onto APB after tiresome papers and long hour of class. Meeting online friend who I group with all most all the time, due to our time zone. But this is an amazing game. Some what profound but renown. There will never be any game that quite capture what those that start this accomplish. The quirky presentation, the car chase around the bridges, the player own style. APB is still one of the best MMORPG/TPS out here living, ram raiding and making a bill for killing. Love this game. If this game is gone. I'd probably stop playing game forever. Other's than Chess and some Funny Website games after work hour. Keep it alive. It's taught us many ugly lesson about life.
  7. You guys give me hope. I will continue to 2ezgg more in apb.
  8. I am certain that Ive been put on numerous if not uncountable ban threat. Probably been reported by salty gold and cute silverly nub nub. I wonder if they ever did sent a tram to stalk me play. One time I was winning hard ball. And realize then a player whom Ive never seen before was stalking me. It happen after a person was accusing me of being a haters. I mean, hackers. I came to a conclusion that an invisible person is actually looking at us performing our tricks. I will restrain to killing my enemy with the oldest trick in the books and start playing real for real. My internet are Antarctica, it took so long to deliver my shot but it took em half of mine to turn around and shoot me stupid. Luckily Ive read that there is going to be APB2 on mobile? Its pretty much mobile games onward in asia. Much high expectation. Must included voip, emotes, theme and symbol in the next APB. It wouldnt be fun anymore if you cant throw a flag with an patootie on an item and watch the opponents figured out what the hell they should be doing. I’ll be watching over you... for now. Sign. Your citizen of san paro.
  9. I saw you man! You watches too much john wcik! These kid running in a group of shotgun! Imma get my stabba on you nubs!
  10. You r too sexy. I love nibbling on a barnof chocolate while feed my enemy free kill.
  11. I don't understand you!!! why are people on APB forum so ugly... I'm gonna go play MiniAPB on mobile phone...
  12. not cool man! I know my Ursus is pretty damn sexy but don't hack my account and not steal it bro... I mean... Damn bro... 10004 for two difference account is pretty annoying bro...
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