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  1. It's a shame that you didn't bring dual VIP mission as opposed to VIP mission that is heavily one sided most of the times.
  2. It's quite self explanatory, Client side EAC was doing more wonderful things for this piece of shit game than all the other antycheats combined, for me it was priceless time I enjoyed the game with EAC onboard. But if it's too expensive for LO then we can't do anything.
  3. That is not correct, but you might not play back in RTW times. From 2014 to 2020, the amount of quality changes: - Trade system - Spotter nerf - NHVR changes - Some might not like it, but I think it was move in right direction as the weapon is still usable, but is not dominant. - N5/P5 system removal - EAC introduction Did I miss any? Don't think so. I don't know the exact development plans for APB, the reality is, that the game is misery with eol status for over a half decade with many things to fix. What Engine update will bring is an expansion possibility, that was not the biggest issue APB had in 2013-2014. Creating this thread I wanted make a valid point, that delaying entire engine update for a year or two, to patch what can be patched, balance what can be balanced to make quality changes to issues that are complained about frequently, could potentially keep players base and the game itself in much better, healthier condition. It would be logical outcome, we did everything we could, the content is finished, the game is in the best place it could be, we can't do no more, time to go quiet for few years and give this game new life with expansion of engine update. Instead, G1 was like fuck feedback, fuck players, fuck balance, let's make joker boxes, let's pretend we do Engine update while we don't do shit except the sales, let's milk cash and pack our bags before train crashes - it's literally what happened. I don't think people realize current time line. How long do you think it will take for engine to be fully released and free of majority of Bugs/Lags/Crashes/Issues? Great, now how long do you think it will take to balance fucking everything? Spawns/Maps/Matchmaking/Weapons/Mods/Cars/Missions/Useables? Great, now we can think about new content for the game, assuming there are people left. Turf wars anyone?
  4. Let's think what fucked Matchmaking in the first place - Hard Gold Lock that killed quite a number of population as well - After that people never went back to Gold districts and now they can't even if they wanted to. Why did it happened? Because at some point of the game, trash players thought that dethreathing and playing on lower instances for easy matches is better than trying to get better and playing against other players. What could G1 do to prevent that? First of all, higher rewards. Personally I would lower Cash and standing rewards on bronze and silver districts by significant amount so people would have to play harder mission to get better rewards. Further I would award only JT for Gold districts. Allow Crim vs Crim and Enf vs Enf cross mission would double the district pool players. MAP WAS CHANGED ALREADY - I said it twice if I am not mistaken that in the past we had map changes that fixed some truly OP spots. I said nothing about new events. Gun/Cars/Mod changes are all numerical values changed - easy and quick to do. It's time worthy to think and balance them correctly. Also, it's a mere 0,5 switch in engine status. I assure you, that it's old already and broken into billion peaces, that it will make to difference to cheat creators.
  5. Thank you. I am afraid you are right though. Did you even read what I said? Anything except advanced new content can be added to the current engine update. In case you don't remember. Balance is about changing numeric values mostly. Map changes can be also made as it was proven years ago with some minor adjustments. Matchmaking could be tweaked too to certain degree.
  6. Using "majority of us, community, us players" does not make your point valid. Also, it's you who is rather clueless. Most of things I pointed out are balance issues, that needed some testing and changes in numeric values so they game could be in healthier shape during literally EOL while team focused all their effort on engine update - Assuming they added 20 brand new weapon from joker boxes that were buffed and nerfed left and right, I don't think it's something that cannot be done without engine update. I will tell you in a way that even middle class monkey could understand, APB most complained problems were cheaters, lack of any balance regardless any part of the game(cars, mods, weapons, missions, timers, you name it), poor servers, matchmaking and lack of new content. Out of all these things we got better servers, that's it. All the balance issues could be fixed, probably even matchmaking could be improved to some degree, but nothing changed. Since end of 2013 when Engine Update was announced, the game turned into a bloody sinking ghost ship, that occasionally got a new JokerBox gun, minor changes here and there and broken things, that made things even more unbalanced. Then we had DDOS issues, weird DDOS protection that caused warping, going underground, stutter lags, high MS, hard Gold lock, all crazy shit that made more harm than good. We got screwed with PS4 release, but hey what's done is done. 5 years later LO takes over, 2 years later we got first Open Beta test, that has MASSIVE performance issues, when there is more than 30 players. Here's the catch, when I do point it out, people say "man it's beta, it's supposed to be like that, yada yada yada" I could understand if it was early alpha 5 years ago, but not now after all this time, after I read through all the magical charts that promised god's performance, that are worthless toilet paper now. The game hit 10 years mark, it's golden age lost forever, I do believe that one day engine will hit the servers if the game will live long enough, but look at current status We lost anty-cheat that actually worked, balance of any kind is non existing, playerbase is so poor, that there is no hope for any kind of matchmaking. About engine update time line - my best guess is that if we will get working Asylum and Social at the end of the year, that would be great, maybe it will be finally implemented in 2021? Then bugs will happen, issues it's inevitable, time will be need to sort all this crap. And then finally, developers will start fixing the game, but I am sure except matchmaking it won't happen. I am quite positive that they will push new content to attract players rather than fix what's broken. I don't know how it was from their perspective, but with amount of shit they got from players and the fact that they packed their bags and left when realized there's not much cash to milk I assume it didn't work well for them. From my perspective, of a player that spent thousands hours with friends playing the game. I would enjoy it much more with frequent balance updates, rather than play EOL game for half a decade with promised neverland that might never come. I do know that LO tried their hardest to go through these hard times and I want this game to shine and live more than any other, I am full of doubts that this game get it's 2nd life.
  7. Why I still play? I just join here and there for few rounds with 1-2 friends where we mostly talk over Voip and pop some kills laughing at what's left of APB. I had a very clear priorities how to handle this game from the moment I played first time during RTW times and that did not change after 5k hours: Core functions: High quality anti-cheat - that we almost had but lost it, High quality servers - It was a true clusterfuck with G1, we started at shit servers, then we had DDOS, we were fucked over with Overkill... But I think what we have now is quite playable actually. Mission balance - don't even try to tell me that objectives position, mission duration, mission type, executing task duration, final stages, running at last minute and what not are in any way balanced, Weapon balance - I hate current ideology with high RNG weapons, and even after that there are clear superior weapons and trash tier with almost nothing in-between, Map balance - There was this massive thread years ago, about possible solution to fixing camp spots all around Finacial and Waterfront, that was just barely a tip of an iceberg of possible solution to avoid heavy spot advantage. Re-spawn system - Oh boy, this one is heavy one, I think we almost had it, but car spawners fucked it up. I mean personally all I ever asked about was that the spawn points were objective related with differentiated distance in accordance to objective type. Meaning for an example, if defenders could never spawn closer than 200meters from the objective to avoid "endless fightclub" attackers should spawn around 120m or so, with evening it out during final stages like takeouts. Obviously with other type of missions with no objectives, it would be players that defined "no spawn range", finally featuring that the spawns always happen on the opposite world direction cycling 15 degrees clock-wise every x amount of time, to assure that we never cross paths on the spawn, to make siding somehow equal, to provide people with possibility to predict opponent spawn point instead of it being full random. I mean, how many times did you kill a guy while flanking around the building to get rest of the team only to die from the guy you killed in the first place 10 seconds later, because he had lucky spawn healthy 130meters from objective, meaning 90m or so from you shooting quick 2 NHVR rounds in your back? Mod balance - I think there are mods that should never be in the game, like Car Bomb - guy chasing you around in his Tank on suicide mission you can't easily destroy killing you with single button press if he happened to be dying? High Fuel is what started entire cargameplay together with 4v4 that exists only to milk money from players, blow torch that can overfix almost anygun, use-able items that you can't really use because you never get enough of them from the mission, with only balanced one and use worthy being satchel charge, while shield is just broken. Almost instantly deployed - peak a boo style handy wall that needs like 3 or 4 clips from average gun to be destroyed? Obviously our favorite legal wallhack - Spotter savior of the all. Matchmaking - this one is a tough nut, You had a game with high skill gap between any given level, low player pool, small districts, and trash abusing any system that was ever created to sort it out. Years ago I offered, that the rewards standing/ $$ / JT / G1 should be given in accordance to district thread level, so players would actually try to get them instead of hard locking them what's half killed this game in the past. Also, enf vs enf, crim vs crim could double potential player pool and could easily fit into the lore of APB, but well we will never know now. Performance - I assume, the old engine was too limited to do anything about it. But I would love to look into what can be made to help players with low gaming configs. Bonus function: ARMAS - The game can't live on pennies alone, we would need some fresh juice to the store to keep living, cars, guns(carefully here, not 20 different boxes), outfits. Boom - All these points, if I was responsible for keeping this game alive, I would use the first 1-2 years of this game to focus solely on these points, to make the game clean of trash and anything that might be annoying to deal with. So people would enjoy it more, they would stay longer, and hopefully threw some cash to keep it going. While having all that accomplished, hopefully majority of players relatively happy, the time would come for the game expansion and there it is, a time to introduce Engine Upgrade, that is needed to further improve the game and add new and fresh content for years to come. Now, why did I said that Engine is the worst that happened to APB? Because even if it was needed timing was not in our favor. The game was left in pile of shit for years, with absolutely nothing, no major fixing, balance providing patch of any kind that didn't improve game experience, if anything made it worse, because if G1 added some shit they never changed/fixed/removed it in favor of how badly it merged with the game. Look what we got, a 10 years old game with thousands of issues, problems, bugs that await miraculous Engine Update - that's locked behind soon-tm, the last beta relieving major performance issues no where near ready to be introduced, and even if it did hit the servers this year hopefully speaking. Devs would need another years to fix all the issues I mentioned, before we could even think about new content and all that with what? Last time I checked during peak times I could play at single Silver district with 80 people? I love the lore of the game, the idea of gameplay entire world building and semi-competitive matches, but I hate what's become of it, with so much wasted potential, by the company that cared about money and had no clue or interest in keeping it running and now LO, trying to salvage whatever scraps they were leftover.
  8. It's all about frag and Vegas now days.
  9. I did, I was hyped for the new performance, but it wasn't delivered.
  10. Does anyone has information about, why the new build runs on Windowed full screen and if we will get back to full screen?
  11. I run the game on NVMe SSD with I7 - 7700k OC(4.9Ghz), water cooled at 32GB RAM with RTX 2080, with Optic fiber ISP, cable, high quality router connected. Who the hell told you that I run the game at 9 years or older machine? Sadly, I couldn't test FPS because they login was fucked up, But what I have seen from people that did stream and my friends with quite similar build, once district got some players in there was massive performance issue. Again, I do know it was BETA, but we are quite late in the game atm and I simply have HIGH DOUBTS, that LO can fix this at all, and I am quite sure they won't be able to make that FIX quickly. Like, look at the current time line, It's the end of June, new engine performance is bananas, nowhere near launch ready and we talk about small Asylum map with limited player pool, all I am saying that "weeks" are hugely overestimated timeline and if this build will be released without resolving the performance issues, it would be another heavy nail into APB's coffin.
  12. You can't make a matchmaking with 300 players. We have, Wizards>High Golds>Golds>Low golds>Gold/Silver>Gold wannabe>Silver and all the way to new players. Then we have 2-3-4 People grouping vs 4-3-2 up till solo play. You can't balance that shit with a pool of 300, where each factor like the group count, skill, amount of people, mission type each plays a role in the matchmaking, there is simply not enough of pawns to make everyone happy.
  13. Both of them were wrong, it was stupid response. Once people joined, everyone dropped from 140FPS to 60-80.
  14. ... I don't even know want to say to this,.. Thank you, It bothers me, because when I go through Matt's thread about the engine, he got some 150+FPS charts, when in reality there was half of this on the district with 20-30 people, and I do wonder what's the cause of huuuge error in their data vs real test? Also it's an Open Beta stage ffs, soon to be released has major issue with performance and I get down voted for pointing this shit out? If this shit won't get resolved and they go live with 60FPS game on high end specs, it's as good as dead for me. Since I don't know the cause of the issue, pretty sure they don't know it either since they didn't fix it yet, I have really low expectation for a miraculous fix that will boost performance 3 times, so the new Engine will catch up to the old one.
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