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  1. It got me thinking how ridiculous this weapon was way before its 999 nerfs and introduction of weapon dropoff curve system. One to rule them all.
  2. And this is exactly why numbers are wrong in apb. Let's use OCA example. Instead of gigantic crosshair and 30 meters drop off range you would have 15 meters and 2 times smaller crosshair. Your weapon would be much more reliable in CQC and with strict drop off curve you would do just a thrid of initial damage over range. Which is much better for me personally than having full damage and praying for bullets to find their target.
  3. My main to get shit done weapon is ACES Rifle it has small magazine, slight recoil and annoying random shake mechanic, medicore time to kill, high STK count and you can't really sprint shot with it, on top of which it does bloom quickly so you need to control fire rate at all times and pretty much reload after each kill or mid kill if you do shot over the distance. The only thing this gun has its initial accuracy that I found pleasing to play with. Does it seem to you like a weapon that can carry you? Also, I don't mind having some bloom. I wouldn't like the idea of jumping N-tec sniping you from 50 meters away, I just ask for less of it. So when there is an opponent peaking quarter of its hitbox 15 meters away, I would still be able to land most of my shots with some CQC SMG weapon.
  4. I was happy in current state of cheaters. I played for weeks lately and spotted maybe one or two? But I do think there is trigger bot issue. I would just love to see dynamic color changing crosshair removed. Players would adjust and trigger issue would be no more.
  5. What's the current time line anyway? Soon? Ama was bullshoot if not a single date was specified. If we get Asylum alone by the end of the year in some limited way, I would call it a great success. For full implementation of engine with it dynamic districts and threat system... I would say late 2021 if we are lucky. Then any balance would come around 2022. I think it's biggest issue why G1 failed. Players wanted small dynamic changes to the system. In return we got even more broken mods and useless weapons from boxes and broken mechanics that never got revered back or adjusted. Why does it have to take years to do simple changes tweak this or that weapon, make spawn further away or closer. Nerf that mod or buff that mod slightly. For the last 5 years we are being told there is no time to implement simple changes every week because everyone is so busy with engine upgrade that's became a meme at this point.
  6. Fast fixes Things to remove. Spotter Fuel Car bomb Car spawn Things to nerf Blow torch 4v4 HP Tanks HP Range of explosive weapons grenades included. Things to adjust Spawn system mission timers Make VIP into dual VIP from fight club About weapons I think it's complete gismo at this point. I would like a simple solution to make weapons bloody accurate and adjust their range by using damage drop off mechanic and balance around that rather than play into Rng where the most accurate guns always end up in the meta only to be complained about and nerfed so meta can shift yet again. But hey, let's do none of it and keep waiting for engine upgrade even though most of these changes are few clicks in tables that could be adjusted over the weekend and tested afterwards. But that would require a Dev with half brain that actually understands how the game is played.
  7. Well, let me explain my point on some theoretical scenario. Let's do it with OCA as it the essence of APB CQC SMG fights. The scenario would be that we have two players that meet each other around 15 meters mark in fairly open area. Now let's determine how good these player actually are. To make it fair let's say that they reacted in about same time. Now OCA has a fixed bloom, quite big resulting that in any given moment at 15 meters mark the crosshair would be wider than opponent hitbox. Our test players would be quite skilled, but not cheaters. So let's assume that they could keep the middle dot of crosshair on the hitbox at all times but not on the center. Meaning the average coverage would be around 70% which imho is really good result all things considered. Now, as the bullet distribution is random across the plane of crosshair in a perfectly balanced situation like this RNG would be the biggest factor of determining who wins the gun fight. You can get some average from that surely, but extreme happens too, and you can go from hitting everything to missing everything in those events. Now, let's say one of the players wasn't so good, and he could make an average coverage of 50% even going outside of opponent's hitbox, with optimal RNG he could come out victorious. Thus the skill gap diminishes. Don't get me wrong though. It's not like skill doesn't matter anymore, but getting 7 out of 10 and losing 3 to RNG might cost you a victory because each frag taken has different value depending when and under what circumstances it was taken. Like it could be first kill on take outs allowing opponents to run to a stronghold position? Or the first take out of VIP denying him the position and snowballing him on the road with fast assaults? First engage on the tricky point that's a nightmare to do if you let your opponents prepare a camp? No one can predict importance of it. Now about the Mid-long range. Yes bloom is a mechanic that in theory makes the weapon less effective over range as you need to manage it, but in practice one of players or both of them can take their chances allowing the weapon to bloom more and with Rng blessing you can melt your opponent who tried to perfectly tap his weapon or wasn't lucky enough. I can give you a real fight example i had yesterday. White roofs near corner of the map. I was Obeya+FBW 2v2 defend match. I was standing on the back floor ground. My teammate got himself into a gun fight on the road against CSG after some car game play obviously and died without hitting him once. I was 2v1 CSG on the road 60 meters or so and PMG making it's way through the roofs to my right. Feeling knife on the throat with 30 seconds left i picked to kill the CSG on the road, I risked it, there was no time I shot as close to ROF as I could manage, bloom going crazy i landed every shot, the last bullet I would have missed if it was perfectly accurate gun, but because the bloom got so enormous and I was lucky enough I managed to land finish blow. The moment I do I get naded from the side, I take out my FBW and fire at PMG that tries to finish me off, I can't tell if he missed, but he didn't land a single hit from around 30 meters away to finish me off which was odd considering he had a high ground and I was heavily tagged by a nade, my luck saved me again as I panicked my aim was gismo somewhere at him but poorly, I had hit mark after hit mark and melted him down winning a mission. It surely felt great to have a moment like this, but at the back of the mind I knew that I was just lucky. Nothing more nothing less. That's why I hate it, from day one I started playing I looked for weapons that are more accurate than others. But those weapons always were meta and got nerfed eventually, instead of upgrading other weapons accuracy to same level. About your car comments, well if I wanted to equip hard damage weapons and shoot heavily armored cars all day, I would play World of Tanks, I imagine it would be more fitting my taste then. Times before car surfers, fuel mods, car spawns 4x4, blow torch were much more enjoyable to me at least. As people used the car to go from A to B and made their approach on foot, or risked getting blown up by rushing in with their Jericho.
  8. I am wondering about it for a decade, why does APB needs so much RNG in weapon system? In retrospect, over the years there are so many missions I won, or lost due to RNG factor, that either me or my opponent were more or less lucky during "mission deciding moments". Like most weapons have bad accuracy to begin with, while others more accurate are usually the ones that play into the meta and are finally nerfed in the end. Reading this on AMA I think we are doomed to play around RNG till the end of times. In the future as we are going to delve into weapons, would it be bad to make basic assumption that weapons are accurate within their niche and balance them around this definition?
  9. SG-21 'Strife' is a perfect example how shotguns should be balanced in the game. Scary burst damage, enormous corner camp potential, low sustained damage, vulnerable in the open. Not your CSG or JG with scary burst damage, pin point accuracy, same or even lower TTK than it's counters, high sustained damage. I see the same thing over and over again, SG were changed like what 5 times already? The only thing that does get addressed is the range and damage - not TTK that should never be as low as it is now. Oh wait, JG got buffed TTK at some point didn't it? Brilliant fucking move.
  10. I have been saying it for years but no one listens... For most guns it's about the range, accuracy, STK and TTK and overall gun handling. The lower STK the higher TTK should be. -To be better at either corners or open field, never both. The longer range the higher TTK -so you can't spray your let's say NTec in OCA face and have pretty much same chances Make weapons accurate and keep their range in their niche by limiting effective range. -So gun like OCA would be deadly accurate, but with 15 meters of effective range you would never could beat assault rifle if your damage would be 3 times lower at mid range. But you would be able to do some consistent damage instead of praying for 2-3 lucky hits to finish off tagged opponent. Rework that bloody IR to % value. -10% would be good i think. So CQC weapons could get ± 2 meters and the long one would be about the same so a single mod doesn't break entire Eco system of weapons. The easier the gun is to handle, the worse it should be. But only in small variation, nothing crazy. And don't do stupid mechanic like crazy recoil that discriminate low sens players. I play at 800 DPI and 1.5 sens. If I wanted to play with Tommy gun i would have to drag my mouse to middle of my room. We had open test servers back in the day. If it was me I would tweak weapons over the week, let player play with them and redo stuff based on their constructive feed back. Testing as many solution as I was given or thought about. Or not, let's better do fucking nothing like we did for last decade and keep adding stupid Joker Boxes with more shit weapons and keep nerfing Shotguns and NTec again and again in wrong way.
  11. It's a shame that old forums are gone. There was a thread how to distribute shotgun spread pellets so you could kill opponents on two near full shots but you wouldn't do on poorly aimed half shots, playing with range and spread values to determine effective range. The whole thing across the years with shotgun was that it was hard to balance. G1 and now LO make the same mistake, you have a shotgun - 2STK weapon with same or even lower TTK than its counter SMG weapons. Meaning Shotgun is a corner king, and has equal chances to fight in open areas. I would expect a SG to hold corner well with scary burst damage, but be vulnerable to sustained damage of SMG if player managed to rush that corner. Hitreg is not perfect, we had a history of shit servers and ghost shots, on top of that the game allows 300ms people to play the game so yes i do agree that SG are not reliable, but people do have a tendency to call their shots hits while they missed.
  12. It's my personal preference, I made it to 16th rank with Aces alone without touching NTec back in the day. TTK is about the same. PMG is 57% less accurate but doesn't bloom. Aces does, but the thing is it doesn't have recovery delay, meaning you can shoot sequential bursts of accurate bullets up to 40 meters of effective range and you can zoom in top of that, I recorded it and did count frames, to maintain its base accuracy your TTK would be little over one second depdening on how well you manage it. The clip size is not as forgiving or luxurious as PMGs and the handligh can sometimes be annoying with random shake to sides. I have been maining this gun for years when I was actively playing and to me there is a single difference why I do like it more. More control less Rng, With much higher base accuracy it was up to me to decide how much I let my gun bloom and how much of a chance I want to take with Rng rather than PMG that sometimes felt like laser and othertimes like potato launcher.
  13. I would argue that Aces rifle is SMG king, though it's less noob friendly. But yeah weapon balance is bananas across the board. I think we need global change that defines weapons to their category not just better or worse alternative.
  14. I don't, unless I am in tight spot and don't have 10 meters free space to run away. Again I have no problems with grenades that hit directly or close by that do damage. Fine be me, you got surprised, you played dumb, you were greedy for a kill you got naded in the face you deserve all the damage it does. The only thing I propose we change is that grenades mostly frag will not take down over half of your HP if it's missed or avoided.
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