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  1. Pff, but OP however silver or bronze he might be is right. CA is a man's choice because we lack better alternatives. I equipped Ca3 10 years ago and didn't change it since then, I think most of you did the same. I would rather see CA being implemented into a character because apparently almost entirely of players like slower buy faster kicking in healing, and make the rest of green mods without drawbacks. So I can have my healing up and I can run a bit faster, or I can reduce explosive damage, or I have a bit more health, or Maybe something new like being resistant to certain bullet types, or some shit? With a system like that everything could be useful, takeouts probably with flack jackets as it is endless nade spam, scavenger probably fragile as you often have to run quite a bit or a kevler to live a bit longer as VIP. It baffles be how closed minded you people are, green mod is CA dominated, blue mode is VT dominated and you cannot use any other mod because there is either an annoying drawback or simply lack of anything useful. Yet all of you imbeciles can do is bash other players for pointing the obvious.
  2. It's all right. AMD used to be poor's man Intel but not anymore. Intel was always shit when it comes to mhlticore, prices, and different socket every 2 gen, while AMD had none of this shit. Now that cheaper, better multicore with higher socket compatibility also won in single thread performance the game will change.
  3. Just wait for some idiot to point out that it's only beta. I don't want to be mean or anything but all Matt's chart are complete bullshoot. How is it possible that you test it and you get god like FPS but every beta we get 30FPS? Something not right here.
  4. I just popped random stream, On a Intel Core i7-9700K and RTX 2070? ahaha
  5. Burn! The old login screen was the only good this game ever had.
  6. Yeah, I think that 67 FPS on average on high end PC is is going to be wonderful experience.
  7. Surprisingly I find my team being more annoying than my opponents.
  8. Yes, no use uses it but cause no one likes speed penalty in so fast peaced game. Remove speed penalty, switch it to recovery time speed penalty that is even more aggressive than it is on CA
  9. Seriously? What did you expect. There is shit load of work to do as far as I know before the launch of engine on open districts. Then there will be some bugs with projects of this magnitude that will require to be fixed if nothing breaks. Then somewhere imho 2022 maybe we can start balance things more and introduce new things to the game, if it's not dead yet by that time.
  10. You know this game problem, You nerf meta weapons - fun weapons - accurate weapons - bringing their closer to trash tier weapons no one likes to use and even if some do, they don't because they can't compete against meta. So why not bring trash tier weapons up, so they can actually compete making higher pool of fun weapon, instead of making less and less options to choose from?
  11. ... I cannot even fathom to imagine what drives your thinking
  12. Ghostshots are wonderful feature, I love those situations where I play against someone that utilizes movement and cover well, you hit first SG in his face you miss the 2nd, and the 3rd that ought to kill him is a fucking ghostshot and you end up dead.
  13. Since seeing recent patches I think the last thing LO wants is accurate weapons. Possibly declining the skill gap between players any further. I wonder why there is the mentality that you need to bring down good/fun/accurate weapons instead of buffing lesser/trash tier weapons to make the viable.
  14. That's funny though, instead of making weapons more accurate, more fluent between switching to secondary and primary you just nerf it. Let's make weapon less accurate, Let's make weapons equip longer, Let's add weird bolt time mechanics, The point I want to make is that I don't really care about changes to any weapon in particular, it just it seems to me that you want to stale and slow down entire gameplay to further decline the fun and freedom of guns this game once had.
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