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  1. If you look at BE website, there is a list of games that are protected.. Funny almost every title that uses it, has massive cheater issue. When LO took over the first thing they did was introduction of EAC - the game was so fucking clean that I couldn't believe how different gameplay was. People were dumber, their game-sense went so much down and so many "god like" players POOF-ed into the thin air. I don't know what happened to this blog statement, but it was the CORE of what you guys wanted to do, I know the EAC issue was money related, what other reason could you have to remove the BEST anti-cheat this game ever had, and return to this SHITFEST we have now. And your communication is SHIT, absolute fucking garbage. You can shake hands with TIGGS and G1, There is a mayhem of cheaters right now, and ZERO information of what you guys are going to do about it.
  2. Cheaters will kill this game before LO incompetence will...
  3. No love for CSG? You think JG is that much better?
  4. I could live with it, at least there would be no more magic people that hit you everytime when you do peak a boo.
  5. I would say that triggers are a plague in this game right now, the anti cheat is junk shit, maybe people don't write complex cheat to dead game, but it takes 5 minutes to google 10 lines of code and BOOM you have yourself never missing sniper or whatever you are using, and since we not have and won't be having working anticheat it seems like a valid option now. What good comes from dynamic crosshair anyway? Pixel shooting under cars and near the walls? I would argue that it just unfair as it benefits certain pin point weapons over other CQC weapons in this field? Honestly for me either is fine, if there is a dynamic color crosshair or there is not, but of the sake of cheating in this game, I would opt to remove it.
  6. I have been removing themes for years, now I can just click the button to mute all of your trash annoying themes. People who like this shit can still have that, it's just people that don't like it have a legit choice now. Every couple of missions there was this onc dumb fuck withjYOYOYOYOYO or that annoying high pitch sound, so I say you reap what you sew.
  7. I feel like, lately game is full of trash.
  8. Pff, but OP however silver or bronze he might be is right. CA is a man's choice because we lack better alternatives. I equipped Ca3 10 years ago and didn't change it since then, I think most of you did the same. I would rather see CA being implemented into a character because apparently almost entirely of players like slower buy faster kicking in healing, and make the rest of green mods without drawbacks. So I can have my healing up and I can run a bit faster, or I can reduce explosive damage, or I have a bit more health, or Maybe something new like being resistant to certain bullet types, or some shit? With a system like that everything could be useful, takeouts probably with flack jackets as it is endless nade spam, scavenger probably fragile as you often have to run quite a bit or a kevler to live a bit longer as VIP. It baffles be how closed minded you people are, green mod is CA dominated, blue mode is VT dominated and you cannot use any other mod because there is either an annoying drawback or simply lack of anything useful. Yet all of you imbeciles can do is bash other players for pointing the obvious.
  9. It's all right. AMD used to be poor's man Intel but not anymore. Intel was always shit when it comes to mhlticore, prices, and different socket every 2 gen, while AMD had none of this shit. Now that cheaper, better multicore with higher socket compatibility also won in single thread performance the game will change.
  10. Just wait for some idiot to point out that it's only beta. I don't want to be mean or anything but all Matt's chart are complete bullshoot. How is it possible that you test it and you get god like FPS but every beta we get 30FPS? Something not right here.
  11. I just popped random stream, On a Intel Core i7-9700K and RTX 2070? ahaha
  12. Burn! The old login screen was the only good this game ever had.
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