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  1. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2e/3c/df/2e3cdfb928fbe2dac242e7c5483a82cd.gif
  2. Still no answer from LO? are there even someone who can actually say something? i think not so go all cheat make game burn lol
  3. I would like to thank you all for giving your comments and opinions. We are all different i can say for playing more than 8+ years i never got ban, not for one reason- never. ( If some of LO doesn't believe me i can provide my all accounts they can check) As far for the skills i am pretty skilled player since i play 8+ years or more than that, i know every corner, i can predict 85% of situations. Since day one i play without audio because that's how i train my gamesense. But i never managed to do some kills like 7/7 corner kills 3/3 precision nade kills 10/10 non bullet miss kills. When i play i miss when i throw nade i miss i am human and legit player i am not robot or cheater. So yes it is very easy to spot cheater. Because there is no way to have 20/20 shoots fired to hit target every time. Also i see now every one plays with pistol Obeya FBW when i see that player has that weapon i say OK, its good weapon if you have skills. But when that same weapon shoot faster than my NANO or Yukon or my NTEC ( speaking about full fire ) i say ok this cannot be done because i know it, even if you set to fire with your mouse wheel its not that accurate and fast. I don't to mention Joker or Obeya shooting like ntec. If being GM and monitoring the game is expensive i want to APPLY to be GM and monitor players for FREE. I used to be ADMIN so many times in CS 1.6 and i was always trying to keep players safe and to make them enjoy in server and i was doing that for free. If bad side happen, and someone gets BAN and after it prove that he wasn't cheating. LO sends i am sorry and he gets unban and life goes on. IF you want to save this little cheating community you can give them ONE time forgivness. LO forgives cheater for cheating but only once so he can say oh i like APB i tried cheating they cought me, but they forgived me and now i can choose about being perm ban or i can also enjoy in game. There are skilled players that will play this game, but there will always be in every game unskilled players who would find their way to victory by using cheats. And you need to make difference between LOYAL players and cheaters. So if you are showing that you don't care ( speaking to LO ) about your OLD or your NEW players. Than please sell game to someone who will know how to invest and care about players. Or remove game and try to save money you invested. Because first time when game similar to APB come out. You will lose this game, jobs everything. and LO how can you be silent do you read how many players care about game? How can you be heartless? Why you don't say something to this people who are waiting your answer?
  4. Yeah it's like world would be such a different place without sweet people like you cookie
  5. Also i don't play bad, i have good times i have bad times. My score is almost always 10+ kills every mission. I have been in best clans and i am owner of few good clans I have been respected before some time you might not remember me. I have been called hacker or cheater i have never been ashamed. IF YOU CALL LEGIT PLAYER HACKER. IT'S COMPLIMENT NOT HACKUSSATION AND I WOULD NEVER FEEL ASHAMED. if BE is cheap and EAC is expensive than make that GMs work in this game, make them check or ban hackers and cheaters MAKE SOMEONE WATCH THOSE STREAMS!
  6. First of all you all judge that guy who said "YES I CHEATED BECAUSE THEY MADE ME DO IT" and i understand him. But poor guy used script (autoclicker) that BE can recognize ( maybe it can only recognize that ) and banned him. Here we speak about real scripts and cheats that only veteran can make difference between skilled player and cheater, they play as every skilled-gamesense player. BUT than you get nade in your face from unknow position or he is just waiting behind a wall for you to come etc,etc There are so many scenes to see who is cheating who is not but like i said there is small difference. Maybe people dont know, some people know but there are scripts that you can pay for and anti-cheat cant detect it and so on. SO dont judge on this topic poor and hopeless players, but give some ideas, say something maybe someone will read it. MAYBE WE CAN CHANGE SOMETHING
  7. hahahaha APB should rename to APC - All players cheating
  8. I am glad to see that some players woke up and share my opinion. There will always be bad comments and of course nobody should have same opinion about this situation we are not same. On other hand there will be people like this guy I have read all what you wrote. And my friend i did made forum account on 2018, but this is my newest account as other players i have many accounts and characters. I will just answer you on thing you said that when i was smoking someone from my team told enemy where i am, that's clearly showing your side of viewing the world. "I didn't kill her, i opened window and wind that came in pushed her on stairs" that's example similar to what you were typing to me. I do understand to have game it takes a lot of money, to make new things also takes a lot of money. BUT to IP BAN hackers takes no money and little effort, also constant GMs online in district checking who is hacking ( similar to CS 1.6 where u had admins in room watching and checking hackussating) would work or it would atleast discourage them to try. If i was new player and about to download APB and try it i could notice difference between "Skilled player" and "hacker" it's not that hard make difference between that two. I would play few missions ( if i am lucky to get against normal players i would stay) but if i get against hackers i would go Control Panel>Uninstall APB and move on. People if you want to make differences in life game anywhere you need to fight. I am not afraid of being banned or being removed or ashamed of community. As long as i say truth i am peacefull. And to GMs if you care about your players you can use this topic to give hope to your very old Players just HOPE.
  9. Yeah i know i wouldn't cheat just said that to wake up them. If they can be awaken... I am just not that type of person Report button just don't work. How many times you see in district same players who is hacking and you report them and whole community does, but you can still see them after few weeks or months. That just don't seem to be trusted way to deal with them. I got warned again about names, but before you warn me or ban me. Can you atleast check them? or just see how many reports those players has. And if i am wrong i would deal with consequences and would be ok with BAN. Allow people to say cheater names in public! Allow them to help you deal with them. - As part of community that i was part of for more than 8 years, i feel need to say something i have feel to be heard, i have need to help and i wish that there are indeed some people in this company whose job is to take care of this problem. If players help it would be much faster for cheaters to get banned. And about shaming some players? YES THEY NEED TO BE ASHAMED! They need to be rejected from community There should be a thread where we could post pics, or videos of cheaters in game, we could faster the way of cleaning the game and that would return some players, and wont make new players quit playing game in week or two! And last thing don't threat or ban players that made this community grow to protect CHEATERS!
  10. Hello "Moderators" and game "owners" I have one question, i play since 2011/2012 and i have never seen this much cheaters in game or script users. If you are asking yourself whats happening to the game and why all players left, well its not because engine or something. Its because a lot of people cheating and using scripts making game so annoying to play. Anyway yesterday i got in game against group of obvious cheaters(like every second game), they were hunting my group thru whole map and killing us, and as far as i can remember you cannot see where opponents is on map. I was going DND because i didnt want to play against them i started smoking cigaret and camped 400-500m away from objective, and guess what he came and killed me. But yes i am hackussating and obviously i suck at playing HA HA. So GM came to district and i told him about them hacking ( Which in my opinion GMs are there for to help players and remove the bad things from the game ) And after i told him that this game have issues with these cheaters he started threating me in district chat ( didnt say what he is gonna do to me but was telling me to not test his temptation?) something like that. And it continued. Now i have questions because i am willing to start cheating also. Can someone please give me link of those scripts because i see that GMs are defending cheaters because they are their probably "playing base" so i can play equal with other cheaters? Thanks Merged. Also about "If you see cheater report him" answer on this topic. Snipped Name and Shame ~@mayii I reported them several times when they were R20 now i see them in district with R200+ so you cannot tell me that "report them" works and that you will check them and remove them from game rapidly. I love this game, i grow up playing this game. I wasn't happy when LO bought this game, and now i see reason why. If G1 started destroying this game, LO will finish their job. Think about selling it to right hands please.
  11. kokejn


    We are back!
  12. Thanks for the answers i havent been around for a quite period. I like to see that its been working i am willing to even try those beta tests....
  13. Yes i have seen threads about beta tests but keep asking myself if they are speaking about same APB i play or there is beta version to download?
  14. As i can see many of you are veterans, but can you all remember how it was before with old treat system? Gold 1,Gold 2...etc... It was always hard for new players and when i started back to 2011/2012 it was also hard for me to play but i became veteran so what. You are always amateur somewhere in life in game in bed...
  15. I see many of u talking about some APB BETA and APB 2.1 and i was curios what is that?
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