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  1. If ever @MattScott read this Can you please increase district limit from 40 players to 50 or 60? There is only one district that all players join and sometimes we wait more than 20 min to join
  2. Thats fine, for example i have different opinion Make team for current APB Make team for new engine upgrade/update Because there are some players that would return if things change in current APB and we would have population to play with idk it's just my opinion
  3. Just because i need your opinion vote for engine upgrade than its ok to have own opinion mine is cheating system
  4. Ok than we are coming to question why we lost population? what causes the loss? I can say it's cheating or game somehow stopped? In 10 years there was only one major upgrade of the game from R195 to R255 and that's it. I just want to say they should find reason why population is dropping not growing , fix the issue and then continue working on engine. When they publish that engine ( and i am hearing about that engine for years even G1 was speaking about new engine) i am afraid population would be 10, 10 cheaters left...
  5. It not about me, i am gold since BETA and old threat system gold 1-10 I just feel sad when i get silver or bronze as opponents against me. Those are new players, those players wont stay they will leave because they will think that i cheat or you or anyone. Ranks and threats should be separated from new players so they can have time to grow their own skill
  6. Guys since there was argue about what LO did so far, i am just curious about some questions for the community
  7. Like guy before you, and you. First insulting than when i start backfiring you start crying. I have RIGHTS to have my OWN opinion and you are toxic community. I understand defendind LO, but you and I are not seeing things same! I don't need premium, remove 25% cut of exp and money cuz of threat districts or make districts that GOLD CANT JOIN SILVER DISTRICT ( i am not programmer but i can bet that is easy ) remove limits, SAVE new players dont allow gold mix with silver, silver with bronze There are so much things to fix in this game to make community better and me PERSONALY think that is easy. So for every next insulting reply on my posts i will insult also dont think i will stand aside and watch peace
  8. First of all english is not my native language so guys like you are.... i dont even want to spend my words on you. There is two words i would tell you but i would get censored
  9. First of all i can bet i am much older than you Second calling someone who doesnt think like you "children" defines you perfectly(your state of mind) Second doctor saves life, does he tell anyone about how he did that or showing few years how he is going to do that to car mechanic????!!! I am not programmer so i dont care about getting informed about coding or how it goes! Same as car mechanic doesnt know how to cut human and do surgery, doctors do that! Car mechanics fix car, that doctor brings, after car mechanic get stroke and doctor fix him. My point is i dont care (for example last photo Matt posted) he posted photo of some silly circle and said WOW MIRACLE WOOOW WE ARE HAVING HUGE NEWS LOOK I POSTED BLACK SILVER BALL in 8bit rezolution and now go players enjoy your life this is such a huge success. So doctor take your liver from your stomach and say HEY GUYS I DISCOVERED THIS GUY HAS A LIVER LONG LIVE LIVER!!!! LONG LIVE!!!! This is just an example how 80-85% people in this game sees this and they are not "KIDS" because they dont care about coding or black ball posted on engine upgrade. Tell me how long does engine upgrade is in progress????? What are they making new engine for ferrari?!? or Lambo ? because by now cars will start flying before my (not coding) eyes will spot some difference in this game. I hope i explained you. If i didnt, well sorry go kiss LO or G1 or PE or MR or KR who ever gets this game patootie. Cuz i will always type what is good what is bad. Yes this is maybe one of best online shooting games even if it came out ten years ago but if something doesnt change there will be only cheaters inside for example Playing base ( source google) MonthAvg. PlayersGain June 2020 474.4 -185.8 May 2020 660.2 -128.1 April 2020 788.3 +194.8 March 2020 593.5 +173.6 April 2015 was the last day of APB (source STEAM) April 2015 2,169.5 +193.5 And to this day Last 30 Days 314.4 This are stats that you can find on internet! Now go to Matt's post and tell him GJ matt tell us those codes and maybe you will see that game when you celebrate your 80s birthday! COMMUNITY WANTS RESULTS NOT INFORMATIONS WE WANT PRODUCT NOT FAIRTALE OR THIS 314 PLAYERS WILL TURN (this is sad) INTO 14 PLAYERS THAT FORGOT TO WAKE UP FROM SOCIAL BALKON peace
  10. Personally I dont think that they dont care about playerbase, its more likely that they dont know how to do the job. And thats normal in every job ( lets say apb is job) you have people who are professional, who have skills. And you have guys who doesnt know what he is doing but he is trying and trying but nothing happens and he comes to work every day and working but progress is 0 i would say thats the LO. They are trying but unskilled their progress is 0
  11. Nice video buddy! Yeah we still play this sh*tty game, i mean we always say its done, but than we return somehow only God knows why. I really think LO doesnt have enough money to fix or upgrade this game. They probably work from someones garage or basement and will need next 20 years to upgrade it with following bugs they will need next 20 years to fix. This game should be sold to company with money who can take serious team and invest serious money but i am afraid then "us" (old players) would see some new kids running this game probably it wouldnt be free2play like it is now ( to me personaly i more like to buy stuffs in game than to pay to play). Idk with this managment its dead, even if i hated G1 and called them first many many years ago here on forums Moneyfirst. It was more alive. Managment was more alive and stuffs were happening. I am now currently in game i had 3 normal missions against normal players, but 4th mission was against cheaters and now i am thinking to exit the game because i am not kid and i dont have nerves to play against some kids with programs. and last thing i hope someone from LO will read this line: I am not here to like you or hate you, i am not here to speak on forum how your doing everything wrong, go read your own community. Community that you bought from G1 is it normal to you to see so many topics about bad things and there is NO, ONE topic about how stuffs are good. GAMES are there to complete some of your free hours per day after a rough day at work, to enjoy playing to give money in it because you enjoy playing to be happy after you close it and return to your life duties. But like i sad after 3 missions i was happy after this 4th i am mad things should not be like that! Peace
  12. Still no answer from LO? are there even someone who can actually say something? i think not so go all cheat make game burn lol
  13. I would like to thank you all for giving your comments and opinions. We are all different i can say for playing more than 8+ years i never got ban, not for one reason- never. ( If some of LO doesn't believe me i can provide my all accounts they can check) As far for the skills i am pretty skilled player since i play 8+ years or more than that, i know every corner, i can predict 85% of situations. Since day one i play without audio because that's how i train my gamesense. But i never managed to do some kills like 7/7 corner kills 3/3 precision nade kills 10/10 non bullet miss kills. When i play i miss when i throw nade i miss i am human and legit player i am not robot or cheater. So yes it is very easy to spot cheater. Because there is no way to have 20/20 shoots fired to hit target every time. Also i see now every one plays with pistol Obeya FBW when i see that player has that weapon i say OK, its good weapon if you have skills. But when that same weapon shoot faster than my NANO or Yukon or my NTEC ( speaking about full fire ) i say ok this cannot be done because i know it, even if you set to fire with your mouse wheel its not that accurate and fast. I don't to mention Joker or Obeya shooting like ntec. If being GM and monitoring the game is expensive i want to APPLY to be GM and monitor players for FREE. I used to be ADMIN so many times in CS 1.6 and i was always trying to keep players safe and to make them enjoy in server and i was doing that for free. If bad side happen, and someone gets BAN and after it prove that he wasn't cheating. LO sends i am sorry and he gets unban and life goes on. IF you want to save this little cheating community you can give them ONE time forgivness. LO forgives cheater for cheating but only once so he can say oh i like APB i tried cheating they cought me, but they forgived me and now i can choose about being perm ban or i can also enjoy in game. There are skilled players that will play this game, but there will always be in every game unskilled players who would find their way to victory by using cheats. And you need to make difference between LOYAL players and cheaters. So if you are showing that you don't care ( speaking to LO ) about your OLD or your NEW players. Than please sell game to someone who will know how to invest and care about players. Or remove game and try to save money you invested. Because first time when game similar to APB come out. You will lose this game, jobs everything. and LO how can you be silent do you read how many players care about game? How can you be heartless? Why you don't say something to this people who are waiting your answer?
  14. Yeah it's like world would be such a different place without sweet people like you cookie
  15. First of all you all judge that guy who said "YES I CHEATED BECAUSE THEY MADE ME DO IT" and i understand him. But poor guy used script (autoclicker) that BE can recognize ( maybe it can only recognize that ) and banned him. Here we speak about real scripts and cheats that only veteran can make difference between skilled player and cheater, they play as every skilled-gamesense player. BUT than you get nade in your face from unknow position or he is just waiting behind a wall for you to come etc,etc There are so many scenes to see who is cheating who is not but like i said there is small difference. Maybe people dont know, some people know but there are scripts that you can pay for and anti-cheat cant detect it and so on. SO dont judge on this topic poor and hopeless players, but give some ideas, say something maybe someone will read it. MAYBE WE CAN CHANGE SOMETHING Merged. Also i don't play bad, i have good times i have bad times. My score is almost always 10+ kills every mission. I have been in best clans and i am owner of few good clans I have been respected before some time you might not remember me. I have been called hacker or cheater i have never been ashamed. IF YOU CALL LEGIT PLAYER HACKER. IT'S COMPLIMENT NOT HACKUSSATION AND I WOULD NEVER FEEL ASHAMED. if BE is cheap and EAC is expensive than make that GMs work in this game, make them check or ban hackers and cheaters MAKE SOMEONE WATCH THOSE STREAMS!
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