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  1. kokejn


    We are back!
  2. Thanks for the answers i havent been around for a quite period. I like to see that its been working i am willing to even try those beta tests....
  3. Yes i have seen threads about beta tests but keep asking myself if they are speaking about same APB i play or there is beta version to download?
  4. As i can see many of you are veterans, but can you all remember how it was before with old treat system? Gold 1,Gold 2...etc... It was always hard for new players and when i started back to 2011/2012 it was also hard for me to play but i became veteran so what. You are always amateur somewhere in life in game in bed...
  5. I see many of u talking about some APB BETA and APB 2.1 and i was curios what is that?
  6. Well lets say i am FAR user is it similar to FAR?
  7. Hello i am back to the game after 3 years and i see some new legendary guns. I saw this new NTEC NG and i think its okay but i had really bad experience with URSUS so many ghost shoots( like hitbox didnt registrate shoots) now after 3 years i dont know if that is fixed. So if someone could help me decide NG or URSUS? Thanks,
  8. I am stuck on character loading screen for like half hour? is it DDOS?
  9. kokejn


    Still waiting
  10. Oh decided to try APB after 2 years, turned on and servers shut down on 6 hours.... APB welcome to me
  11. Hey you, you know who told me to tell you to get out ?
  12. Well seems like LO have same issue as G1. This problem cant be solved,or a lot of money needs to be invested in this game to get such a good protection. If LO made defense wall against DDOS,and we see that wall is broken again. I see population in apb lowered again,people started loosing hope in LO also. Maybe we should say goodbye to APB.
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