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  1. More weapon changes. Armas overhaul. New engine release if possible. New content if possible before upgrade.
  2. And this is why Bronze Waterfront full of golds. Not complaining, but I think they used to play here..
  3. At this time, no. Imo they could add older items in armas, instead of last year ones. Not to mention the free access as option.
  4. I wonder why you spend all these money and grind on... legendaries, if I got it right. I sympathize with you, but, you could buy something untradable instead. Legendaries are boring af. Also, slightly disagree with Astronaut, "loyal player" can be a good hacker , I know it's sounds weird and unrealistic, but everything is possible. My wishes to OP is to get over it and keep living. Merry Christmas to everyone.
  5. Merry Xmas to everyone. But I'm a little disappointed about this year's rewards, content and stuff, you guys didn't even bother to include old rewards in Armas? Really? I really miss these old xmas skins and Santa's customizable outfit. Thanks for JT's, really, I appreciate it too, but, you could give us something more than that. Even if it would be for G1C...
  6. I think he means that all old packs (excluding KTTW and KTTC which is boring af) needs ability to buy them on account. 100% agree. I struggle to understand why LO didn't bothered to do something with this yet. It's their money at the end. Also, I would enjoy to have more gun loyalty rewards like 3-slotted legendaries.(or a very rare clothing items at least)
  7. Hire a hacker. Get his IP. Punish him, prefably death row.
  8. Is it good or bad for you? I mean, it's so called "Morning in apb", online is always worse than usual there.
  9. Nagletz

    Med spray.

    I'd support this too, I think ability to run should be left, however you could not shoot in process of healing.
  10. As Bambola said, there is gonna be some new/comeback players. But in the future they will have to develop the game, improve it, add new content etc. And of course, advertise it. Because even 10k players is too few for massive projects like this. But even this quantity sounds way too good for us, isn't it?
  11. Nagletz

    Med spray.

    Well, generally it's true. But it's main drawback is price. If you use it constantly you should replenish them from time to time, which is really hits your pocket. That's why I don't use them. Stop nerfing pls.
  12. I guess they locked it somehow. There is a russian apb site,https://wiki.apb-r.ru/go/Online, showed population count before, it doesn't work as well.
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