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  1. That's quite naive from you bro, we all know that's not gonna happen that instantly. Well, at least they aware of it.
  2. We. Need. More. Clothes. But thanks for these too...
  3. Actually Coroner's range is 60m... had to say, yeah, it's worse than u think xD
  4. If that's so, what about SBSR's? They don't have such feature, but they need some love, especially Coroner.
  5. Customization. Interesting lore. Friends you found and playing with. History. Content. Possible future...
  6. It's not a common issue, so why bother? Let's admit the fact that LO (and also G1) broke many fun ways/guns to play with. Yes, some of them makes unfun to play against... but not everyone uses this setup, right? I can recall just one guy, and it was... not that bad.
  7. How weak their advisors have to be then? Lmao. I'm legit silver and would never suggest this, good guns just need alternative to compete with: NTEC - FAR (nerfed) OBIR - SBSR "Coroner" (bad) JG - SG (slow) HVR - DMR (2 stk vs 3 stk must be made competitive, otherwise nobody would use 3stk snipers) That's just IMO, the point is, every gun must be comfortable to use against other guns in it's niches.
  8. I don't use NTEC much, but I feel sorry for it, it was perfectly fine, and any other weapon must be well balanced as NTEC is. Also, as far as I remember, year ago, on Q&A stream, Matt said about NTEC that "they will just try something" or so. What happened, Matt?
  9. I wish i could leave 100 likes to this...
  10. Not much changes here, but finally buffs cometh, that's something.
  11. Was fun at part, at other it wasn't. I'm sure you know why, so I won't post any negative here. I just hope you guys don't waste your time and power on organizing these too much, better concentrate on more important things, you know.
  12. More skins maybe? Butcher, Autumn Assault, all of which players could miss during holidays.
  13. Well, weapons hit the target sometimes, so they can be balanced And better be balanced right now...
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