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  1. ^ this. Also, why consumable typed shield doesn't removed yet? I know, it probably bad idea, but what about making it character-sized with less HP? Could be epic (and annoying, lol)
  2. I'd prefer they won't expire at all, ngl it's annoying when shield just poofing in the middle of the fight. Same with boom box, why, just why...
  3. Stop crying, APB will never die and we all know that. Depression is not popular anymore.
  4. New clothing in apb when? oh, almost forgot, new engine, yeah...
  5. Nagletz

    Sophiel and Slaves Inc

    Joke gone too far, good luck anyway
  6. Ya sure? I'm pretty sure that half of playerbase have bought it account/char bounded already, the other half is just fine with contact's ones.
  7. UnitGame is just a random rich player who supports APB... could be true since there is no any official information about it, but hey that's just what I having in my imagination.
  8. Anyone wanna say goodbye to something that was in the game for, i dunno, 8 years? Feel free to cry here, i'll be near by. :3
  9. Can anyone make it clear, what happened to Medium Ammo box, which is available for it now? Will it be just instead of heavy one or something?
  10. I agree on this. No reason to divide already poor population atm. Not gonna go deep in "if this, if that", just gonna say: Let the devs work on numero uno objective: APB 2.1. Hopefully, this work is going well, as we make sure tomorrow.
  11. What can I say, never trust profile pics So I'll make it clear and say that I'm not look like Lon from mlaatr
  12. Codes has been extended to 5 years for me, ty
  13. Nice update, but hey pls rework Armas too
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