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  1. Probably because APB community is full of deviants, just my personal observation. Noticing how much time ppl waste in the game, y’all should be still virgins.
  2. Apparently never happen. And if it would, it will just raise up toxicity level even more, as it wasn’t that high lol. I remember ppl ranting about the non-threat districts year ago, they say that game will die at last... population still the same after all this time lol (yes, on NA too, my fellow burger cowboys). Pointless decision, pointless change, just more misery.
  3. Bruh y’all salty af, but let’s be honest, Mitne, I clearly remember u bragging ur roles in Social back in a day, so you kinda deserved it... and still not. I didn’t checked my main yet so I may have same situation xD
  4. To think about it, there is a parallel universe where San Paro exists irl, and nobody need to upgrade it so everything is fine. Except for constant war between two factions and u know, people die for real lol.
  5. Everything in this game is useful if you know how to use it. Sure, some things in the game needs buff, but Kevlar is not one of them, good lord...
  6. Be glad that they can’t crash ur game like in GTAO...
  7. Empty promises or not, time will tell. This game’s fanbase is patient enough to wait no matter how toxic they are.
  8. This game is like a dream you’ll never forget. Never wished to though.
  9. No matter how fked the state of the game is... I still do.
  10. Not sure but scovs is most memorable guy for me, didn’t met famous skillers much tho.
  11. APB itself is one big game of nostalgia...
  12. It's a life saver when you're in the middle of the road... thanks to terrible map making, we have a lot of open spots like these. In case of some other situations? Nah, you'd most likely getting naded or shotgunned lol.
  13. Pay to grief? More like GTAO‘s motto lol.
  14. Check the news, there’s no engine update until they unfreeze it. New something probably coming soon...
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