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  1. Btw why not let crims buy raptor kit for mikro? Same as kissaki and others...
  2. Gun game server issues. Existing gg rip
  3. How about to stop nerfing popular weapons and start buffing unpopular ones instead? Geez.. I hope LO won't nerf anything more before engine upgrade...
  4. I just wanna ask... who tf even get those first places in Gun Games? What PCs they have? NASA? Dead graphics? lmao I finished 1 game and had enough, thx.
  5. I suppose "full blacked tryhards" die first then lmao
  6. Ok, I'm not going to repeat what's already been said about balance, cheating and stuff (IMO i see cheaters only once in a week, maybe I'm lucky, but whatever), I just wanna discuss one thing being mentioned: Black clothes and Vegas - do people really think it makes so fking special wearing THIS tasteless shit?! Oh, let's not forget about anime pics and chill out styled themes... So disgusting. Seriously, that's one thing is killing me. Uniqueness, pls.
  7. What's so special in those guns anyway? Sergeant is much better than NFCP 2 and Huntress is fine tho.
  8. Been playing APB for like 7 years, I still wish I had uber skill as some animals do. I guess you need to born talented to it or get some well known advantages to play like that...
  9. Cuz they are not, lol. Actually I can't see reason why LO won't make such packs account-lifetimed. It's would make me buy them asap
  10. Played yesterday, got 20 wins of 32 missions done. Half of the wins wasn't really my merit. Don't want to brag, i am average 255 gold, never used macro/cheats/triggerbot/configs/*place any advantage here*, never wear full black clothes (THAT IS IMPORTANT!), never used lower case gibberish on my clan name, anime symbols, and other shit some weird players do. But I think it's a fine result for solo player who is not really tryharding on missions. Do I get gold players on my random teams? Yes. But final of the match really depends. All I think is helping to me is good game sense and fps. Be calm and play relaxed (or at least try to, lol) Peace to you, bois.
  11. I can suggest to make some new raw matchmaking system, and get it into test districts. Maybe it could work smh. I think LO already have something to show us. Seems like this "temporary" solution could left until Engine Upgrade, just IMO.
  12. As a "crybaby" silver myself, I'm fine with this solution. Seems like most of the community are happy too. So I'm just let it go. I wish I could learn from the golds (like some people suggested to), but I can't due to bad pc and mouse issues. One thing I wanted to mention is, I can't see any "famous" dethreaters who plays only in bronze after this update. I mean like, really, are u guys afraid of true golds or something?
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