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  1. So yea, and how about anniversary letter? They promised some weapon and med spray balance, almost month passed bruh...
  2. Make everything usable and versatile ffs. So called "pro" players use only meta and it looks boring.
  3. Weapon changes? Dont forget my bois SBSR's and Norsemen pls Also revert N-FAS and Thumper Please guys, don't nerf any gun more, we already have boring meta list and this boring gameplay makes me sick...
  4. You can learn to play solo against them, as i did. Some of missons can be unwinnable, because they really is, but using good tactics would help. Also, you can get friends and gather your own premade
  5. Premium which allows me to draw symbols with 200 layers on? Yes pls. However I prefer that exp quantity would depend on mission I played. For example, longest, and most bs mission, "Creme de la Crime", should be rewarded in 5x more money and exp, just IMO.
  6. Citadel have same kind of issues already. There was like 2 - 5 pop this morning, totally unplayable at this point. So you guys maybe want to do something...
  7. Not all of us have robot aim like you, pal. Also griefers play everywhere, doesn't matter of server or district.
  8. Nagletz

    OCA-EW 626-SD

    Actually it may and will take more time to fix, add a maintenance to this. But considering how badly weapons are balanced right now, I'd prefer they buffed more guns than just SD. Around 80% of guns is underpowered, 10% is useless and won't stand a chance against any other gun in their tier. They can be used "for fun" sometimes but lbr you always end up on using something better than that.
  9. Sometimes I wanna go to Matt's workplace just to gift him some cake and shake his hand after, to show my support... I hope sometime I will... But now I just wanna say... Thanks. Keep up the good work. Мы верим в Вас.
  10. IMO the should remove flare gun and left skinnable version of FL, existing of first one makes no sense anymore tbh... APB have a lot of guns like this, and I'd take a guess that they just waste space on game servers... OSCAR JT1 still have no skins option, Jesus...
  11. It sounds so easy when you describe that, feel free to start maybe?
  12. CAP 40 "Sergeant" for piercing mod. FFA R&D III for exclusiveness. Ursus for reminding me that I still want 3-slotted version of N-TEC 7.
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