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  1. There is simply no solution for it yet, it's a game issue that been bothering people for years. You can use kill-graphic config or lower the graphics in game, it helps for some people.
  2. I'd prefer heavy HVR against Scout. I managed to fight against 3 scouts at once with my Dvah. That was... satisfying...
  3. Same. It's fine when you tell them it's kigurumi and not a fursuit
  4. I've never used configs even xD Also cheaters don't pay in this game and they are not silvers like me D:
  5. I do. And i did. :3 Collecting purposes...
  6. It's from server side, i suspect. So only devs must have the solution... or fix.
  7. Any respond from dev\mod team? Literally nothing helps against it....
  8. Error is still active, @Sakebee help plz. :<
  9. lol Then which specs would you advise to play apb on maximum settings and with over 140fps? I mean, I would rather die than use configs or low settings... and I thinking about a lil' upgrade of my pc. Suggestions, gamerz plz
  10. Three of them actually: Performance. Matchmaking. Cheaters. Everything else is a second-priority, nonetheless.
  11. Perfect example that each player has his own kinks. (I don't really grind JT's after I got crown on my main) Personally, I'm into Armas and all stuff in it, I adore account-bounded items and collect them, that's why I count Easter Classics Pack, recently included in Armas as a good move. LO have much chance to save this game, so why not support them just for that? If I was millionaire or so, I would sponsor it
  12. Most of the players play this game silently, never saying anything in chat. However it doesn't mean they are enjoying the game
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