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  1. Somewhere in middle pages of mail, looks untypical, there's should be 9m in attachment.
  2. It’s just a latency difference, nothing more. Probably one of reasons they made it NA exclusively is because majority of americans have high end PC’s, so they can run APB without installing low end configs. I played couple of missions having 200ms and still enjoyed it. Kinda sucks I can’t hit my shots at most, but i feel the NA guys on EU now
  3. In APB case, they probably didn’t have any time or they just don’t get paid for it. For bigger companies... well recent GTA modders incident says it all, they just don’t care, money is top priority. Also in APB is a bit harder to recognize a cheater since we don’t have total chaos these guys can cause in other games.
  4. APB Mobile is actually released as Unit Games promised. Wait a minute...
  5. It makes me think they already trying to make them, beta seems not far from release to live in my opinion. God bless EAC.
  6. Trash talk is part of apb, it’s just not gonna work for it. And btw, we still didn’t upgraded to 1.30, there’s things to do.
  7. I think color based triggerbot can still work on beta, so as on any other game with “red crosshair” feature. Or it was probably just another sweaty from NA
  8. Just hopped in Beta again and everything seems just fine aside op’s mentioned issues, no crashes at all and just one stutter been noticed. NA latency is a bit of a pain but i’d assuming there’s been a reasons for that. Not sure if I should post benchmarks here, I have old patootie pc and get stable 60 FPS, no fancy numbers.
  9. Jeez u guys should get a game analytics job or something, waste of wall texting talent on apb lol
  10. Another talk show? Good luck, Matt. You’ll need it.
  11. Just merge them and bring back threat districts. Win-win?
  12. I suppose it depends on how things will get after the "x64 update". The game may succeed and LO will get funds for actual UE upgrade. If not, well... it may and it will stagnate for another 10 years, again... But the thing is, you need to be really trick-minded to advertise already 10 years old, somehow polished, good game, and make it profitable multi-million project. And it have to be profitable project to keep it on a good course. No magical chinese non-existant company will save it.
  13. For fuk sake, i meant the Innova's Pioneer server. Half of Russians and probably Ukrainians used to play there, so am i. Don't really want it back tho, nostalgic fun times on Citadel is more precious to me somehow.
  14. GM's in apb? I thought they went extinct in like 2018... Merged. I really don't get why u blame testers of some ingame stuff in all of Matt's fck-ups. Yes, Cooky is quite an extraordinary individual, but i still see him as a nice guy i would like to play a few matches with... but that's a story of another worlds there. After all, you ranting about the game, try not to take it too close personal.
  15. Cheating is something that's always will be in the games, like it or not. Look at the GTA:O, you should be grateful that apb uses servers (despite the very arguable state they in lol) and not peer2peer system so you wont be crashed or kicked from the game. The task of the developers is the minimize the chance of cheating by implementing protections, and the players' is do not act like a victim. As you can guess, both of the games fail at it, despite GTA having a larger playerbase. Report system doesnt work? Well, it still worth a try... and a bit of hope lol. Keep in mind that some ppl in apb may be virgins with no personal life, so they are actually (omg) good at the game and better than u chads. No one forces u to play the game anyway.
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