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  1. They already released compensation for innova players in amount of 5000 g1c, 12 million dollars worth as I know. I don't sure if they can handle more "gifts" like that. Anyway, I don't think stuff like that is what APB players needed. First of all, optimized game, second - matchmaking. After these two things done, there's time to talk about other important stuff.
  2. Ah shit, here we go again... I don't sure it's even polite to talk about this in such situation. Servers are kinda unstable,and u want engine update within a month lmao. You know, I'm a dreamer, I want new engine too, I want more layers for Symbol Designer, more enchantments on it, more cars, more clothes. But I know LO is not a huge company, they do their best, as they can. They make mistakes (and learn on them, I hope). And I still believe they can make this game popular as CS GO, GTA, and many other games. I've been waiting for 5 years, and god bless my patience, I will wait 5 more for game I dreamed of. Sorry for anyone who read my screams, but that's my opinion on this.
  3. Btw I can't play the game, it's simply doesn't respond after launching it. Mb just me, but still...
  4. Are you sure u want to buy something right now?
  5. I hope someday we will remember these awkward moments and just laugh on it. Cause everything will be fine. But now, I will tolerate smh...
  6. Well, all credits to our beautiful balance, that's what I expected, and that's what I got. Anyway, with latency of mine it's no freaking reason to "git gud", lol. And also, just IMO, all NA players have advantages right now. Especially gold ones. Anyway I'll just sit in social for now, my symbols have been waiting me... BTW, what's up with compensations?
  7. Is there anyone who actually logged in rn? Lol
  8. Blue bar. 10 seconds. Error 9. I am sad, m8.
  9. Naive boi. 3-5 day premium for every1 will be fine. At least it will compensate me mine leftover premium, which I wanted to spend on symbol making, eh. I wish my free time could be compensated... ;(
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