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  1. Because they were allowed to. Golds could just join silver district and start snapping silvers playing there. The problem is, that every gold been following that trend at this point, so this whole thing doesn’t make its sense now. Same with the bronze. Segregation is not useless, it at least somehow protected people from balance issues apb has. That’s why it should be brought back, with strict threats restrictions like Gold - Gold threat and so on.
  2. Speaking of which, back in a few months,I have seen some silver 255 guy, with name exactly like yours, plus some alts of yours. No offense bud, but bronze playerbase mostly complain, because they now the have nowhere to go (but lbr solo golds are also ragequit when they get much weaker players in team, regardless of opponent team), which makes sense, but you are special... Is this decision good? Yes and no. You can actually learn to play by playing against better players, but yet again, it strictly depends on team you are in. But is there a reason to? Did they kept online? No. Jericho basically merged 2 half full districts in one, Citadel lost players because of, lbr, completely trash balance. Yes, people complain about “wizard” golds and yes, I met them too, but it would be less exhausting to meet them with team at least of your own skill level to try. As a result, you never learn anything and just gets completely smashed. Matchmaking simply does bs. If LO wants to save this game, they should... keep working on new engine, yes, BUT leave just one little dev to make little quality of life changes into current game, at least it would be more fun to keep playing and hope.
  3. But hey, Jericho players are happy now, having one () district fully alive. That’s what I clearly don’t understand in this decision, they pick minority over majority. No offense, but most of NA players already migrated to EU, some friends of mine from there did managed to max more than 2 255 chars.
  4. I still want it as a loyalty reward... let’s assume somewhere after Euryale xd
  5. I assume the good one solution could be reverted to segregated servers, but in order of district threat - player threat, so the golds can play only with golds (and by chance with dethreaters, yes), at least there won’t be any new players or those players who’s not aware of the segregation issue.
  6. I meant AV version of it. 16th role unlocks just the chrome skin. I have 3 slotted dmr and AV PR2, both acc bound tho.
  7. Weird theory but i like it, we would never know the truth anyways In addition to this, i am real, if someone care...
  8. As soon as nobody uses legit swastikas and provokes ppl in chat, it is ok... I think...
  9. I’d like to see 3-slotted version of AV, wish they could replace PR1 by it, makes more sense. Armas is full of bs like this and should be reworked.
  10. Good outfit tho, but some other pants and shoes would fit it better imo.
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