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  1. They need to lock the config for this game and only allow you to use in-game options, no more minecraft look that try hards with macros seem to love.
  2. Little Orbit has destroyed matchmaking. I keep seeing 2 silvers and 1 trainee vs 2 gold and 1 silver, group with trainee can't call for backup. They should put premade groups vs other premade groups.
  3. Does no one from upper management at Little Orbit care to chime in about General lee car, when it's been part of this game since RTW days. Why do we have a GM going around in-game looking for petty shit to drive players away from this game. GM should be making reports about bugs and how bad match making is now. I keep seeing 2 silvers and trainee vs 2 gold and silver, group with trainee can't call for back up. How does Little Orbit screwed up the matchmaking.
  4. They still haven't fix fuel pumps and vehicle spawn machines from making loud annoying sounds. If they can't fix that in a timely manner, good luck on seeing any real content added to this game. What LO seems to be spending it's money on is having Game Master going around nit picking players custom cars over actually doing stuff to make the game more enjoyable for the player base.
  5. I still see peoples customization's. I don't have graphics maxed. Lost my motivation to play APB: Reloaded again due to Little Orbit supporting cancel culture.
  6. One things for sure, you don't pass players concerns onto upper management. All we see you doing is being Tiggs 2.0 in a dying game.
  7. That makes you a bigot by claiming anyone who likes the Rebel Flag or General Lee themed car is a racist. It's easy to spot people like you who support cancel culture.
  8. GM didn't tell me anything. You do realize forums are for people to discuss things with the game right. General Lee themed car is not political no matter how you look at it. Dukes of Hazard was never a political show. It was a family show. Now if someone used the rebel flag with political text, that would be political.
  9. Gamersfirst was famous for doing that. Release over powered gun in joker boxes, then after they milked the community nerf it and repeat. I still believe Gamersfirst screwed with drop chance on joker boxes to milk the player base even more.
  10. It was funny watching reddy and other members in his clan quit playing right after fairfight came out.
  11. You don't need a bot to kill Summit1G in APB. That person shooting the wall like that could be due to lag which APB did lag a lot back then. People would pack the district Summit1G was in to grief him all the time.
  12. Aimbot for shooting a wall and just added that footage anyways? 3:00 no wall hack, Playing APB enough you can predict where most players will be or come from. He might of had someone watching Summit1G stream too. Summit1G was good in Counter Strike but sucked in APB due to not putting in same amount of time in it. Any time he streamed APB people would make characters to come grief him. Tiggs would manually ban whoever she wanted back then. When Little Orbit took over they looked into reversing bans tiggs made. At that point damage was already done to APB NA Player base.
  13. It's sad that Little Orbit supports cancel culture. RTW and Gamersfirst never supported that nonsense.
  14. The game has a small pool to choose from when doing matchmaking. You would think with faster hardware this game could support 70v70 or more. I see Rust servers on wipe day with over 700 players connected on one server.
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