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  1. The glory days was before 2014. That was back when Revoemag was our community manager. Lady Tiggs was the downfall of this game. You can't have a GM/Community Manager that bans anyone they want and give away rare skins and items to people and streamers they like. Anyone that played well against Summit1G (who sucked) was manually banned by Tiggs. Nothing LO can do to repair that kind of damage to this game. It was funny watching people like reddy and other members of Random Acts of Violence quit playing right before FairFight was added. Other members in that clan thought they could continue using cheats only to be banned.
  2. Thanks for the info. I was just concerned about what personal information (if any) volunteer GM's would have access to. I'm glad Volunteer GM's won't have access to peoples personal information etc.
  3. How do you make APB enjoyable for Veterans and new players at the same time, when the playerbase continues to tank? I can't think of any way to do that. The engine update might bring players back for a month or two but without new mission district(s) in the works, i don't see them sticking around. The game lacks new content big time.
  4. Do Volunteer GM's have access to personal account information?
  5. LO will you be testing weapons before you release them on the ARMAS market place. The previous owners of this game was famous for releasing over powered weapons for 3-4 months to rake in $$$. Once the revenue stream started drying up, they would take the nerf stick to it.
  6. Before the in-game UI was overhauled many years ago, we had the option to disable the group_vote popup after you finished a mission while not in a group. Small things like that make the game more enjoyable.
  7. Matt please buy a quality mic before doing another live stream, one that will reduce the bad echo. I hope LO makes it's own twitchtv channel to do future live streams on. In long run it's better to build up your own channel. My suggestion, do the next Q/A with the new community manager instead of Kemp.
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