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  1. It doesn't help when this game has GM (ingame) telling players who complain about weapon balancing that "weapons are balanced, you need to learn game mechanics." If weapons are balanced we wouldn't see all the tryhards using the same OP weapons.
  2. Wake me up when Matt Scott gives a crap about fixing bugs and add back quality of life settings in-game. Fix or disable the sounds for gas stations, car spawners, ticket stations etc that are too loud. Add back the ability to disable Group Vote after mission ends. Also give us the ability to block the pointless whispers saying someone gift box was opened. No one wants pointless messages like that.
  3. It hasn't been like that from the start. Before Little Orbit screwed it up, if it was 3 golds on one side and 3 silvers on other side, it would give silver team extra player. The matchmaking now doesn't seem to factor in threat level, it just goes by player count.
  4. Little Orbit you can't balanced matchmaking by player count only. You have to factor in threat level and rank. High rank players have access to weapons and mods lower rank players don't have access to. Do you honestly think it's fun for group with 2silvers 1 trainee to face 3 gold premade group. I think mission timer should be dynamic. Team with lower threat/rank should get extra time. If threat level not balanced, side with lower threat should get an extra player, like how matchmaking worked under Gamersfirst. Matchmaking should filter premades to face other premades over solo players.
  5. Servers crash more often. Game performance degrades over time. We get random "out of memory...closing" message. I have 32GB of ram, there's no way i should be running out within 1-3 hours of playing.
  6. Smart investors do their research and see what a game publisher/developer can do before investing. Little Orbit purchased APB Reloaded in 2018. Six years later and they have nothing really to show what their capable of doing. 64-bit engine upgrade made the game run worse and added sound bugs they don't seem to care. They ignore community feedback.
  7. Little Orbit really showing how much they care about this game by saying NOTHING when NA server is offline or what happened.
  8. Nothing about General lee car or dukes of hazard had anything to do with slavery. Maybe one day you will learn the difference.
  9. NA servers been online all night and nothing from Little Orbit.
  10. The old match making was 10x better. At least it balanced it by threat level. 3 silvers vs 2 gold, 1 silver is not balanced 3 silvers vs 3 gold is not balanced 2 silvers, 1 trainee vs 3 gold not balanced Group with lower threat should be able to have extra player to balance threat.
  11. Old RTW trailer for APB has a general lee theme car in it. Little Orbit supports cancel culture. You actually think only White people watched Dukes of Hazard tv show. You do realizes a difference between a General Lee Theme car and using that flag with hate speech on it right. What's next, we going to ban American flag or other country flags on guns or vehicles due to someone being offended by US government killing over 1 million brown people in the middle east. Where does it stop with this woke/cancel culture crap.
  12. Little Orbit has destroyed matchmaking. I keep seeing 2 silvers and 1 trainee vs 2 gold and 1 silver, group with trainee can't call for backup. They should put premade groups vs other premade groups.
  13. Does no one from upper management at Little Orbit care to chime in about General lee car, when it's been part of this game since RTW days. Why do we have a GM going around in-game looking for petty shit to drive players away from this game. GM should be making reports about bugs and how bad match making is now. I keep seeing 2 silvers and trainee vs 2 gold and silver, group with trainee can't call for back up. How does Little Orbit screwed up the matchmaking.
  14. They still haven't fix fuel pumps and vehicle spawn machines from making loud annoying sounds. If they can't fix that in a timely manner, good luck on seeing any real content added to this game. What LO seems to be spending it's money on is having Game Master going around nit picking players custom cars over actually doing stuff to make the game more enjoyable for the player base.
  15. I still see peoples customization's. I don't have graphics maxed. Lost my motivation to play APB: Reloaded again due to Little Orbit supporting cancel culture.
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