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  1. Why do you think players leave the game? Why are you saying that most of the community does not experience the problems described above? Active players make up a small part of the community. The ones you know are a small part of an active community. They are not the majority. Maybe my internet connection is not the best. But this is enough to play any online shooters except APB. Sometimes APB is reminiscent of the homemade SAMP I played 15 years ago.
  2. I wrote about the fact that the character dies first, and then the enemy starts shooting. I don't know exactly why this is happening. The reason may be in the server, in the internet connection, in bad code, in my PC. The problem is exacerbated if the enemy shoots quickly. What is not clear?
  3. You're right. But that's how it often happens. All hits are counted at the same time. The victim does not have time to make decisions. This is due to some kind of prolong with the server or the game. The problem becomes much more serious if you use a mouse with a macro or inertial wheel.
  4. The fifth level of danger will be given to the player only if the enemy team is clearly inferior in strength. If the teams are clearly not rivals to each other, then what kind of competition can we talk about? Players are just waiting for this boring mission to end.
  5. Fraudsters and experienced players will not have to brag about this badge for long. They are kicked out of the district. The number of kills in the mission will decrease due to third-party players. Children with severe ADHD will finally be of some use. Noobs will stop calling experienced players cheaters because experienced players will be in a different area.
  6. You're talking about distracting other players. But the player is free to choose what to do. The fight will start only after he agrees to it. If the player really has something to do, he will not pay attention to the cheater. If the player maintains a threat level of 5 at all times, then they are either a cheater or too skilled for this copy of the district. In this case, it must be warned and then kicked out, limiting entry into the copy for some time.
  7. The highest level of threat does not provide significant benefits. What is the purpose of seeking it? The cheater will ruin the game anyway. He is doing it now. An honest player will receive 500 bucks for each kill of a cheater. The cheater will be distracted from the main mission, thereby giving the enemy a chance.
  8. Fraudsters do not have a positive attitude towards society. That is why they are called scammers. The option I proposed does not require much effort to implement. The game is in the state of a living corpse. Therefore, the introduction of a new one that can help will not cause a negative reaction.
  9. How about making the fifth level of threat work as an anti-cheat? The number of murders and deaths is estimated. If the player seems suspicious, they are temporarily assigned the fifth level of threat, say, for 4 minutes (the time of the passage of the mission stage). The fifth level of threat does not disappear even after death. The fifth level of danger disappears if the number of kills and deaths falls below a certain threshold.
  10. The method proposed by the administration to deal with griefers is ineffective, takes a lot of time and is done manually.
  11. All my suggestions will be aimed at maintaining the health of the nervous system. Button to exit any mission. Postpone closing private messages of blacklisted players for a few minutes. Disable the need to press Tab after a mission. Voting of all team members for the exclusion of any player without penalty medals. Unlocking the exit button from the district during a mission. Change 3D scenes and music when starting the game, they always look like crap. Possibility to stand in line to enter the district. Fight against broken game mechanics, for example, the rapid movement of cargo, a sharp increase in the rate of fire while maintaining a certain timing.
  12. You just added to my answer. My explanation is superficial, but it explains the general principle of the system. Disputes are inappropriate, it is enough to compare the table of mission results. I'll turn around. The matchmaking system has a ceiling that can be broken through. After that, the selection of the enemy does not work correctly.
  13. Here's how it used to work: B-bronze S-silver G-gold B=B S=S G=G ------ BB=S BBB=G BS=G ------ SS=G SSS=GG BSG=GG This can be easily verified by looking at the mission results table. The problem is that there are players whose level of play is much higher than the rest, they have broken through the golden ceiling, the level of their game is somewhere in the stratosphere. This moment is not taken into account when picking an opponent. I have a gold level, but I feel powerless if I meet such opponents. The game leaves me no choice, I understand that I will lose, but I have no way to call for help or leave the mission without penalties or shutting down the game. The game tells me to be meat for the next 5 minutes. The number of people on the server, the division of threat areas, does not exclude the occurrence of the situation described above. The system of taking on the enemy is necessary, and most importantly, it is possible to change it right now. The system should not be loyal to veterans, as it is now. The system should be loyal to inexperienced, new players. They are the bright future of this game. New players enter the game because they have an interest in the gameplay, in editors, in customization. They don't know about Armas, cool guns, keys to the city, premium subscription. They are not interested in new contacts 255+ rank. The new long-awaited update WITHOUT CHANGING THE OPPOSITOR SELECTION SYSTEM does not accept new players into the game, the old ones will come, they will come to look and leave. And if you ask them why are you leaving? They will answer - NOTHING CHANGED IN THIS GAME. I am surprised by the people in whose hands this game was and is. Isn't what I wrote above obvious? You have invested your own money and time in this game. You have the problem of losing population, the main resource needed for the game to work. The problem can be solved now, yesterday, a year ago, 10 years ago. And you don't have time. The game has become a classic. Sometimes messages from players appear in the game chat with memories of their CHILDHOOD times, about how well they played this game. You are developing a new version of the game, you are talking about new contacts, more stable fps. Yes, it is interesting to people who know about this game. Will it be of interest to new players? I think no. When you are bent, you don't think about how to open a new contact, you think about how to run away.
  14. The boiler with mash was boiling for 13 years. All the alcohol that gives joy has long flown out of it. All that was left was a foul-smelling goo that caused vomiting. I feel uncomfortable when I play this video game. It all came down to the Vegas, the NTEC, the fast-shooting rifle or pistol. There is no variety. It's a shame that the game has become shit.
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