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  1. Is it really so difficult not to promise what is not required of you? This is how irresponsible assholes behave. The problem with this game is assholes.
  2. A few years ago, the pioneer server was closed. The events of that time are now being repeated. The game is very outdated. There is no hope. The chance is gone. Matt did his best. Thank you. There is no point in investing in this. I hope someday there will be an alternative to this game. I hope.
  3. Just 39 topic about fixing matchmaking. Maybe at the moment when they open 40 topics on this topic, the developers will have an epiphany and they will still deal with the main reason for people leaving.
  4. This change in gameplay will result in a balance change. There are no positive consequences. Wealthy players will become even stronger and even richer. It will be more difficult for noobs to get money and buy equipment at the auction. Outcome: increase in prices, inflation, degradation of the economy. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's possible to change equipment using ammo box, but if it's possible, it will be a way out of the situation.
  5. I got the impression that the developers don't give a damn about this game. There are many problems in the game that can be solved without a significant investment of time and money. These problems have not been solved for years. But this is not enough, the developers create new problems by their actions and do not seek to correct the consequences. Finish your studies, time will pass, the game will be closed, possibly posted on the network. That's when you start working.
  6. The community's predictable reaction to the state of the game. I don't understand why Little Orbit spent money to buy a game they don't develop.
  7. Most of my friends in the game stopped playing because of matchmaking. On Saturday, I invited two of my friends to the game. They haven't played APB before. Our team was smashed to smithereens, fucking gold with fucking NTEC, Obeya, and pistols firing bursts. Lizh on one mission, the opponent began to succumb to us after my request. After completing 4 missions, my friends vowed not to return to this game. They said that this game was made for masochists.
  8. The problem with matchmaking is not new. I can understand if this time was equal to one week or a month. Everyone understands that it takes time to solve any problem. But it's been at least six months. The administration did not take any action to remedy the situation. Can you imagine how admins don't give a damn about the community and the game in general? What are you talking about here? What kind of matchmaking? What segregation? This game has long been put in a coffin and covered with a huge banana. A second coming is more likely than a revival of this game. I really want to be wrong when I write this.
  9. Yapopal

    Car Customization

    Visual tuning is good. It would also be nice to be able to change the characteristics of cars. The game lays the foundation of a racing simulator. I think you will agree with me by looking at the maps of the regions. I think APB was not originally just a shooter. The game has built-in cool editors for creativity. But who needs this creativity except the author? During gunfights, no one cares what your character and his car looks like, what kind of music is playing. The main task is not to die and win. 10 years ago, the game was released half-finished. That half was a shooter. The new publisher continued the development of the game as a shooter, leaving the development of a creative platform and a racing simulator without attention. It's all sad. Forgot something. It would be great to go to a car wheel shop. Choose your favorite model and size. Get legendary and rare tuning items in the championship. Customize your engine and suspension for drift or drag racing. Use the red bridge across the strait as a platform for drag racing. Green hills in the port area for a great drift track with great views. Oh, it's a pity that it's just my dreams.
  10. Yapopal


    It would be nice to occasionally see a patrol helicopter or a TV news helicopter in the sky.
  11. I support you. The title of this thread is missing an explanation of how the system works. Without this information, it is difficult to formulate a good solution to the problem.
  12. Do not close the topic, this is not an option. Just delete messages with whining, useless criticism, and discussion of criticism of other players. Leave messages with reasonable suggestions. The result will please you and interested people who can read topic headings.
  13. Could you provide information on the operation of the threat level system? How does it work? What player and group parameters are used to determine the threat level? How is an opponent chosen? This information is needed by all readers of this topic as a basis for reflection.
  14. Do you want to protect yourself from groups of gold players? And if a silver player with a friend or two friends in the group wants to play, what should they do? Go to the area where they are bent? Why then at all unite in groups? I believe that in order to correct the situation, it is necessary to assign a threat level differently. It is necessary to take into account whether the player plays alone or in a group and with which players he plays. It is obvious that playing in a team gives an advantage, the system does not take this into account. This is bad.
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