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  1. Why do you call my criticism idiocy? Most gold players use the vulnerabilities of the game to gain benefits. This is a fact. You consider such behavior normal for the same reason that cannibals in the wild tribes of the Amazon consider it normal to devour their grandfather for dinner. You think - everyone does it and I do it, it's okay, the administration doesn't criticize me, so it's okay. But this is not normal. The Bagoyuz is the basis of excellence in the APB. Tell me, which one of us is an idiot?
  2. Your speech is very inspiring, but the customization system is almost meaningless because it is separate from the gameplay. I will give you an example of an excellent integration of the customization system into the gameplay. Imagine gang and gang wars. The district is divided into sectors belonging to the dominant factions. Each group influences the situation in its sector. Gangs of criminals wreak havoc, paint graffiti and destroy cars. Groups of security forces counteract them. Imagine that the players of the dominant clans get access to the area map editor. This will give a huge boost to the social component of the game. Clans will make sense. People will have common goals. But this is not the case... Today, clans exist for a tag under the nickname "I am the coolest pepper in the village" I'll give you another example of an excellent integration of the customization system into the gameplay. Exhibitions and sales of players' works in the social area. This has been added to the game for a long time, but no one is updating the assortment. No one holds contests on this topic. This could be done by the people responsible for the recent squalid and broken GUN GAME events. Why not add new font sets or universal wheel models to the store, textures of clothing materials, textures of car interior materials? The developers realized that the game engine would not give them the opportunity to move on. Its replacement is impossible. That's why they're marking time. They've been doing some nonsense for half a year, then a patch comes out that adds new bugs... Given the experience of previous years, I can tell you that the rumors about the closure of the game are quite real. Imagine yourself in Matt's place. He spent the money on the wind and is now trying to get it back, but nothing comes out. He has no resources left for development. Most likely, some kind of contract will expire in October, preventing you from closing the game today. These are just my guesses, but I'm sure we won't hear back from the developer.
  3. The missions are designed for 4 criminals and 4 enforcer. Adding extra players leads to confusion and chaos. Team leaders are appointed almost randomly. These innovations will break the mechanics of missions and reduce the number of free players to zero. Players will be stuck in a crappy mission with no way out of it. Give the players a choice. Give them the opportunity to exit missions without stupidly restarting the client!
  4. Is this your opinion or did you download it from the Internet? You can check it out by thinking if you like Taylor Swift's music.
  5. You're right. I was banned. But that didn't stop me from creating a new account. And that's the big problem with this game. For cheaters, it doesn't matter if they are banned or not. Yesterday, our team was spoiled by two rank 40 cheaters. They're having fun, we're not. There is no way to refuse recurring matches with them. It's upsetting.
  6. This is the only screenshot I could make for your wonderful holiday. Thank you very much.
  7. The GM mini-games are implemented terribly. There is no organization. It is unclear where the boundary of the game zone is. Sound bugs are weighing on the ears. FPS is sagging in the game area. These games give a general idea of how developers feel about their game.
  8. I would love to take part in your delightful celebration. Yes, that's the problem... I was banned by your wretched anti-cheat! Today I was very disappointed to see some dudes playing. Judging by their rank, they created accounts yesterday, a nickname of unrelated letters, a gun firing a burst... The score in the mission is 18 to 2... these dudes will probably be banned tomorrow and they will create accounts again. Tell me why the hell I shouldn't hate your work on this game? The holiday in this game will come when you guys start solving problems QUICKLY!
  9. The main question. Deadlines for completion. There are no deadlines. Only pathetic positive answers to disturbing questions. The phrase "near future" is very vague. Given the experience of Matt's previous statements, the new statements are worthless. They have the same value as farting into flour. I do not know, maybe working on this project is his hobby? I see work that doesn't look like working on a profitable project.
  10. Would you like me to tell you a joke? One small company spent money to implement an anti-cheat that blocks players for no reason. Do you think this is the end? No. This small company knows about the problem, but does nothing to solve it. Yes, I am aware that this will be fixed soon. But when? When? This problem has been present in the game for more than a year. Has the game been losing its audience for more than a year? Explain why the hell you are doing further development of the game? Who are you trying for? An idiotic anti-cheat is emptying your pockets right now, and nullifying the results of your work. This is absurd. I was banned permanently. I've been playing since its launch, I remember when it was paid. My account is over 10 years old. Of those 10 years, I spent about a year in the game. Short-sighted developers and cheaters will soon destroy the game. The direction of the vector is set definitively. A little explanation. I call cheaters people with Flavs configs, macros, bug unions and other scum. Scum who use the vulnerabilities of the game for superiority, and hiding behind excuses about poor optimization and other nonsense.
  11. OPGL grenades fall under the sidewalks. It is necessary to increase the size of the 3d model of the grenade collision. Or fix 3d models of sidewalks. OSMAV missiles fly past the target if the character is near the car. This is a crude crutch that changes the mechanics of shooting! It is necessary to correct 3d models of car collisions. It is necessary to change the respawn point of the missile, to make it closer to the weapon model. Setting up graphics is a solid bug. It's not normal when third-party apps are used to customize the game, and half of the players use the potato graphics mod. Third-party players' cars are shot through during the mission. This is also a rough crutch. It's confusing. Third-party players can still interfere with the mission. To solve this problem, it is necessary to remove cars from the point of completion of the task, but it is worth doing this only if the owner of the car is not involved in a third-party mission. If the owner of the car participates in a third-party mission and his car blocks the task, then it is necessary to make the car vulnerable to damage
  12. Your account will be unlocked, don't worry. Anti-cheat has long undermined trust and will soon be removed from the game. But the funny thing about this is that the company spent money on integrating an anti-cheat that bans honest players, while cheaters will continue to do their dirty deeds.
  13. Thank you for your mark. In the future, try to explain your point of view.
  14. I agree with you. The game master's recommendation To study game mechanics is that the player should be able to use the bugs of the game. Quickswitch is a bug. Reducing the sight in a jump is a bug. Improving the accuracy of shooting when changing the display resolution is a bug. Rapid-fire shooting with a mouse wheel or a macro is a bug. A huge delay in the health interface for some types of weapons, such as PMG, is a bug. If a game master calls this the study of game mechanics, then he is an ordinary buguser!
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