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  1. Appoint me director of APB. I'll bring you a lot of money. And if it doesn't work, then no one will be upset. Matt, you don't really care, do you?
  2. Irresponsibility annoys me. We bought the game, spent money and a lot of time solving serious problems with the engine and anti-cheat. Then they broke the basis of the rules of this game - the selection of enemies, did not set up anti-cheat, and merged. It's stupid, very stupid. You can also give players a choice with whom to fight. Just unlock the exit button of the mission with the enemy. You can also add barrel overheating or increase blooming for macro weapons. This will solve the problem... A week of work.
  3. They can't fasten a dangling elastic band on their underpants. Which servers? What are you talking about? One interested person will do more for the game than these "developers". Most likely, one person is engaged in the development of the game. Most likely, he devotes only a few hours a week to this, blindly following the technical task. There is no employee to solve current problems. No one is going to solve problems with the selection of rivals, broken weapons, servers, anti-cheat work to no avail. At the end of the year, a patch will be rolled out with new contacts and possibly a new selection of rivals... In order to draw some conclusion, we are in our judgments, but we walk wheelbarrows of facts, and draw through them a vector indicating a logical conclusion. At a given time, the location of the points directs the vector into a dark and dense forest, into a deep dark pit. Today I talked to a man who wanted to donate to this game. I still don't understand why he wants to do this if the recipients of the payment literally spit on him. He's probably a masochist.
  4. I rubbed my nipples. Do not wear synthetics.
  5. I definitely like the mood of the participants in this forum topic. I appeal to the developers. Your problem is that you don't understand the essence of what is happening. The basic rules of the game are broken. And you put a huge bolt on it. Therefore, you do not receive income. The title of this topic should begin with the words about how well done you are that you finally sealed the hole in the CURRENT matchmaking and solved the problem with the broken weapon. Instead, you roll out the sale of another metagun (you think it's a metagun although in fact it's dog shit) and ask us to buy it, motivating us with the fact that you are fucking crazy. I think it's a miracle that someone else is playing this game in its current form. They are mostly veterans. This shows that the game is really loved by the community. NON-penetrating developers are the weakest link. Three have already burst, you are next... What is the point of shotguns if they lose to any gun from a distance of more than 15 meters, and NFA 9 - from a distance of less than 15 meters? The kings of enclosed spaces have long been thrown into the cesspool.
  6. In this damn game, they broke all the rules. The rules are the foundation, the foundation on which the game stands. I don't understand why developers support the server if they don't care about the game. This compromises the reputation of the company whose logo appears when downloading. Little Orbit deserves praise for the long-term work done, but why don't they devote time to serious problems with picking up the enemy and fixing broken weapons. The game filled with twinkies and non-names. Anti-cheat works-bravo. The problem is solved, the hackers are defeated (no). You have not wasted months on useless anti-cheat in vain. As a player, I didn't feel any difference. Why is the problem with rapid-fire shooting from pistols and semi-automatic rifles not being solved? The problem is in plain sight, it spoils the game for years. You can also add overheating of the barrel, it will take little of your time. Further. You have disabled the selection of enemies of equal ranks. Fifty residents of the North American server were helped. Well done. But at the same time you broke one of the most important systems of the game. A wonderful move! Just handsome honor and praise to you and fuck you in the patootie! You can also unlock the exit from the mission with the enemy! Pull out this plug! Give players the freedom of choice. A bunch of players will be freed from the fate of being a punching bag. I am ready to give these pathetic 2000 currency for leaving a mission with an uninteresting enemy. I love this game and hate those who are responsible for its current state.
  7. The problem is not with macros. The problem is that esports players meet noobs. There are no restrictions in the game, there is no balance. Get over it. The developers are too busy updating. As for me, completely meaningless.
  8. ..Sitting in a bar and telling the bartender how APB betrayed him
  9. My favorite weapon is OSMAW. I like the reaction of people using NTEC and its analogues. NTEC is too versatile. He spoils the game with his perfection.
  10. Is it possible to force anti-cheat to expel a player, and then send a warning message with a description of what he was kicked out for? And if the situation repeats, the player gets banned. It's just wrong and very unpleasant.
  11. As I understand you. I haven't played any other games in years. One day I built a computer for this game. For a long time I was haunted by an unpleasant feeling that what is dear to my heart is being destroyed, and I cannot resist it. You will achieve nothing by removing the characters. It is not necessary to attract attention to yourself by sacrificing yourself.
  12. Anti-cheat slowed down the performance of the game. When entering account data, characters appear with a delay. After entering the password, you need to pause and then press Enter. After the appearance of anti-cheat, freezing of frames before a shot and performing actions became more frequent. I read your messages you are well acquainted with the game, it is noticeable. You understand that there are few cheaters in the game. Explain this to newbies who are thrown on missions with veterans. They won't believe you. This post is toxic, it conveys my shitty mood. I really don't like to see what happens in the game. All actions are aimed at retaining the old population. But the consequences of these actions have an extremely negative impact on new players.
  13. 1. Blocking the possibility of exiting the mission after the appearance of enemies. It would be more logical to block the exit from the mission before the enemy appears, this will allow the opponent selection system to work better 2. Disabling district threats. Instead of transferring accounts or offering compensation, the developers disabled the threats of districts. I don't understand how this was supposed to help! Where's the fucking logic here? At the time of disabling the danger of the districts, 800 people were playing on the European server, after this decision, the population began to fall sharply. The developers helped 50 veterans in America and lost 400 regular players in Europe. And you keep losing. This is not logical! 3. We listened to the complaints of the players about the "cheaters", spent six months implementing the anti-cheat. "Cheaters" also run around with BROKEN guns. Anti-cheat prevents the game from working normally by causing friezes. Great job, well done! 4. Anti-cheat bans artists. Developer actions - ...well, let him ban them, they also used a cheater's drawing skill. -_- I do not know, maybe you have a super cool plan for the development of the game... But judging by the complete lack of logic in your decisions, you will have wasted a million American presidents. Developers, I sincerely hate you. For your deafness, narrow-mindedness, and most importantly the lack of logic in your decisions.
  14. If a person likes what he does, it is noticeable from the outside. I don't see anyone playing the game. Many problems can be solved by reconfiguring game systems. You can make changes every week, test, and get feedback. But nobody does it. It's annoying how the administration does it. Disabled district threat system. The fact that this is a huge hole and a fool understands. But no patch is provided to repair this hole. They say that we will fix it later... At the bottom, you will fix it, sitting in a bathyscaphe with a joystick from Genius.
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