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  1. Video stuttering is observed when players interact, as well as when interacting with the outside world. The game freezes before car collisions, before gunshots, and during combat. Also freezes occur before playing jingles, when working with inventory. It's most annoying when using a shotgun. In beta, the inventory worked very well. In the live version, the inventory works just as badly as the old one. It is very annoying when the game freezes, and then a message arrives that you were killed by some monkey with NTEC or Ursus.
  2. I assume that the last update was made for study. The developers slightly changed the game parameters to make sure that everything works fine.
  3. How annoying are the Joker's screaming ammunition replenishment points. The voice and laughter themselves are terribly infuriating, but they weren't so loud before. Maybe you should just turn off the sound until you find a solution to the problem? The problem with the Joker ammunition replenishment point is quite revealing. Imagine what will happen when a new matchmaking is added. The new system will change the rules of the game in a way. There will be a lot of problems. For example, disappearing mission markers. Given the pace of developers, we won't see normal matchmaking even in a year. They will add new contacts and a car (oh yes, mob, you will be given a whole one car!) but matchmaking will not be completed.Figure out the current matchmaking system before making a new one. I am sure that the current system is good, but needs to add new features and configuration. I am sure that with your approach, the new system will not work better.Don't you think the situation is repeating itself? You again want to take a great height in one jump. You'll end up breaking your legs. The speed of cars is limited due to the low loading speed of the surrounding space and streets. At least that's how it used to be. If this problem is solved now, perhaps it is worth increasing the speed of vehicles? Sports cars Cisco, Bishada will finally occupy their niche. Why not make really fast cars out of them?
  4. We need to release a mod for the online game cyber garbage. The game is ready.
  5. At the expense of disabling collision. You have disabled bullet collision for non-mission players' vehicles. I noticed that beginners often lose because of this. If you add an ignore button, then this miserable crutch can be removed.
  6. New matchmaking will turn the game into a waiting simulator. There is no need to completely redo the matchmaking. It will simply cause new problems that you do not know about and in the end you will again reconfigure everything, redo it. Improve the current matchmaking system by focusing on its shortcomings. Seat players initially in districts with a certain skill level. Limit skills for entering a district with a low level of danger. Reward players with points bonuses for entering a district with a high level of skill. Put on the wanted list of players with the fifth level of threat for a few minutes. To limit their clear advantage on a mission. I think a wanted level system would be a great help in balancing the forces. I think she was originally needed for this. This system was destroyed by one of its minuses. The player did not repeatedly receive the fifth level of danger after death. That is, the period of time in which this system limited the player was very small. Skills of units can be balanced by assigning the fifth level of danger for several minutes. This is a very important part of the game that has been pushed far to the shelf. I WILL WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS THAT A PLAYER CANNOT GET THE FIFTH LEVEL OF DANGER COMPETING WITH HIS EQUAL OPPONENT.
  7. Why does everyone have to suffer because of the problem of a handful of streamers? Is someone stopping you from completing your mission? Move the crosshairs over this person, in the window that appears, click on the IGNORE button. All problem solved! Again, do not solve the problems of some at the expense of others! You've already done this when you were trying to resolve server issues in North America. As a result, you have lost half of Europe's population. The presented matchmaking model will turn APB into fucking GTA online! With such a matchmaking system, you constantly need to wait for someone, someone will come out, someone will come in, then the game crashes, starts to lag. As a result, in an hour you will complete one really good mission.
  8. Yapopal

    Ping Issues

    I have the same problem since Monday. The delay value increases to 1300 ms. Packet loss does not occur. I wanted to find out because of him it happens. But I don't know how to do it.
  9. Have you measured the speed of cars? According to my calculations, the maximum speed is 72 kilometers per hour. Measurements were made on the highway, the reference point is the distance to the contact.
  10. This thread is dedicated to explaining the reason why completely new players who are not familiar with the game do not stay in it. The first post explains why this is happening. Let LO release 10 patches with new content. It won't change the shitty rules that ruin the game.
  11. The new patch will increase the population for a while. But there will be a huge hole. Why not close it up now?
  12. When do you think the time will come for a change in matchmaking? How to change the matchmaking so that the population increases?
  13. Why do you think the division of districts is something bad and dangerous? The 2 systems described above involve waiting, and also do not guarantee that the mission will even begin. If you purposefully seat players in areas corresponding to their skills, there will be no need for these systems.
  14. There is no point in waiting for an increase in population. Because this moment won't happen. And they won't, because the kindergartners don't want to play shitty chess with Kasparov. We need to change the rules of the game now. Until the new big patch comes out. This will save the population after the patch.
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