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  1. Misery and FAR are completely different, operate different, and are meant to be played differently. You do have a chance but not if you play it like NTEC. Shredder and DOW needed the buff, since they were never used, they are amazing now. As for Strife, RIP my favorite shotgun :< They are diffrent but i think FAR is much better even in cqc, if i could know what they will make to this weapons i would never buy that pack.
  2. If someone is intrested this gun is called MIL Thunder and dont have version with long barrel thats why they fucked up it so much.
  3. Why console version is way more colorful?:C I play with distabled Bloom and game looks damnn drab without it add some colors to it, increase contrast Make it looks like some version of gta 4 ELFC colorful like "the ballad of gay tony" or toned like "lost and damned"
  4. This barrel its to small for shotgun shells and this flashlight its too big also this both elements was added to standard version of gun and have more smooth surface, its looks as if it had diffrent color. They should change this model mayby to Taurus Judge that using shotgun shells in real. But for sure they should completly chage this ugly barrel to other and make smaller spot. G1 had no idea about guns and they was making shit unrealistic's weapons.This model looks very ugly and old LO! Standard version isnt so bad.
  5. I tried to use it with ir3 now but recoil is pretty insane, i dont like it with cj3 but with ir3 its sucks ehh, Which mods do you use?
  6. PonuryZniwiarz

    ARMAs = Way over priced.

    Yea its little sad, you are able to buy new game with access to content for just one armas weapon in APB :C And it is 1$=100g1c mayby you have some bug or you trying to pay with other valut than USD, also mayby you choose payment option with tax.
  7. PonuryZniwiarz

    Amen to oscar.

    Oscar is fine now, casue you cant have gun for all situations, oscar is for small/medium range you can play it cqc. I hated when ppl was running and shooting with it from long range, for me it was impossible to kill guy like that with my ntec (too hard to aim at him) xD
  8. Hell no, CSG was a lot better than JG and DOW and Shredder seems to be usefull now True ogre range was ridiculus with that fire rate Shotguns buff is most that i like in changes that they implement They should make something with assalut rifles misery its very bad in compare with FAR FAR and ATAC allways was op i think :C
  9. PonuryZniwiarz

    Marketplace Stuff

    Can you add Safety Googles to marketplace or move to some military pack? I dont know why its in Punk pack, its some charasteristics item for punks? And Can you add: -impact shinpads ( You just added forearm padds i dont know why not this) - ISSR-a PR3 'Diana' on OTW server its full automatic, its would be awesome if u add same in normal server - N-ISSR-B 'Recon'
  10. PonuryZniwiarz


    This scope looks goods i would see it on ntec or issr, Why clothing have better texture than normal ntec wtf that was made in same time probably
  11. This stuff would be awesome
  12. PonuryZniwiarz

    Random reward system

    Mayby some boxes with all contact guns with some slots like JMB but with other content
  13. PonuryZniwiarz

    [GAME] Make the Revelations pack weapons less ugly

    Yea, idk why only ATAC "watchman" have normal holding animation also they should change it for all smgs like pmg,oca they should change animations like running with weapon, who run like that holding smg in one hand and wave it up and down LOL they shoudl make player hold it in both hands close to chest like all eols with grip but still its shold be near ur chest not stoomach And they should make misery,curse bigger its look normal only when u play as female also Obeya broadside,Shredder/VBR Temtress looks too big, Vbr have too long barrel they should add silencer instead of barrel no its looks riciculus.
  14. PonuryZniwiarz

    Weapon Balance Changes - 1.19.6

    i want to say that SBSR(sniper rifle,rifle) Anubis,,EOL's, still suck and ATAC its still op xD And adding this new legendary with this old ugly model its not good idea
  15. Im playing on low setting and i see that Barrel and flashlight have other color than rest of gun, its little transparent. Anyway this gun model sucks its have been made years ago i dont belive that they add so shitty models to game lel