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  1. imV

    Hardcore Mode

    You are probably right. Also, you know we dont have hit points in apb, they would need to create a new damage system just for this. Hm, what about your HP not regenerating?
  2. imV

    Smoke Grenade

    Creator: Marc8an Unlocks after reaching Grenadier 3. Active for 15 sec. https://discord.gg/NHSrmU7c
  3. Im from lithuania, i thought you would be from here too ^^
  4. Hello, you probably know that i've been doing a quite lot of concepts lately, of course all my work is meant for the new engine. I just wish to help to revive the game. I've been working alone, without knowing if any of this stuff is even seen by the developers. I've found out that they actually were reading my suggestions, and not just mine, everyones. They are busy and we need to be patient, no need to be angry at them please. I'm taking things to the next level, i've created a Creative Club. APB Staff are aware of this, this is a serious project, and my goal is to gather a nice community with bright ideas for the future. We can actually revive the game, and help the developers by providing them with fresh content, so they would not need to worry too much about new ideas, and focus more on working on the game itself. If you are interested, please don't be shy to join this community, everyone will be be treated nice and fair, and everyone's opinion will be respected ^^ https://discord.gg/NHSrmU7c
  5. imV

    Clothing concepts

    Good idea ^^ thanks
  6. People were rushing devs to release cyberpunk, and look what happened to it, same would happen with apb, i think it will be out when its truly ready ^^
  7. imV


    Yes, i thought of that, that could be a problem, but what if can ressuply it only after some time?
  8. imV


    No idea why it was not in the game from the start, but here it is now, in the form of a concept at lest
  9. imV


    This is a very simple concept, but try to look at the bigger picture, this small bottle that breaks and spreads fire could be a big game changing deal ^^ Unlocks after reaching Grenadier 3. Burns for 15 sec. https://discord.gg/NHSrmU7c
  10. imV

    New Crosshairs

    I know, they are just for a show ^^
  11. imV

    Daily Login Rewards

    Its just an example of how this would look like ^^
  12. imV

    New Crosshairs

    Option 1: Different crosshairs for different type weapons, same for everyone. Option 2: Everyone can customize their crosshairs individually. https://discord.gg/NHSrmU7c
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