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  1. I understand both of you. When i started, i had thoughts that im maybe wasting my time, but at least it was fun making them, + maybe i even made a name for myself, idk . If they hit us with some major update, i will be returning 100%, and with even better content. But if they wont.... i dont think i even need to say it...
  2. I get it. Life kicked me hard, it took my motivation from me. But i think i will return to this eventually, but for now, ill just keep writing down the ideas, and when i eventually come back, ill work on them
  3. Yeah, i did enjoy it. But i also wonder if others saw this as something useful and not a joke I know that even dev team saw them. Few individuals told me that its shit and a waste of time, oh well... Cant be like by everyone . I never tried to gain attention, it comes naturally i guess, just tried to help the game. +, i'm dry on ideas... I wanted to make something actually good, but cant think of anything...
  4. Can it even be called a career..? I dont know if i became known for making this stuff... I've made like 46 in ~3 months. People liked them, some didn't. I just liked doing it, asked for no reward, had to be absent for a certain reasons... And now i just dont feel the hype no more, i wanted to help with the game, but now it just feels like im trying to help revive an old wounded dog... Does anyone still want to see more of this?
  5. imV

    Sex change

    Impossible i'm afraid ^^
  6. imV

    Semi automatic weapons

    Maybe i will start doing these concepts again one day. But what for? Why have i invested my time into them...they are all burried down under other topics and no one sees them anyway
  7. imV

    Semi automatic weapons

    i did not. I have not made a concept for a while now, have you seen any of them?
  8. imV

    Semi automatic weapons

    Oh, not everyone does, but cool
  9. imV

    Semi automatic weapons

    Nah. just go to control options, and set fire buttons to mouse wheel up and down, and you have a legal macro, but its not that stable. I know its allowed, for now at least, i never used any apps or scripts. + since i mostly use scout, even this "legal macro" is useless to me never cheated in this game ^^
  10. imV

    Patriot T-25 Pickup KIT

    I wanted to make a similar concept for this car some time ago... ^^
  11. Most op secondary is a Snub, 3 shots and u are gone Also, how about adding Glock to apb? It would be most op secondary ^^
  12. imV

    Semi automatic weapons

    I dont know if its safe to say this, but i think it is, because its not cheating technically, but you shoot like macro without any cheats, and you can do it in game, so its not an actual cheating, as far as i know, its allowed
  13. Use discord, upload the images there, and you can use the direct image links here, so you wont have to use these links ^^
  14. imV

    Basic Ideas [Updated]

    Oh you mean loadouts? Yeah i liked that idea, dont know why some people hate it
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