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  1. Hi all, not long ago ive made my first video, it was fun, then i decided to start a channel. I just have trouble uploading with my wifi, and i dont know how to get more attention. I dont care that i play mostly in bronze, i just like making videos, i dont want to be a badass gold like before ^^ https://youtube.com/channel/UCMCNgwrWh47rsyUy5CvUpyw
  2. Deleted my links, if i make more videos, ill make my own topic. Sorry again ^^
  3. imV

    Customize car axles

    Image It would be nice if we could change car's height or the width of the axles ^^
  4. imV

    Paying off your threat

    Well not everyone wants to ruin mission. I myself dont want gold anymore, im not the same as i was 6 years ago. Those who are not dickheads might like this option.. But it would be really useful if there was a feature when you become gold in bronze, you cant even press k to be ready, it show you an error Ive made a post with a picture some time ago, look at my posts, you should find it ^^
  5. imV

    Paying off your threat

    Picture I dont know how useful this would be, i imagine there would be less people who does nothing or dies on purpose and ruins missions. Dont like having gold?, just pay off. If devs would actually make that thing where you cant do missions in bronze once you have became gold, you would have little choice, pay or leave to silver district, that would be nice i think Im still doubting if this would be a good idea, 50/50
  6. imV

    GamersFirst App

    App Maybe it have already existed before, i dont know, but dont you think it would be nice to have the an app instead of opening browsers? It could also raise company's profits a little more ^^
  7. I wanted to try since 2015, but im scared of that interview, if i would ever get selected
  8. imV

    Regular disconnecting

    Aaah nope,, celebrated too quicly, disconnecting again.. Lol. Hey but thanks for all the help ^^
  9. imV

    Regular disconnecting

    Last night it was 2nd day in a row without disconnecting. You can also buy an antenna that boosts mobile and internet connection. To send an sms or to call someone i need to go outside, there is no mobile reception inside, but wifi waves are different and it works great, maybe its not designed for gaming, but all disconneting aside, all games are working great, very low latency. I usually have ~80 on apb, even if wifi is turned on on the phone with discord working, but if i use discord or uTorrent or any browser on pc, my latency goes above 200ms and more, i turn off everything and its fine then, i guess one game with everything else disabled is a limit for this wifi, but as long as im not being kicked out, im satisfied ^^
  10. imV

    Regular disconnecting

    Hey, yes im well fir now, thanks. Why a premade pc is bad? I looked in online shop, looked at all specs, looked good, and i bought it. This pc is not good compared to todays standars, but im satisfied for now. Actually, last night, i was not disconnected once, weird. Sorry, my english is not perfect yet, i have trouble explaining things sometimes, especially when i dont know words, let me try again ^^ Router This is the router that i have. In the city, ita does not matter where you move it, it works, but in village its unstable, i keep it in one place, like i said, i move it 1m to the side, the connection becomes worse, so i cant put it in my room and use a dirrect cable, by dirrect i mean, there was a short ~1m long yellow cable that came witg the router in the box. Its good for laptops, or pc's if you in a city, but i have to use a long cable allvthe way from the kitchen to my room, im sure it has some bad effect on my internet speed, but its fine, my game latency is still always ~ 80ms +-. The weather also has a big effect. If its cold, the air is thinner, at hot summer days, its almost impossible to play or do anything on pc, hot air is thick, makes it harder for 4g waves to travel. I was old that games installed on C disc can run faster, but i dont see any difference. I think my internet in unlimited, downloading games, movies, tv shows, anywhere from 5gb to 120gb, any size, its not getting slower, its not fast in here, but its stable, so thats not the problem. Maybe i wrote the wrong numbers, sorry, its usually starts from 20:00 - 21:00 to 23:00 or until i logout. No one is using internet for tv, theres only 2 of us in the house, and this never happened on other online games. But my upload speed might be tge problem, sometimes is bad, sometimes it gets betted, its best when its very cold, i dont know, maybe its actually game's issue, asked others, they also have this issue, maybe not daily like me, but still. And you know that the game right now is a complete mess, so many cheaters and no one cares, and the game has not been properly updated for years. My acc got stoled 6 yrs ago, ive came back some months ago, and everything is the same.
  11. imV

    Regular disconnecting

    Sorry for a delayed response. 1. I did not buy any parts for this pc, its premade. A. Asus B. Motherboard - TUF B450-PRO GAMING Processor - ADM Ryzen 5 300 6-Core Processor, 3593 Mhz, 6 Cores, 12 Logical Processors Memory - 16 GB, cant know the model's name Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Primary and secondary storage devices? i dont know the names, APB is installed on C disc Cannot find the name of my sound card, and i dont know what a capture card is. Operating system - Windows 10 Pro 10.0.18363 Build 18363 2. A. When playing i only use GeForce Experience for screenshots and videos. B. No new hardware installed. C. No 3rd party programs. D. I run vanilla version. Can you get banned for advancer launcher? What does it do? Can it make graphics even better than maximum? My wifi is good, download speed is great - ~16.17 mbs, but upload speed is trash - 0.75 mbs. I live in a village now. My wifi router is in the kitchen, its the only place where the connection is good, if i move it 1m to the side, connection goes bad. So i cant use a dirrect short cable to connect to pc, yes, it would be way better, but wifi does not work in my room. I use a 20m long cable, its the only way i can use wifi on pc. When i see disconnecting countdown in a game, i check my internet status, and its still connected, to pc and phone, sometimes it shows that its disconnected, but once im kicked out to login screen, the internet connects again. Im convinced that this is an issue in game, not my wifi. Even if you live in a city and have a good router and good wifi, or just a normal modem, you lose connection sometimes, its normal. This does not happens in any other online games for me, just APB. Always from ~22:00 to ~23:00 it randomly starts kicking me out, EVERYDAY, and each day, this disconnecting begins earlier and earlier^^
  12. imV

    Regular disconnecting

    Ive came back after 5 years and im more disappointed than ever. Ive been playing for few months now, every day, from ~20:00 to ~22:00 on Lithuanian time, the game starts disconnecting, 3-4 times on average, usually it happens in the middle or the end if the mission, very oftten when i have good scores. Whats strange is that it almost never happens in social, or when im not in the mission, im fine.... When i see the disconnect countdown, i check my wifi connection, its fine, and its fine on my phone too, sometimes it shows that there is no internet, when im kicked out after the countdown, it instantly works again. Im sure it not my wifi, this must be game's issue, or maybe im being hacked again... Does anyone else have this problem? ^^
  13. imV

    Favorite Weapons

    Did not expected for anyone to like this, i think maybe just this favorite option would be enough for now, i have more stuff coming up ^^
  14. imV

    Favorite Weapons

    Picture Its very simple, an option to select your weapons as favorites. In missions, you very often need to change your weapons depending on a situation. I personally switch weapons in one mission 3-5 times on average, depends on the objective and location, sometimes i dont change at all. Basically, adding a function to select favorite weapons, and turning on the "Show favorites" option, will always show only favorite weapons, this would be very useful for those who have lots of weapons. For example ive selected CSG, Ursus, and Scout for close, mid and long ranges, when i need to do a quick switch, i wont need to scroll down and look among a bunch of guns that i have. ^^
  15. imV


    Oh, and earlier you said something about cheats. I think there is less cheaters now than there was in my time 5 years ago and before. And sometimes i do report people if they look suspicious, most of the times i have video proof. I want to be honest, sometimes i suck very badly, some players just cant be killed by me. I get really pissed and a little devil on my shoulder starts tempting me to try some cheetz, but then i come to my sences, theres no way i would cheat in this game. + ive heard that now you can get an IP ban for cheating, dont know is that true.
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