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  1. Maybe. Idk yet I was planning to max my enf and crim, but that might not happen after all.
  2. Well there is literally no reason to play the game, if I cant do any progress.
  3. So, The Waterfront silver map is dead! I dont have any Contacts in financial atm. And im gold which mean I can only play in the silver waterfront map. And Deranking isnt allowed so what can i do here? Please help...
  4. valdentin

    Mission things

    Just a little idea Make a Little icon over people's head to show other players that they're in a mission. It would nice. Thanks
  5. Sometimes when a new mission starts, I can't see any icon about where to go. I have to use the map.
  6. valdentin

    Some ideas.

    Well I hasn't been paying attention.
  7. valdentin

    Some ideas.

    Handled? when ?
  8. valdentin

    Some ideas.

    1. Balanced the matchmaking system. by rank and threat. 2. Updating the anti-cheat. Please! 3. The engine update, because it has been requested. And it would be nice to see something new. 4. Make the Bronze district for bronze, silver for silver, gold for gold. 5. New missions. Thanks Just my opinion.
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