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  1. personaly i find it useless that the items stay in the joker store. after u purshased it with JT u are going to go to the wardrobe and dress your character further there. runing from joker store to wardrobe constantly over and over is an annoyin exersise so why does teh joker store keep there items there to be purshased with apb dollar's while u can just buy em in the wardrobe.
  2. well i liked the changes ... maybe som changes unnessecary but i liked what i saw
  3. negative reactions to post could indicate how good your stuff was compared how others thought it would be. tbh i didn't care if i got dislikes or likes. was deffinitly intresting to see what u wrote wrong to piss off some other people. but with that out of the way. who knows what wil happen now.
  4. sad to see the snub being nerfed ... would never putten that gun on 0.5 a 0.3-0.4 would of been enough tbh. about the rest ... im impressed tbh
  5. here i go with one of my characters mixed with my main character good looking daughter i would say lol
  6. this person gives me marisha ray vibes from critical role....
  7. Detreathing does not matter anymore No pop in silver we go to brons
  8. 1. Do you really think this project is worth working on in general i think this is the best expension APB can have at this moment. if its done correctly and everything . what you did is what apb deserved to have for the last 5 years 2. (If you don't play anymore ) Would you return to the game with a release of a new action district/ new map. i m stil playing ... i m stil enjoying the game and if a new district got added i would play the hell out of it. 3. What would your ideal mode for a new map as big as Financial would be? u can do everythign from Missions / BR / envyroment game mode / plunder / maybe something new / even anarchy. whatever is possible in midtown wil be possible in all other places. this project stays the best project i have seen in APB
  9. if people want to just constantly focus on the downgrading of the game and the game being dead ... if the game is dead than no one is playing or mentioning the game ... but thats not what is happening atm ... so yeah its declining ... stil some peopel are stil playing / streaming and enjoying the game for what its worth
  10. i mostly intrested to use ringer-t's to create something. definitly would love to be able to put all sort of clothes under and over eachother. like a buttoned shirt and put a bra over that shirt for example. thats what makes it intresting to create wierd and funny or awsome designs. for the rest everything above that has been mentioned is awesome.
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