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  1. TzickyT

    gm no help???

    i think this is unnecessary hate to a gm this topic
  2. TzickyT

    gm no help???

    why would one just ask to jump... if u know how to type u know how to jump
  3. TzickyT


    baisicly they drop codes in wide chat
  4. TzickyT


    i have seen now also thanks for the reply thought it was a drug mule like in the old days .
  5. TzickyT


    if we need to find a gm ... than this is just a event thats not so fun in my opion
  6. i tried to be sarcastic by that but i thik it failed o;o
  7. u mean this car ? feels to futuristic tbh ... @CookiePuss
  8. TzickyT

    Citadel under DDOS attack?

    valentine update wil come soon also engine is being worked on. but its going to take some time i think fo rthe engine upgrade
  9. well atm i don't know when they update the servers or when updates go live. but i would assume tomorrow would be a perfect day for starting the event.
  10. TzickyT


    ... check forums ... everyone is talking about it new missions new cars new everything ... pretty sure the newsletter says everything u need to know.
  11. TzickyT

    Citadel under DDOS attack?

    i had issues this morning myself ... now i can't join my computer becous people working in our house.