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  1. Concept artists When a game gets created. The people tend to start with an idea and work there way to accomplish getting a product out that will sell by a consumer. The only issue with this is that a game isn't build in one day. Maybe some are but I doubt they going to work very decently + they would be scuffed and have a lot of errors. Due to the saying Rome isn't build in one day. I can definitely believe that becaus a great game can be a game that gets stuff updated/ added overtime. What a consumer wants will get money at the end of the day. Therefore i say that there is an group out there that can create interesting stuff for any game. even a game that most of us love. Let us look inside the modding community and lets see what benefits we can get out of here. and view what they can add to APB. The modding community: examples where they are at and what they create in those games. - Counterstrike-Global Offensive: Weapon Skins. - Minecraft: biome's, Items, Utility's, Game mode's, etc... - Trackmania: Scenery, blocks, game modes - Unreal tournament: Maps. - GTA V: Alternated multiplayer, Photorealistic enhanced gameplay to improved Load times and even GTA RP - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Clothes, Quests, Houses, Characters, Creatures, etc... - The witcher 3: wild hunt: Updates to HUD, Breathtaking photo mode, Fast travel, etc... - Garry's mod: basicly everything... The modding community on all these games is so complex that creators who are interested in creating worlds, clothes, items, quests, etc... Those are enjoying every bit of what they can do to provide a wonderful experience for years to come. Lets put these things aside for now and let us look what the modded community can do for a game like APB - The Clothing List - Cars and kits. - Weapon skins. - Even a map ( refering to Midtown map created by Ellix) - Game modes. ... This is about everything i can see at this moment. Concept artists can even create a whole new game from apb with its core stil in tact. u never know. So creating money is something desperate for a company and for a human to survive. Earning money is something that drives a community further to a new future. As well as the company can build an economy with there players and distribute ways to invest in there game or reinvest into other projects. How do you create a community that can bring in money for a company. Creating a home for a massive varied Modding community is partly easy. The company just need to give them the means of being able to create stuff for the game. Many of these Mod's can than trough means of the company earn real life money by selling clothes / cars / kits / hair trough a marketplace provided by the company. There will be a catalog than created for all these items with a certain pricetag. For some who create these things as a hobby can earn maybe some side cash in the meantime. others who focused on this can make this maybe there job. Due to the population visioned on APB most of the concept artists who will be active here would be people who have invested there live into the game they loved. Theres 3 ways LO can make a Moddercommunity work. - Jokerstore/Armas items. - BattlePass items. - Unique Events. Lets see how this can work money wise. Easy example how i can invision payouts for Modded community People. (This example is not how a normal company would do it.) Jokerstore/Armas Items Whenever an item gets aproved from a modder to the Game. It could be given a price. Lets go with 500JT / 5 EURO The product the modder made is worth 500JT This item will be sold at the JS/Armas for 500JT When a person buys the item, the modder will receive a cut of the 500JT - lets take 20% = 100JT The Modder will receive 100JT that he can exchange into real money, that would be 1 EURO - Taxes Payouts for the company can be done in batches. if the item is sold a certain amount of times u can ask for a payout of that amount of times. The company can do a monthly view on payouts or/and can look on how many u have sold. If that persons old 5 items. that person isn't getting a payout. if a person sold 1000 items. that person receives probably a payout. (Keep in mind this is an example. There are rules that need to be added to make this beneficial for the modder aswell as for the company.) Battlepass. Battlepass items are sometimes very wanted becous there are stuff in there that u can only receive by unlocking the levels in that list. it becomes a rare afterwards. Mostly a season pass cost between 15-25 Euro. Lets say in apb a Battlepass will cost 20 euro. If a modder creates an item that gets approved by the company to go into the Season pass. He would be able to earn a bit of money. If we look to the Battlepass and excavate 5 Euro's out of it. Than the company can earn 15 euro on each purchase. And the 5 euro's get split between the items that each modder created. If a modder got 2-3 items approved. he will earn 2-3 times the money. each item that got aproved will get the same amount of money. Payouts to the Concept artist can be chosen to be monthly or at the end of the Battlepass season, - taxes! This will be also a way for the company to provide something without much effort. Unique Events. This is a hard one as mostly unique events are not really purchasable. But for the modded community it can be a way to create something for the company for free. There will be always people who are intrested in the game and enjoy adding stuff to the game even without money. So this would be an easy addon for those who are interested in creating something for the community to enjoy it themselves. Than again it needs to get aproved by the company. To cut the rope at the end. The Moddercommunity is known to be big and can provides unique and interesting concepts. Maybe its smart to create a workshop for APB where the modder community can start working on idea's. Even if they arent getting added to the game yet or ever. It would add so much view into what APB can be in the future. (PS: Don't look at the prices those were for giving an example. Pricetag's and Percentages for Concept artists paycut's those can be chosen by the company.) (PS2:The goal for this is to let LO company create a workshop on steam for Concept artists to create items or add-on's to APB.) https://discord.gg/wmUxz7WQhb
  2. TzickyT

    Hardcore Mode

    hardcord needs to be difficult .. not restrictive ...
  3. would even add more stuff but thats a good start.
  4. TzickyT

    New Crosshairs

    well better would be that u could unlock guns and use those Corsairs for other weapons than ... but thats again an idea .. i like this
  5. TzickyT


    pretty sure this was in the plans back in the day by rtw ... don't know if they ever thought of publishing it.
  6. at this point i don't think these topics mean anything anymore
  7. i just think when LO finished the game they going to sell the game for a bit more money.
  8. 1 don't go of about aknowledgment in a game. if u die. u die. if u can't face a person becous hes better .. doesn't mean he cheats. if u find proof. that is literly not mistakenly obvious. than i would suggest proving it with actual facts and not a video where the person is playing and aiming good + u dieing by the same guy over and over again.
  9. so no more apb mobile ? ... why am i not surprised about seeing this website go offline
  10. i voted no becous i know that they are not going to change anything to fightclub ... so whats the point of this topic ?
  11. TzickyT

    Clothing concepts

    thats going to be a long time. i doubt even that they are going to use midtown project of alex in this game. but these things are things that maybe can added faster than a whole new map.
  12. TzickyT

    Clothing concepts

    i would love to see this added but i doubt we wil ever see this before apb 2.2 comes out and than its stil with questions if they going to pick your stuff but definitly thumbs up
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