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  1. as much as i am going to defend the pound the only thing i can do about this talk is that i can say he has some points that i accept and agree on. on other facts i might agree but change the idea pretty quickly so i come to argue with the person as streamer hes entertaining and has some fun entertainment but about listing to pound. i would say thats something LO needs to decide. i would look to all players rather than just listning to him alone. Pound is not on its own the apb community.
  2. I know and u already got ur answer by the other person
  3. doesn't need to have it .. it got its own standing its the same deal with fightclub
  4. well i written everything what i thought could change or are wrong. is it real feedback for me it is maybe for u it isn't hopefully some reasons u can agree on. thats all ineed .
  5. well i said what i thought its out there and lo does what they think is right. and its not to change riot to anarchy there both different playstyle's but the anarchy playmode has seen already some intresting gameplay in other games.
  6. i think i finished with saying everything for now if something comes back up i wil post it please let me know what u guys think about it
  7. i can agree on these arguments ... made my own topic about it
  8. no worries for the furs ttime i got the point... myself i think lily misclicked
  9. i m a nobody for u. i kno Q.Q hopefully that doesn't matter for u - stil updating while i m watching. the topics.
  10. The thing about Riot. is it a system that wil be handed down as the worst battle royal? Probebly yes! but stil its a gamemode i can enjoy with all my heart. some people are going to say that im crazy or some people wil hate me for it. but riot is maybe not fully updated to an extend like other battle royals. stil Matt Scott said they were not going for a Battle royale mode and its true its no battle royale mode. its actualy worse than a battle royale in my opinion. as first i want to announce i that i wil be speaking about 5 different points. where 4 wil be about Riot mode. - Waiting for the mission to start - The Start of the Riot mode - The Utility in riot mode - The End of riot... - Anarchy vs Battleroyale. this all wil be personal thoughts and suggestions i would like to offer LO. i tried to say what i thought in the open test phases but i couldn't realy put my deepest thoughts on it. becous of certain things happening in the discord at that time. Waiting for the mission to start as the first point says. i can join a district wait for a few minuts and start playing. its a feature we are used to in apbe at this moment already. but if we could make this habit change for riot mode. is it possible to make riot mode on closing servers. - the game is done u got 30 minuts to stay in server and u get moved to social. in social u can restart to join riot mode and wait there for 3 minuts until u got a full district move everyone over to a new created server and play the game mode. again. it wil probebly give more full servers and more fun in those servers. or more mayham. how would this be possible just by talking to lawrance holland. and clicking on a button so u can get in line for riot mode. this wil give new players the opportunity to change there appearance or watch the shop or see what u can get or do in the game other than riot. also make a spawn place not far from our good friend holland. The Start of the Riot mode Ath the start of Riot the first thing u mostly do is search a gun and look fo rmoney. run around and try to find someone to kill them. i like it and its much likely the same as any other battle royale there exist today. stil i think this is atm already a good way to say that this game mode has a decent stabelizing ground for an official Battle Royale. the most fun is if u are in a group but u can also play solo. but if u play solo its going to be a hard game. some of the bugs i think are stil in the game is that the character mods stil work. but i aint sure about that as i didn't tried fragile yet. The Utility in riot mode so we see weapons laying around in apb. cool we can have every wapon in the game in this mode thats awesome. poorly enough there almost always on the same spot i don't know if they are getting randomply putted there but i somtimes see other skins on them. (something i like i guess) also i would maybe suggest to make the system so we can choose wich skin we use ourselfs by standard. so we can show off our guns and our sknins . Money. money is a way to stay alive int he riot mode. impressive that thats even a way to survive. stil when i die i stil have a chance to get alive and help my teammates out. it has a small feeling like apex only difference is that my teammates don't realy need to do much. is there maybe a possibility that with the money collected by your teammates they can revive u to help stil win the riot. (everything said in this line i have tested recently and is ingame) personaly i m no fan of (2 crims / 2 cops) a group of 4. this makes criminals and enforcers teammates. i didn't know crims and enforcers would ever be side by side shooting in this battle royale. so i would personaly want to see stil the cops vs criminals aspect in this game. Toxic barels. Peopel who activate the toxic barels would need to have an advantage. everyone who is in that person's team they can have 1 minut of safety passage before toxic gets triggered. for all the rest i would say the toxic wil spread directly and they have 13 seconds to get out of the district. also with these toxic barels 400 meter to get to a certain barel to activate it. is not worth it if u need to go 400 meters trough toxic waist. Hazardous outfits- as much i dislike the toxic barels i dislike a lot of the outfits added to the game - for a lot of people this is an item that isn't wanted - hide the outfit you playing with ... no thanks i would suggest maybe syringes that protect u for a while or something than choosing a hazardous outfit. The End of riot in Battle royale u are about winning as last man standing. in this game its all aobut how much money u have and hom far u can bribe yourself out of the district. its a fun concept but how do you win. is it stay alive as long as u can or how much money u can accumulate. i m not sure about it. its all aobut the timer we wil see how that runs down i think in later talks. also about surviving in the last round is there a way that in the last round all guns can be respawned ingame so people can stil join with worthy guns or is this jus to finish of and saying u lost anyway. a chance to turning stuff around is always fun in a last man standing game. Anarchy vs Battleroyale. back in the day there was a mode called anarchy - 50 vs 50 - if this is possible can we make the map of riot added to anarchy and make it some sort of toxic waiste district where all the toxic barels go off every 30 seconds one by one. there wil be total anarchy in battle royal mode. just make the teammates invisable to watch trough walls. ( that green name u see wher eyour team is) and let everyone run around. cops vs crims how ti should be. add money drops so u can survive for another round i like it that addition. but for the rest only anarchy. keep also cars in it. what i realy like about the game mode = the map- money - wapon layout - and the partly Battle royale mode. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After playing for a while riot my intrest go more to traditional battle royal than this. this game mode is fun if u are a die hard APB player who wants something new. my preference was there but am i intrested to pay for playing this mode to get new guns or anything related to this. i rather don't. its a mindless grind but certain aspects are on point. i find that this mode wilnot bring any good terms to all the battle royal players in the neighberhood that liked this game. this game mode wil make people leave on a faster paste than that they wil join. don't forget that this game is already old and never had a good shine in its life. are there stil aspects i didn't talk about yes they are but i want to check things more out with community and such too. maybe they can change my mind stil a bit.
  11. i like riot but needs much change to make it be liked in my opinion by other people i see the potential lets say it there
  12. i like to waste my time and i like the game mode how its build stil i think prsonaly to get more people to the game theyneed to rework it
  13. i rather have the colby like back in the day than the fbw as starter wapon ...
  14. http://www.wiki-errors.com/err.php?wiki=10022 thats the issue
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