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  1. feels like a lot of mattscott fanboys
  2. don't realy know who u refering to but that statement isn't true for everyone working on the project. but stil i m not keen on putting my mouth infront of the project at all otherwise fights happen if we make no profit from the game we atleast gained some experience on our venture. everyone who worked on the project i must say they did already a nice job and fast job. i also have to say that i feel so unconfortable right now to talk about this becous this feels like promoting our project that im working on with the group on another games forum.
  3. don't realy think its dying. pretty sure theres just to less people on the servers for this game. and asia is pretty sure the best gaming place to be.
  4. i enjoyed the text written here took me a few minuts to actualy write a comment but all by all i m in a simular boat about the thoughts of what i think i like about apb. pretty sure lots of us are waiting for riot.
  5. fun to see everything is getting worked on and things are going in this direction. also i hope climbing down stairs wil not be a hassle as they were in this game at this moment.
  6. i think this is unnecessary hate to a gm this topic
  7. why would one just ask to jump... if u know how to type u know how to jump
  8. baisicly they drop codes in wide chat
  9. i have seen now also thanks for the reply thought it was a drug mule like in the old days .
  10. if we need to find a gm ... than this is just a event thats not so fun in my opion
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