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  1. i don't realy care who gets banned or not most of the time. but i don't beleve that everyone is banned for no reason by the program.
  2. game is not finished so ... they can't promote it as they find the game not finished.
  3. so VIP missions = as Witnessing missions ? why are witnessing missions disabled ?
  4. is this becous of armas or is there something wrong in the game ?
  5. 1. Will there be an update for APB's threat system? At this moment the system distinguishes between good and bad players, similar to a ranking system in battle royals or competitive games. For example wil we able to see new segragations in colors like Diamond and Platinum? or will there be a spot where we can see the mmr added to our info board on how good a person is in standing? or wil there be no such things as leaderboards or segregations in the future? 2. Griefing is one of the biggest issues as a player. for example: Mission blocking, Road blocking, Car spawn Blocking and garage blocking. all precious seconds that you lose when you are doing a mission. with this availability i wonder if people who intend to play the game on a serious level, wil get frustrated. also presenting the game towards the public with these issues is not pleasent. wil there be a day where these things wil not happen anymore? or are we going to see evolved griefing? like object blocking while a hidden player wil place a dumptruck infront of the item and go in and out repeatabe to stop a person from doing there objective? or people who hiding after predestian cars get there cover stolen becous the car becomes invasble becous an hidden player drives off with it? 3. The next step is phasing and at this moment im curious on how Little orbit is going to program this master piece in this old game. i don't see phasing possible vs servers or do you already have a visable idea of what you want to create with this Phasing update? 4. Contacts play a significant role in APB, and their impact is crucial in the game. Currently, max-level players have access to all items, while newcomers might be limited to their starter gun and no mods. Is there a possibility of updating the contact unlock method to allow new players to get settled before reaching rank 85? This could help them face max-level players on a more equal footing, providing a better experience for everyone. Or do you have other ideas for this? 5. I'm enthusiastic about the potential for modded content in games, and I've asked about this before. Is there a possibility for concept artists to contribute their work to the game in the future? This could include skins, outfits, car kits, maps, gamemodes, and character updates. I'm looking to games like Fortnite, Elder Scrolls and GTA which have thrived for years due to their inventive creations. Would you consider allowing other creators to submit content for the game to be added at a later date? 6. Given the controversy surrounding Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) and certain ban waves in the community, can you clarify the company's stance on anti-cheat detection policiesIt would be helpful to understand the approach and measures in place to address cheating concerns within the community. Also are there plans to implement measures against cheat-sellers? Taking action against those who sell cheats is an important aspect of maintaining fair play and integrity within the game.
  6. here is my recap of it ... just me talking fully about it
  7. until they deliver something ... i m not intrested in the company or what it stands for. just useless as no information given from this company or who the person in charge is.
  8. i agree that i don't know about a lot of stuff. i just react as an outsider to stuff that i don't know about. than that said its stil all about does this person gets an unban or not. if so it was an unfairly ban. if so not he is stil banned does not matter what the consequences are in his title. i personaly feel like i said enough basic stuff that the logic i get from most of these messages are just trying to survive a sinking ship.
  9. It doesn't matter whether he did it once or multiple times, or if he was temporarily banned for it. If the company explicitly states that such actions are not allowed and considers them a significant offense, you will be terminated. It all boils down to what the company's policy are. Look at the sentence that was written here "Bans that we did not expect and that remove from the game that last healthy part that you had left of it," . This sentence indicates to me that LO - banned all the people that were considered the last healthy part of the community. Let me get this straight 1. You're unsure about the reasons for others' bans. As mentioned earlier, one person got banned for offensive symbols, now the question is what are the others banned for? if the individual got banned for cheating or toxic behaviour do you think most wil say why they got banned for? i doubt it. its an individual message u need to write to LO support to recieve that answer. if they don't want to answer u than thats the problem of the person who got banned in the first place. 2. You're bringing up gamers' backgrounds in the context of bans. You're highlighting that LO appears to take personal factors like someone being a responsible family person, punctual at work, or kind to their spouse into account. However, this is not the case. ban's can occure everywhere. doesn't matter if you are a good semarithan or the pope. do you think that a serial killer who has lived like the kindest person alive before he started killing would get a sentence reduction? ( im probebly going overboard on this but thats my thought about it) 3. You are comparing EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) to FFBans. One manual ban has been mentioned, and you're wondering if this means most people received manual bans. this can be true and also false. as you stil don't know if it was manual or not. its not that 1 person has a manual ban that you recieve a manual ban. This is basicly saying EAC is controlled by Tigg's at this point. concludes all cheaters are banned for not reason and need to get there accounts back becous unfair bans. 4. we know that LO has strict policy against bans in general. A zero-tolerance approach is not bad. What's the next step? Personally, I hold no personal agrudges towards individuals like Darleenko or anyone else who has faced a ban initially. If someone has engaged in cheating, displayed toxicity, or used threatening symbols or any other behavior violating the Terms of Service (TOS), it's their own responsibility. However, I firmly believe that individuals should be provided with a clear and explicit explanation for their bans. If it turns out that they are still subject to a ban, than it is said so. my opinion is that you will stay in the category of banned until proven wrongly.
  10. I'm quite intrigued to learn that a "TGM" has been banned by the EAC. Such occurrences are rather rare, and it makes me wonder what might have prompted this action. It's always fascinating to stay in the loop about the ongoings within the gaming community and beyond. its funny that you mention that someone got banned for symbols. i seen a lot of people running around with symbols - making new accounts and streambomming certain inviduals with it. for me im happy they are gone. like you can't say that that is not a good reason enough to ban somebody from the game. even if it is a manual ban. i don't realy care about those toxic behaving people. so all bans that have been occured are all manual ? and added on EAC. so this must be that these accounts have been flagged multiple times and now lo is taking care of every account and checking them. seems fair. must be already reason enough that something is up with these accounts or something fishy is going on. maybe toxic behaviour. i dunno. i can not beleve that all accounts have been just manualy been added this would give me ffbans vibes where all bans were manual. but i don't realy think the bans are unjust. there must be a good reason for all these bans to happen. So all the individuals that are recently banned are considered "healthy" players? while those who continue to play are labeled as "unhealthy" players? I find this perplexing. It's difficult to believe that individuals engaging in toxic behavior, cheating, or using unauthorized programs could be classified as healthy players. you have contacted multiple players. OK ... do you know what they use on there pc? are those guys trustfull? have you seen what they used while they played the game in the beginning of EAC ( as these are manual it can be flagged maybe from when eac was implemented). its not like everyone is going to say oh i have toxic behaviour or i use bad symbols on my car or funny enough ... i cheat and use programs to modify my game. but it seems like everyone goes to the safe bet - VPN. Regarding VPN - The point being - If there's an anti-cheat system in place, using a VPN is not going to disguise the fact you're using any widely known VPN service. Check the game's policies to see what they have to say about VPN services for better info. I'm curious about what LO will have to say on this matter. It's quite possible that the only official communication will come from the support team. It's doubtful that individuals like Matt, Ritual, Sakkabee, or Stitchly will publicly address this issue, and there's a likelihood that the details may not be disclosed to the public.
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