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  1. 15hours or 15+ hours later any announcments or news about the server ?
  2. here is my halloween lady pumpkin outfit https://imgur.com/a/xWgBJLk character: corvi Server: Citadel (EU)
  3. cool new halloween content ... hopefully on fun places around financial and waterfront also when does it drop ?
  4. thats what i thought the halloween event .. that was getting updated byt seems like the halloween event not yet dropped
  5. i just got in mission becous i was doing my daily mugging challenge and left game but now i cant join again to do more mugging whitout misions. i have same issue as @greenfield but only for Citadel
  6. @Frosi i would love if they announce just a server update when servers go into maintance. i know in october there has been a big update but just the small server maintance like back in the day never get posted again. last one that was announced was in september this year. i don't think it would harm a lot by saying server going offline at that hour and wil come back online at that hour. just 30 minuts even before it goes offline.
  7. i tried to log in and servers are offline. I am trying to see on the forum if there are any updates considering the servers being offline ? poorly enough i didn't see any updates? how long wil the servers be offline ?
  8. I m enjoying that lo stil taking care of this matter altough now with this post i hope we wil see a lot less bans involving 3th party tools. I just wonder if this ban wil give the community the needed population
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