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  1. tiggs works at another game company ... lixil i have no idea but i think she also doesn't work anymore at LO
  2. i think the servers are online just wondering where ritual or sakabe are - also
  3. why don't we ask frosi for this. maybe he can get matt scott to do another weapon balancing add on
  4. some companies tried already ... but there is no lead than compete with it as most people need money to survive ... i mean all peopel need money to survive and the project isn't intresting enough for the peopel intrested in succeeding a project like this. if i had the money sure i would like to create something like this but i doubt i would get my money out ofit to start this project
  5. i m just wondering if we ever going to get an announement of matt scott. as stated in a patch file we were going to get a message from matt scott but until now we didn't get any just wondering whats up with that? or was this a late April fools joke ?
  6. .. its almost tomorow .. and stil no answer ...
  7. most difficult players i faced were mostly the once cheating ...
  8. download the advanced launcher o;o ? how hard is it to put everything on low ?
  9. they are more busy on fallen earth and there other game than apb reloaded. thats my thought
  10. so what is the joke? i don't get it ...
  11. -... nothing for the contest ... -
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