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  1. Sorry if i wasn't clear on the event and the stuff i wrote - Things for this event are stil not in final state and need to be tweaked - if u have issues with this event please let me know and we can tweak it together to make a memorable good event that can last for a long time. (updates to this event wil come sunday )
  2. Hi all i am TzickyT and i proudly want to present my test phase that i mgoing to try to hold at the end of this week for all apb players This is partly already an event to try to see the intrest in the people intrested in a competitive scene. We are holding scrims ( Clan Vs Clan games). these scrims wil be held and we wil keep a leaderboard available for everyone to watch. here are the rules of the Test Phase. (rules can stil change) - rules - - All Guns allowed. - People who can join: All that have a clan/party of 4 Must be able to Stream or Capture gameplay and be available to use discord Players must be above rank 100. Must have no bans under there name starting from LO Banlist. - Make sure u have a substitute if someone cant join or has to go in the middle of the game. - U can only win when u won 3 games out of 5. - if a game would end in a tie. that game has been lost for both teams. Game Mode The game mode wil be Capture the flag/Witness game mode. 2 captains wil be pointed out by the team. they wil face eachother off before they start with the game. These games will take up to 5 minuts to finish. if after the 5 minutes no one deliverd. the game wil end and the game wil give no points to either team. first one who gets the item to the point scores one point. 5 rounds wil be played. first team who gets 3 wins wins the game. There wil be 2 leaderboards. Criminal and enforcer. Enforcers wil never play against Enforcer teams. visa versa for Criminals. at the end of the season we wil see who are the best clans around. The startting streets. in financial 1. havalynd central – memorial park 2. fortune - alexandria park 3. devil dog 4. north havalynd news square 5. the needles – canalside in Waterfront 1. Fortuna drive 2. Lorquin road 3. Aspen Road 4. Charter street Birth Point system. when a team wins the game they wil get 3 points when a team loses the game they wil get 0 points when there is a tie. each team get 1 point. We are looking for Teams that would be intrested in testing out This Gamemode. we don't have any money to provide anyone for winning games.
  3. thats cool to hear ... sadly enough we only have minuses in the game wheter how we look at it on all points.
  4. ok everyone has his opinion on server locks. brons servers and silver servers everyone knows that na is struggling to get players in silver servers. while the brons servers can pop now and than if the lock is gone peopel wil maybe return to the game on NA servers. than again. peopel who just join the game to test it out. are most likely going to rage quit. becous of golds playing in there games. so its a minus. than again if we keep it like this. its also a minus. becous golds are quiting the game becous there no silver servers alive and once u hit gold u kinda stuck. than we have the deatreathers. that are now active and stomping on those brons new players. so thats also a minus. so wich one of the minuses do you guys want to take. as there is totaly not positive view to get NA servers up to the normal ways.
  5. check my stream at www.twitch.tv/tzickyt i speak about maintance stuff a lot
  6. jus wondering u have told us always that a normal maintance is only taking 4 hours ... now i see for the second time in a row 10 hours of maintance? whats being updated on this server couse i m kinda curious whats going right now.
  7. i gues thats an obvious fix that in my opinion can be also added - just make that if someone gets a red medal and if he is teamleader swap it with another person.
  8. i have the feeling that what LO tries to censor is stuff that would break the game community apart. the least of there concerns is to have a riot in there apb community. as stated apb is not like others game that LO has handled and with this strict policy we can see that LO is trying to keep away of the tread where APB is coming from. i would like to see again new info about engine update from matt scott but at this time we kinda have low hopes if it wil succeed.
  9. the servers wil last how long LO inteds to host them we have seen Na die already for pc version but i hear that the ps5 versio of the game had a slight increase of population. idon't thik that the server wil be going offline any time soon before 2025 if we don't get a engine upgrade til than i thik the population wil dwindel to a mere 50 playerbase. i can't realy say more i don't have any trust in this with this live engine
  10. i don't get why they don't remove treath restrictions from NA ...
  11. just contact support with all the information ... there the only people who can help u
  12. i feel verry sad to hear that ddos attacks are stil happening to this game. stil legal actions against people who do these attacks wil be verry hard to accomplish. i personlay would like to know what the gain is from these attacks.
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