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  1. TzickyT


    with sad sounds i have to say that this event has been canceled - we don't have enough players to start this event off. wil be posponed if the game gets new blood. or has engine update.
  2. what about putting mmr on 0 and restart from bottom again?
  3. we wil see what happens. time wil tell .. they probebly hard coding a lot right now ...
  4. removing treath makes people play against eachother .... so new players wil have a hard time. Adding treath makes people detreath to play against new players so new players wil have a hard time. i don't see your point at all ...
  5. lol funny that i don't see any car surfer mod here ... so osmaw on vehicle's would be fine ?
  6. TzickyT


    Russian Update
  7. TzickyT


    thats all on debate what wil happen in the near future ... like i already told exoticz. i personaly don't think i can manage Regular Missions as contestable event.
  8. TzickyT


    yes u can
  9. your playing on na ... on na there aint a lot of cheaters to tell maybe there are no cheaters on NA ... on EU u see sometimes one... or think u see sometimes one.
  10. wil happen when engine upgrade has been created
  11. TzickyT


    Balancing Due to ballancing in a PVP game is hard and definitly if a lot of the population is kinda gone. Veterans wil have an advantage over every stage when they are compared to a new player. and thats something that can't be helped in every PVP rotated Game. due to the focus of Small missions and witnessing the time spam where a person can stay alert. i chose for the Witnessing Games as a focus. i don't feel like 1 game needs to take 4 hours to complete. deffinitly not what im looking for. balancing them with rules can only be a hassle but with the test that i focused on i feel what i written down as rules is enough due to watching how long a game can only take. a crim starts with a package but a cop chooses when they start - so the reflex of a cop can be faster. its something that i can't change but maybe if LO sees this as a possibility to create somethign out of this. they can maybe make an intresting gamemechanic out of this event in the future. if that ever would happen. Mission Focus due to choosing for this style of gameplay is that teammates can group up and find a strategy for protecting there spot or the opposition spot. i made that every spot in the game triggers to the same spot to deliver so its possible for people to learn there steps. ( sadly enough i couldn't test this enough but i seen some games ending up in a draw.) so i think its stil possible to make intresting matchups. Discord is being worked on. we wil contact all those who are intrested in the event and message them at the right time the discord.
  12. TzickyT


    maybe u wil find someone who has only a team of 2
  13. TzickyT


    we wil look into that when the competitions starts. atm i stil have no ways to check if a certain person has cheated already 100 of times.
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