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  1. there is a bot available for fishbotting in bdo
  2. first of all Cool that u guys are using this game as a test server or Practicefield. personaly i would suggest the next time there wil be a testing season .. make it in a test server and keep it online for a week. (and give a promotion to all peopel who tested it.) personaly i wanted to see new players to this game. all the promotion and the hype u gave all the veterans made maybe 5% new players test out the game. i find this a bit underwelming. yes some veterans came back to test it out and most of em think this game mode ... has no potential. (maybe a few wil say finaly something new and enjoy it even.) Comparing Jericho with Citadel is not one thing that u need to put in the statement. u guys know the population is low. why make that one of your intresting stats. ... i feel that is even a bad statement to annouce it. i also wonder how much people stil play the game mode after a week. thats something im more intrested than just a first week impression. everyone wants to try it the game mode. than after a week if they stil play are playing. make than a statement if the mode is doing ok or not. at this moment i don't think my suggestion wil be make intresting statements to change the game and make it better. Personaly i would like that this mode needed to be tested by the whole community s i would like to see all the updates u guys make. let the whole community work together to make this mode work to bring back new players. stil the choice is yours. I wouldn't suggest to add new rewards i just want to see a working game that delivers a purpose to the game. rewards can be added later in season 1 of riot mode. ( NOT PUTTING ANY HARM TO ALL THE SPCT PLAYERS BUT I WONDER WHAT U GUYS THOUGHT ABOUT THIS GAME WHEN U WERE TESTING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME) ps: My thought about Riot. I like the game mode ... i hate the Begining . Middle. and end of the game mode.
  3. as much as i am going to defend the pound the only thing i can do about this talk is that i can say he has some points that i accept and agree on. on other facts i might agree but change the idea pretty quickly so i come to argue with the person as streamer hes entertaining and has some fun entertainment but about listing to pound. i would say thats something LO needs to decide. i would look to all players rather than just listning to him alone. Pound is not on its own the apb community.
  4. I know and u already got ur answer by the other person
  5. doesn't need to have it .. it got its own standing its the same deal with fightclub
  6. well i written everything what i thought could change or are wrong. is it real feedback for me it is maybe for u it isn't hopefully some reasons u can agree on. thats all ineed .
  7. well i said what i thought its out there and lo does what they think is right. and its not to change riot to anarchy there both different playstyle's but the anarchy playmode has seen already some intresting gameplay in other games.
  8. i think i finished with saying everything for now if something comes back up i wil post it please let me know what u guys think about it
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