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  1. last day before the patch felt better than what i had today i thikn we having some doss attacks ?
  2. I don’t know if someone ever told you that there is a strategy to mugging. I looked trough youtube and most people say just what u have to do. on the forums there is also nothing about efficient mugging or anything in general. so i thought why not make one myself as i am doing a mugging challenge i want to express what i think is the best way to mug in the game of apb. As first I would like to tell u about the best character setup a person can have. Keep in mind u would need joker tickets for a few items to be able to run them if u under the rank of 185. first of all when u are mugging u want to finish the mug as fast as possible and a good item for this is having a Street Jacker H169. This equipment gives u a reduced time to mug a civilian of 40%. Than as character modifications the best combination at this moment I would say are adding weapon Field supplyer wide radius - Fragile – Hard landing – Med Spray reason why I take those is a personal preference. The most important modifications are fragile and consumable meds the other two are just there for crucial things or places where I mug the most. Fragile offers u to run faster to your next target while consumable meds help u regain life faster than u can with fragile. Using it once wil give u a fast way to get out of certain situations. Make sure u always have a way out around enforcers. When I get witnessed hard landing gives me a way out in waterfront. This Item offers me in waterfront to get away by jumping of a platform in the mall falling recovery is reduced with 100%.Poorly enough it does nothing for me in financial. The supply box on the other hand can give me a way to get another gun or resupply grenades when I need it in that situation. Than if u figured out your load out than its time to start mugging. How to mug is easy just press f on a civilian or npc that is walking on the street. The once who sitting or standing to watch something u can’t target. Make sure if u want to target those u need to be on the other side of the street shooting in random or mug a person close to them that the person shakes out of his standing position. If they run away or duck … u were to close. Now how to do efficient mugging. There is a patern in this system. I call it personaly a star system. We got 3 ways to give away stars. 0 star civilians who u mug who never drop an item. U best don’t touch em or run past them. 2 star civilians who u mug that drop 2 items. Pick these civilians of the street when u don’t see 4 stars. 4 star characters who give 4 items or an equilivant of it or more. these are mostly the jackpot civilians. PS: i think i m missing one rotation of civilians that i havent seen anymore since 5 weeks ago. those are not included in this guide. here u have the guide of 4 rotations of cevilians. hopefully these give u already info enough how mug efficiently.
  3. I m going to post all names of clan members we have atm. its a way to recognize who is in our clan and who left. just a keep track off. Havalynd 3K3 clan - 1 corvi ( online daily) - 2 ewxan ( online daily) - 3 AkitoTanaka (last log in 1 week ago) - 4 MeniposTM - 5 clowneda (last log in 4 days ago) - 6 Dontaz ( online daily) - 7 gyulavokcs ( issues with computer) - 8 ILOVEcream ( online daily) - 9 KeyLimes ( online daily) - 10 Mareike01 ( last online 2 weeks ago) - 11 Nemo209 ( online daily) - 12 o7x ( online daily) - 13 scorpionpoisen ( online daily) - 14 SWEETbutPSYCO ( online daily) - 15 nterix - 16 TheHeroic - 17 Updog (last online 1 week ago) - 18 valentinaeleonor ( online daily) - 19 Masterdjslay - 20 xXxJOANAxXx ( last online 1 week ago) - 21 ArsalanRockStar (last login 3 days ago) - 22 pipolabolu Rankers - 1 TZickyT (daily online) - 2 Lollyrot (daily online) - 3 Bombflan - 4 YukiYagami (last online 5 weeks ago) - 5 AdzataJB ( daily online) - 6 ArsiRockStar ( daily online) - 7 CJPENCILBAGGE - 8 Catsu ( last online 1 week ago) - 9 Chuangwhuang ( last online 1 week ago) - 10 daija ( Every 2 days online) - 11 GooeyLewy ( daily online) - 12 H4rl3KiN ( daily online) - 13 HatifGV ( daily online) - 14 HeaDHuntR1 ( daily online) - 15 Honnybunn (last online 4 days ago) - 16 Illeatyourfood ( last online 1 week ago) - 17 KatieUwU ( daily online) - 18 Katzuhiko ( last online 5 days ago) - 19 Kiranote ( last online 2 weeks ago) - 20 Kristdesigns ( last online 5 days ago) - 21 Meaven - 22 megnyuvasztusz1 ( daily online) - 23 Michelbaws ( daily online) - 24 NA2KASIN ( daily online) - 25 Pyrodramatic ( last online 3 days ago) - 26 Winithedog - 27 ScorpionWaltzi ( daily online) - 28 SexyAlipouditsa ( daily online) - 29 Throna ( daily online) - 30 Tr3b (last online 6 days ago) - 31 UgotMail ( daily online) - 32 Ulexus (last onlien 5 days ago) - 33 Vexees ( daily online) - 34 LorisLo98 ( daily online) - 35 DandisGR - 36 NotMagic - 37 OldMoon ( daily online)
  4. when im mugging i get killed so easely Q.Q .... i know u can play around with it...
  5. i understand that ... but i meant if something is added on armas its also need to be checked .... than putting the game on and the gun aint available at that time ... or is it going to be available the 12th of march
  6. i go sometimes play at my internet cafe ... i never have issues with getting banned for that o;o?
  7. normaly need to be up when servers go up ... i would suggest just to put the servers offline for the ammount of time they suggest them being offline would be handier so everything can be tested before they put on the servers again.
  8. so when are they online the joker boxes ?
  9. Personaly for the amount of time im streaming .. never had that issue + if i would lose my account becous such a reason than i would contact support and try to get my account back. forum doesn't have to know when something isn't true what i have done.
  10. Welcome to the recruitment of Havalynd 3k3 and Rankers Havalynd 3k3 has been created around 2020 and is looking for new people to join our ranks. The Name has been part of an place in the game. also this is partly for people who would like to RP a criminal in apb. Created by Lollygirl Rankers was a clan from 2012 til 2016 (other names / Rankerz and Rankers Reloaded) is also looking for new peopel to join our ranks. The name has been an idea to help new players rank up. let them learn the game and enjoy doing it. Personal info I am a person who just enjoys apb and stays stuborn to not let this game go. I m also the leader of both clans and stands in for learning apb to new players and having fun with others. Clan info Both clans are focused in the first place to help new players get used to the game. also in both clans u can find some people intrested to play against the better apb players. We have a few streamers in the clans so if u got questions i m pretty sure there wil be a few streaming sometimes the game. Ranks are all welcome we don't discriminate for someone being green or brons. Recruiters TzickyT ( Rankers - leader) Lollyrot ( Rankers - Officer) OldMoon( Rankers - Officer) Corvi ( Havalynd 3k3 - Leader) - ( Havalynd 3k3 - officer) Decimalnumber90 ( a mugger where i m sometimes on.)
  11. im fine with seeing int coming in the game.
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