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  1. made a topic about it not so long ago ... if u want to check it out
  2. well i can't wait 2 more hours ... i need to go to bed ... so yeah ...
  3. sadly i started deinstalling the game wished i could stream this and play this beta but sadly im to frustrated at this moment this is something that could be prevented.
  4. i have roleplayed in apb - on my crim. as i joined a clan that made me do it. the fun fact of apb is that the character has than also a life outside the game and isn't bound to what happens in the game anymore.
  5. didn't focus on grinding a crown ... my avatar doesn't need it...
  6. why just not keep the account and just move on. deleting something and coming back to something is a huge deal for a lot of players. had fun memories of you playing against me. i feel already sad that i see another known face leave a beloved game of mine. but just don't delete an account becou your frustrated. if u end up ragequiting or being angry with the game its time for a break... just delete the game from your pc. and u wil see further.
  7. if u ever going to do another stream i suggest u to use certain things than just capturing a screen - we got window capture that can make your windows taht u want to be streamed being streamed. this wil give u the opportunity to show what u want and what u don't want the other thing is just to make a bunch of pictures and show them when u want to show them.
  8. Hi all and welcome to watch I am TzickyT and im going to held an interview with at this moment 6 players that play or have played apb for 10 years. the focus of this interview wil be about how these players fo the first time played apb and see what made them stick around for the time being. There wil be some old trailers being showed and also we wil go over a lot of joker store contest outfits created by the community. players who said yes - Goabea (na) - Merkthemerc (na) - Jenzamaka (eu) - Bungmonkey (na) - Kempington (eu) the stream wil be held at www.twitch.tv/tzickyt and start 8.45 am Pacific / 5.45 pm CEST
  9. another character just becous i wanted Jacky Fissher Husband: Hubert Fissher morale: Jacky keeps the SPSI in check / San Paro Sail Invest backstory: Jacky has been a swim teacher for 30 years but with the accident of her husband she took hands in her matter and started running the SPSI Her husband is in the hospital becous he almost drowned when his ship started sinking. pictures
  10. thats all i needed to hear there not counting rtw
  11. My entry - Viviane Colbert Background: Viviane Colbert is a 28-year-old local activist whose life was dominated by solving the murder of her brother, Simone Colbert. Simone was stabbed at Tiko's Service Center and the killer was never brought to justice. Recently with the riots that happened over san paro she tried to do again a call for her brother's murderer. But everything she did was no use. She grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. Her father left when she was young, leaving her with her mother, who was an alcohol addict. becous of this she had to take over the wool shop. not so long ago she had to close the shop becous of all the buglary's happening in the neighbourhood. but she found a new job pretty fast.
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