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  1. this is a bit to much for what i thought to be a valentine update
  2. Welcome to this treath where i can proudly present that APB reloaded has again a show. After creating the show for the 10th anniversarry i would like to do an event and a show. sadly enough non of that happened but now i can proudly present a PC version Show with some knowledgable people in the streaming community of All Points Bulletin. I gladly announce that this event about the 64bit update wil be hosted by Darleenko, Proxie_TV and TzickyT. on Wednesday 8/02/2023 at 8PM GMT If you have some questions you want to ask against these 3 people. let us know in the reply's below.
  3. i voted for this "No, I believe LO are insincere/incompetent about the future of the game." reason ... becous i don't think that yes is doing a favor on this and from this NO answer. they stil have the right attitude but they don't have the competent things right now.
  4. I have probebly overviewed this topic by more than a month but i sadly have to say that i have mixed feelings about this. I am personaly impressed in the view u taking on NFT's at this point. Seeing it is een experiment and than talking about "I'm tempted to remove the word "NFT" from anything connected with STFU, because they have such a bad reputation." definitly hits a certain spot. In my opinion on NFT's are possible only in certain games. that is if the game has a certain following and where people are intrested in invest in. sadly enough NFT's are stil in a fragile state that i wouldn't suggest nesw games whitout any knowledge of intrested people towards the game should start with NFT market. it just sounds like the companhy is in need of desperate money. i have talked about an add on for APB reloaded. it is simular to the model what Secondlife and IMVU is using. a place where the game can grow in several aspects and people can create / mod in an enviroment that can change a whole gaming platform from Old and New. sadly enough that Community and the work you need to put into it wil come to a certain cost. but maybe in the near future if people are familiar with the product money towards the investment can maybe be simular to how much secondlife and imvu can earn. APB was a social space and has a gaming space. those others have non of those. but peopel can earn real revenue out of it as well as the company. i wil carefully see where this wil be going to in the near future. Reference : https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/17802-workshop-for-concept-artists-payout/
  5. in apb i feel like they need to rework most of the mods in apb ... from than we can check if the meta is going to change or not.
  6. Support is not going to check one guy who is potential cheating if only 1 person is saying they are cheating. in apb there is a known group that is focusing on hackusating everyone and there is an known group busy with protecting everyone. the question is who has the most power in the game. think about how skillfull you can get or a person can be. Having proof doesn't mean they cheat. thats what everyone says.
  7. well if u are doing it on EU only there is stil Lollyrot and IzickyI
  8. i just wonder who is who like peopel have multiple accounts .. play on multiple characters ... like isn't it enough to have one character of one person than actualy having 10 different account names from 1 person ?
  9. no leaderboard no mmr in my opinion ... we can't see what the future brings but this can be a possibile outcome
  10. good luck .. wouldn't say this is anything like apb
  11. uy said it yourself its something u liked to do and didn't want any reward from it. but you start bragging about that u don't feel like your getting appriciated what u doing. and don't have any intrest in it anymore. so you basicly want to be rewarded for what u are creating. make up your mind.
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