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  1. guess im to late for the stress test as i can't join a district ...
  2. i just started up the pc and started the download ... there aint anything of apb devices active on my pc i don't even have steam started up ... only thing that i have up is firefox and blender
  3. seems like downloading trough the means of using the launcher is not possible ... -
  4. i love listening to kill themes but sometimes i don't like certain kill themes .. like those that hurt at the ears. i keep it on anyway.
  5. tbf ... its all upon how the next few days ... month .. year ... if it is going to last a year still going to be.
  6. we stil only got 5 people who are joining the interview. i m stil looking for some more if there are stil peopel intrested in something like this
  7. 1. pretty sure that we wil get another test phase. 2. i don't think it wil hit end of the year but its possible for january or february i think that feels more reasonable. 3. no idea that are my thoughts on those questions.
  8. Just to give all a headsup Accepted request or are intrested in joining the APB Christmas Special Interview - Queen of APB - Darkwolf3802 - Yuriku Darleenko - obscuredHero - yeedman Stil waiting for Blanks answer if he wil be intrested to join
  9. Quick update i have in total 4 people who are intrested in joinnig this interview. stil looking for a few more.
  10. at the moment i got in contact with 2 people for an interview. i m looking for several people more
  11. we wil see maybe i l take a russian in there anyway. u can always offer yourself pound does not want and i got no problems with people who don't care about the game everyone has its own idea about the game and thats what is intresting about interviews of this type. i know theres less peopel on apb. and a lot of people are crying about the population. atm it doesn't matter tbh who joins or who doesn't. i do this for the game and for a care to the game. there are stil people intrested in this game and let them be intrested until the end of it. even if the game dies. it did not die yet.
  12. Hi all. I m TzickyT and i am looking to do a second interview for the APB Community. This interview wil be similar to the interview I did for the 10th anniversary for APB where I interviewed Kempington/ Bungmonkey/ Mercthemerc/ Jenz/ Saintbro’s/ GoaBea and Omochabox The Interview above i tried to do in a timespam of 3 days. Now for the interview that i would like to organize for christmas / New year ( Date wil be announced later). i would like to do a APB Christmas Special Interview. So I am looking for new faces who would like to join me for an interview. If u have a history with apb or have fun stuff to talk about that u want to share with the apb community let me know in private message. This talk has nothing to do with how the game Runs nor the engine upgrade. This talk will be provided for the Community by the Community. Contact me trough discord / Twitch or APB Forums. u can always find me under the name TzickyT
  13. if u enjoy apb and think u wil get great content out of it. stream it. if not i personaly have no idea. would be best if u ask some big apb streamers there opinion than.
  14. get a group to play with be good at entertainment play the game decently and on competitive niveau be renewing to the game. thats about it. in my opinion tbf streaming apb wil not get u a stable community in other games u wil stream in the future. only a few people managed that that i know off but definitly not a lot.
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