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  1. WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONARE: APB CHARACTERS EDITION Soooooooo...Since we will be having the event running on the 29th, we came up with a nice minigame for you that will happen during the stream After the outfit contest is finished, we will offer the audience to participate in a quiz. The person who gets to participate will have to join us on stream, in a Discord call. ✧WHAT IS THE MINIGAME ABOUT?✧ Participants in the quiz will view screenshots of characters from the game APB. Their task will be to identify the corresponding player. If they get a question right, they will go to the next round. If they get all the questions right, they will earn a total of 1mil ingame. These are the rewards: LEVEL EASY (3 questions, 10 second timer per question) -> 200k LEVEL INTERMEDIATE (3 questions 10 second timer per question) -> 300k (+ the previous 200k) = 500k LEVEL HARD (2 questions 12 second timer per question) -> 500k (+ the previous 500k) = 1mil ✧WILD CARDS✧ Each participant will have 3 special cards they can use: - Call Backup: ask one of your friends to join the call and help you out to guess the player. - Ask the audience: during the stream, the chat will be in emotes only. Once the particpant asks for help, the chat can then type their thoughts and help the participant. - Extra life: in the case that you get the answer wrong, the extra life will be taken out from you, but you will still be able to continue and move forward. ✧OVERALL RULES✧ - You may only use a wildcard before the timer runs out. - The first name declared in the question will be the one that counts. - If time runs out and the participant hasn't answered, he will be disqualified. - Remember you have to guess the PLAYER, not the specific character that the screenshot belongs to. We have a total of 4 different quizes, so get ready to test your memory! See you on the 29th :)
  2. Probably not a lot sadly, but still I felt like doing it, even if it's a small event We are trying to get as many designers in as we can
  3. Awesome TzickyT thank you
  4. UPDATE REGARDING THE EVENT REWARDS !! Based on the recent contributions from the "not so loaded" clan, we've opted to exchange the legendary weapon rewards for the 2nd and 3rd place winners. Here are the current rewards for the winners: ✩1ST - 6 mil + Ursus + New Glory✩ ✩2ND - 4 mil + Nano + Thumper Condor✩ ✩3RD - 2 mil + True Ogre Cap40✩ Thumper, True Ogr, and a Nano will be presented as prizes in a giveaway during the upcoming event/stream. Please ensure you have a Twitch account and are actively engaging in the chat to qualify for participation. Thank you very much
  5. HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!! And I bring to you guys a little surprise.... ~ HALLOWEEN OUTFIT CONTEST ~ CONTEST DESCRIPTION: Unleash your creativity and join us for an unforgettable Halloween event! Craft a bone-chilling, spook-tacular outfit using any combination of clothing pieces or body tattoos. The most innovative and meticulously assembled ensembles will claim the ultimate bragging rights! JUDGING CRITERIA: ✩ Originality: Show us your unique flair and let your imagination run wild. ✩ Complexity: Demonstrate your skill by incorporating intricate details into your design. ✩ Color Harmony: Strive for a harmonious blend of colors to truly captivate our judges. We eagerly await the hair-raising spectacles you’ll bring to life! PRIZES: And of course, the best outfits will be highly rewarded! 1ST - 6 mil + Ursus + New Glory 2ND - 4 mil + Nano + Thumper 3RD - 2 mil + True Ogre A heartfelt thank you to our legendary weapons donors, Huuko, Sentirai, and DFLT, for their generous contributions. Your support truly enriches the spirit of our event! WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? The event is currently available on PC, and although Xbox players can join and submit their outfits, their entries will be displayed but not eligible for the voting phase. For NA players, you can create your outfit on the NA servers, ensuring you attach the name of the EU character to which you'd like your rewards sent. SIGN UP! To participate, add me on Discord, "angelari," and send a message with the following information: ✩ APB player participating in the Halloween contest ✩ APB character name for your costume. For outfits created on NA servers, provide both character names: the one the outfit is made on and the EU character name for rewards. The deadline for sign-ups is 26th October at 11 pm CEST, three days before the event. EVENT DETAILS: Date: Sunday, 29th October Time: 6:00 PM CEST Server: EU Location: Social District Hosted by: Angelari, Chizer, and Huuko Twitch Stream: Catch all the action on the APB: Reloaded section of my channel - ttv/angelari Excited about the event and want to delve deeper into the guidelines for outfit delivery, event rules, and the event's progression? For a comprehensive overview, please refer to this detailed DOCUMENT WHAT'S THE AIM BEHIND ALL OF THIS? We understand that APB is facing its challenges currently, so sparking creativity among players and fostering a sense of community spirit is our goal. We believe in the power of coming together, especially during these times. Plus, with Halloween around the corner, imagine the thrill of seeing San Paro teeming with spooky outfits! We certainly do. As judges, we're also excited to showcase our own Halloween outfits. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate contacting me. I hope to see you all soon
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