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  1. Every time I enter the apb forum I only see people arguing about LO, how hard is it to follow the rules of the game stop complaining and have fun.
  2. I would pay for those skins too, I really would pay for everything LO creates. I'm a skins collector
  3. 1. Would it be possible to get rare skins, for example the Butcher, Joker or others by means of new events, or sales in the Joker ticket store? 2. Would it be possible to do different events with the gms more often, or to do events similar to those in the past, e.g. hunting and chasing gms through the district? 3. Will the new contacts include new rewards ? 4. With the future arrival of new contacts, will there also be new levels, e.g. ranks higher than 255? 5. Would it be possible to level up or get unique rewards in the Fightclub district of Asylum? 6. There will be new clothes or items for sale, for example those mentioned in the NEW CLOTHING CONTENT SURVEY ?
  4. Thanks for everything Matt, I look forward to the stream.
  5. We will try to escape from the horseman, will we succeed? If you're wondering, I'm the witch in purple. @Ritual
  6. Join us on 25 Oct to celebrate APB's Halloween ! We will stream every day until Nov 8th. https://www.twitch.tv/superchaffe
  7. Thanks Ritual And Happy Halloween to everyone
  8. If you did not do anything wrong or use anything improper, there is nothing to fear.
  9. I had also mentioned that in one of my past posts, and even added a list of applications that are known to be 100% safe according to EAC. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/21701-easyanticheat-allegedly-bans-people-who-use-msi-afterburner-and-logitech-g-hub/?do=findComment&comment=235816
  10. As I said in my previous messages, if you read them, I don't work for or have any relationship with LO, secondly, I'm sorry if you don't like the way I talk, but that's how I talk, and thirdly, I mention that vpns are used to bypass anticheat systems, but I'm not saying that everyone who has a vpn uses it for that purpose, you should be more careful with your words. And lastly I'm not blaming or accusing anyone, as you can see in all my previous posts, I'm just trying to give my advice.
  11. We are just players who love the game and know and follow the rules, I personally appreciate what LO has done for us, but that doesn't mean I speak for them, I also have no relationship with LO, I am just another player.
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