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  1. Hi there, There is no attempt to hide this. I asked Error Detection to contact me privately so I could discuss the real reason he was banned. I see that you messaged me as well, but I cannot discuss another player’s account with you. Thanks, Matt
  2. MattScott

    Epidemic - walk through

    Hey there, I just had a chance to check this out our Steam page - great job! I appreciate the help. Thanks, Matt
  3. MattScott

    The end of 2018 is near

    Hi all, A couple of our staff reported this thread to me, but only I can really post an update on this subject. But it will be a couple more days for me to get updates from the team before I can do that. Thanks, Matt
  4. Hi there, Yes. Probably cleanest if you delete the game and reinstall. If you login through Steam, you’ll have to redownload the regular version there. Or you can download the regular version from us here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/download Thanks, Matt
  5. MattScott

    APB G1C's bug

    Hi everyone, We have escalated this to PaymentWall so they can address it. Sorry, Matt
  6. Hi there, We have OTW locked down for internal testing. Thanks, Matt
  7. Hi there, The APB page is only stubbed in right now. We had to release the new G1 site for different reasons, but the page will get updated going forward with more content. Thanks, Matt
  8. Hi all, This is a little off the rails, so I’m going to lock this thread. We are not looking to hide anything or cover anything up. I encourage the banned player to message me privately so I can discuss the issue directly. Thanks, Matt
  9. Hi everyone, Let’s calm down. It’s 2:30am in Paris, and I have a morning flight back to the US - yet here I am getting up to speed. The player has privately messaged me, and I am discussing the situation. I want everyone to know there is a lot of missing information in this post. Thanks, Matt Edit: Looks like someone else involved messaged me - not the player. I hadnt read it yet, I was just waking up. My intention wasnt to misrepresent information. I am contacting them now.
  10. Hi there, We had some concerns during testing that with three different teams and fog, it might be difficult to determine who was on each team. In theory, it sounded good to standardize the team colors to help with this. In practice, I don’t think team confusion has been an issue, so we’ll likely do things different in the future. Thanks, Matt
  11. MattScott

    Lag is ridiculous.

    Hi all, Jericho has been on mitigation since before the event due to consistent DDoS attacks that are getting past our protections. We are working to resolve the problem. Applogies, Matt
  12. MattScott

    Purchase problem

    Hi there, I believe we have found the bug, and we are working on a fix. Thanks, Matt
  13. Hi everyone, I’m going to lock this thread because it’s creating confusion. We didn’t nerf the OCA Whisper. It was a misunderstanding on the OP’s part. We take nerfing weapons (of any kind) very seriously, and we try hard to communicate the reasons for any changes in a timely fashion to the community. Thanks, Matt
  14. Hi all, We are looking at these issues, and at the overall balance of activities. I’m hoping we can find a way to award the last weapon skin to players who logged in during the event. Thanks, Matt
  15. Hi there, Epidemic started late, but as others have mentioned, it will go for two weeks through the 13th. The current plan is to start Gun Game next, and then roll into Christmas. I’ll be posting the exact dates as we get closer and finished testing new pieces. Thanks, Matt