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  1. Hi all, As of today we have: 317 unanswered tickets 511 total tickets We are answering tickets from 12/30 which puts us at 18 days to respond. Thanks, Matt
  2. I try to read the forums every day. Lately, I've been knee deep working on finishing the network move and getting new servers in place so we can finally put threat back in, so I'm behind. (Small note: my inbox is a mess and I'm only now responding to Nov 21) We still have a long way to go, but the kind words are much appreciated. I'll pass them along to the team. They do all the heavy lifting. Thanks, Matt
  3. Hi all, This is just a small early update for PS4 players. I made a tweet yesterday that I had seen a very good looking PS4 build, and a couple players private messaged me asking for video. So today I tweeted that video. You can see it here on my personal twitter. The main @apb_reloaded on Twitter retweets anything I post about the game. Thanks, Matt
  4. In our rush to get servers up, we missed a couple BIOS settings which are causing lag when the servers get populated. We have to take the servers down to change the BIOS.
  5. Hi all, We are bringing up the world now along with Social, and then we'll bring up each server right after as they are rebooted. Thanks, Matt
  6. Hi all, We are making some adjustments to the Citadel EU servers to help performance. Shouldn't take long. Apologies for the lack of notice. Thanks, Matt
  7. Thanks for the heads up. We started looking at this about an hour ago.
  8. Hi all, We are working on the Citadel latency issue causing odd spikes and rubberbanding. Working through network configuration and server configurations now. Thanks, Matt
  9. Yes. To confirm what Frosi said, we are swapping the console UI font to the Live APB 1.20 UI font.
  10. Hi all, We had a very busy week on APB 2.1. We fixed the NPCs popping through raised floors. We fixed the remaining missing props. And we made significant progress on the massive lighting issue. Before we were seeing steady framerates when the player wasn't moving, but then you would drop 30-50FPS once you moved. Now we're seeing steady framerates. Unfortunately its clear we're game thread capped (as opposed to the render thread). This means the CPU is doing more work than the GPU, and CPU computations are preventing the FPS from running higher. Overall performance is well below Live at the moment. We need to spend a little more time this week looking at where the game thread is spending all its time. Since the game is now playable, we are starting to also focus on smaller bugs such as some gates not being destructible, issues shooting through windows, minimal settings not improving the FPS much, some character lighting is too dark, and marksmanship sensitivity issues. I haven't shown any screenshots in a while, and one of our SPCT testers was kind enough to gather up some, so here is what the game looks like right now. All screenshots using Ultra graphics settings at 1920x1080. GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 CPU: Intel Core i9-9900KS Edited 12/01/2020 - 06:51 am PT Note from SPCT @rooq: Hey guys! I made a huge mistake when capturing the original screenshots. Turns out that I had anisotropic filtering completely disabled, giving all textures a low resolution appearance. I tried to recreate the same screenshots with proper settings, sorry for the mishap! Thanks, Matt
  11. We are working with the new provider to optimize routes into the data center. We added another circuit around 12am GMT, which is why there were drops on Citadel districts. Let's see how things run over the next couple days.
  12. This is a good question. Each year we make the call on what items to bring back for the event and what new items we want to make. So the answer is some likely will and some wont. Right now, we're offering old seasonal items as one bundle on ARMAS, and a second bundle with the new event items. Obviously this year we had issues with the playability of Christmas due to poor latency. But the goal of putting the bundles on ARMAS is to generally make items available for collectors who want to customize their characters and help take pressure off players who can't complete the event (for whatever reason). We adopted this strategy after a majority of the community asked for it.
  13. Threat districts will be returning as soon as we have enough local EU servers to support them. The key is that no threat is currently awful for newer players. We need better match making capabilities to eliminate thread districts, and that wont happen till APB 2.1 (Engine Upgrade).
  14. Hi all, As of today we have: 380 unanswered tickets 590 total tickets We are answering tickets from 12/21 which puts us at 3 weeks. Thanks, Matt
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