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  1. It’s actually three different implementations (PC/XB1/PS4) that all need to fit the Unreal interface. PC has been updated to use the DX11 immediate/deferred pipeline that didn’t exist in Unreal 3.
  2. Hi everyone, I have put up my blog for the month. Apologies for running behind. My travel schedule was aggressive this month. EDIT: I also recognize this update has a lot of ‘almost there language’. But I felt it was better to socialize where we are now rather than keep waiting to post an update. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/3/22/end-of-first-quarter-review Thanks, Matt
  3. Hi all, Hasn’t been abandoned. Just postponed. We stopped balancing because it was clear we needed to first focus on networking, hitreg, and the engine upgrade. Once those are addressed, then I think we can work through weapons again. Thanks, Matt
  4. Hi there, I appreciate the effort in creating these notes and ideas. Right now the team is 100% focused on the engine upgrade and RIOT mode. And then we can start evaluating ideas for changes to the main game. Thanks, Matt
  5. Since some players got different levels of discounts and some paid the full price, it makes it very difficult to determine what credit to give Innova players without the actual payment records.
  6. Hi there, I have passed this info along. Thanks, Matt
  7. Hi all, As a small follow up, here is where we stand: I have received a single email last week from Innova saying they had been on a break and missed my earlier inquiries. In that email, they did say that all data was provided. I have repeated my request for the purchase history, which was not provided to G1 during the transition. The ARMAS pricing at Innova was very volitile towards the end, and it’s impossible to know which players paid full price, got a discount, or got the item for free. I am hoping to obtain the account payment history so that we can grant some sort of G1C credit based on actual payments made by these players. This payment history is missing from all data we have. Thanks, Matt
  8. Hi all, We have had a rough week of persistent DDoS attacks against Jericho. We have protections in place, but occassionally an attack will come along and exploit a vulnerability we didn’t know about. The network team are working on the issue till it is solved. Sorry, Matt
  9. Hi all, There have not been any DDoS issues today. I've contacted my network team to take a look at Jericho. Thanks, Matt
  10. We have had multiple discussions with the FBI. We collect the evidence we can, and we pass it along. You'll see arrests are being made in this area (but not specific to APB DDoS attacks). But the vast majority of DDoS attacks come from machines that have been hacked - not from anything related directly to the hacker themselves. The problem is that the FBI, Amazon, Google, and other providers need to fix their vulnerabilities that facilitate the DDoS attacks in the first place. On our end we have protection in place for common forms of DDoS, and we continue to evolve those protections. But every couple months or so, someone will find a new vulnerability and hit that spot relentlessly. At the point, our engineers work overtime to fix the issue as fast as they can. Since Little Orbit took over, we have had several months in a row where we successfully defend all the DDoS attacks with little to no interruption for our players. If you look at the industry as a whole, everyone is dealing with the same problem. Toxic players have a bad experience and take out their frustration on the game. Thanks, Matt
  11. Lots of good points here that have also been debated by other members of the community. Even though it does have a collapsing map, RIOT is not really Battle Royale. We have worked hard to create something that feels like APB but brings new gameplay, map changes, lore, and seasonal rewards. This is our first big push for new content that will be quickly followed by the engine upgrade. From there we have 2 other significant additions coming.
  12. Hi there, We have OTW locked for testing RIOT right now. We'll open it up soon as we can. And we are looking at opening some regional servers after the engine update. Thanks, Matt
  13. Hi all, Apologies. The lag is based on a series of DDoS attacks that have been persistent since Monday. Thanks, Matt
  14. For the record, nothing is getting delayed. Quite the opposite. The new mode and engine upgrade are coming, and that timing is driving our need to merge the servers so we can roll everything out properly. Let's be kind to the Russian members of our community. They have a right to be upset. They did not ask for any of these problems, and those being damaged are the ones that spent money to support the game with Innova. While we do not have the man power to do 1:1 item transfers, this still needs to be done the best way possible. Thanks, Matt
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