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  1. why dont u guys sell the valentine's weapon skin in armas like u sell all the other skins from all other events ?
  2. about the event STAR 556 'Love-Gun' - Gifted on login (please check your in-game mail after the V-Day Patch on 2/8) u guys forgot to add the gun in the game , we are all didnt get the gun
  3. Talking about DEPLOYABLES , Ammo box is totally useless now , cant resupply explosives , nades and cant change guns ? what is it good for ? Sad ~
  4. No Worries ^.^ Here is my IP: 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001
  5. Sorry for the many photos but the outfit has many parts and details needed to be shown ^.^
  6. Story by a friend Maye Fahmi You never appreciate it when you've got it all. Maye Fahmi was unlucky to learn this bitter lesson through her own experience. A former model and a rising movie star from Egypt, beautiful, popular, and wealthy, she lost everything when at the age of 22 she caught a rare disease that made her skin gradually change pigmentation and eventually turn silver. While some thought this made her even more spicy, the majority turned their backs to the wannabe Marilyn Monroe. She stopped getting casting calls, disappeared from tabloids, her friends abandoned her. Even her family were not happy having her around anymore. Indeed, it could understood, she looked evil. Not only her skin, her eyes changed dramatically. The pupils, iris and cornea all turned silver of almost identical tint, so that her eyes looked hollow even close-up. She tried every possible medication but nothing helped and she lost hope to recover. The only thing she hasn’t lost yet was her money and she decided to fill the rest of her life with all the joy she could buy for what she had left. She started travelling and visited many countries, always in eyeglasses and a mask, and always in the pursue of the dirtiest aspects of life. Night clubs, drugs, orgies... she tried them all. And they entertained her a lot, but only for a while. After about a year of living this epicurean life she noticed that every next country she visited and every next city she stayed in started giving her less joy. Boredom and loneliness became her frequent company. She still had money to drive her careless life to its obvious end but she just had no more fuel in the tank. It is in this foggy state of mind that she arrived to San Paro. The city was unlike any other she visited. Unstoppable fighting at streets, raids, pain, and trouble, this seemed like one of the movies she starred in years ago came to life. That was exciting. But it didn't last long. Very soon she dived into the deep of boredom again and started to booze. It is just this honorable occupation she was dedicating herself at Rimbaud when she got noticed by Gumball. "Hey, honey, I'm Gumball. What is your name? Show me your pretty face." Maye didn't feel like dating. "Fuck off shit ball." Gumball liked the answer. He sat down next to her and took the eyeglasses off her face. "Omg, girl, what happened to your eyes? And skin?" "Fuck off!" Gumball had a taste for special girls. And Maye was exceptional. "Come with me. I'll show you something." "What is it?" "A heist. You'll be part of it." That sounded interesting. After all, even if he just wanted to no her, she didn't care for herself anymore. "Ok" -- this word changed her life. It was a real heist, of a large bank. Nicely planned and smoothly performed. They were four heroes, and they defeated it all: sophisticated video surveillance, face and eye identification, coded locks, sneaky security guards. Seven million gain, not a drop of blood lost. This night Maye Fahmi died and Tatt0o was born. Tatt0o became Gumball's secret right hand and woman. "My little alien" as he calls her, but on heist she is more like a robot: precise, fearless, unstoppable. One day she also became his ears. "I need someone in the Joker Store to sniff stuff. They are looking for a sales rep. Wanna try?" Of course she did. After all, she is an actress and that was a completely new role she got offered. So, either you are a cop or criminal, beware when talking shit near this girl when you are in the Joker.
  7. i appreciate ur opinion ^.^ but i disagree i see her better with this face , suits the whole style ^.^ she is not supposed to be cute girl
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