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  1. just make video game 5head
  2. I swear matt posted the exact % somewhere but I can't find it but no, you won't have a 100% chance if you open 100 of them
  3. I really hope it's just placeholder but the console versions have beeen using this font for years now so it might be permanent unfortunately
  4. we like to discuss things that can be realistically balanced but brightness just isn't one of them I've shown you what happened when they tried to balance the brightness in dayz
  5. its just a concept trailer that was probably not meant to be seen by the public so it doesnt matter
  6. apparently being able to customize your character the way you want is a bad thing now
  7. guess you could look at it as an alternative to the ceresco? more speed but less health and ramming capability? also players in the back couldn't shoot to the side and you could get it without spinning that stupidass lucky wheel until the rest of your life
  8. assuming this took place in social, the real question is why didn't a single gm join social during those 6 hours?
  9. how come nfs mta has this feature but a +100 million $ game doesn't?
  10. I know farewell posts are not allowed but what about fairwell posts?
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