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  1. matt is shooting down potential future cheaters in his mig29
  2. it's not in this trailer but you can make the shape of your face asymmetrical too and yeah that's pretty cool but you still can't make custom symbols and put them on your clothes and as far as I know apb is still the only game that lets you do that who are you going to show off your character to anyways? npcs? the whole appeal of customization in apb is that people can see it right there ingame
  3. steam charts screenshot threads are the new pls add bikes threads
  4. Corvette C5R if you want one with 2 slots on citadel for 550k send me a message here or on steam
  5. does anyone buy 2 slot growls? I don't want to waste 400k on duplicating it and then have to ask 600k for it if it'll never sell
  6. if they're remaking fallen earth, which was even more dead than apb then they probably won't give up on apb so easy
  7. they're trying to confuse people into joining waterfront
  8. forcing people to play an even more broken mess than live doesn't sound like a very good idea yeah, unless they fix the performance issues or add something major they should give us some kind of reward for playing the beta because if all they give us is real ads and 3 bugfixes with each beta only the most dedicated 30 people will download it and that's not enough to properly test performance
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