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  1. because people who have a suspicious amount of knowledge on triggerbots say this would make them useless
  2. Yeah I'm no longer premium Matt said they're going to turn it off in the AMA
  3. pov andrew tate catches you making lewd miku symbols
  4. Did you mean to say Game is FILLED with cheaters? Game is filled with CHEATERS doesn't sound right.
  5. if the driver's door is blocked and you hold a or d when you get out of the car the wheels will stay pointing in that direction I have no idea how this would be useful in missions but it looks cool on screenshots I guess
  6. is tasty burger still around in 2073?
  7. matt is shooting down potential future cheaters in his mig29
  8. it's not in this trailer but you can make the shape of your face asymmetrical too and yeah that's pretty cool but you still can't make custom symbols and put them on your clothes and as far as I know apb is still the only game that lets you do that who are you going to show off your character to anyways? npcs? the whole appeal of customization in apb is that people can see it right there ingame
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