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  1. from what I've heard the official little orbit discord is more likely to have that info than the apb forum or discord
  2. Would be cool but only if they don't release names. Blatant cheaters are doing it for the attention. To them it's like a competition. FFBans did a great job at glorifying it, was like a leaderboard to them. In CSGO you got a notification if someone you reported got banned but it didn't tell you their name. That would be enough for me.
  3. don't feel bad for us, we obviously love suffering if we're still playing apb
  4. If I remember correctly the limit is so low because G1 expected player created content to take up a lot more server space than it really did but they never raised the limit Except when they gave you more inventory space as a reward for some event so I really don't understand why it's not at least a service on armas
  5. Maybe not something Matt can answer but I've been asking this for years: will we ever see a fix to that weird glow coming from the ground that was introduced in the 2014 halloween event that makes plastic and leather clothing look terrible?
  6. I'm pretty sure not being able to stop on ladders is intentional. If you start climbing a ladder you gotta commit to it. Being able to stop would be useless because you couldn't shoot while on a ladder. On a ladder you're a sitting duck either way. As it should be. I absolutely love the fact that you need to press a button to climb ladders. I don't even want to think about how many times I died in GTA because at the top my character refused to get on the ladder so I walked off the edge and fell. Or because at the bottom I got too close and a ladder sucked me in while I was trying to run away from enemies. Your car can't kill you when you get out while drifting because it can't just take away a bit of your health. It would need a set speed where it kills you and does no damage under. There's no way to tell how fast you're going in APB since there's no speedo or anything. It would be infuriating if you jumped out at 1 MPH above that speed you had no way of knowing and the car killed you. It's a TPS game. You can already see way more than you should be able to while behind cover. There's no need to lean while not aiming.
  7. Yeah I know there's a lot more in that 110GB than just clothes but at this point I'd honestly rather have them make the game 200GB if it means 90% of clothes won't look like they're from Vice City Or release a separate HD texture pack like Sleeping Dogs and Siege did
  8. Your character doesn't have a 50 meter turning circle Your character doesn't act like they're trying to climb a mountain in 50 kilos of gear when you're walking on a 1 degree incline Your character doesn't stop and fall to their death at the edge of a rooftop after you pressed the button to jump to the other building Your character immediately fires when you click the mouse Overall on foot controls don't feel like they were deliberately made to be as awkward as possible Shoulder swap - why is this not a thing in every TPS game? There are no half an hour long animations for things you're gonna be doing every 10 minutes The menus in APB might be clunky but unlike the interaction menu in GTAO they don't look or function like a trainer for San Andreas Clothes look like they were ripped from a N64 game in both games but one of them isn't 110GB
  9. we don't even need a zonda, we already have the espacio and the ambulance to do that
  10. Here's my poorly disguised bucket list Huge aftermarket for most of these, some 4 door, some 2 door, no supercars (I always felt like the Growl was out of place in APB): IS300, 350Z, G35, Civic 96, Cobalt SS, Clio V6, A3 05, CTS-V 04, Neon SRT-4, Corrado, xB, Tiburon, S13 240SX, S15 Silvia, 300C 05, S2000, Integra Other cool cars that wouldn't look too out of place in APB: Magnum, RS6, Ram SRT-10, G8, Megane RS, SG Forester, C30 El Camino, 442, Sierra Cosworth Ioniq 5, Yaris GR, A45 AMG Okay I actually read the OP now Low tier: xB (Spark isn't a bad idea but I'd rather have a 2011 Sonic) Mid tier: Neon SRT-4 High tier: S2000
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