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  1. there was 2 actually but most people haven't heard of either, that says something
  2. https://artbreeder.com/ scroll down until you find the purple Start button log in with google, go to create/portrait and upload an image of your character(s) then fiddle with the chaos meter until they look right, it's that simple (if you're a free user the queue might take up to an hour or 2, depending on when you upload) you can even crossbreed them if that's what you're into they paid me 5 million dollars for this
  3. I guess this is a rtw leftover but what did this button do back then?
  4. not sure but I think they reset at 5 am gmt on tuesday because the email says I got outbid at 6:59 am gmt tuesday and now on wednesday 8:25 gmt someone else than last week has that display point just bid on a statue in waterfront because nobody bids on those so we'll see next week
  5. you really could have edited in pictures of the winners
  6. yeah don't bother with steam login, they said it won't work
  7. http://apb.patch.beta.gamersfirst.com/APB_Beta_Installerprogram
  8. login works but after I select my character it says contacting wold server for a minute and then it disconnects nevermind, now I can't even log in (error code 8 )
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