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  1. The 1.3 (64 bit) beta update seems to be no different from the old game, can someone explain what matt is trying to do
  2. the APB is over because of the garbage companies (K2 NETWORK, LO)
  3. Come on, they've been here for 4 years, they didn't do anything for the game, this idiot is still consoled that they will invest in the game ,If anyone still believes in little orbit after 4 years, must have brain damaged like you.
  4. We need to get rid of little orbit.. , Aimassistent(pixel aimbot for red enemy lines), which has been active for 5 years, used by Names removed. - Azukii......) is still active, They already sold the naming rights of the game, don't expect hope from them.
  5. Engine upgrade is scam Merged. Everyone laughed at me when I first said it in 2018, I'll say it again, engine upgrade is a lie, dead game is a trap for depositing money
  6. You're the biggest toxic in APB, you're crying in the game as if it wasn't enough still crying here
  7. The whispering feature in the game is generally used as insulting, swearing, racism. I don't want people not on my friend list to whisper to me. Should at least be added to the settings as an optional option.
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