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  1. NA is having 0.00 to 1.00 packetloss as of Jan 10th til now figure id let ya know so you can alert the technical support team.
  2. Found this pic, i wonder... https://apb.fandom.com/wiki/Rank Merged. Click the picture on the site, for some reason i cant post the pic itself.
  3. Thats what ya get for trying so hard, enjoy social, its your new district KEKW
  4. "oops im outta nades and half ammo, lets just give em a kill so i can spawn with stock." <InsertGolfClapHere> I like the medspray fix tho *Finally*
  5. Apb doesn't have an active anticheat according to reddit, BE is disabled, and EAC wasnt implemented even tho its free for developers...Im not gonna bother yall gonna defend your cheater buddies and im just gonna let ur NA server die, no point trying to argue when its obvious cheaters rule the game. Sorry i myself had enough, and sorry but not sorry i will not recommend apb in its current state to any new players, i refuse, don't like it ban me forever and ever!
  6. Just end it here, APB Reloaded does not have a active anticheat, its all manual, BE is disabled and even tho they said they can't afford EAC, guess what? It's free for developers. Move on. I tried to play today, and its ALL cheaters. If you're new and reading this, don't even bother til this game has proper Anticheat. Good day! PS: If ya do, expect some bull matchs. Designers and Clothing people, yea i guess its pretty wicked, car designs and kits is what made me stay around, just a driver not a shooter.
  7. Wont name and shame, but yall need to get some mods full time in each district, sure i got in crap before for it but now its so bad everyone im teamed with or against is using a swastika or offensive symbol towards it. Can people like stop being that way or is this what i have to see constantly...NA is so bad right now i wouldn't recommend playing, its actual cancer. DO SOMETHING!
  8. Ima go with Zombies "Im a bad silver, it must be a hacker" meme add it to the pile XD
  9. okay thanks, i guess ill try again in 6 months, yea major mess up but okay thank you Enforcer
  10. I was just being a real moron verbally to someone and apologized but now its like 6 years down the drain when it was the only thing i really play, it sucks ;_;
  11. Hope i get added to this, miss civilians walking infront of osmaw, or thinking you have blowtorch on and its car det LUL miss ya guys
  12. No problem, hope it works as i did do the upgrade from win7 to 10 on my old rig and it gave me errors, im thinking that the registry keys were designed for windows 7 instead of 10 but when ya upgrade to 10 the same win7 registry entries are the same as 7 and not 10. Hope it works for you.
  13. Im on windows 10, apb gave me this issue, sometimes you need to launch apb without the starter launcher, this happened awhile back during the epidemic event, could possibly try going into apb reloaded directory then into binaries and launching the apbprogram above APB SE? Try that, it worked once, should work again, if not uninstall apb, go into regedit, hkey local software and delete all the registry keys for apb, then restart computer and try to reinstall. Attempt again and attempt my method. If not support is your next stop
  14. @SyllyBear I like the idea you said about locking out new players in a way...why give a new player a free gun and instead make them do a complete security check like adding a phone number, a real address, a real steam account that has over 30 games (paid games), and anything that would would make them think twice about cheating even once. Tigrix had a great point, why unban known cheaters, keep them banned and make them run the gauntlet, if they cant run the gauntlet then they dont get a starter weapon. I know this sounds stupid but it would eliminate the "I can make a new email and account and be back in instantly!" Just my suggestion, but ever since i joined this game, all my suggestions ended up in the trash pile.
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