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  1. Ima go with Zombies "Im a bad silver, it must be a hacker" meme add it to the pile XD
  2. okay thanks, i guess ill try again in 6 months, yea major mess up but okay thank you Enforcer
  3. I was just being a real moron verbally to someone and apologized but now its like 6 years down the drain when it was the only thing i really play, it sucks ;_;
  4. Hope i get added to this, miss civilians walking infront of osmaw, or thinking you have blowtorch on and its car det LUL miss ya guys
  5. No problem, hope it works as i did do the upgrade from win7 to 10 on my old rig and it gave me errors, im thinking that the registry keys were designed for windows 7 instead of 10 but when ya upgrade to 10 the same win7 registry entries are the same as 7 and not 10. Hope it works for you.
  6. Im on windows 10, apb gave me this issue, sometimes you need to launch apb without the starter launcher, this happened awhile back during the epidemic event, could possibly try going into apb reloaded directory then into binaries and launching the apbprogram above APB SE? Try that, it worked once, should work again, if not uninstall apb, go into regedit, hkey local software and delete all the registry keys for apb, then restart computer and try to reinstall. Attempt again and attempt my method. If not support is your next stop
  7. @SyllyBear I like the idea you said about locking out new players in a way...why give a new player a free gun and instead make them do a complete security check like adding a phone number, a real address, a real steam account that has over 30 games (paid games), and anything that would would make them think twice about cheating even once. Tigrix had a great point, why unban known cheaters, keep them banned and make them run the gauntlet, if they cant run the gauntlet then they dont get a starter weapon. I know this sounds stupid but it would eliminate the "I can make a new email and account and be back in instantly!" Just my suggestion, but ever since i joined this game, all my suggestions ended up in the trash pile.
  8. @SyllyBear Well no poop, id be scared to face a unbeatable match and then the opposition is like "GG EZ" knowing it wasnt ez for them, the exe was. Just add what steam uses, a VAC system. Something like a "if you dont link your steam to this game you cannot play for security purposes". Lets see them join after that, they probly wouldnt. Or they would just to be ego hogs or something dumb like that.
  9. Dont worry when they lose their dedicated legit player base, guess whos gonna be here, all the damn cheaters, moment you let them know, they hide your post, they delete your post and laugh at you. My suggestion, find a new game. A game with a company that goes the extra mile instead of shunning their only player base they have left. Used to be 300 players across Jericho, now its like 22 players across jericho in early morning down from atleast 100. Meh least i can look at AsgerLunds man titties on the forum but when i show proof of a cheater im in the wrong. GG LO.
  10. I dont know, says final warning and ive never cheated ever, ill probly retire my characters and move on to a game that doesnt falsely accuse. Like seriously, why would i attempt to buy cheats or cheat with all the stuff i worked hard to achieve. So from now on i just wont play missions, ill drive around and not play cause when ya get good all it takes is someone to report you and you get a 7 day for doing nothing. Its stupid and id like to see atleast some form of proof from staff, if you cant supply that then obviously they dont care at all. Its like they want me banned for playing their game, i wouldnt spend over 900 dollars in car kits, guns, character or car mods, or character clothing just to cheat. It's stupid, they need a new form of reporting for this game, cause its just like when g1 was in control, false bans and when i ask for proof, its a automated message. My first ban was for griefing with a garbage truck, second ban for harrassment, thats fine i pled guilty to those 2, but this third ban for attempting to buy hacks? Are you for real? Only program i ever used was advanced launcher. I get 7 day ban. If needed ive recorded the email i was sent and you can read it over in discord or something, but im not posting it here. : / (i didnt get a email til i checked junk folder the title can be changed at moderator discretion)
  11. Naw i think it had to do with advanced launcher, ive set it back to default and will not use it again due to a 7 day ban im still on. Texture decrease for ban not worth it. Back to pure stock bois, ill see you friday if all goes well
  12. Mack is our natural born radio talk show host, you can always guarantee quality movements like this one geeg
  13. Hello i went to log in today to find a 7 day account suspension, no email or any info on why, any ideas? Checked email, checked forum mail, nothing on why id recieve a 7 day ban, havnt been griefing nor causing any issue at all, been on ARK for 3 days. ????
  14. Go to apb binaries folder and launch the apbprogram took awhile to figure it out but i think the client got changed, should be above APB SE hope this helps
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