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  1. went to the store today and didn't notice this until i got home...
  2. stock install and the game ran for me well on an RTX 3070. no config edits. no adv launcher. memory error like usual after time...
  3. gordoIsMyName


    god bless zicky
  4. just ran the stock game - no edits to anything outside of the game - and it ran fine on an RTX 3070 for a few hours.
  5. the game itself rewards cheating. 'top guy' is nearly always tied to the most kills. if you didn't get so many points for simply killing someone, but actually performing tasks or whatever, a lot of the rewards for cheating goes away. the rewards come in with team play and working with others. when you continue to reward "bad behavior", all it does it create more of it.
  6. this is true. and it's why the game has a low population. people, as a whole, do not feel the game provides a fair playing field. it takes skill to use a weapon in this game. it does NOT take skill to use a weapon with zero recoil. it takes a large time investment to gain strategies to even do missions. it does NOT take strategy when you wallhack and aimbot.
  7. i agree that this look is pretty compelling compared to the screen shots being shared...
  8. any update is a good update and... not to be a downer here on positive news, but... i feel a tad underwhelmed. it appears to look a little "2014" graphically? just nothing here that makes you look twice compared to the current game. nothing a new potential player would say "wow! i gotta try this out..." i don't know guys... just seems weak to me. there are so many absolutely stunning games out there i would hope (really hope) things will look much better in the 'final' release.
  9. imagine playing this game (of all games) for 8+ hours a day, 6 days a week. week after week after week like pound has been doing on twitch for a few years now. not all that time is "playing the game", but regardless... you'll see and experience a lot. likely too much for everyone's own sanity. i think his intentions are not unlike others here... as everyone wants the game to continue. where he gets into trouble is trying to make this game an event 6 days a week for 8 hour + streams. it just doesn't have a large enough player base to support it. and the players that are still around you encounter all too often... they are a bit 'hardened' to be play with for a few hours a week, let alone 50+ thus the soft departures of other streamers like kempington, shini, gordo and witch queen as the game is not that fun, nor making for a good stream experience. one thing is for sure. he must LOVE this game because he is the only one person who has stuck with streaming it. and, he continues to have passion about the game. when someone is that vested, conversations can quickly escalate to confrontations. not unlike this thread. but in the end, it's LO who holds the cards. and they hold the responsibility of paying the bills. the game must grow with new players, or it will either be sold (again), or sent to the bit bucket in the sky...
  10. with the critically low population even launching this game, it's astounding to come here and see people's comments. super expensive to keep operational continual outages regardless of upgrades, a highly complex code base to develop and extend if this game continues to run with a small company like LO flipping the bill, and the thing continually is a cost center... it's in serious trouble. it takes deep pockets to keep the doors open over the recovery/relaunch of a game title. anyone trying to support the game and stream it is taking on a losing battle. then you come here and see the chronic hatred towards anyone and everything. and this... this is what everyone is left to see when they are potential new or returning players to the game. a giant dumpster fire.
  11. playing this game and spending a lot of time in it... i think the move is much more than a 'goods' issue. it's a cultural one. from the situation i've seen in citadel specifically, the russian integration has not been good. the chat is full of russian's typing in their native language mixed with some pretty harsh words in english by other players. players exiting the game when matched with russian players. then comes the whole 'cheats' situation... whatever you personally want to make of it... it's very heated and destructive to the game. i don't think in any way this integration will be a positive thing for the overall game. maybe in time if there are some sort of steps made to help with integrating languages... or facing up to the cheating issues... tons more in-game baby sitting... or something... it will help. but none of that will be done. it will just be a "move it" process and the fire sale will progress...
  12. i know it's painful to discuss because at this point, it's almost naming and shaming with such a low pop... but, i have to agree. i play/played a lot of games beyond this one and have never seen a situation where the folks who own and operate a game allow such ridiculous and obvious cheating to happen. these cheats are often by the same players and used over and over and over for months and months. and laughably, many of these same people are accounts that were previously banned multiple times for cheating in the past (even if that was under a questionable banning process). fight club is the most painful place to experience it. jericho and citadel. if you don't play them, i suggest you go spend a few hours on each over the period of a few days gnashing your teeth. see how gun fights feel. see if you think it honestly feels fair. some good players for sure. but many are not skilled. sadly, just cheats. LO has a good, if not great heart. and, i know they want to get every ban right. but, they appear woefully understaffed and incapable of addressing an online game with this type of social element and game play.
  13. gordoIsMyName


    the game should be fixed to not allow this sort of stuff...
  14. i hear you... event is probably not the issue. the cheating players... that might be the issue
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