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  1. make sure you guys check out the summer sizzle sale!
  2. i know this is an older post, but this is still an issue today. the game in running in production with DEBUG level logging enabled. @MattScott, is there some way to have a developer look into this? it is incredibly verbose.
  3. wait a minute... there are time travelers in apb?
  4. your character has no pants. could that be the issue?
  5. wait a second... there are cheaters in apb?
  6. wait a minute... you mean people cheat in this game?
  7. went to the store today and didn't notice this until i got home...
  8. stock install and the game ran for me well on an RTX 3070. no config edits. no adv launcher. memory error like usual after time...
  9. gordoIsMyName


    god bless zicky
  10. just ran the stock game - no edits to anything outside of the game - and it ran fine on an RTX 3070 for a few hours.
  11. the game itself rewards cheating. 'top guy' is nearly always tied to the most kills. if you didn't get so many points for simply killing someone, but actually performing tasks or whatever, a lot of the rewards for cheating goes away. the rewards come in with team play and working with others. when you continue to reward "bad behavior", all it does it create more of it.
  12. this is true. and it's why the game has a low population. people, as a whole, do not feel the game provides a fair playing field. it takes skill to use a weapon in this game. it does NOT take skill to use a weapon with zero recoil. it takes a large time investment to gain strategies to even do missions. it does NOT take strategy when you wallhack and aimbot.
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