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  1. 8 years and I've held off until now! RIP my wallet
  2. Im sure you're trolling right now... I thought we discovered you're silver and you play bronze districts already? So you getting bounty doesn't phase you because when AND IF you get chased, its by a bunch of headless chickens that don't know what there doing. To answer your question for the hundreth time, yes the game is unplayable with bounty (Im speaking for GOLD players in silver districts). You're an automatic target to your own faction or enemy faction and in missions, any death is crucial. You will understand one day, its taken you 6 years and you're still silver. edit - one thing at a time needs to be changed and i feel bounty was a high priority on the list
  3. I think the majority of us are mate, only a small selection of edgelords that are salty
  4. See i tend to not be that Ahole tho lmao. Thats why bounty needed to go
  5. Who are you speaking for... your fellow silvers? Just because you don't do something doesn't mean no one else does lmao. Everyone I've played with or watched on crim that has a brain pays off their bounty
  6. Define alive? Do people play? Yes, however no where near the amount that did in 2015 unfortunately.
  7. I won't be applying but goodluck to whoever does
  8. Oh I do love a good discussion
  9. We wouldn't have this issue if you still had your bronze districts... lmao.
  10. Congratulations mate, heres a virtual sticker. Why didn't you voice your opinion when this was being talked about for as long as it has been. Its even been put on the blogposts and all over the forums for ages now. P5 needed to be changed ages ago and thankfully it has been.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date_format_by_country yes just yes lol
  12. Clearly you don't get P5 enough to understand how much of a nuisance this is. Especially when you're getting hunted down by a team of OPGLs and Osmaws when tryna defend VIP, not to mention getting killed by P5 outside your mission also.
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