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    How many more years are we gonna wait? The game is dying super fast and we haven't gotten a single update, we are sick of events we are sick of nothing coming out from this game you want an idea? Here: MAKE MORE NPCS NEW MAP CLAN WARS CLAN BASES FIGHT CLUB - CLAN WARS BATTLE PASS CINEMATIC NPC SCENES THAT PROVIDE A STORY-LINE WITH A QUEST PROVIDED MAKE A CASINO?! LIKE YES ITS WILL HELP THE GAME FURTHER FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THIS SILVER/BRONZE/GOLD/GREEN DISTRICT SERVER WILL BE ALL TOGETHER HEAR ME OUT THIS IDEA WILL HELP THE GAME OUT TRUST ME. - Nocolor #Freenocolor . Merged. And i hope yall are reading this, This is out of control 3 years of waiting.
  2. Shu matt? When we getting the engine? about 5-3 years more? this shit feels like half life release.
  3. Nocolor


    I was thinking about if yall can make some sort of Battlepass Every battlepass there will be some sort of rewards meaning joker tickets <- kill 100 players With ntec Etc, With lore into it where the history itself apb is in it and probably some seasons different Things happen in APB Reloaded meaning Different Trailers Each Season happen in APB Reloaded with different story lines The idea itself pretty simple.
  4. Why do you want it removed?, Like medspray is fine.
  5. Silvers destroying silvers Amazing...
  6. Nocolor

    APB Talent Show

    Hello, In Januar 2021 There will be prizes as: - 1st 81USD - 2nd 40USD - 3nd 20USD If You Break any TOS, You will be Disqualified from the talent show There will be three judges The judges are. Nocolor Darleenko If three judges Gives you no you are out from this talent show, If 2 judges gives you yes, Then you will be in the next semi final We will Be using the wheelspin in the semi final who faces who, You will have to be on mic up since its a talent show, If you wanted too show a dance off, Well you are more and welcome to do it so on Webcam via discord, where you show off towards us. Everything will be streamed in www.Twitch.tv/n0color Art - The Art itself has too be on APB meaning you can Design a symbol or an outfit its has to be THE DAY ITSSELF meaning we have to see it in ourselves Beatboxing - Beatboxing has to be over Webcam, Dancing - Has to be over webcam as well. Rapping - Freestyling - No TOS accepted thank you. Theme - You have 10min of making a theme so good luck Discord : https://discord.gg/yDXvcM7RAk More information coming soon.
  7. TzickyT, The PMG needed to be nerfed i used to use it as a ntec that weapon is hella broken so its good they changed it like that. And honestly im happy about the weapons now.
  8. September is almost done.... but The engine where is it i been waiting for 10 years for it and im 25 now? T_T .
  9. Question is who are you actually mr no name.
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