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  1. You dirty man! you correct with it.
  2. Nocolor

    FPS Drops

    Get a better cpu
  3. Gm's doesnt give a fuck bro nor does the little orbit, dont waste your money .
  4. Imagine saying i didnt pay anything when i bought alot of joker tickets aka joker boxes Are you stupid?..
  5. Nocolor

    new country skins pls

    add Palestina flag as well thanks.
  6. Great news but... we still dealing with countless of cheaters in the game, but have yall figure out a new Anti Cheat? or likely, Any Features with the engine Or Trails?.
  7. https://gyazo.com/d95579a66790738fbfa1d45665c25636 For me it is.
  8. i wish this idea comes alive @MattScott
  9. You need 2 practice the weapons, Every single weapon has a different way 2 use it example the ntec you spray in upclose <- in med range you burst <- in long range you tab?, Obir <- aim, and DMR <- aim and SCOUT <- aim and HVR <- aim, its actually pretty simple and easily you just need 2 understand how to actually use it.
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