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  1. i wish this idea comes alive @MattScott
  2. You need 2 practice the weapons, Every single weapon has a different way 2 use it example the ntec you spray in upclose <- in med range you burst <- in long range you tab?, Obir <- aim, and DMR <- aim and SCOUT <- aim and HVR <- aim, its actually pretty simple and easily you just need 2 understand how to actually use it.
  3. Well all we can do is wish but honestly we been waiting for long so honestly no clue when they will even Release the engine...
  4. Im still waiting for that reply matt, when do we get that game Released?, Why yall keep false banning people?.... Anyways, Why did you buy the game if its takes sooooooooooo long 2 release a beta when yall havent even finished the social district. We are stilll waiting months and even Years.... Hello? YOU THERE? Fix the game Give us more updates the lawsuit Actually made us WAIT even more, Why did yall think About developing a different game and still notthng comes out? hmm.å
  5. 3 Years and nothing, #ReleaseTheEngine
  6. Nocolor


    How many more years are we gonna wait? The game is dying super fast and we haven't gotten a single update, we are sick of events we are sick of nothing coming out from this game you want an idea? Here: MAKE MORE NPCS NEW MAP CLAN WARS CLAN BASES FIGHT CLUB - CLAN WARS BATTLE PASS CINEMATIC NPC SCENES THAT PROVIDE A STORY-LINE WITH A QUEST PROVIDED MAKE A CASINO?! LIKE YES ITS WILL HELP THE GAME FURTHER FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THIS SILVER/BRONZE/GOLD/GREEN DISTRICT SERVER WILL BE ALL TOGETHER HEAR ME OUT THIS IDEA WILL HELP THE GAME OUT TRUST ME. - Nocolor #Freenocolor . Merged. And i hope yall are reading this, This is out of control 3 years of waiting.
  7. Shu matt? When we getting the engine? about 5-3 years more? this shit feels like half life release.
  8. Nocolor


    I was thinking about if yall can make some sort of Battlepass Every battlepass there will be some sort of rewards meaning joker tickets <- kill 100 players With ntec Etc, With lore into it where the history itself apb is in it and probably some seasons different Things happen in APB Reloaded meaning Different Trailers Each Season happen in APB Reloaded with different story lines The idea itself pretty simple.
  9. Why do you want it removed?, Like medspray is fine.
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